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    My current gaming rig:
    - Ryzen 5 1600x @ 3.9GHz (Noctua NH-U12S SE cooler)
    - Asus Prime B350-Plus motherboard
    - Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB, DDR4 @ 2933MHz
    - EVGA GTX 1060 FTW+ 6GB ACX (custom fan curve, further OC)
    - Samsung 860 Evo 1TB SSD + 3x HDDs + DVD±RW
    - Corsair TX750 PSU
    - Cooler Master Storm Sniper B.E. case (all fans replaced with better ones)
    - Acer Predator VA 27" G-Sync 144Hz 1080p curved LED + Dell U2717D IPS 1440p 27" LED
    - Original Logitech G5 laser mouse
    - Corsair K65 mechanical keyboard (red switches, might change them out for browns later)
    - Cooler Master Swift-RX XL mousepad
    - 100MBit / 50MBit fiber business internet connection
    - Logitech Z-5500 1010 watts 5.1 surround + HyperX Cloud headset

    I also have a dedicated game server rig mounted to the wall geek style (no case / all exposed). FX-8320 cpu (aftermarket cooler), 16GB ram, 250GB ssd, 10TB over 4 HDDs, EVGA B3 550w PSU.

    Next to it is the Asus N56DP laptop used primarily as a media desktop with 2TB external hdd, Wireless Logitech K270 keyboard and mouse and an Opolar LC06 cooler attached. It's connected to a Dell U2717D IPS 1440p 27" LED screen.

    Gaming rig uses 5.1 surround while the laptop uses SPDIF optical surround.
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    Troubleshooting / fixing / building anything, crafts, PC games, ATVs, farming, motorcycles, firearms

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  1. The game is consistently able to work well for most players, and because of that, most of the time, it is in fact the player's own hardware or software creating problems with the game. So yes, we make that assumption based on several years of experience with this game alone. You have to keep in mind that some of us have been around since the very beginning. We know what the usual problems are and how to fix them. There are of course curve balls that occasionally happen which make it a challenge, but unless we can rule out the possibility that the player didn't do something wrong at their end, we can't know for sure, hence the process of elimination. I myself have been playing the game since Alpha 1, and the only issues I've ever seen that was the game's fault was a vertices glitch (which they worked around the issue by lowering the skybox), and frame time stuttering which they seem to have made some progress on over the years (either that or I'm finally getting used to it). I've never had a crash or low fps or graphical glitches (aside from the above mentioned) or anything of that sort in any of the versions of this game. Coincidence? I think not. Especially since I'm not alone with that experience.
  2. Well, first off, you're never allowed to discuss moderator actions in public, but since you have, maybe I can explain things for you. From what I understand with Steam, moderator features there are extremely basic / limited, and warnings likely mean nothing to your account, it's just the only easy way for a moderator to be able to contact you without adding you to their friends list or discussing the warning / moderator actions in that topic which isn't ideal and only makes things messy if they have to constantly bump topics like that. So deleting your post to allow the topic to drop back down in priority and locking that topic to prevent future mistakes really is the best action they can do in that situation. Also, I think handing you a warning message is a new feature as I don't remember them having that option back when I was a moderator there. Back then, they would issue a temporary ban for like 1 day or 1 hour (can't remember as I didn't really moderate there much) just to get a message across to the person which was very tacky and no one liked it. So ya, avoid old topics and all is fine for you. And never take things like that personal. They're just doing what they can to keep the forums clean, relevant and friendly.
  3. Fox

    FPS Issues

    Minecraft can run on a potato machine, Conan and Ark only stress some parts of the hardware (and they're terrible games in my opinion). This game, being an Indie game still under development started at $35 back when it was barely a game and has been in non-stop development for 7+ years. Of course, prices go down over the years so as to continue getting ppl to buy the game, but that doesn't mean you can just assume an $8 game means it's an old out of date game that should run on anything. Every update increases hardware requirements as the developers continue to make the game more and more eye candy and increase content. Also, this game is unlike any other game out there right now. This is a fully destructible voxel world with structural integrity calculations and weather / temperature implementations. Now, to answer this topic's issue... are you running at anything above 1080p? If so, then try lowering it to 1080p and report back the fps (this game, in it's current state, doesn't like 1440p and 4k that much). Also, when was the last time you updated your GPU drivers with Nvidia's official drivers? (Windows 10 is known to replace your superior drivers with their own garbage Microsoft drivers causing issues with a lot of games) Also, I'd like to mention that this game may not like your server based CPU and that my old Ryzen 5 1600x is pretty much equivalent to your Threadripper for this game + stream which you payed so much more money for. My recommendation for you is the next time you upgrade your hardware, go with a Ryzen 7 CPU (or Ryzen 9 if you like spending), maybe the 4000 series when they come out soon. Threadripper is kind of a waste of money for gamers, even if you do a lot of streaming. There's also the fact that you're streaming / recording your gameplay which is also taxing on your hardware. I'd like to know what quality settings you're streaming / recording at to see if you're setting things too high for nothing. And it may also be needed to lower some in-game settings to handle the recording / streaming as well due to CPU bottleneck. It's easily possible to have the game still look great while running slightly lower settings (like view distance and water quality for example). And I shouldn't need to remind you that Alpha 19 is in an experimental version and not officially released as a stable version... so you're using it at the risk of your own sanity. I myself have been around long enough to know not to download unstable versions as they tend to not be enjoyable anyways. This game runs fine for most players right now (and I'm sure it runs fine for your friends too), so instead of directing your frustrations at the developers, maybe you need to reconfigure things or see what's going on with your hardware and streaming / recording software.
  4. Well, it's not supposed to be a 1080p game, but apparently lately a lot of players (with impressive hardware) have been getting terrible performance with anything higher than that. But if the game runs good enough for you at 1440p, then by all means, go for it. Maybe they've made improvements with the latest update too.
  5. Are you running the game at 1080p like you should be? (Last I checked, this game does not do well with higher resolutions) How much free space do you have for the drive the game is installed on? How long has it been since you verified to have proper nvidia drivers? Because Windows 10 is known for replacing those drivers with their own garbage Microsoft drivers. output.log file? any errors? Any bloatware running in the background? Anti-virus getting in the way, etc...
  6. Could you post a log file so we can see the errors?
  7. 20 minutes of loading is either because you have the game installed on the hdd (not good as it also causes stutters while playing), or like others have mentioned, not enough free space on the main drive for paging file to work correctly. Personally, I think anything beyond 50GB of free space is usually good enough for most ppl, but ya, 100GB (20%) is recommended.
  8. Hmm... If it's set to auto, shouldn't that be enough? Why is Windows 10 so dumb like this? Ugh It even says currently allocated: 0MB. Although... I have run this game for a few years with Paging File disabled to save my SSD from premature wear, and the game ran fine, so I don't know why that error would come up for that, if it's for that at all. Also, I thought pagefile had it's own error code.
  9. The game error relates to running out of ram. Obviously, you have enough for this game. Now I'm wondering if the same error would apply to video ram too. Which video card do you have? (you can find out by running dxdiag or looking through device management) I think a full output.log might tell us more about this error you're having.
  10. A memtest is usually faster and easier and far more reliable in results. That's my opinion anyways. I do agree with killing all background processes from running while playing the game.
  11. FYI, this game has been known to crash with RivaTuner active.
  12. Just remember kids... big updates comes with big bugs and needing balance updates, which is why you always see Alpha #.1, #.2, #.3, #.4 versions afterwards. So expect a mess of issues. Myself personally, I'll just wait for 19.1 to release. I'm too busy anyways.
  13. This game doesn't handle anything higher than 1080p all that well. So it makes sense that you would get terrible fps at 4k.
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