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  1. From what I've been hearing, it's better to just buy a pre-built system with a card in it. Though you may still be at a bit of a lottery as to what card you get. Estimates are that we won't really see much improvement until next summer.
  2. Closest is probably going to be RAT, or Windows Server Manager. Neither are going to have that level of control though. All the settings are pretty easy in xml, and it's not like you're changing them a lot.
  3. There is no valid ssl certificate for the site, so that will just produce the same issue. I edited the OP to move the attached file from the bottom up to the top. If the link doesn't work, just pull the file directly from the forum.
  4. Again if you have an issue with the download link, the file is directly attached to the thread. This was just mentioned a few posts ago. Please try to read a little bit when you have an issue. Not sure why some of you are having an issue with the link. I can only think it's some region blocking problem.
  5. Select "None". Opting out of all beta options will always put you on the current stable.
  6. Correct. The build options were only in the game because the prefab/world editors were not ready yet. Now that those editors exist, the options for them have been removed from the game.
  7. I would also recommend re-installing the display driver software from Nvidia or AMD. Then ensure that the client is properly excluded from security software. And yes, would need logs. Use Pastebin. Instructions are Pinned.
  8. Open the launcher, and tick the box for "Use native input". See if that helps. Also, you should have the controller plugged in well before you start the game. Changing input/output devices after program has started is not something you ever want to do. Programs do not update hardware changes on the fly.
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the OP and the file is attached.
  10. Most likely the issue is the 30k item stack mod. Having insane stack sizes is known to cause issues. Try removing the mods and verifying your files. Give it a shot in Vanilla, and see if you have the issue still.
  11. Just making a note, I use Cloudflare's filtered DNS as primary, and OpenDNS as secondary for our servers, and haven't had any issues with them.
  12. Please read the Pinned thread on how to report an issue, and follow the instructions.
  13. As far as I am aware, this is a feature of both console versions.
  14. Everything in the log looks pretty chill, even with that number of mods. Based on the behavior, the issue is most likely a memory leak caused when yall were drop mining.
  15. You have a large number of DirectX related errors. This indicates the issue is likely driver related, but could also indicate an issue with the device. (The latter could be as simple as it not getting enough power from the GPU, or it getting too hot. Could also be seated improperly or faulting hardware.) I would advise running the latest GPU driver package as administrator, and choosing the option to perform a clean install. Then exclude the client fully from security software, and verify the files at least twice afterwards.
  16. I have done this, but you end up losing some CPU performance to the software that's managing the workloads. I have done this with a pair of 1060's, and the results were negligible. (And to be fair, it's the only way to team a pair of 1060's together since they have no SLI bridge.)
  17. Did you also wipe all previously generated world data? Must wipe all the things.
  18. This is especially important when you have a CPU that has extremely weak multi-core performance, like the second generation AMD chipsets. Chips like the 2700 have awesome single-core speeds, but when they're tasked with a program that uses/requires multithreading their performance takes a nose dive. Following this tip will help to boost the performance on those chips quite a bit. You'll go from struggling to get 40FPS to 100FPS in a heartbeat if it's paired with a decent GPU.
  19. I did also attach the file directly to the OP, so no external links are needed.
  20. Off the top of my head, none of the RNG values for any of the items listed have changed. You've just had some bad luck.
  21. Ok, I need for you to do something before you ever post on any forum ever again. Read the Announcement Banners, Pinned Threads, and Currently Existing Active threads BEFORE you decide to start a new thread. It will save yourself a hell of a lot of time, and will frustrate others a hell of a lot less.
  22. If you don't reduce your heatmap, it will keep sending screamers at you.
  23. This is a "feature" of the web console for security. It is advised to disable the web console as the security is lacking. (I seem to recall hearing Alloc say it will be removed in the hear future, but don't quote me on that.) You really want to use Telnet. Set putty to Raw connection.
  24. Yes, that's the most common issue I see when running into a problem like this. Pagefile lower than 8GB will cause the issue for sure, and larger static pagefiles have occasionally caused it as well. In any modern Windows system the pagefile should be configured to System Managed, no matter how much physical RAM you have.
  25. First off, map generation time is relative to the CPU, so can't really give a specific number. I can give you examples from my testing though. CPU used was two X5680's in a Dell PowerEdge R710. (12 cores, 24 threads) They run at 3.33GHz by default, but clocked up to 4.5GHz often during generation. RAM is 96GB ECC DDR3 at 2000Mhz in triple-channel mode. (most optimal configuration for our RAM sticks in this server.) Drive array is four Samsung Evo 860's in RAID-0. Again, the primary limitation here is CPU computation speeds. Creating the map pushed all 24 threads to 90-95% load
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