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    My current gaming rig:
    - Ryzen 5 5600x (Noctua NH-U12S SE cooler)
    - Asus ROG Strix B550-F motherboard
    - G.SKILL Trident Z Neo 2x16GB @ 3600MHz
    - EVGA GTX 1060 FTW+ 6GB ACX (custom OC)
    - Samsung 860 Evo 1TB SSD + 3x HDDs + DVD±RW
    - Corsair TX750 PSU
    - Cooler Master Storm Sniper B.E. case (red led fans used)
    - Acer Predator VA 27" G-Sync 144Hz 1080p curved LED
    - Logitech G502 Hero mouse
    - Corsair K65 mechanical keyboard
    - Cooler Master Swift-RX XL mousepad
    - 200MBit / 100MBit fiber internet
    - Logitech Z-5500 1010 watts 5.1 surround
    - HyperX Cloud headset

    I also have a game hosting / media PC mounted to the wall geek style (no case / all exposed). Ryzen 1600x cpu (Noctua NH-U12S SE cooler), 2x8GB ram, 250GB ssd, 10TB over 4 HDDs, EVGA B3 550w PSU, Dell U2717D IPS 1440p 27" LED screen.

    Gaming rig uses 5.1 surround while the game hosting / media PC uses SPDIF optical surround.
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    Under the snow
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    Troubleshooting / fixing / building anything, crafts, PC games, ATVs, farming, motorcycles, firearms

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  1. @7daysexpert I can't believe you're able to get anything better than a slideshow with a GPU like that which realistically should not have ever existed at all because it was garbage before it even released. I think even some APUs of that generation (CPU with internal graphics) were better than that GT610. GT series cards just feel like a blatant scam in my opinion. New, they cost just as much as a used GTX card except 100x worse in performance, it makes no sense.
  2. I stopped playing this game with a GTX 660 back when it was I think Alpha 12 or 13 back when the game only needed 2gb of vram, and even then, I could only run it at medium settings. I doubt it can run this game very well anymore on medium settings especially if your CPU is weak. But if your expectations are low and are ok with running the game on low - lowest settings, you might be ok with it. I've read about ppl claiming to run this game on much worse hardware than that.
  3. I've been checking multiple times every single day. Though I did filter out scalpers from my refreshes (MSRP prices only). Maybe it's a little different in the US, but there's probably no chance in getting one at Newegg.ca in my opinion. @Roland That video was amazing. I can't believe anyone would put that much effort (and probably money) into making a video like that.
  4. Good luck getting any kind of decent graphics card right now. I've been trying to get my RTX 3080 since September, I even joined the waiting list at EVGA website in October, still waiting. My landlord is also waiting for pretty much any graphics card that will do 1440p video editing (aka 6GB video card). Also, I get the impression that Newegg isn't receiving any EVGA cards at all anymore as EVGA sells them directly from their site now with their insanely high queued waiting list. And you might want to hurry up and buy your CPU(s) as anything made with silicon is disappe
  5. 7D2D devs are not affiliated with the wiki sites. They (as far as I know) have no control over what gets posted on those sites. In my experience though, you can probably just create a free account and edit the pages that are already there. I myself have done this several times for many games already... it's not a big deal.
  6. Claims he's a 7d2d veteran and been around since it was "born", yet he has no evidence to back anything nor does he have any presence at all here in the forums. New account in my experience usually always means new guy making assumptions and demands after only a few hours of gameplay. Borderline troll not worth reading / responding to in my opinion. Show us your Original Survivor badge, then you can make claims about being around since the very beginning. Until then, don't be making false claims.
  7. The developers are exactly that... developers. What makes you think they might be knowledgeable enough in computer hardware to answer this unique question about workstation hardware not officially supported by games? Hell, I'm an experienced hardware technician with 3 years of college and several years in the field and even I can't properly answer this question. Can workstation hardware run well with games, it's possible, but not likely to be completely stable with all games. Would adding a hardware booster (which is essentially what I think that k80 is) make a difference in gaming
  8. You're asking us a question in which I doubt anyone here has the answer to. Using non-gaming hardware for gaming is a rare thing to be doing, and using old non-gaming hardware is even more rare. Just do what you think is best suited for yourself and go from there.
  9. I doubt it. SLI is dead to most / all games. Even Nvidia admitted to that. If anything, you might receive stability issues with this game in SLI mode. GPU prices will likely be high for the next year or two... maybe even longer depending how long covid lasts.
  10. For the record, the clay pot does nothing at all to increase heat in a room. The candle with or without the clay pot will put out the exact same amount of heat, only difference is the pot absorbs some of the heat slowing the radiant heating process down but also making the heat last a bit longer once the candle runs out, balancing the equation. Realistically though, the whole pot / candle concept is just a gimmick to anyone who doesn't understand science. Also, keep in mind that, like all fires, the air feeding the candle has to come from somewhere. So by lighting a candle (or fire
  11. Well, their support lately has been extremely lacking for me. I have a ROG Strix B550-F (non wifi) motherboard and the LAN drivers on their website is 100% useless for me. I tried everything to force it to work and it refused. It wasn't until I tethered my phone to the PC that I could get a working driver through Windows update and was finally able to get the internet working without the phone. And even after finishing all the latest updates, Asus LAN drivers still refused to work. It is the only driver available on their website and it doesn't work at all. I tried explaining it to them and al
  12. Yes! For sure. I myself have several of them and highly recommend them to anyone reliant on city governed hydro. CyberPower is great, but so is APC, or at least that's been my experience with them so far. This is just my guess, but power outages there could relate to the increased demands in electricity to heat ppl's homes and being too much for the grid to handle. If it creates heat, it consumes a lot of energy. Also, power lines could be flexing and breaking due to the sudden changes in temperature. Happens in Canada all the time.
  13. Who cares which country it originated in, the initial spread was caused by stupidity, nothing more. The fact that we continue to allow it to spread is just continued stupidity and the fact that vaccines are being given only to some ppl due to limited quantities is like putting a band-aid on a severed limb as it does nothing to solve the real problem, again, continued stupidity. Stockpile the vaccine until you have enough to apply it to everyone (even if it's just one state / province at a time and prevent travels to and from those areas until other areas are also cleared) and be done with this
  14. While I do have some survival experience as I've done some practicing out in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a hatchet and string, and I've studied survival techniques and whatnot for several years and I also have a collection of firearms in which I've gotten proficient with, I doubt any of that would help me against cheating zombies that always know where you are and come at you in full force every 7th day. Not to mention the fact that food is literally everywhere except in this game, not to mention how much you have to constantly eat and drink in the game, so I guess my survival on th
  15. It was around -20 to -25 Celcius here in Ontario for the last 2 weeks or so... almost t-shirt weather. How is it in Texas?
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