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  1. You can't "destroy" heat, only convert it (usually by absorption)... in this case, back to energy. For instance, if you have something hot and you place ice around it to cool it down, you didn't destroy anything, only repelled the heat upwards as heat usually rises. So the potential heat energy is still there, just now it's spread out to the air around it and now the item is cold.
  2. Using heat to generate energy is still heat. Also worth mentioning, stored energy is different and irrelevant to the point I was making. Even batteries idling generate no heat.
  3. Literally everything in the world that uses or creates energy (aka electricity) generates heat, no exceptions. The amount of heat is based on how much energy used / created. So yes, all LEDs create some heat, including the most efficient ones of today.
  4. Many things can cause that sort of behavior. What kind of router do you have or are you using the crappy one provided by the ISP as the router? How old is the modem provided by the ISP? Wifi definitely causes network stability issues no matter how new and fancy it is, although they are getting a bit better every year. But signal interferences will always be an issue which is why wifi will never be perfect, even in a 100 years from now. If using copper cable internet, is it still properly grounded or is it caked in rust and falling apart as they often are? Are you using the ISP's DNS or are you using a custom one, like to bypass the ISP's secretive nonsense?
  5. I never carry more than 2 weapons at a time. I use the knuckles as main weapon and a firearm (with silencer) as secondary when I need to sneak attack or there's a bird. I start with a pistol and when that becomes completely useless, I switch over to the AK. By then I have more ammo than I know what to do with. I also never put any skill points into firearms until later in the game as I find the bonuses really weak, but I try and max out the knuckles because they're the best melee in my opinion once you max it out. Oh, and I never carry more than a half stack of ammo since I rarely need to use it anyway. The hotbar (and backpack) is way too small to be carrying a bunch of weapons and pointless stuff. I have my 2 weapons, pickaxe, axe, shovel, machete or knife (for collecting only), wrench, empty slot, one better bandage and one first aid kit. The empty slot comes in handy all the time so I always make sure to have one.
  6. https://www.ebay.ca/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1313&_nkw=cat5e+female+to+female&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_odkw=cat5e+adapter+extension+female+to+female&_osacat=0 You can just buy an adapter to extend the cable you already have. Just keep in mind that it's an additional failure point in the connection. If it never gets tampered with, then it should be reliable though. Personally for me, and this is mainly just a preference... but I prefer to have v-sync completely disabled in control panel and in-game. G-sync and a frame limiter to 60fps is all I need unless I'm competing or something in which case I'll set it to 144fps.
  7. These are the settings I'm currently using in case you're interested. I get a solid 60fps (no dips) with my Ryzen 5 5600x, 32GB of ram and old GTX 1060. I know I could easily up the settings, but I'm too lazy to test the limits. These are also the same settings I used back when I ran it on the Ryzen 1600x / same GPU. https://i.imgur.com/g8jGTeD.jpg https://i.imgur.com/7bBmTE3.jpg
  8. So this game is essentially linear in progression? You have to do specific things in order to progress... lovely.
  9. I hope you guys are also making sure the game isn't using onboard graphics instead of the better one. APUs are bad for that.
  10. I'm on day 21 and have yet to find a single wheel, acid, beaker, anvil, crucible or bellows despite all my best efforts. I hate that I can't even make a beaker which is essentially just a glass cup / bottle with measuring lines on it.
  11. While I haven't had the experience you had so far, (probably because I'm running a server with different settings), I have died several times so far within 20 days which is completely unusual for me, especially while only on nomad difficulty settings. It is becoming much easier as I level up though, which is still usual. In A19, I'd maybe die 2 or 3 times within the first several days and then become indestructible afterwards. Seems to me like they decided to extend it by making zombies even more spongy than they already were and do more damage than before which I've always found to be r3tarded given that they attack with their bare hands. They can't be creative, so they just force it like all devs inevitably do. I mean, those bears aren't even worth attacking at all anymore. Just run away when you see one as they're not worth 7.62mm ammo as they require a lot of shots from an AK and only provide a small amount of meat which can't even feed 1 person for a day unless you have eggs or the skills and ingredients to make something proper with it. Any other animal are far easier to deal with and are much more worth the trouble, including those illusive rabbits.
  12. After playing the game for several hours, I still have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I hate that I need to level up all 3 levels of living off the land in order to ensure I don't run out of seeds to replant when I first start out a food type. I also still hate the level gating of resources, including food. But farming is the least of my concerns right now, there's so many other things I hate far more... like how useless they made spikes and barbed wire as well as how incredibly spongy the bears are.
  13. I usually get bored by the time I reach level 100.
  14. It's both sad and funny that this is a thing. Could you not just make a global message that in the future, you will ban anyone who does this from now on? That should at least deter a few from doing it, and the ones that continue doing it... ban them.
  15. Sorry, I've never subjected myself to using an Apple product, for many reasons, so I don't know what's compatible with them.
  16. System specs? Are either of you running background apps that could possibly conflict with the game such as fps display like Riva Tuner, or screen capture like FRAPS, etc? What about mods? Running on SSD or HDD? These are the kinds of info we need in order to narrow down the field of diagnosing the problem. Error logs only provide half the info (aka, what took place), but not the cause.
  17. I'd actually be happy with that, because then, at least it's additional content rather than a boring grind fest. Having to protect the farm with turrets or electric fencing... I mean, who would object to that? That sounds interesting and fun to me.
  18. All the tech channels on Youtube claim that SSDs have a limited number of writes before failing suddenly. While that number is really high and average users aren't likely to ever reach that number, pagefile feature constantly writes and re-writes, just like ram... for me, it's just not worth it as I tend to use things for 10+ years whenever I can. Besides, ram is much faster and I have 32GB of it... so why not use it? And I haven't seen a crash since Alpha 3 during the vertices limit issue. Crashes may occur if you run out of ram and pagefile is disabled, yes (even though it's not supposed to)... but otherwise, no (at least not for me). Good. That's one less thing to think about. When was the last time you did a free "memtest86"? Ram issues can do a multitude of things from crash to desktop as though you closed it and all is fine, or BSOD, or boot failure, etc. Always good to test it once in a while as dirt does get in between the contacts which causes random issues too.
  19. Running out of pagefile isn't an issue unless you don't have enough ram to cover it (which you don't, so it's good you have it enabled, but 13GB of pagefile is a bit extreme... you might have junk running in the background clogging up some things). I myself often disable page file completely as it wears out the SSD much faster. A lot of ppl with an abundance of ram don't need it in order to play and enjoy the game like anyone else. Are you a Windows 10 user? Your issue is probably unrelated to the original post and therefore you should create your own topic. My guess for you (without looking at logs) is your 8GB of ram being on the edge of minimum specs for this current version of the game. Also, does Linux even have page file feature?
  20. Are you trying to run a dedicated server on the same computer you're playing on? Ram is a bit low for this game and so is your CPU for hosting. Otherwise, you can do one, but not both on the same computer. Also, "Macbook" says nothing about their performance since they range from absolute trash to "ok" performance in gaming. This could be anything from bad network latency / slow internet connection to bad server setup to bad macbooks. Keep in mind that download speeds aren't everything... you need good upload as well if you want to host a server. More info is needed to diagnose the issue.
  21. What's your Upload speed like for your internet? I understand that a lot of ppl tend to have good download but terrible upload speeds, especially on copper lines. You could also lower the view distance on the client side which would relieve stress on the server side as it loads up less of the map all the time for all 3 players. (It'll also help stabilize your own fps too) I know your hardware is great, but I also know ppl with great hardware tend to think they can run on max settings with every game no matter what, which isn't always the case, especially during early access. I myself tend to run the game on medium - high settings even though I know I could set things up higher... but I prefer a stable fps over fancy graphics. With every major update, the devs tend to make the game even more demanding on hardware which means a constant re-adjusting of graphics settings. They did mention plants and zombies are now fully HD.
  22. I was referring to Intel's PCI-E cards that are expected to release someday soon. Apparently they might be able to compete against RTX 3070 minus Ray Tracing of course. Intel and AMD's onboard graphics are (and have always been) kind of trash for gaming (which is to be expected given the space available). And yes, I agree, competition is really important, otherwise we end up seeing things like what Intel did where they sat on their butts for several years collecting premium money with no effort at all. So yes, I definitely would love to see AMD GPUs improve in a big way, but unfortunately, I doubt it'll ever happen given their track record.
  23. Server fps and client fps have no relation or causation at all. You could have 1 fps and the server could still produce 30fps, and you could have a thousand fps client side and only have 1fps on the server. So if you're getting fps dips below what is acceptable, then blame the hardware on the client side, not server. Lower some settings and enable fps limiter to 60 to stabilize the fps and frame times. An unstable frame time will cause stutter issues which could make you think it's server related.
  24. I'm also a bit curious as to whether or not your slow ram could be the issue. If memory serves (pun not intended), DDR3 1066MTs is pretty much the bottom feeder ram you see in pre-built systems, and pre-built systems often only have a single stick of ram, losing out on the dual channel benefits. I don't have the slightest clue how hard on ram hosting a dedicated server is (other than the amount of GB it uses), but I think it could be a possibility worth looking into, unless someone else knows something I don't. I know from past experience that dedicated servers (with probably any game) isn't CPU intense until you load up with a lot of players... 3 players is pretty much nothing if playing in co-op as the players usually hang out in the same area which is easier on the server. My retired FX-8320 could handle that (and has in the past) and we all know how bad those CPUs were.
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