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  1. Has anyone found connecting to servers does not work on any port other than the default 26900? After setting a different port in the serverconfig.xml, clients dont see the server at all, sitting on 'connecting'. as soon as i swap it back to 26900, they connect. i ensured ports were all forwarded as they are with 26900. From Jugginator: @Yakov, General Support is a place for this if you need further help, but you need to forward the port +2; for example: 27015 TCP, 27015 - 27017 UDP
  2. Awesome, will be testing this out
  3. Yakov


    Cant get this mod running at all. tried fresh 20.6, 20.7 manually. tried mod launcher. Unity crash on menu loading each time. No problem with any other overhauls, UL, darkness falls, RH.
  4. Thats correct, if you chose a ranged class from the start, you have to find a research desk to create the melee quests to get the melee chapter.
  5. Awesome thanks for taking the time to help. Just one more question, is there a way to switch off certain components of the mod? For example if i want to use my own wandering horde code since its custom, would i just need to comment out that part of it from the horde.xml?
  6. thanks mate, this is how i want to do it but its not working this way, unless im doing something wrong
  7. Hey, Is there a way to configure this to spawn a custom scout, and custom group, as well as keeping the original scouts and groups? I basically want there to be a chance to spawn these custom scouts. Might be too specific a request 😛
  8. We have a twitter, follow and we'll follow back:) Ravenhearst
  9. Sorry that happened. Can you post up your player.log file? It'll give more information on the cause
  10. Same issue here as above on servers. I'd have loved to use this as vanilla lights are terrible.
  11. Yeah there's no unsafe code as someone was concerned about, the concern should be where this code came from. Releasing source code for a major overhaul mod, without request nor credits given (until edited) is rather unethical. There was indeed an agreement with Jax. Development of code is not a one man job, it belongs to the team that brought up the ideas and extensive testing that brought it to fruition.
  12. It is pretty cool. Most of this code originated from Ravenhearst. You should check that out too when you have the chance.
  13. Great mod. Does this allow for biome GS scaling of normal spawns (not wandering or scout)? If not would love the feature added.
  14. Unusual for that to be a cause of crashes. Havent heard anyone reporting that when i put it on the mod sites. (about 10k downloads so far) Tarkov & Rust both utilize it so i wonder why its happening for 7D.
  15. Going to be looking into this, might be a limitation of using cvars for wellness. Ideally i'd like to convert it to c# which should solve the problem.
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