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  1. Current Stable will always the the one where you opt out of all betas.
  2. Given their system specs, I'm going to lean towards the pagefile being the issue. Though it could also be security software getting in the way.
  3. I've got a bunch of common causes I could throw at you, but it would be easier to just look at your log and tell you what the issue is. The Pinned thread that is required reading before starting a thread has the deets.
  4. Yes, and the range is pretty short. 20 blocks or so. Also note that the in-game voice feature will negatively impact your FPS when enabled.
  5. Moved to a more appropriate forum section. Would be great if you guys could read the Pinned thread on how to report an issue. Especially the section where you put a log from when you had the issue on Pastebin and link it here.
  6. Nitrogen also hasn't been updated since well before a19 went stable, and is not very compatible with the current version of the game. Support for it has ended, and you use it at the risk of experiencing several game-breaking bugs. Not all of which will appear immediately when you start the game up with a Nitro map. OP's times are about standard. This is planned to be reduced, but it's a work in progress. If you want a finished and optimized game, wait for release.
  7. It's especially hard to troubleshoot the issue when zero information is provided, and the topic isn't even posted in the correct forum section. Now that the thread has been moved to a more appropriate section, you might take a stab at reading the Pinned threads here, and following instructions.
  8. No. Just be aware that any vehicles out in the world will be removed. You will want to warn your players to stash all vehicles in inventory or chests before you wipe it.
  9. Exit the game. Go to the game save folder. Delete the vehicles.dat and vehicles.dat.bak files. It will remove all vehicles from the map.
  10. You would delete their profile by going into the Save folder, finding the Players folder inside of it, then finding the files associated with their Steam64 ID, and deleting those files.
  11. Where are you looking at the list of Steam ID's? Sounds like you're doing it incorrectly.
  12. The Check code is required for verification after you enter a a password to unlock internal builds. Steams new interface doesn't make that as clear as it used to.
  13. You simply select "alpha19.3 - Alpha 19.3 Stable" from the drop-down. It should not require any password. There is currently no experimental version.
  14. I had attached the file to the thread for direct download as well. It shows up at the bottom of the post. Just be aware that this is no longer supported, and each update brings it farther away from being stable.
  15. This is a knows issue. It's caused by a new texture mapping system that isn't fully developed yet. Most likely won't see this completed until Alpha 20.
  16. Full instructions are in the Pinned thread on how to report an issue. I believe this has been removed by default from the logs for a few builds now. Even the IP is now obfusticated.
  17. Also note, if your husband doesn't have Norton, what does he have? If you say "nothing", then he has Windows Defender, which is equally as bad. Are you using Wifi?
  18. Norton is one of the worst AV solutions you can have. It is most likely the reason for your trouble. You can't actually turn it off, and you require a special uninstaller just to actually get rid of it. (regular program uninstall won't actually do it.) Also note that you will want to stay away from servers with a ping higher than 75ms.
  19. EAC temp ban is automatic when the client is de-syncing from the server so bad that it will impact server performance. It only lasts 15 minutes. Ping to server should be less than 100. below 75ms is preferred.
  20. If the mod adds any new items, block, or entities it will cause a problem. Otherwise it should usually be fine.
  21. This is covered in the Pinned FAQ thread. If you don't have the save data in that location in your backup, then it is lost.
  22. No. They're going to finish the PC version of 7DTD. Though they have had plans for their next game for a few years now. The team has increased in size considerably since then, and with 7DTD nearing beta-testing and release soon™️, they can afford to split a couple of programmers off to start working on the base code for it in the relatively near future without affecting 7DTD development. (They're also hiring BTW, as previously mentioned.)
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