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  1. That sounds like a PSU issue.
  2. Custom Map? Mods? Log?? There is a Pinned thread that tells you how to report an issue. Please follow the instructions.
  3. Not sure what flavor of Linux you're running, but any issues with streaming sites are entirely browser related, and have very little to do with the OS. I've had zero issues with any streaming site using Chrome or Firefox. As for running games, Wine works quite well for most that aren't covered well by Steam's Proton service. And you can run non-Steam games through it also. (link)
  4. I found this recently, and it was interesting to read... (though the lack of proper punctuation kills me) And thinking on it, this part in particular. "Can you read at a high school level? You will have no issue working and learning Linux." Most of the issues you might run to are merely a quick Google search away. If you can read and follow basic instructions, it doesn't require an engineering degree to run.
  5. Maybe they haven't played in a long time and don't realize that E isn't for pickup on plants and such anymore?
  6. So I downloaded the system checker tool. It says I can't run Win 11. AFAIK most consumer systems don't ship with TPM modules installed. My motherboard has a location for it, but good luck actually finding the module to plug into it. Everywhere I looked it's out of stock. I seem to recall the same thing when I purchased the board last year.
  7. Yeah, you can get to it from the link I posted above. They've also updated their docs. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/design/minimum/windows-processor-requirements AMD Intel Qualcomm I had planned on using an i7-7700 for my test platform, so I suppose that's off the table now.
  8. With 19.5 you can't just upgrade. Wipe everything. Then clean install the client. Then install the mod. (Save data should still be fine.)
  9. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-11 When will I be able to upgrade to Windows 11 on my Windows 10 device? If your existing Windows 10 PC is running the most current version of Windows 10 and meets the minimum hardware specifications it will be able to upgrade to Windows 11. The upgrade rollout plan is still being finalized, but for most devices already in use today, we expect it to be ready sometime in early 2022. Not all Windows 10 PCs that are eligible to upgrade to Windows 11 will be offered to upgrade at the same time. To see if your PC is eligible to upgrade, download and run the PC Health Check app. Once the upgrade rollout has started, you can check if it is ready for your device by going to Settings/Windows Updates.
  10. To be fair, it's probably going to be close to a year from now before it's even available as a primary/preloaded OS. It's not even openly available to testers yet.
  11. It's different every time, but usually it's just a centralized structure I can shoot out of, with easy access to jump out and melee. Up until a18, it was usually more like a pill bunker, but the new AI is kind of killing that idea. I get out and in it a lot. I don't enjoy a "safe" base, and don't use much in the way of electronics or turrets for defense outside of the closest base protection to keep them off the supports.
  12. Same here. My first day is spent collecting the basics. Stick, Stone, Fiber, Feather, Food, Water. I will kill zeds I come across if I feel I can take them on. Otherwise I will avoid. By the second day I've got a good stockpile of basic materials, and have usually found a good small ruined house POI to use as a temp base/storage. Then it's nightly runs looting other nearby POI houses for food and resources. Leveling is not a real concern. Having the materials to prepare a base and survive is. It's not until after I've established an actual non-POI base, and have my horde base set up that I'll worry much about leveling and picking a solid perk tree to follow. As a result, I'm not leveling hugely fast, so the first couple of horde nights are relatively easy. Less resources wasted. Then later I can take on bigger hordes on my terms.
  13. Anything that changes progression.xml is likely to bork your character. Making changes during gameplay is almost guaranteed to reset it. So if you start a game vanilla, then add a mod that changes progression, now you have a reset character. Play for a while with that character, take the mod out, and your character progress is reset again.
  14. I think it IS using all of his cores, and clocking them up to 70-90% load. By setting affinity he can leave a couple of cores free for other tasks. Performance-wise, the 960 is just fine. It just lacks the VRAM the client requires. At a guess, it's probably taking him about 40 minutes to make a map with that setup, and he'd rather to other things on the PC instead of doing other things somewhere else.
  15. Run the client without EAC to generate your map.
  16. That linked thread is regarding the inability to set CPU Affinity when using EAC. Map generation will only eat up CPU cycles when you are below the recommended spec GPU. I would need to test this in a20 to see if there is any difference, but your current issue is most likely a result of a low-end PC. That's something you will have to come to terms with. I'm just making wild guesses though since you did not provide any detailed information.
  17. Yes It will still have some of the same shortfalls that Nitrogen does due to the shortcuts taken in map generation, but it does offer you a nice level of customization to play with before a20 drops.
  18. From discussions I've had with Alloc, and via my own testing, LiteNetLib optimizes a lot of Unity's network traffic. Disabling it can negatively affect the network performance of the server outside of the difference in pings.
  19. Ok, first thing I notice is that your server hardware is kind of borderline for the number of mods, and settings you have on that server. Speaking of mods, have you verified that they are all compatible with 19.5? I see a couple are not loading correctly. As of 19.5 Nitrogen maps are more likely to cause an issue than not. You will want to strongly consider starting a new map. If the server has the port forwarding configured properly, disable SteamNetworking. I have seen connection issues where the ports are forwarded, and it is enabled to push uPnP protocols to the router. The player is kicked because they didn't pass Steam authentication checks. The server then gets hung up presumably because their client is still attempting to send data to it. The reason for the failure to authenticate can be a large number of things. Issues with the connection between the client and the server, issues with either the client or the server connecting to Steam servers, and security software blocking the data packets are the most common reasons. Since the port you've chosen for the server is commonly used by trojans to traverse NAT gateways, that last one is a very likely reason. As for their client, it's scraping the bottom of being capable of playing the Vanilla client. Much less with the number of mods going on there. (If it wasn't a laptop, but a desktop from that same generation, it would probably be alright. It would struggle under much load though. Also note that their system does not at all support their current desktop resolution.) Their mod list also does not match the servers, which could cause additional problems. I'd have to go though the list and check each mod you've got loaded, and I don't have time to spend on that. As far as their client is concerned, it tries to connect, gets stuck in a little data loop, and then they get disconnected.
  20. I could see replacing gloves with them. That will cost you some armor and associated mods though. I'm also not able to wrap my head around how you would code it to only apply the damage and associated buffs when using attacks without any weapon equipped. This also wouldn't function any longer with the new gear system that's coming. I also agree with Lemmers here where it would end up muddying the waters between armor and weapons. Additionally, I am currently unable to think of any game where a claw/fist weapon didn't take the same slot as all the other weapons.
  21. Yeah, one of the primary mods I've written since a12 was the working oven mod. I have plans to write one that requires electricity to function, but never have spare time to work on modding anymore.
  22. Yep that 30k stack mod does this all the time.
  23. Yeah, it still baffles me that something as basic as having a custom pagefile can cause Unity to fall over.
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