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  1. Ping numbers like that usually indicate a failure to exclude the client from security software. This is covered in the Pinned FAQ thread.
  2. As far as I'm aware, there is little improvement with SLI. Game client is still CPU-bound.
  3. You can check the status right here... https://status.playstation.com/ ...and see that it is still down. That's the Sony website by the way. Last I checked, TFP didn't own Sony.
  4. https://status.playstation.com/ The issue is the Sony Network.
  5. There is literally a Pinned topic, and multiple red banners pointing to information on the subject. Not to mention a large thread with information. I can only assume that your post is a joke.
  6. You can't blame the port for a Sony issue. From Sony... Affected platforms: PS3, PS4, PS5 Affected services: You might have difficulty launching games, apps, or network features. We're working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. Start: 02/26/2021, 5:49 PM
  7. I can confirm that disabling LiteNetLib will tank server network performance.
  8. Sounds like a death loop. Would need logs from both sides to confirm though. Usual fix is to reset your character data on the server.
  9. The error is a result of a cascade from another issue that most likely originates from corrupt or modded files on the host. Both of you need to run a verify at least twice after you ensure that the client is properly excluded from security software.
  10. Not LCB range. I was referring to the bloodmoon spawn radius. Also note that it's calculated from player position, not LCB position.
  11. LCB's only block POI sleeper spawns. Not any others. IIRC the range is something like 30-50 meters.
  12. Full logs from both sides when the issue occurs. Use Pastebin.
  13. The logs will have more details. Without that we're looking at roughly a million-to-one odds that I will guess the right solution. Please take a look at the Pinned threads before you start a thread.
  14. The litenetlib errors are just an end result of a general connection failure. I only saw it in the first log, and it is likely a result of the connection being dropped as a result of the error on the host. The error on the host... 2021-02-20T22:53:05 140.691 WRN Spawned entity with wrong pos: [type=EntityPlayer, name=justkp, id=15764] id=15764 pos=(0.0, 0.0, 0.0) This indicates that the player data file for this character is corrupted. To resolve it, the player data files on the server will need to be removed. The host will need to go to the following folder.
  15. Please read existing threads before creating a new one. The mega-thread is right here. It was literally only a few posts down. Plus there is the Pinned thread.... And the big red banner.
  16. Most of the options in the poll assume that I'm taking over a POI for a base. I find this to be a bad idea in general, and never do so. My bases are always built from scratch, and the layout depends on how it grows as I'm putting it together.
  17. If it doesn't get added to the PC, it won't be in the next console version. Just FYI.
  18. Was the client ever excluded from security software? If you're using Windows products, just disabling them doesn't do the trick because they don't actually disable fully. This is covered in the Pinned FAQ.
  19. Who is hosting the game? Is it you, or some other computer? If some other computer, the details on the issue are likely in the hosts logs. The error I see in yours is a null reference error for the chunk view setting.
  20. If they are off on their own and not near your group, they will only get zeds at their gamestage level.
  21. Known issue that is being worked on. debugshot or dbs is the console command you will use to take a screenshot for a bug report. Green banner at the top of this page is for reporting bugs. Be sure to read the instructions. And no offense to anyone, but if there was an easy push-botton method in-game, the team would have tens of thousands of completely useless reports to have to sort through. This isn't a AAA company that has several hundred people developing the game, and whole other teams to just sit and sort out junk reports. A method like this would slow down a lot of th
  22. Most likely the save is toast since you tried to load it afterwards. Possible recovery options are covered in the Pinned FAQ thread though.
  23. When a player connects to a server, the xml data is pulled from the server, and loaded into RAM. It does not over-write anything on the local client, and the server xml will take priority.
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