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  1. We should do something like dedicate and entire section of the forum for it. People might like that you think?
  2. Error narrows it down to about ten million possible things. 98% of which are mod-related. Details on the error are in your log. Always look at the Pinned threads before posting.
  3. And always run it two or three times. I can't even count the number of times a stick passed on the first pass, but was eventually found faulty later.
  4. This has literally zero multithreading support. It will perform extremely poorly for 7 Days. Literally the only Pro for getting this chip is that it's dirt cheap. You would be better of tossing an extra $50 into the pot and getting an R5 3400G. It will lag a little on single-core operations, but supports multithreading quite well. As long as you aren't doing video editing, or something like playing Ark, it should be a good choice for a budget chip. 16GB RAM is fine, though with Window bloat and other application bloat these days 32GB is more desirable. Especially if you will be wanting to run mods like Darkness Falls.
  5. Yeah, you definitely don't want to be using the same rail for that.
  6. It could be that he already had an unstable overclock, and bumping it up gave the CPU the extra power it needed to perform. I have seen similar effects when I was pushing my i7-3930k past the 5GHz barrier. You run into things like this when you're OC'ing and you only partially know what you're doing, or you are pushing the hardware past normal limits. (I did find a nice undervolt that allowed me to get it to 5.1GHz stable. Took a couple weeks of testing settings and timings to get there though. Was a dedicated project for sure.) You are entirely correct that this type of "fix" is pretty bad advice for 99% of people out there.
  7. Good point. I haven't had any issues at all with heat on my 3900X, but the 5950X's almost require an oversized heatsink and really good case airflow. You pretty much have to have either a NH-U12A or similar cooler, or a custom loop with a decent capacity tank and large rads. (Your typical Corsair Hydro or equivalent isn't going to cut it.)
  8. There were a couple of big-name brands that had the issue as well. Trying to locate the video now. I saw it briefly mentioned in another video they were doing when a PSU they were testing literally exploded off the side of the set. Found where Jayz brought it up some in their AMD video a few weeks ago. Thor was the PSU they were using there that kept having the OCD protection trip on the 30-series cards. Still looking for the vid that had the details though, because they listed a few brands that they tested and found this problem on.
  9. System crashing is a PC issue, not a game client issue. In your particular case, it is most likely the PSU reacting incorrectly to the power draw from the GPU. This has been noted to occur with several brands of PSU's on the RTX 30-series cards. The issue is only triggered a couple of games that have a high draw on both the CPU and GPU side of the system. Jayz or Linus brought this up in one of his recent videos where they talked about benchmarking PSU, and the troubles they were running into with the 30-series setups. They only ran into a couple of titles that pushed the system enough to trigger it, but basically the issue is that the PSU thinks the GPU is trying to draw way more power than it actually is, and it triggers a failsafe shutdown.
  10. Just bumping this up to the top of the forum because apparently being halfway down the page make it hard to find.
  11. And in testing it so far, the only real visual changes are minimal. According to the documentation on the dev build, I should be able to install this on an unsupported chipset, so I may give it a shot with the i7-7700 laptop. (Based on the way it reads, I should be able to install dev or Beta onto this "un-supported" hardware, but the live build may be locked out.) I am not at all certain what features of this build would require a newer processor, outside of possible TPM compatibility issues. It really doesn't make a lot of sense. And so far after three days of using the Windows 11 test, there are only a few things that I have found to be really annoying. One is just a new feature that isn't fully implemented yet, and another is a re-structuring of settings that makes it take 4 extra steps to get to something I used to have a right-click menu for. (Though admittedly, so far it seems to retain the setting I configured in that right-click menu after a reboot. Which is something Win 10 doesn't do, and makes the fast access to the setting important.) Some things like opening explorer and basic navigation are light speeds faster in Windows 11 than in Windows 10. It could be argued that the difference between the two is a bloated Win 10 installation, however in this case my Win 10 install is relatively clean and fresh. In comparison I am also running the same software bloat between the two systems with one exception. I haven't stuck BitDefender on the Win11 install yet because I'm testing Windows Defender out. (Which so far, looks like it's a pretty big improvement over the previous version. At least it's a lot more optimized and less of a hassle.)
  12. Please take 30 seconds to look around before you post a question. There are big red banners And a Pinned thread. And a megathread.
  13. The 960 is capable, but since it doesn't have the required 4GB VRAM the client can't use it for pre-loading textures. It will use system RAM instead. It meets min spec, but not recommended. Given the specs of the rest of their system, I assume they're in the same boat I am. Updated my PC, but am unable to pay 4x MSRP for an "ok" video card even if I could get my hands on one, so I'm stuck with the GTX1060 6GB I had to settle for when the last bitcoin surge hit.
  14. The d3d11 errors indicate the driver package isn't capable of performing the actions the client is requesting. Could also be out of memory, but since the GPU doesn't meet the recommended spec, the client shouldn't be attempting to use the VRAM. The InvalidOperationException error indicates that data stored in RAM is no longer accessible. Which is typically because it's blocked by security software, though it could also be looking for the graphics that failed to load in the previous error. Best to cover all bases though.
  15. Step 1. Exclude the client from security software. Instructions are in the Pinned FAQ. Step 2. Install a GPU driver. Yours is not compatible. https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/176523/en-us Step 3. Validate the integrity of the game files. Step 4. Reboot the PC.
  16. Those are all normal. I doubt they just started today.
  17. Do note that since you are scraping the absolute minimum hardware there, you will likely run into some other hitches if you run a map larger than 8k, or have more than 4 or 5 players. Especially if you're using traditional platter drives, and not SSD's.
  18. Not sure why this thread wasn't merged into the megathread. @Thadmagic might want to do some reading. This has already been covered to death.
  19. They don't have any control over the Sony or Microsoft store because they aren't a console publisher. More specifically, they aren't the publisher of the title in those location. Telltale is who you have your beef with, and they don't exist anymore. Console hardware can't support much more in the way of game updates anyway unless it only updated to the new consoles. And even then, since a new update would make all existing save games un-playable, Sony and Microsoft will not allow it. Which again, is a fault of how Telltale Games marketed the console release.
  20. Additionally, Console isn't even cross-play between the two consoles. Sony and MS refused all attempts to allow it.
  21. I have to say that installing Win11 was..... interesting. After it finished the file copy I got a black screen with a mouse cursor, and it disabled all the USB ports so I had zero input devices. Forced a reboot, and it kept saying that it was Windows 10 in the start up options. Had to fix that manually. >.> Now for the fun of playing with drivers, and then tinkering with games. As if I had any free time to do this in to begin with.... Posted from a Windows 10 PC.
  22. Which is designed for software developers to use for testing compatibility with the software they design. It's not for the general public to use and expect for things to work 80% of the time.
  23. I usually wait until they're getting close to Beta for testing on my main systems. I'd be a Day 1 adapter of the dev build if I could run it on my spare PC. Their exclusion of the 7th-gen Intel's knocked that off the list of things to do.
  24. Instructions for the game log are in the Pinned thread that tells you to read it before you start a thread. As for the Windows Event log, learn how to use Google. As for Windows 11, it's not even in Beta yet. As such it is not supported, and may have a lot of issues. Good luck.
  25. Coming back around to this.... I checked my UEFI/BIOS. Under Advanced > AMD fTPM Config I have two options. "Discrete TPM" and "Firmware TPM". I had previously assumed that the hardware module was required for "Firmware TPM", but apparently it isn't. So not sure what benefit the module would give me, or where to configure it. I can't find anything except for information on where it gets plugged in at. So now by changing that setting to Firmware, I qualify for Win 10. In a month or so I might give it a try just so I can test the game client performance on it, and look for any bugs with a20 in relation to the OS.
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