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  1. People have asked for steel bars multiple times in dev threads and MM has repeatedly responded by saying, in essence, steel bars would trivialize the game. Obviously past behavior is no guarantee of future behavior.
  2. Forest biome is a "safe zone". Predators only spawn at night (or in wandering hordes) and deer have rarer spawns. In other biomes, predators spawn day and night. There are tons of chickens and rabbits about though. Food is definitely something you have to somewhat worry about the first two weeks or so but meat becomes a non-issue as soon as you get a good gun and run into some wolves.
  3. Motor tool parts are way more prevalent in A19 compared to A18 and so crafting an auger is definitely easier. In A18, I spent a bunch time acquiring enough motor parts so I could craft my first Auger. If having the auger is essential to you early game you can always use the creative menu to give yourself the schematic or the auger itself. There is always going to be a least one recipe that will prove elusive in every game. That is part of what provides the game its replayability.
  4. It happens. I'm on Day 50 in my game and still haven't found the gas can recipe. I usually find it no later than day 30. RNG is a harsh mistress.
  5. While anything is possible, I wouldn't get your hopes up. This has not been the direction of the game in multiple alphas. There's plenty of grindier games out there though.
  6. I don't know if it decays over time but a screamer spawning will lower the heat map in that chunk. The heat accumulation and screamer spawns were changed fairly drastically in A18. I don't know the precise changes but I know that it takes much more than it used to to spawn a screamer from workstation activity and that screamers spawn more regularly from mining iron.
  7. It really varies by playstyle, what you are trying accomplish, and your timelines. Some people feel compelled to put points in Intellect others (me) put as few points, preferably none, in it as possible. I'd recommend putting points in your favorite weapon and putting points in anything you don't want to wait for and don't find recipes for early. For example, how many points I put into Intellect or Master Chef is highly dependent on what recipes I find in the first 1-3 weeks. If I don't find a forge recipe in the first 1-2 weeks I will put points in intellect to unlock the forge. If I haven't found any advanced food recipes once I have a good supply of ingredients I may put extra points in Master Chef to unlock meat/vegetable stew.
  8. That's just a bunch of selective reading and rabble-rousing on your part. TFP has never said they "do not want people using vehicles off roads". MM has responded to people complaining about Mountains and craggy areas by saying in essence he doesn't see a problem with there being trade-offs to using roads vs driving off-road. He's never said the goal is for people to be unable to drive off-road. Instead he's consistently said "he" thinks their should be a potential cost for driving off-road. MM is not, however, the end all be all of development here. It's a team effort and MM's desires are not always implemented and are sometimes changed due to team or community input.
  9. One of the reasons for the sleepers working the way they do is so that they don't all exit the POI when you shoot a gun at the front door. This is how it worked when sleepers were first introduced. And players did exactly what you would expect. They stood at the entrance and made noise to get their attention and quickly dispatched all of the zombies. TFP decided they didn't like this and came up with the current implementation. The game would be boring if zombies in the wild had a tiny detection range and would equally be boring if all the sleepers in the POI woke up when you fired a gun. In terms of your original question, I really don't understand what the problem is. Zombies in the wild are so sparse it's not like your base is being constantly attacked by zombies. The only time I see zombies around my base is when I've been away for awhile and they've respawned or if there's a wandering horde. And I only see a wandering horde if I've been hanging out in the same place for a long time.
  10. Zombies in the wild and sleepers in POIs are not the same thing. They are coded differently. Affordances have been made for the sake of gameplay. Zombies in the wild have a decent detection radius and sleepers will only waken when you are in their defined volume. There is nothing "wrong" with noise detection. TFP have designed wild zombies and sleepers to work in specific ways. You are free to disagree with those design decisions but it doesn't make them "wrong".
  11. Because most youtubers are constantly moving and are rarely in the same location for a long time. No one wants to watch someone sit in their base the entire time.
  12. The game spawns wandering hordes pretty regularly. How often you see them will largely depend on how frequently you stay in one place for a long amount of time. If you are always moving, you will rarely see wandering hordes. If you are spending a lot of time in your base you will end up seeing a bunch of wandering hordes.
  13. This sounds less like Stealth is unbalanced and more like you just don't like stealth. I have never equipped heavy armor because I've never found the stamina/mobility/noise penalties to be worth it. If you feel the trade offs for heavy armor are worth it more power to you. But that says nothing about balance or player preference. In A19, I've spent almost all of my playtime in padded armor regardless of character build.
  14. Madmole has said that cooking was placed in Strength to give that build access to a source of healing. It may also have been added to Strength for the food/drink stamina buffs for mining.
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