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  1. Ugh, yes. Give us the parody waffle house please (you could even be cheeky and make it blue-themed, for the obvious meme reference). it'll become an official POI for PVP (not that I ever play multiplayer, but it would be funny)... because everyone knows waffle houses are PVP enabled zones ๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. You're not the only one but shhhh about Jerry's Fill, that's my go-to base!! Speaking of, and to keep on topic, how easy would it be to add more POIs to RWG towns in the forest, without creating cities or new districts/completely screwing up RWG? It's a personal preference, but I do like it when the smaller towns have at least one big-name store in them, it feels more accurate (for instance, my town has a Big Name Brand that shares the same color scheme as Vault-Tec, within walking distance of my house, but my town is very small). Is it as simply as appending the POI list with a different district or like, tag or what it is they're called? I've also found, especially in my current save, there are more Tier 2 and 3 POIs in the town I'm in than Tier 1, which leads me to having to go go 1-2km away just to find even a wilderness POI that's a first-tier; it makes it very.... tedious to do quests, to be polite about it, since you don't get the bicycle until the end of the quest (for free) or unless you perk into vehicles (sucks for people who only play one-attribute runs, like full agility or full fortitude, etc). My question is, are there really so little Tier 1's as of current? Maybe to off-set it, since there are a lot of remnants in forest towns, maybe add in an Infested Remnant quest type? Clear it out but the reward is worse than a fetch quest, because there's only like 4 zombies total (or sometimes none at all). That way all the remnant POIs (Tier 0, I think) could be in the random pool for quests... or would that make it too easy to complete the first tier of trader quests?
  3. Ah, that explanation helps greatly, thank you! I always assumed the breaking blocks/falling blocks was for iron-tier stuff and above (because metal = lots of noise), but it's nice to know that it's for stone blocks too. I'll definitely be more careful in the future, that's for sure... had the unfortunate encouter of having to lower a balcony on the building I'm renovating and stupidly decided to just let the balcony fall rather than break every block... wouldn't ya know, another double-screamer horde, and she did in fact call a third (only one horde event though). ๐Ÿ˜ญ
  4. Thank you so much, it's so nice to hear you like the mod! Originally, I considered the prices of the items to be less (45 instead of 60/90 like vanilla) because most of the items are considered 'snacks' and not meals/canned food, which are more filling, and be easily available for the early game (especially now, with the change of trader rewards and the dukes they give!). But I do see a flaw with that, especially with the updated vanilla food and their prices. Some of my snacks give more food than low-tier vanilla items, which is something I'll be changing when I update it. I'm always open for suggestions and help, since this is my first big mod, so how much would you be willing to pay in-game for VV's snacks as opposed to vanilla food?
  5. Is it normal for two to spawn at once now? Apologies if that's a stupid question. Saw it first in GNS' new Vanguard series and it actually happened to me in my game last night. I had the campfire going and was doing some demo/remo work on my base ( broke like, maybe ten blocks all at once because I like the sound stone/concrete makes when it does ) and two showed up together. Only one screamer horde spawned, howeverโ€”and they both screamed/growled at me because I didn't kill either in one hit.
  6. Well, thank you Eric! Your sound design has been stellar thus far. And thanks for the second response, man. Love the work you do and what you've picked up with regards to RWG. The explanation really does help with understanding for me, so really, I mean my thanks. It's very interesting to read and get a peek behind the curtain of the game as someone who isn't a game developer. I'm totally okay with making a million mapsโ€”ironically, right after I sent that reply, I managed to get a good one in with my silly "requirements" about six maps into making randoms loool. Hope y'all get some good rest and relaxation after Version 1.0 goes stable. Y'all deserve it.
  7. You're not alone!! I'm having this issue as well!
  8. Oh, that's very good to hear (literally, lol!). I don't get snuck up on often, but when I do, man does it scare the living hell out of me. Full-on soul touches the clouds of heaven for a second. But it's good to know that that's been improved. The new hazmat sound is really creepy, too, thank the sound person for me, will ya? (and if it was you, thanks!) I do have one issue with newest hotfix, but I don't think it constitutes a bug report because it's so minor. I play on 4k worlds only, and with default settings (except I set cracks to None because I am not a fan of them), there will always be one biome (it's split equally in chance with all five biomes) with two of the same trader and one biome that has no trader at all. I found this out the hard way, already almost a week into a save with my base set up, that the map I was playing on didn't have a Trader Jen. I finished the first tier of quests, and got the reward, but Rekt had no special job. First time I toggled debug mode to check on something and sure as rain, Jen had gone missing. ๐Ÿ˜” And paying more attention in the RWG previewer it was about 8/10 worlds created (more like 35/50, I make a lot of worlds, okay?? no judgement, I'm picky!) that did not have a trader in one biome, but had multiple in others and some very closeโ€”I'm talking less than 500m! I don't know what happened between 313 and 316/17 but something may have gone wrong, but it's so minor because there are maps that have all the available traders that it feels more like a my-game issue and not a 'this is a massive bug' issue, yknow? If I need to make a report I will, but yeah! (also, the top full closed curtain on the rod has the texture of what I think is a stainless steel sink, but again, that's probably a me issue since it isn't anywhere in the known issues spreadsheet)
  9. honestly having the "sleep walkers" ( heard GNS use the term ) is so cool in general. its pretty cool how TFP managed to get them in the game. just wish there were more. makes POIs scarier imo... but I think you should be able to hear them shuffling around better. these new silent zombies sneaking up on me during raids feels unfair, especially when they walk over sound traps without kicking the trash like we do!
  10. Oh that's lovely! Thank you from someone who uses 4k worlds! This is also a question not for anything in the hotfix, but how does one save a randomly generated world from the previewer without exiting and re-entering, and is there a way to preserve these settings upon doing that? I tend to make a lot of maps all at once and I only recently noticed the worlds only save if you save them manually. Having a toggle option would be nice for us digital pack rats !
  11. Please say sike and that this was an old unused version still in the game code/shaders code and not the current one in the settings right now ๐Ÿ˜ญ If you have the time, do you mind explaining this one? What was changed in terms of loot? May game developers always continue posting changelogs because it will be a sad day when the world loses things like this. Would have loved to see the screenshot that came with this bug report tbh, lol
  12. Oh, oh, are we talking about weird RWG stuff when it comes to POI placement? Can I chime in with something completely different and yet kind of similar, and that is that every pine forest town I've made so far in the worlds I've created has about the same 30-50 POIs, sometimes even in the exact same placement as they were in previous worlds or as towns adjacent to them? Every single town I've touched ( which granted is not many, and my world is not largeโ€”4k for performance and just because I've found I don't like playing longer on bigger worlds ) has had a Butcher Pete's within three hundred yards/blocks or so from the trader, and more often than not the Jerry's Fill gas station with the broken down building connected to it, as well as an old west town crack-a-book ( the one with the apartment and offices connected ). It always has the budget burrows, slum apartments ( the single-story ones with the boar in the back yard ), or motel eight/seven, and always with the broken down industrial remnant thats the giant white-and-green oil extractor thing. They're surrounded, always, by (my favorite) tiny trailer, the white one with the white picket fence and hedges, trailer_04 I think (can't remember its name), and almost always with the Ava Victed Court right next to that. It's so predictable that I can almost always tell when it's going to be the same just by walking towards it when starting a new playthrough. Feels like living in the movie Groundhog Day! It's even happened where I've had two separate towns with an almost 1:1 ratio of the same POIs in it, just placed on different tile spaces, with the towns being less than 1km from each other. Maybe that's because I've made so many maps the game doesn't know what to do when it comes to randomness but idk. Or maybe it's entirely just a me problem ( and usually is LOL ! )
  13. It does! It has a hood that is also a sort-of cloth cape. On higher FOVs you can see the edge of it poking like in your screenshot. It's janky but it feels immersive ( and boy does the cape look good as hell in third-person viewโ€”I watch a lot of GNS and he's running with the assassin's outfit right now )
  14. The same way you download and install any mod, my friend! Unfortunately I do not know how to install to a server (I think it follows the same general steps, but you install it to a Mods folder within the 7DaystoDie server folder... I am probably very wrong on that; I do know you need to have EAC off, so please be careful with who you decide to share your server with when having it installed!), but the general gist of installing my mod, and any mod really, for a singleplayer world is this: make sure you have some sort of unzipping program, like 7zip or WinRARโ€”I, unfortunately, don't know if it's possible to unzip a compressed file without them Download the mod's .RAR file from the link in my original post, which should be from MediaFire Unzip and open the file, by double-clicking itโ€”a window should pop up showing the contents of the compressed file Copy the named folder (should be something like VergilSpardaVx4_1.3, I think?) to the 7 Days to Die Mod folder the mod folder can be in one of two places, but not both: in the steamapps/common/7DaystoDie folder, or in the AppData/Roaming/7DaystoDie folder (I believe the latter is if you have it installed on PC through the Xbox app, but I could be wrong!) If the folder isn't there, you can simply create a new folder in either place and name it Mods (with the capital M), and it will work Alternatively, you can do steps one and two, and instead of opening the file itself, you can right-click on the file, again making sure you have 7Zip or WinRAR installed, and choose "Extract Here" (Extract Here is in WinRAR, which is what I use, I am not sure which it is for 7Zip) Because my mod is already in a folder within the .RAR file, make sure you choose "Extract Here" and not "Extract to [insert folder name here]". Doing so will nest the mod into another folder, and it will not work in game until you pull that folder out into the Mods folder! I did not even think that someone may not know how to install the mod and I apologize! What is common knowledge to me is not to others and that's 100% on me. Hopefully my instructions help, and if not, there should be guides out there on how to install mods if you need something visual, like a video! Thank you for showing interest in my mod, and I hope that you can install it with little to no issue. ๐Ÿ’™
  15. Reminds me of all those pictures of cats where they're looking at you from behind a table and you can only see their eyes LOL The new Dire Wolf is genuinely terrifying btw, as if I already wasn't terrified of them before! Between that, the zombie health buffs and the new hazmat sound this game is definitely turning back into its survival and also horror roots big time. The new POIs look and feel great, too. I'm having a lot of fun (even with the stability issues) renovating POIs to live in now... kind of crazy where once I would place down POIs I liked in order to live in them, now I'm perfectly fine rebuilding an already half-demolished one. Currently rebuilding the brick remnant connected to the one Jerry's Fill pass n gas and it's looking real nice. The only issues I'm having are probably skill ones, and that's that I'm having trouble hitting zombies in the head even with the crosshair on them with the pipe baton and spear (one playthrough was on first exp, second is on the b312/313 version). Again it's probably just a skill issue but it does feel like there's tighter hitboxes. By the way, has the hawaiian/bowler/big man/ScoMo head hitbox been fixed? I feel like I'm hitting him in the head way more than previously. I also saw that the previously-red cabinet paint swatch is now a (pretty nice) shade of muted dark brown. Think that's the first time I've ever experienced uncanny valley in regards to a video game loool. It does look better than the red, as much as I'll miss the red.
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