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    My current gaming rig:
    - Ryzen 5 5600x (Noctua NH-U12S SE cooler)
    - Asus ROG Strix B550-F motherboard
    - G.SKILL Trident Z Neo 2x16GB @ 3600MHz
    - EVGA GTX 1060 FTW+ 6GB ACX (custom OC)
    - Samsung 860 Evo 1TB SSD + 3x HDDs + DVD±RW
    - Corsair TX750 PSU
    - Cooler Master Storm Sniper B.E. case (red led fans used)
    - Acer Predator VA 27" G-Sync 144Hz 1080p curved LED
    - Logitech G502 Hero mouse
    - Corsair K65 mechanical keyboard
    - Cooler Master Swift-RX XL mousepad
    - 200MBit / 100MBit fiber internet
    - Logitech Z-5500 1010 watts 5.1 surround
    - HyperX Cloud headset

    I also have a game hosting / media PC mounted to the wall geek style (no case / all exposed). Ryzen 1600x cpu (Noctua NH-U12S SE cooler), 2x8GB ram, 250GB ssd, 10TB over 4 HDDs, EVGA B3 550w PSU, Dell U2717D IPS 1440p 27" LED screen.

    Gaming rig uses 5.1 surround while the game hosting / media PC uses SPDIF optical surround.
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    Under the snow
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    Troubleshooting / fixing / building anything, crafts, PC games, ATVs, farming, motorcycles, firearms

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  1. Looks like a CPU (per core) bottleneck to me... that would be why your GPU doesn't reach 100% utilization. Now either that's because you have junk running in the background like Anti-virus or firewall or something... or somehow the 3090 really is that good and is making your system unbalanced. And like others have mentioned, anything above 1080p tanks the fps in a very big way no matter what hardware you throw at it.
  2. Well, I'm not going bother trying helping you anymore if you're going to continue to ignore the rules of this website. And I doubt anyone else will try to help you either.
  3. Are you hosting a dedicated server or having players join you in your game? If you're hosting a dedicated server, try removing any default network protocols within the serverconfig.xml file. I personally get better results this way, so it may help you as well. example: <property name="ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols" value=""/> If you're just trying to get players to join you in your game, and this may also help with dedicated servers as well, it could be a router port forwarding issue or a firewall blocking your friends from being able to conne
  4. From what I've seen in this game. Most of the mods are just generic stat adjustments. Even bipods add damage for some dumb reason. There are exceptions of course, like that fire mod for clubs and whatnot, but for the most part, they're just numbers which to me is disappointing. So it's pretty difficult for me to pick a favorite mod when it's like this, especially when even the scopes are more of a hindrance than a feature.
  5. Those versions don't work at all anymore... at least not without doing some hack work to get passed the old login screen which no longer works.
  6. That style of cooling pad usually does nothing at all aside from cool the plastic casing of the laptop. None of the air gets forced into the laptop to cool the components inside. They're essentially a waste of money in my opinion.
  7. Where's the graphics card info? EDIT: nvm, you went with black text and I was in dark mode so I couldn't see it at all till I highlighted it. You're fine. You should be able to run the game on medium to high settings at 1080p. Though your ram might become an issue if you play for long hours.
  8. I never could understand why CPU-Z makes everything look more complicated than it really is. That's why I never use it. I go straight into Bios to see what is really going on. Your XMP-1600 shows 800MHz frequency, which is X2 because Double Data Rate (DDR). So I think it is set up correctly, unless the timings are slightly off for some reason, but that's unlikely. Maybe the gibberish stuff is just numbers when the computer idles or current readings based on CPU load. Who knows. I'm sure a google search can explain some of it in a boring way that will make anyone's eyes
  9. Your GPUs (both Intel and ATI graphics) are way below spec for this game. Your CPU and ram are fine though. Is the game installed on SSD or HDD? If it's on HDD, you might want to get it on SSD as it's one of the few games out there that don't run well on HDD. If you have a decent power supply with enough wattage for a GPU upgrade, then that would be my suggestion. There's likely still a bunch of really good used graphics cards out there waiting to be bought right now.
  10. Is the wifi part of the motherboard, a PCI-E adapter or an external USB adapter? Have you checked the Windows Event Viewer for errors relating to your wifi yet?
  11. Are you able to run other games that are resource demanding... more specifically ram demanding? Or you could run a free memtest86 to see if your ram is error free. Ram can do all kinds of unusual things when it comes to games, though usually they're a bit more random then this. But me being mainly a hardware troubleshooting guy, it's all I got. Maybe you bought new hardware recently that might not have been fully tested to be stable yet? I'm also curious to know why your output log shows less errors than that screenshot you took. According to the screenshot, it's an access denied e
  12. Are you using microsoft's junk GPU drivers forced onto you by windows updates once in a while or are you making sure that you're using the proper drivers provided by the manufacturers? Also, the game file integrity checker isn't perfect, it is possible that it may have missed something during it's check. It's a very small chance, but it might be worth re-installing the game to see if anything changes (deleting user profiles in the process to ensure clean install).
  13. Just a quick update on adblocks since it's been discussed a lot here: Been running uBlock for 4 days now and 13 tracking cookies were found on my computer (which never happens). Given my experience so far, uBlock is clearly not better than AdBlock, it just does a few things differently. Some features are better and some are worse. Maybe having both enabled means that one will catch what the other misses and vice versa. I'm used to using 2 adblocks at the same time anyways, so I'm ok with using both once again.
  14. I personally didn't mind the wasteland too much. It's a bit more difficult, but not by much. Snow biomes are definitely a lot more difficult when starting out, but great source for meat if you can handle the bullet spongy animals.
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