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  1. The Mod uses DMT technology, meaning it also needs a patched dll in the game folder (so it's not mod-folder only). I could make zip archives, but then I would need to curate what to include and create one archive for each and every game version. Also if you want to uninstall/deactivate my mod for another map, user would need to restore those game dlls. And finally two DMT mods provided this way have a very big chance of being incompatible. Given all these reasons I believe for this type of Mod the 7D2DLauncher is the easiest way. Btw. doesn't nexusmods also list mods only with a mod-launcher link!? As for the video tutorial, probably won't have time, but let's see when A20 is around ...
  2. Just a small but probably important update/news: My mods are now also available via 7D2DModLauncher: Thxs to @sphereii for letting me patch his mod crawler to support my GitHub (sub-module) setup! Some docs on how it was done can be found at https://github.com/OCB7D2D/7D2DModLauncherA19.
  3. @xyth Having an NPC doing the repairs would certainly be a cool idea. @TK1993 Thx to SphereII my mods are also available via 7D2DModLauncher since a few days.
  4. Thx @xyth for the Feedback, was busy this weekend and already got a small update. I've added 28 MOAR lights to be used. Those who are familiar with LittleMonstersTV's MOAR Lights Mod can probably already guess what it does. It adds all in-game lights to be crafted by the user and placed into the world (I cranked up the recipe quite a bit to make them a bit more expensive). They are all behind engineering perks of different levels and the road barricade needs a "special perk". See the GitHub page for further information: https://github.com/OCB7D2D/ElectricityLamps I really think the switch to spotlights should greatly improve visual appearance: Note that the ugly reflection at the ceiling is gone (check overview image above to see the difference). Will probably look out for other to change too, but will also need to see if there is a performance impact. It might even be possible to apply this method also to vanilla lights (those in POIs) ... Have a nice Sunday and happy zombie hunting!
  5. Do you also never use the vanilla in-game electric lights due to either extreme brightness? Or because they only come with super cold light temperatures? Than I have a solution for you 😇 Another standalone excerpt from my bigger electricity overhaul mod. https://github.com/OCB7D2D/ElectricityLamps (needs DMT/Harmony!) Lamps that can individually be configured in-game to be dimmed down or to have another color temperature (or pick any other color). For spotlights you can also configure the emitted light cone angle. It should work either with my overhaul mod or standalone and should also support multiplayer (server and all clients need the mod installed). Blocks are behind engineering perk level 2 or behind "Basics of Electricity Schematic" (Generator Bank Schematics). Power consumption varies between 2 and 3 Watts per Tick. Note that only lamps within your claim block can be configured! Also note that too many lights can easily strain your GPU 😅 Hope the images are convincing enough 😁 Note: The switch on the left side is a teaser for another mod for push button circuits (press any button in the room to toggle the lights). Wires are hidden via my no-wires mod. I guess a few have tried to accomplish this, but so far I didn't see any other mod that goes this far. In order to support this nicely I had to create a completely new Block and TileEntity class (I've used ID 244). This in turn makes it very simple now to add new lights based on the new block and recipes XML (see GitHub page for further info). Feedback for fine tuning of certain options/recipes is welcome! I've developed and tested this Mod against version a19.6b8. All the best and good zombie hunting!
  6. Found the time to put another major upgrade into the mod (v0.2.0). - Battery Banks now have in-game options from which sources they should charge from - Diesel Generators are no longer favored over Battery Banks for power consumption The change was necessary in order to truly have generators as sole backups. This way a user can decide if batteries should be charged from generators or only from solar panels. This should hopefully allow for better fine tuned grid management. Unfortunately this changes implicates that we have to persist these settings in the save files. In order to allow loading of vanilla maps, I've added an experimental option, that will read the save file from vanilla and initialize new options with default settings. Once the save files are written, the new fields are written too. So make sure to only enable this option exactly once (and make Backups!). P.s. before this change this mod was fully compatible with existing saves. All the best and good zombie hunting!
  7. No, not really, mostly Bugfixes related to either MP or SP.
  8. Did some more testing (mostly in regard to dedicated server) this weekend and was able to fix quite a few issues. I believe it should be mature enough now to consider it "stable". Took me a bit of time to fully grasp what the original code was doing in detail
  9. The recipe is open for discussion, so yes, I thought about what to use to produce a solar cell. IMO broken glass made more sense than a "glass block". IMO it's not something that should be limiting, beside the time to produce the needed ingredients with the given recipe. But at least there is a use for "broken glass". If you think the recipe should be adjusted, feel free to propose an alternative recipe (ideally in the form of a Pull Request).
  10. Another small update today: - Added on/off toggle - Added delayed pick-up - Fixed block claim restriction Note that this change breaks save files with older version of this block in it since we now also persist if the tile is turned on or off.
  11. Updated and tested the code a bit more in multiplayer. - Boundary indicating what is repaired is now broadcasted to all players - If inventory is accessed by one player, the repair should correctly be reset - Inventory will only consume until one item is left (per material) in order to ease the fill-up process (so you know what resources you've put in before and need refilling). Open points and further improvements: - Enable block to be picked up again (volunteers?) - Only show repair bounds to allies? - Ditch `isAccessed` reset and just check on full repair if resources are available Would allow users to watch the inventory while repairs are being done. Unsure about implications in regard of stuff being currently dragged & dropped. - Only allow one instance (active) per player like land claim blocks? - Add a more fancy model (with animations). - Add on/off toggle.
  12. Not sure I really want to go down the path-finding and AI rabbit hole TBH I believe something with LandClaim bounds would already improve this quite a bit, e.g: Need to check a bit more that I don't leak memory, but will probably push this code soon.
  13. Solar Panels directly produce watts per ticks (they have no "use" counter). These factors define how much Watts per "Use" you get from fuel and batteries, e.g. a stack of 10'000 fuel should give e.g. 300'000 watt-ticks if the factor is 30 (the game uses ticks as time not hours AFAICT). Batteries have 5'000 to 10'000 max uses, so a level 1 battery should give you 500'000 watt-ticks if the factor is 50. Now if something is consuming 50w per tick, a level 1 battery should last for 10'000 ticks. For batteries this also impacts how fast a they are charged, just with the inverse coefficient. This is the theory I was going for, but don't shot me if I messed it up somewhere I mostly exposed these factors since I wasn't sure how fast I wanted the power sources to drain and to easily play and test with different setting. I certainly wanted to increase the demand for fuel in generators a bit from vanilla (that's why the generator now also can hold up to 5000 fuel), since I wanted to encourage the transition to solar power in the later game to make it "maintenance" free
  14. Yes, thought about it. Ideally I would have wanted something like the new drones that seem to be coming in a20. But that would be quite a substantial amount of work (I might revisit this decision once a20 is out). Not sure if lasers would be the right effect though. What I wanted to explore is the possibility to add like a 1x1x1 bounding box around the position being repaired. Also note that I was able to keep this mod harmony only and I would ideally like to keep it that way. But since the code is on GitHub, everybody is welcome to improve up on it
  15. Introducing a Claim Auto Repair Block to ease the chore to clean up after horde night. Do you also hate to have to look around your base after every horde-night to repair what has been broken by the Zeds? Don't worry anymore, here comes the Claim Auto Repair Mod. https://github.com/OCB7D2D/ClaimAutoRepair (DMT/Harmony) The Block is based on a storage chest, as you need to put the necessary repair materials into it. It will randomly check blocks in its perimeter if they need repair and if the required materials are in storage. If both requirements are met, the block will start to be repaired. This will take some time and the repair sound will be played while repair is undergoing. If the block is damaged during that process, the whole repair will be aborted. Also only blocks that are within a claim you belong to (e.g. can pickup items) are repaired. So far the UI is really just the standard storage chest, and no further information about which block is being repaired etc. is displayed. Only some sounds will play according to what is happening. For me that is probably enough, although I don't know if the sounds might be too annoying after some time. Feel free to open a pull request on GitHub if you have any improvements in that direction Also multiplayer hasn't really been tested yet, but should work (tm). I've developed and tested this Mod against version a19.6b8. All the best and good zombie hunting!
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