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  1. Oh! I did not know it did that, my apologies. I'm perfectly happy with that, thank you for answering my questions!
  2. Thank you, I didn't see that! One last clarification: I saw someone ask about the custom cities map and how, in 0.8 it couldn't generate random cities if there weren't any on the custom map—is it the same way with the "zoning" map? I have a custom City spawning map, and using that, I made a zoning map for just said city. Will KingGen still randomly zone the non-city spawns, or do I have to do that myself as well (it isn't a big deal if I do, but it's a curiosity)?
  3. Hey @KingSlayerGM, I saw with KingGen 0.8 you can map cities, but I was wondering what you mean by "Added zoning map import: you can mask zones on a png file and KG will use that to generate pois". How does that work? And, does zoning for cities zone for towns as well? I find that most of my 6K maps only spawn with two towns (plenty of villages, however), and I would like more. And finally, are there any tutorials for said zoning maps? There's one for cities, which I can see, but I can't seem to find any for zoning maps.
  4. @uncle.heavy Ah! I found it. There was a small mistake in an XML file for a world I'd created. Not even sure how it happened because I didn't change the .xml file manually, but it's fixed and it's working.
  5. Full pastebin log here! What it says in the title, basically. How to recreate, I guess?: Open up 7 days to die. Let it load to the main menu, try and hit "New Game" or "Continue Game", get blank menu with the text: "XmlException: Name cannot begin with the ' ' character, hexadecimal value 0x0D. Line 6, position 51." No idea why this started happening—my game is a clean install, no mods, and I even verified the game integrity twice, uninstalled and reinstalled to make sure. The only thing I did was delete my old save, that's it. I've never had this issue previously and I'm really not quite sure what I did wrong. The character in question is completely blank, and in the debug console it shows up as if it were a double quotation mark, not two singles (", instead of ' '). This happens right after it loads in Steam Achievements, but I don't think that has anything to do with it, and it only happens on New or Continue Game. Join Game, Editing tools, Options, and Credits all show up with their respective submenus.
  6. @Mosgoth hitting F1 and typing in "pois" should also fix the problem. What's happening is the distant POI model fails to unload, but the actual POI does load, causing both to render and "phantom blocks" as I've seen a lot of people here call them to appear. There hasn't been a fix yet. However, by doing this, distant POIs will no longer render, so you'll have to physically get closer to see things like towns and everything. I think Compopack uses more memory and such because of the POIs being pretty big and some being really complex, and there's a lot more of them, so that's why when loading a world with Vanilla POIs it doesn't happen as often (but it still can). I think it has something to do with the game running out of virtual memory or just memory in general?
  7. Question, since I was foolish enough to not disable automatic updates to Vanilla 7 days to die. I followed the installation instructions (creating a copy of the 7DTD folder and installing UD there), but unfortunately 7 days to Die auto-updated to a19.3 when I opened Steam. Is UD still okay since it's in a separate folder, or do I need to roll back my vanilla 7DTD version and reinstall UD for it to work? I, very much so, will not be making a mistake in the future (I fixed the auto-update issue immediately) but I figured I would ask just in case anyone else's 7DTD updated without them realizing / being unable to stop it.
  8. Ooh, to go along with CrazyAluminum's suggestion of a chemistry box, I would like to throw in a proverbial coin for a container with a Gear icon for mods with a big pretty please, using that same website they posted. This one is a really good option, imo. It gets the point across pretty bluntly and it's a rather clean and easily-editable icon if it needs to be edited! It also fits in well with the other icons you've chosen.
  9. Hey all, I'm not sure if this has been answered already and so I apologize if it has, or if the information is available somewhere else, but how would you say this game runs on a rig? Like, what are the minimum specs one would need to run it, since it adds and changes so much to the Vanilla experience? I'm absolutely enamored with this mod ever since I watched a fave YouTuber of mine explore and begin playing, but it hitches even on his computer and I'm guessing he has a pretty damn good rig. My most important specs, while pretty modest, are below, just so I know what I have to change or if I even can play this (and I'm hoping I can, because I've fallen in love with this overhaul mod!): For what it's worth too, I can play Vanilla 7 Days with only a few minor framerate hitches whenever a lot of zombies spawn in, but that seems to be an issue a lot of people are having with A19.2 stable. I also play on around medium-high settings with distant POIs turned off. I also switched to playing on smaller, 6K size Nitrogen maps (no Compopack) as a personal preference, so if I need a vanilla RWG please let me know!
  10. @stanzman94 if you're on windows, try right clicking on the ZIP file and hitting properties. At the bottom there should be a windows security popup and a check box that says "unblock". If you check it and then hit apply it might work. I had that problem too, because windows thinks that the zip file might have a virus in it (it doesn't). screenshot of what i'm talking about is under the spoiler, blacked out portion is personal info lol) also make sure to run it in administrator once the zip file is unpacked, and if that doesn't work, make sure that you have both java 32 bit and java 64 bit installed. if you dont have a windows system, idk what to tell you because im on windows 10 lol (the above links are safe, they are just the direct links to two proper versions. the page with the downloads is here, though, if you'd rather do it there—both of the windows offline links are what i added above) I am literally so dumb I thought you meant you couldn't open it, not that you couldn't download it. Open the original download link in a new tab to get it to download instead of just clicking on it.
  11. has the smoothworldall command been fixed or do I still need to download the assembly dlls?
  12. @4sheetzngeegles ah, thank you! I'll see what I can do!
  13. i need some help w/nitrogen... (i think i posted this before, back when i was still using the a18 version, but i've sinced moved onto the newest version damocles posted) whenever I make maps, cities and towns always end up bunched together in one or two places or I end up with "strings" of towns all connecting to one another, or strings of towns connecting around the city causing one mega city/town that bogs my FPS down. I can rarely (and i mean rarely) get them to spread out. I've made a metric @%$# ton of maps (probably over a hundred) and only one or two have looked even remotely good. city traders also almost never end up inside the city (i have "just one" chosen for cities), and when they do, it's not just one (i have the "just one" setting chosen), but two or three in and around the city... I feel like I'm doing something horribly wrong. my settings and previews of a couple of maps created with said settings are attached. (edit: added under a spoiler, I didn't think the images would be so big)
  14. Is this mod safe to update and/or overwrite the previous verion(s) without losing crates that are already in my game? I ask because wanted to make extra sure because I have a lot of things I don't want to lose in my game right now. Maybe, if you'd like, it's something you could add to the mod description either here or in the read me doc so people know?
  15. @NemesisFulgidum this might be a crap shoot but do you by any chance have the "OCD world" option chosen under the "scenario" drop down menu? it's the only thing I can think of that would cause that, apart from a general map error. if that doesn't seem to fix the problem when generating a new world (it won't fix whatever world you made that has this map preview issue if it isn't the preview), it's possible it's just the render preview. try putting everything in your world's output folder this github page says to put into (even if one or two of the options aren't there, it'll still load) and see if it renders your map the same way.
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