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  1. has the smoothworldall command been fixed or do I still need to download the assembly dlls?
  2. @4sheetzngeegles ah, thank you! I'll see what I can do!
  3. i need some help w/nitrogen... (i think i posted this before, back when i was still using the a18 version, but i've sinced moved onto the newest version damocles posted) whenever I make maps, cities and towns always end up bunched together in one or two places or I end up with "strings" of towns all connecting to one another, or strings of towns connecting around the city causing one mega city/town that bogs my FPS down. I can rarely (and i mean rarely) get them to spread out. I've made a metric @%$# ton of maps (probably over a hundred) and only one or two have looked even remotely good. city traders also almost never end up inside the city (i have "just one" chosen for cities), and when they do, it's not just one (i have the "just one" setting chosen), but two or three in and around the city... I feel like I'm doing something horribly wrong. my settings and previews of a couple of maps created with said settings are attached. (edit: added under a spoiler, I didn't think the images would be so big)
  4. Is this mod safe to update and/or overwrite the previous verion(s) without losing crates that are already in my game? I ask because wanted to make extra sure because I have a lot of things I don't want to lose in my game right now. Maybe, if you'd like, it's something you could add to the mod description either here or in the read me doc so people know?
  5. @NemesisFulgidum this might be a crap shoot but do you by any chance have the "OCD world" option chosen under the "scenario" drop down menu? it's the only thing I can think of that would cause that, apart from a general map error. if that doesn't seem to fix the problem when generating a new world (it won't fix whatever world you made that has this map preview issue if it isn't the preview), it's possible it's just the render preview. try putting everything in your world's output folder this github page says to put into (even if one or two of the options aren't there, it'll still load) and see if it renders your map the same way.
  6. this topic's almost a year old (apologies for resurrecting it, if I wasn't supposed to), but would you ever think of updating this for alpha 19, or even updating it to add an export feature?
  7. I'm really not sure where to put this; I thought about writing it up as a possible a19.2 but I don't feel like it's a bug, I feel like I'm just doing something wrong. Some important info in case it's needed: world was generated with Nitrogen (I know, it's for a19 experimental and a version for a19 stable or above hasn't come out that I'm aware of), everything else is Vanilla. Only modlets I have are Riles' HUD Plus and a working 60 slot backpack mod. I can't get grass to lower its spawn rate no matter what I do. I try changing the appropriate biomes.xml file, and have even gone so far as deleting all mentions of grass from the file itself to no avail. Whatever I do, the pine forest biome especially, still spawns with grass. However, it works when changing the line for when those rock garden things spawn. It just doesn't work with Pine Forest Main biome or whatever. It's bugging me like crazy because I just don't want all this grass in my world since I've read it bogs down performance, but I have no idea how to get rid of it. Do I have to change something other than the biomes.xml file? I've tried xpath editing and changing the default config file itself, to no avail. I just want like. 75-80% less grass in the pine forest and snow biomes. If anyone has any suggestions please lmk, esp if I did do something wrong/am not doing something right.
  8. @Graahorn That's a vanilla issue, not a Nitrogen issue. try opening the console in-game (F1) and typing in "pois". That turns off the distant POIs and will fix it, because those are the textures used for distant POIs. I did that and it fixed the issue of the "phantom blocks". Sure, you won't be able to see POIs until they load in when you're closer, but it does fix it. Also, logging out and then it will fix it temporarily, but there's a high chance loading a new chunk will just cause the issue again.
  9. That one's pretty nice too! thank you for the recommendation. And thank you so much for checking it out. If it isn't an issue with your modlet specifically, please let me know so I can pop over to Riles' HUD Plus thread and see if they'll see what's up so you don't have to!
  10. I totally apologize if this is the wrong place to put this or if I should PM you instead, but I was wondering if either you or Riles could patch this to work with their HUD Plus mod? I finally caved and downloaded HUD Plus and I enjoy it, and I also enjoy your 60-slot Backpack modlet because it's just big enough to be comfortable while still maintaining a survival-like feel, but the two mods are seemingly... incompatible with each other? I can't seem to "take all" (R or the button), or Shift-Left-Click items into my backpack from containers when both mods are active. When one or the other is active, it does work. Presumably it's because they're conflicting somehow (and that's the extent of my 7DTD modding knowledge), but I don't know how to make them... not do that on my own, so I figured I'd ask you, and then probably Riles too in case they would want to do that lol
  11. I would use that mod, but don't need all of the extra HUD pieces in the corner—the bars being above the XP bar only would be enough for me, tbh.
  12. I'm currently looking or, if it doesn't exist, asking / requesting for a UI mod(let?) that simply puts the food and water bars that are normally under the toolbar, well, above it. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of my food and hunger because I both don't look that far down on my toolbar naturally, and with the tool and weapon quality colors it makes it extremely difficult to see the bars themselves. So like... is there a mod/modlet that does that sort of change ( putting them above the XP bar ), is there a way I can do it myself through XML editing without breaking the game, and/or is there someone willing to make this mod if it's a more complicated than that?
  13. question yall, how do i configure nitrogen to spread out cities and towns more than it currently is? for some reason no matter what I do towns and cities usually bunch up around one another and leave a ton of empty space in one area. for those wondering, i have what i assume is the newest a19 nitrogen build, and these are my current settings. most of my maps end up with towns and cities clustered either in the four corners, and very little in the middle, or bunched up in the middle / top / bottom of the map and very little around the edges. any help would be appreciated, i feel like a dumbass doing something wrong lol (and to help you out, @CypherTodd, $20 USD is usually written out as "$20.00")
  14. Super simple, suggestion more or less in the title. I mean it would make sense, right? The image icon for a regular bandage when you make one looks to be a standard Ace Bandage, and those are usually used to support a sprained ankle so that it can heal faster. It's super frustrating to suffer just a sprain and being unable to use even a splint to help, or painkillers, or anything. I think it'd be cool if it went something like: Painkillers ( 3/4 duration ) > Ace Bandage ( 1/2 duration ) > Both at the same time ( 1/4 duration, aka, the effects are stacked ). Or even just a splint halves the time / a plaster / "boot" item. ( If there's a way to change that somehow in the .xml files please let me know because I'm totally not against modifying the files, especially for something so arbitrary and honestly probably something only I'd like to do lol )
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