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  1. The map editor is looking real cool. Will there be an option to randomly add or reassign prefabs on a pregenerated map so the person creating the map can also enjoy the exploration of it without knowing what prefabs are in? Hows it coming along?
  2. You see these complaints in every game. If a developer is working on art or content, it means they arent working on optimizations or fixes. Big derp. Multiple things can be done at once, ya know with a development team. Its true the game has been in development for a long time. but look how far its come since 2013, its almost unrecognizable. So theres been alot of work done in those years and it runs better than it ever has.
  3. Might have to change some defaults myself. 50fps on a 2080ti isnt a good sign haha. testing this mod to use on my server
  4. If you want hardcore, Ravenhearst or Darkness falls mods are good
  5. Is there a way to turn off HP bars on my server?
  6. Been playing this abit, its a blast. Great mod. Few issues ive encountered: Clicking Robotic AP Ammo when its locked in the workbench caused an object ref error Airdrops dont seem to work, i hear the plane for a second then nothing Using certain recipes found such as the Chemistry station didn't seem to unlock it. Other than that, it runs well considering the amount of content added.
  7. Try using Nitrogen map generator with the Ravenhearst prefabs. Works great.
  8. These mods are great but they need more work on death penalties. Increased difficulty isn't as exhilarating if dying doesnt mean much. I'd love the option for a eventual perma death if a player is careless, with being able to prevent it happening with proper self care, be it, crafting a difficult, a resource expensive item or a rare drop in the world. It could be that death gives you the infection, but its very slow to increase, and goes up by a certain percentage point after another death, until eventually hitting 100% and perma death. Just an idea.
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