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  1. I see. File is locked. You can use justpaste.it or open it up. Work is especially busy tonight, so may take me a bit to get through it.
  2. Ok, so the issue probably isn't a bloated player list. The best log would be one where you start experiencing the issue, so we can try to determine what's going on in the server when the issue starts to occur.
  3. The log doesn't give me much to work with. The server is shutdown before it even finishes initializing. Curious question though, how many players are in Players.xml and the Players folder?
  4. It's part of the batch file that starts the server, and is written so that each log is dated. Argument is -logfile=
  5. Logs are kind of critical. The FPS in that screenshot with 15 players is absolutely abysmal. Ideal FPS is 35-40. Anything below 25 is an indication of a bottleneck, and anything below 20 will start having a serious impact on performance. Yours isn't even at 5. Leaving the vehicles on the ground isn't inherently bad. However many of the servers exceeding known stable values have had issues with them. A few have a job that wipes the vehicles.dat at every restart and just tell their players not to leave them laying about.
  6. From the main website. https://7daystodie.com/support/ For assistance with your forum account, recovering a lost key, or converting an old kickstarter key into a steam key please submit a SUPPORT TICKET
  7. OK, the CPU's in comparison, yours is hardly faster when it comes to single-core processing speed. Which is what counts for the main client thread. For drive I/O we've for four Evo 860's in RAID-0. We're exceeding 45k IOPS read/write in real-world values. (Not raw performance) And it doesn't matter the number of servers very much because each is running on it's own set of cores. The only real limitation there is hard disk performance and RAM speeds. Speaking of RAM, how is yours configured? With these servers, that is going to make a huge impact on performance. With our RAM in triple-channel we achieve maximum throughput. (quad is actually slower) We're also clocking these CPU's a bit higher under load. I'll also note that we are running bare metal headless Linux. That alone is going to add a performance improvement of about 10-15% over a bare metal Windows machine, and you're adding an extra later to the mix on top of that with the VM. Once you add all of this together, our old CPU's are likely going to out-perform your slightly less old CPU by a good bit when you put all the parts together. I never said your hardware was too old to handle more than 10 players. You made that up yourself. I said "you shouldn't exceed 16-20 players with that hardware", and that statement is based on months of testing with what the client is capable of on a wide variety of hardware. And lets be crystal clear here. The biggest limitation is the client and the fact that this is a Voxel game. I cover that in some detail in the Pinned FAQ thread. You've apparently done some research, but somehow missed all the really important data. Exact information? I cover this in the Pinned thread I already directed you at, and provided you tips on the details I need. Configuration, full setup, ect. The thread even gives you instructions on how to get it, and how to provide it properly so you don't make a mess out of the forum.
  8. Modern games almost require SSD's. When you're hosing a server that's accessing literal gigabytes of data on a regular basis with constant read/write on the drive it's extremely important. Regarding how good your hardware is, it's not about % utilization. It's about processing speed and bandwidth. As for what is causing it, I still need more data. As for spamming, all three locations are official contacts. Using common sense, you would assume that support contacts are in all of those locations. (I will admit though that I do not regularly check Twitter or Facebook.)
  9. Ok for starters you shouldn't exceed 16-20 players with that hardware, and that's assuming you're running bare metal with adequate I/O. 16GB RAM is a bit low. I would recommend 32GB if you're going to be exceeding what the game is designed for. (8 players, 8k map) Curious what kind of speeds you get with those SAS drives. That is going to be another bottleneck. Run CrystalDiskMark on "Real world performance" and share the results. I would bet that even with RAID-10 you aren't going to hit SSD speeds, and SSD's in RAID would be recommended for exceeding the supported values that much. "I use all the tools available" is not only pretty vague, but could also be a large part of your problem. Much more information is needed. And then there's your settings. What size map? What mods? What are the values in your config? There are a large number of other things that could tank your performance that are left out of your post. Read the Pinned thread on how to report an issue, and follow the instructions please.
  10. Yeah I would question the speed of the storage on the base system, but the upgraded versions are NVMe. As far as the CPU/GPU's are concerned it's basically a budget 3rd-gen Ryzen with inbred graphics API and overclocked a little bit. Should be perfectly capable of doing the client at 720 with the un-optimized graphic options disabled. Is it worth it though? You could get a faster PC with a GTX1650 for about the same price as the 250GB model, and do 50 times more stuff at 1080p with better framerates.
  11. My first real experience with games was Pong. Later I wrote software on a TRS-80. Then the first PC I built was the first 16MHz home computer. Dad was VP of marketing for one of the big tech companies and got a Heathkit about a month before they hit the shelves. He tossed the instructions and just laid out the parts on the game room table. Took me about a week to sort it all out. Around '86-7 if I remember correctly. Still have that here somewhere. Have an old Mac 512k that still works too, but I lost the keyboard for it. Been fixing electronics since I was like 8, and then just naturally went into PC's. Graduated high school and tried to get a job at Tandy, but they turned me down because "no experience". Then the day I was shipping out for the Army I got a call out of the blue from American Megatrends. Hadn't even applied there, but they had seen some of the stuff I did. They wanted me to work on code for BIOS software. Was really hard turning that down. I was literally getting into my truck to go report for duty when they called. I really do need to clean out the closet. It's got a fair amount of old systems I should document, and a lot of e-waste I should just get rid of. LOL
  12. And let's not forget the abysmal performance that is Intel's 10th and 11th gen CPU's. It's pretty sad when some of the 9th-gen equivalents actually end up performing better in real-world scenarios. For most people right now, and since Gen 3 Ryzen, AMD is the choice for performance-per-dollar in the CPU market. After over 20 years of having the dust kicked in their face by Intel, they have risen above and are truly ahead of the game for workload and performance. It used to be that if you wanted to do little things fast (like games), you went AMD. If you needed to handle a workload of serious computing, you went Intel. Now AMD is doing both, and they're doing it better than Intel. And with Nvidia @%$#ing over the consumer market the past couple of years, AMD is getting a foothold there as well. Sure they don't have the nose on Ray Tracing or DLSS, but how big of a market is that really? Performance-wise their latest generation of GPU's is on-par or ahead of Nvidia. We're talking consumer market here. PC's for normies. Not servers.
  13. Most older games don't support multiple cores or multithreading. 7 Days does. Yes 32 players is too much. Only 8 are supported. In testing 20 is the most you can run stable on the majority of hardware. I was able to get 30 to run stable, but I had a dedicated EYPC server designed to run an industrial AI to do it.
  14. This game relies a lot on CPU, RAM, and Hard disk speeds. Radeon drivers tend to sometimes have some weird graphical artifacts, but other than that it should be just fine. A 6700XT well exceeds the specs as far as the GPU is concerned. As long as the rest of your PC is up to snuff, you should not have any issues.
  15. I was using a similar 650 for min spec testing. With the graphics updates I've switched to the 770. I did have a 2GB 660Ti, but a mishap using the cable for the wrong PSU fried the power circuit on it.
  16. Just a note on this... Last I checked a value higher than 240 will eventually cause issues.
  17. I am not entirely sure how that tag functions, and tbh I don't recall it having that tag previously. I'll be honest though, I haven't had time for serious modding since a16, so it's possible I just don't remember correctly.
  18. Currently I believe it's the same as the biome respawn, which is 5 days. <property name="DaysToRespawnIfPlayerLeft" value="5" /> <!-- in game days -->
  19. I would be willing to pay just to have people read existing threads, pinned topics, and giant red banners. It would be an extra bonus to use the existing thread to comment in instead of wasting space starting a new one.
  20. Good to hear you're back to running normal again.
  21. My guess would be a mod, or map generation error due to not cleaning out old data. More details are required. There is a Pinned thread that tells you how.
  22. ulimit is covered in the Pinned FAQ thread. I didn't consider it being related to the cab error though. Usually when you hit the cap on ulimit you get the error about too many open files.
  23. Can't say I've ever run on Slackware, and you're on an unstable branch at that. Have never seen that error either, but a full log might provide more insight. Would be helpful to know your installation steps as well since you're on a flavor of Linux that isn't technically supported.
  24. Yeah since Gen 3 Ryzen the BIOS updates have been pretty regular. Almost as often as software patches. Lots of fixes and optimization comes with though.
  25. So Microshaft is re-considering the hardware requirements after a lot of backlash. It's looking like they'll include the Intel 7th gen and Ryzen 1000-series chipsets. It's interesting especially because the architecture from 4th to 7th gen Intel is basically the same, so that might leave it possible for older Intel chipsets to upgrade with some tweaking. And all-in-all, Win 11 isn't very far from being stable enough to be used as a primary OS. The last update fixed a couple of the things I hated, and the only real issue I have currently is one of multitasking abilities.
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