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  1. @gpcstargate Try a complete restart of the game, sometimes the spawns get stuck and full restart of the game helps.
  2. Some teasers for the next release of RH ....... GameOptions and VideoOptions. Weve been working hard on adding new options so that you guys can decide how to play the game your own way! These are just the start and more will be added over time. GameOptions - These are options specific to the game and are set for all users with that game (i.e. everyone in a MP game or dedicated server) VideoOptions - These are options that are specific to the individual user and can be turned on/off by each player (from within the main menu and within the game!) Also a new SMX UI has been aded which imho looks awesome :slight_smile: [ATTACH=CONFIG]30737[/ATTACH]
  3. It currently isnt a separate mod and is coded into Ravenhearst only im afraid. I 'may' look into making it a standalone version for A18 once ive finished tweaking it a bit more (needs to work with Sort and with Vehicle storage). FYI there are in built functionality in vanilla for this that is currently disabled but our version works slightly different If you want to try the vanilla in built options try this modlet : https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?127758-Backpack-Buttons-A18!-(Stash-All-Stash-Stack-Stash-Stack-Smart)
  4. RH is only on A17.1 atm and hence the bloodmoon is fixed on day 14. This can only be changed by modifying the dll
  5. If youre having install problems please delete your whole 7 days folder, reinstall 17.1, then copy over the RH files. Switching between versions of Alphas and mods/modlets gets very messy, always start with an empty copy of the vanilla game. If possible it's best to make a whole copy of the fresh 7 days install and work with that copy and not the default steam location. Be sure to use the non EAC exe to run the game.
  6. Backpacks only last for 15mins (I think) in game, after that they poof (this is vanilla functionality not RH specific) . I always increase this to 1hr in my games in the xml. Not at my pc atm so can't confirm which setting to change.
  7. Most issues with installing mods are an installation problem. Please make sure youve got a clean version of A16.4 (or the relevant version for RH 3.1.5), it will NOT work with A17. If you have installed A17 youll need to do a full reinstall to the previous Alphas. Try the following : https://steamcommunity.com/app/251570/discussions/0/618458030657680536/
  8. Both items you've mentioned are rare random loot, you could get on day 1 or still be missing them on day 200! Some people hate it but for me it makes every play through of RH different as you just don't know when you're going to get access to certain items.
  9. Currently only from the trader and that's only because the trader is bugged and isnt limiting stock to lower levels of quality.
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