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  1. Yeah agreed, ive done some investigation and food usage is defn not quite right imho. Im not convinced the perks and buffs are affecting food usage correctly either but hard to tell without clear numbers/debugging.
  2. From what im seeing with some debugging you do not lose any more extra food when sprinting on a bicycle (its the same as being stood still)! You only lose more food on vehicles like the minibike and 4X4. I think the reason is because the food reduction is attached to the Engine in the vehicles.xml and the bicycle doesnt have an engine. For me thats totally backwards, id expect to lose more food on a bicycle and pretty much zero on a minibike/4x4.
  3. @gpcstargate Try a complete restart of the game, sometimes the spawns get stuck and full restart of the game helps.
  4. Full Z2 Video Options :
  5. New module that hides all the Onscreen Sprites : https://gitlab.com/wookienookie/a19_vanilla_modlets/-/raw/master/HideOnScreenSprites.zip?inline=false Ive done the XML Xpath commands individually for each Onscreen sprite and hence you can enable/disable each Sprite type as you like. By default all sprites are hidden.
  6. Decimal/float values may actually work looking at the code. Will need to test to be sure.
  7. If you want more zombies in cities Ravenhearst mod now has the option to increase Zombie count around POIs. Count is multiplied based on the slider option. [ATTACH=CONFIG]31063[/ATTACH]
  8. Ravenhearst now has 3 slider options for Rage, Super Rage and AlwaysRage. Each option have values of On, Off, or start raging at Gamestage X.
  9. Some teasers for the next release of RH ....... GameOptions and VideoOptions. Weve been working hard on adding new options so that you guys can decide how to play the game your own way! These are just the start and more will be added over time. GameOptions - These are options specific to the game and are set for all users with that game (i.e. everyone in a MP game or dedicated server) VideoOptions - These are options that are specific to the individual user and can be turned on/off by each player (from within the main menu and within the game!) Also a new SMX UI has been aded which imho looks awesome :slight_smile: [ATTACH=CONFIG]30737[/ATTACH]
  10. Its something thats been mentioned a few times recently and thought id have a look into it, the ability to go back a rotation when clicking through a blocks rotations. We all know how frustrating it is when youve just passed the rotation you wanted and have to click through another 20 rotations until you get the you wanted! Well the fix is here .... in fact its always been here, its in the core code and functioning!! Currently to reverse rotation you need to do the following press R (Reload bound) + LeftMouseClick at the same time. It works but does need precise timing to work. The issue is that R is bound to pop up the Radial menu at the same time and hence is just very clunky. As said this is already in the vanilla game and works. Ive uploaded a mod to fix this clunkyness in the vanilla game. It will now reverse on LeftShift+LeftMouse click instead of Reload+LeftMouse. It actually uses the command bound to the Run key so if youve rebound this you will have to use this key instead of LeftShift. Be aware this is a dll change and hence counts as full overhaul mod (even if it is just 1 file) and hence youll need to run the non EAC exe to run the game (i.e. 7DaysToDie.exe) New dll can be downloaded here : https://gitlab.com/wookienookie/a18_vanilla_mods/blob/master/7DaysToDie_Data/Managed/Assembly-CSharp.dll Overwrite the following file (preferably in a copy of the vanilla of game) : <steam_games_folder>\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll This is for version A18 b155 WARNING : This is a simple change and shouldnt affect game saves but only use at your own risk - - - Updated - - - For other devs this is the line of code that needs changing : Class : BlockToolSelection Method : ExecuteAttackAction Line : itemBlockInventoryData.rotation = Block.list[itemBlockInventoryData.itemValue.ToBlockValue().type].BlockPlacementHelper.LimitRotation(itemBlockInventoryData.mode, ref itemBlockInventoryData.localRot, _data.hitInfo.hit, !playerActions.Reload.IsPressed && !playerActions.PermanentActions.Reload.IsPressed, bv, bv.rotation); Change to the following : itemBlockInventoryData.rotation = Block.list[itemBlockInventoryData.itemValue.ToBlockValue().type].BlockPlacementHelper.LimitRotation(itemBlockInventoryData.mode, ref itemBlockInventoryData.localRot, _data.hitInfo.hit, !playerActions.Run.IsPressed, bv, bv.rotation); Ill look at getting a DMT Harmony mod built for this later today as well.
  11. It currently isnt a separate mod and is coded into Ravenhearst only im afraid. I 'may' look into making it a standalone version for A18 once ive finished tweaking it a bit more (needs to work with Sort and with Vehicle storage). FYI there are in built functionality in vanilla for this that is currently disabled but our version works slightly different If you want to try the vanilla in built options try this modlet : https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?127758-Backpack-Buttons-A18!-(Stash-All-Stash-Stack-Stash-Stack-Smart)
  12. Haven't read everything but I disabled the xp popup easily last night, if I have my way it be applied in the next version of RH. I'll post in Guppys SDX discord channel later on the change if anyone wants to know where to fix the code.
  13. RH is only on A17.1 atm and hence the bloodmoon is fixed on day 14. This can only be changed by modifying the dll
  14. If youre having install problems please delete your whole 7 days folder, reinstall 17.1, then copy over the RH files. Switching between versions of Alphas and mods/modlets gets very messy, always start with an empty copy of the vanilla game. If possible it's best to make a whole copy of the fresh 7 days install and work with that copy and not the default steam location. Be sure to use the non EAC exe to run the game.
  15. Backpacks only last for 15mins (I think) in game, after that they poof (this is vanilla functionality not RH specific) . I always increase this to 1hr in my games in the xml. Not at my pc atm so can't confirm which setting to change.
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