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  1. I feel like some more balancing is needed for the different tiers of weapons and tools. For many things it seems like Tier 2 weapons and tools get skipped over in favor of tier three. A purple stone shovel is better than brown steel shovel because it uses less stamina and still two shots dirt (Level 3 in both miner 69er and Sexy-Rex). I'm on Day 27 and am still using a purple stone axe for looting POIs. I have a yellow steel axe and a green pick axe that I use solely for cutting trees and harvesting. I have several yellow and green iron tools but I never bothered using them. This is partly because the purple stone axe is one less tool to carry around. I'm close to making an auger so even the steel pickaxe won't end seeing much use. As to weapons, I have a yellow AK that does more damage than a yellow tactical rifle (Yes, the tactical rifle has a higher fire rate but I use the AK with a silencer for stealth kills so the higher damage AK wins out. It's also more ammo efficient. The TR is also bugged when using a 2x scope it with it. It takes longer to switch back and forth from aiming with the TR making it less desirable to use.) I just crafted a yellow M60 so not sure if the TR will see any use unless I can get a much better damage roll than the AK. As to the shotties, I have a purple double barrel which is much better than the brown pump shotguns I've found (+7 damage per pellet on the DB). Right now only Q1 pump shotguns are dropping for me so I don't know if the pump shotgun will end being skipped for the combat shotgun (haven't found one and can't craft it yet). On one hand, it's nice that the primitive age lasts longer and that the primitive tools and weapons appear to have been buffed. On the other, it seems like the tier 2 weapons and tools that I've found are not enough of an upgrade to be worth using due to stats or stamina usage. That said I need to spend some more time with the iron tools though because I ended up skipping right over them.
  2. I’ll support this change as soon as TFP puts realistic weights in the game. Of course you need to eat a deer a day. You are regularly carrying 1000s of pounds of gear. It’s a game mechanic not a simulator. Early game food sucks, mid to late game food is fine. If you are trying to live off of boiled meat (a tier 1 food) or canned food it’s going to get annoying. Buy perks or find schematics, the more advanced foods are more filling and less of an issue. That has not been my experience at all. Maybe there are other things going on that are depleting stamina and increasing hunger (cold weather, heavy armor, using metal tools without enough points in sex Rex, not keeping water filled, or not drinking red tea/purified water). Or maybe your install is bugged or there are still mods installed.
  3. GS no longer increases based on difficulty. It also sounds like you are ignoring most of the POIs in the game. If you have been ignoring the residential POIs you’ve missed out on some really great ones. Several have underground areas. I get a ton of schematics/books from bookshelves, cabinets, loot boxes, trash, etc. in the house POIs. I also purchase a bunch from the traders. Additionally, the variability in getting books/schematics adds to the replayability for me.
  4. I’m just going to drop this here. If you are unable to detect people using modded maps like (Nitrogen) be very careful on how you interpret players’ inventories. In A18 at least, Nitrogen maps had a ton of gas stations on them. This meant you were way more likely to encounter garage loot boxes. And so you would tend to have way more of the items that spawn in those boxes (repair kits, vehicle parts, etc) on a Nitrogen map compared to vanilla. Nitrogen maps also tended to be more densely packed leading to more things to loot.
  5. Now that the food system is more fleshed out water is more of a crafting item (lIke murky water) than a consumable. Especially since it has a risk of dysentery. This doesn’t mean it needs to stack to 125 but it also isn’t equal to the teas and other drinks.
  6. The problem is that your friend is essentially asking for TFP to never change the game. That’s not going to happen as long as the game is in alpha. Your friend rushed iron tools because that worked in 18.4. That’s no longer a good idea in A19. Until you have 2-3 points in Sex-Rex, iron tools will be rough to use. With one point in Sex-Rex, you have solid stamina with stone tools. Two in sex-Rex will make it bearable to use iron tools provided you are keeping your water level up and aren’t wearing stamina draining armor.
  7. The problem with this is that food would need to be really rare for this to work. At that point, you can get completely screwed by RNG and variance. The other problem with this is that TFP switched to requiring 5 meat, 5 bones, etc. for recipes to allow percent increases in perks to have a more meaningful effect. Canned food needs to be balanced against this. Additionally, if canned food was more filling why bother making more advanced foods?
  8. Which means you can't close them. That could be intentional or not. Depends on what the designer had in mind. That depends. Post a screenshot.
  9. It's in the patch notes which can be found here:https://7daystodie.com/a19-official-release-notes/. The top part of the notes explains the major changes. Give it a read. Here's an excerpt on leveled loot: Tech 0 (GS 1-11) – Primitive tools, weapons and armor including a bow and the blunderbuss. Tech 1 (GS 12) – Iron or similar melee items and armor and and the first proper firearms like a pistol or double barrel shotgun. Tech 2 (GS 50) – The best melee items, bows and armor and mid range firearms like a pump-action shotgun. Tech 3 (GS 91) – The most advanced firearms like an M60 or the Sniper Rifle
  10. I was thinking about ALL players in my post. I also still vividly remember my experience as a new player in 7dtd. As I said, there are some people who don't like dealing with adversity and don't feel satisfied in overcoming it. Those players, new or old, won't have "fun" if the game throws adversity at them. There would inevitably be SOME players, new and old, that perceive injuries as "boring gameplay." That doesn't mean that the injury duration needs to change for "new players." A new player who doesn't like dealing with stamina, inventory/encumbrance, or injuries is probably not playing the right game. This is not solely a zombie horde or building game. It is also a RPG survival game. You start weak and you grow strong through equipment, consumables, and skills. Injuries are intended to affect game play. To do so they need a sufficiently long duration. Reducing injury duration so that injuries can simply be ignored renders them pointless. Is getting a broken leg a pain? Absolutely. But that means its working as intended because it encourages you not to get a broken leg in the future.
  11. It's been this way for awhile. There are X amount of zombies that will spawn based on your gamestage. If you kill them all, no more BM zombies spawn. There used to be trickle zombies that would send 1-2 zombies until 4am but that was removed at some point. You may have been using a modified gamestages file in A18 or earlier (these were pretty popular) or you may have forgotten how easy early hordes are. The other thing to keep in mind is that gamestage progresses slower than in earlier alphas and that difficulty level no longer has a gamestage modifier. Consequently, BM hordes will ramp up slower than in previous alphas.
  12. Seems unnecessary to me as well but some fights aren't worth fighting.
  13. I agree with that. It's just a matter of priorities. Personally, I think miner 69er is important because it saves you time breaking blocks. If your goal is to have a Day 7 Horde base instead of using a POI, I think you should be spending points in miner 69er, mother lode, and sexy-rex. 1 point in each is sufficient. I don't consider that a "heavy" investment.
  14. It's linked in the red area at the top of the forum. It may not show up on mobile and so here is the link: https://community.7daystodie.com/bug-test-1/
  15. I think the duration of injuries is fine. They ensure that your actions have consequences. Besides, the duration of Injuries can be shortened with consumables and by spending perk points. The injuries give you a reason not to Rambo zombies in the first week before you've gotten armor, consumables, and perk points. There are always going to be players who would rather eat glass than overcome adversity. The game shouldn't be balanced around those players. As to new players, this game has always had a steep learning curve. If someone rage quits because of an injury, a survival game is probably just not their cup of tea.
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