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  1. Ok, you didn't actually state the command. Here is what is should look like. Assuming the server folder is D:\7Days Server steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir "D:\7Days Server" +app_update 294420 -validate +quit
  2. When you took all of these steps, did you also exclude the client from Windows Defender?
  3. 1. What is the command you are using with SteamCMD? 2. Why did you rename the server executable? 3. Pro-Tip, don't use the default config or batch for your server. Make new copies with custom names. Then updates don't wipe data.
  4. Yeah 20 FPS for an active server is low. Ideally that should be 35-40. (Higher than 40 is just wasting CPU for no reason, and below 30 indicates a bottleneck issue.)
  5. Mostly the things I listed already. Security software, RAM issue, HDD issue, permissions issue. Stuff like that. Could just be some other software getting in the way too. Like how Citrix Workstation will randomly kill the client because of how it handles GPU data. Or how nearly every experimental has an issue with the overlay from MSI Afterburner. These things are harder to track down, but usually can be discovered eventually.
  6. Pretty sure I provided an alternative in that case. justpaste.it will host larger files. It's all in the Pinned thread. First issue. You have so many mods that could be conflicting, I'm not even going to try sorting them out. One set in particular looks to be an overhaul mod, and it is typically not safe to merge those with other mods that make core changes. Second issue. That CPU really can't manage that many mods with that number of players. Even with SSD's in RAID it's not going to keep up. The hardware platform simply can't support the amount of data that needs to b
  7. Well after you get in trouble for using your software to steal data from the NSA, it's hard to come back from it. (Which may not have actually happened the way they initially thought. That's a funny one.) In any case, disabling security software fully is typically not possible without completely un-installing it from the system. This is by design due to too many of the viruses we used to write simply disabling the software so they didn't get detected. Also in regards to the several server restarts. There was a known issue where logging out of a server, and logging into
  8. I remember when they added UMA and tried to have the random outfits in a14. It lasted all of about 5 minutes. Any more than 10 zombies spawning brought even my high-end system to a crippling halt. That wasn't a lot of fun. The system was quickly removed, but UMA was still in, and is one of the reasons we don't have a ton of wild zeds roaming around in the client atm. I am looking forward to the new systems coming in a20 and beyond though.
  9. My current record for repair is a wee bit over 850,000 infections. If they didn't absolutely have to have bank data that couldn't be pulled out by just copying the files, I wouldn't have even attempted it. Took a couple of days, but I did manage to purge all the infections. Main source of infection, husband visiting porn sites on a separate profile in the PC. I left him a little note in his user profile.
  10. This appears to be an access violation. Which can be caused by a number of things. Ensure that the client is properly excluded from security software. Ensure that you don't have any RAM issues by running memtest. Ensure that your hard disk is error free. Ensure that you do indeed have the latest drivers. (Windows updates will install outdated/broken drivers for LAN, Chipset, and GPU on a regular basis. Always ensure that you refresh all critical system drivers after a Windows update.) Ensure that the Pagefile is set to "System Managed". Doesn't matter how much
  11. Ok, ran 7 Days, and while screenshotting I noticed something. OP talks about "Ultra" settings. Here's the deal though. This game is still in development, and putting every setting on Ultra, is kind of a dumb thing to do. In particular, reflections and Shadows have not had a ton of optimization. (In the case of reflections, I would argue that it most likely hasn't had any notable optimization ever at all.) So with that in mind, I'm including my in-game settings. I know I'm a bit limited by the 1060 in terms of graphics power, but this configuration allows me to get above 100FPS r
  12. Yeah, my 1060 is set to default at 0 fan speed until it starts to heat up, then the fans kick in. Sadly, even then the default MSI options were extremely lacking. I mean, I understand that they used the massive fans for their 1080 OC series on the 1060, and that is a little overkill. Still the fans weren't designed to really start spinning up until after it was hitting 80C. This is the custom control layout I'm using currently. Truly it never gets to 70C though even when I'm pushing it hard. Once these fans kick in, the temp drops immediately. In my most recent t
  13. Ok, your GPU fan speed should absolutely not be at only 44% when you have that much load/heat on your card. Your issue is most certainly a cooling issue. Whoever set the values for that card wanted it to fail. I'd blame the manufacturer. Thankfully you can override the fan settings with Afterburner or Precision, and set the values to something more reasonable. Might also want to ensure that you have good airflow in the case as well. Just changing airflow took my pair of 1060's from 80C to 65C.
  14. Gratz! I finally got this myself on the PC version a few weeks ago.
  15. Most likely it's still calculating SI changes from the collapse. You may need to sit in the area for a while in order to get it to finish, and then return to normal.
  16. My Min-spec testing was on an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @2.4GHz with 8GB DDR2 800MHz RAM, a 1TB 7200rpm platter drive, and a GTX 660Ti. I was able to achieve 60FPS with a fair bit of cutting in the graphics options and texture resolutions. My most recent test I fried the 660, and used a 770, but the overall results are pretty much the same. (Since the client relies on the CPU and RAM here, and the GPU isn't utilized due to the lack of VRAM, the end results are almost identical between the two cards.) My primary PC until just about a year ago was an i7-3930k. You can see
  17. That's why I included the file. You won't need to generate it. Just download the map and extract the folder to your Generated Worlds. You can then select it from the pre-made maps when starting a save.
  18. Please read the Pinned thread on How to Report an Issue before posting your issue. If I could guess your problem based on that lack of information I would be a multi-billionaire from winning the lottery all the time. (Because the odds of a win are about the same.)
  19. We haven't been using the dedi to make maps since a18 because you can do it WAY faster on the client. Whatever you read about Gamesparks on dedi's was wrong. It does the same thing it does on the client. To deal with the issue, (and so you don't have to wait two hours to make a map because of no GPU usage in the dedi), make the map on the client and copy it to the dedi. This has been the thing to do since they moved map generation from the CPU to the GPU. They are well aware of the issue, and it is being worked on.
  20. Nice big city in this one. And if you want to play it, here's the world data to drop in your Generated Worlds folder. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zT9atUGe73tYta-d66dNwmH20MKmRrnX/view?usp=sharing
  21. You just have to be early enough to get a voucher. I stopped in this morning because it was the day they receive product, but did not arrive early enough to get a voucher.
  22. Not just making the video, but making the product for the video. That was simply inspired. Loved the ending.
  23. Please read the Pinned threads before starting a thread. They are there for a reason.
  24. Your CPU is your weak point there, and running Windows isn't doing you any favors. The processor doesn't exceed 40% used because it can't. It's maxing out a couple of cores, and isn't properly multithreading. If you compare it to even a Xeon CPU from a few years prior, the Xeon will run circles around it. So will something equally old like an i7-3770. (and they're beating it with lower clock speeds and fewer cores at that!) Other considerations would be Pagefile size, amount of space on the SSD, other programs using RAM, ect. More information would be needed to assist you further
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