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  1. maybe try in the ramp menu? you are only in the square blocks submenu rn, so maybe it's not there. maybe try searching through all of the shapes instead? unless you already did, then disregard 😅
  2. Yeah, I ate my shorts when I checked, I guess you can put the weighted head mod in it, which is great! But like, why none of the other club or damage mods? Burning shaft, barbed wire, chains, they'd all go great on the pipe baton since it's a long cylindrical weapon... I guess there aren't models for it, which makes sense and is totally valid, but it's still kind of dumb 😕 And why can I put block damage mods in it? Who is using the pipe baton to break wood, stone, dirt, and iron lol
  3. tysm, and one last question and ill be out of your hair for now, do you know which mods can be put into the pipe baton? i've tried a few (weighted head, spikes, etc), but those can only be installed in clubs. now i know that stun baton mods won't go into it either. and since it isn't a bladed weapon, the bladed weapon mods probably can't go in it. my guess is mods like rad remover and the handle mods and such? if you don't know ill probably just test in a creative world (which i should be doing anyway 😅) it's a little unfortunate that club mods can't go into it—at least weighted head—given that another name for a baton is a billy club (i jest, but only partially) it can!
  4. not to derail any conversations, but can someone clarify what skill tree/perk the pipe baton falls under? is it the same one that unlocks the stun baton/makes the stun baton better, or pummel pete since it's a non-electric melee weapon? i feel stupid for asking but i can't find anywhere in what i think is the most relevant perks anything about the pipe baton. or is it just a T0 weapon that isn't meant to be upgraded through perks (like, to get more damage)?
  5. Wish I would have recorded it last night but I managed to hit/glance about 4 enemies in a POI with the pipe baton power attack. Saved my life because it knocked the one closest to me down before it could hit me. In the words of a crappy TikTok audio: the gamer was too stunned to speak Pipe baton @%$#in' rules 🤘 (at least, i'm fairly certain it was 4, they were surrounding me in the front and all of them squirted blood)
  6. No prob! Also piggybacking off of what @FarmerLee73 said in their post, the game also did an auto-settings and it had me on Ultra. I honestly thought it was @%$#ing with me for a minute but now? I'm not so sure... I'm tempted to, but I don't want to nuke my GPU on accident. Anyway, these are my current settings after I upped them last night, with RTSS on and monitoring in the corner on the last one to show you my in-game system usage at the house I'm currently living in. I'm sorry if the photos are not under spoiler properly because I am terrible at formatting on forums: The settings I changed from lower settings were: Texture Resolution: Quarter -> Half -> Full Water -> Low to High LOD Distance -> 25% to 75% Texture Filter: Low -> Medium UMA Texture Quality: Low -> Medium Reflection Quality: Low -> Medium Object Quality: Medium -> High SS Reflections Off -> Low (I think, could be mistaking this with Reflection Quality) I should also note that my Dynamic Mesh Settings are at whatever default they were on when I first booted up 7DTD, as I didn't feel confident enough to change them. I've had zero problems apart from the occasional LOD pop-in too close on vehicles (bicycle), if that makes sense? Like sometimes, very rarely, it'll lag the imposter blocks and not update them until I'm a little ways past them on a bike. I'm also using AGF HUD Plus+, with several KhaineGB modlets (3 slot forge, 12 slot craft queue, 60 slot backpack, HP bars, kill tracker, lockable inventory slots, and pickup plants). It's been running great! And again, I have an RX 580, Ryzen 5 3600X, and 32GBs of RAM, and I play usually with only 7 Days open so nothing bogs up the CPU or GPU (plus, I can get notifications on my phone and I'll actually see them). I honestly think @Ryiah is right about the RAM thing, because I remember having 16GBs and playing Alpha 18/19 and it would lag like crazy, even on a 4K map and low settings. Performance was a little better in those Alphas after upgrading to 32, but definitely not as much as it is in A20. Whatever TFP did... well it sure as hell worked lol Edit: Oh, and I play with Anti-Aliasing off because I like the crisp edges. It's mostly a preference, but I know that AA has a lot to do with upping GPU usage (from playing other games that also use it).
  7. I think if you put bigger numbers into that slider, the biome generation will be more random than big chunks in a specific layout? Could be 100% wrong, so don't quote me on that though
  8. Not sure if its appropriate to hop into this discussion but maybe it's something on your guys' end. My specs are: Radeon RX 580, 32GBs of RAM, Ryzen 3600X, and the game runs like a dream. It's the first time since Alpha 19 dropped that I've been able to play the game at full texture resolution and it runs at a steady 60fps at 1920x1080 fullscreen. I know that running at 100% GPU isn't terrible, but it sits comfortably around 60-70% GPU and under 40% CPU unless there's a ton of zombies in one area, and even then neither hits 100%. My RAM also sits at about 13-15GBs maximum, but I've only played for a few hours at a time. I had to stop in between singleplayer sessions to make and eat dinner lol. Top be fair though, the rest of my settings are fairly low (I can post pics if needed), but it works really well. I've only hitched to a complete freeze twice, both times when trying to shoot a gun (once for a second, the second time for a few seconds). Other than that it's run better than any of the previous alphas (all the way back to 15.4(?)). Could it be a driver issue with NVidia or Intel? My drivers are also completely up to date for AMD (2021.10.2). I also didn't do a fresh install of 7 days, I just opted-in to the beta and re-verified the game files so it was completely vanilla—and took out the small modlets I have. I did end up putting back a HUD mod and a backpack mod though because they're pretty much essential, with no drop in FPS, and I did what was said to do in the announcement video of clearing all save data and such. And just to cover all bases, I did two runs at generating a random map, and both times at 6K only took about ~3 minutes. I don't know if anyone's going to check this for like, data or whatever but I figured I'd throw that in there too. Whatever TFP did, Alpha 20 runs way better than it did before, at least for me. But I could be an outlier here since I run on AMD and not NVidia or Intel. I'm not tech-savvy so I don't know how much bearing that would have on metrics or whatever the word is for like, computer stuff lol
  9. Piggy-backing off of someone else in this thread previously and also a few of my own questions: Will there in the future be updates to how decoration blocks are placed? I know there's a bunch of new shapes with rotations, but a lot of a19 decoration items (lamps, trash cans, coffee makers, candles, etc) only sit in the center and rotate in that central point. Will there be any updates planned for them to have rotations where they are on the outer edge of the square and/or in the corner of the square (in terms of block placement). Is there going to be a blog post (or something similar) showcasing the original and changed textures between a19 and a20 (if not, it's totally fine and I can do it myself when it drops if people want that)? Will there be an option when using RWG to lower the amount of grass that spawns in the world? I have a mid-tier system and I find that manually editing the XML (or in recent cases downloading a modlet) to lower the amount of grass in a map helps my FPS out a lot. I know there's an option for grass quality, but I don't know if grass amount would be tied to that or not. "When placing a new prefab it is centered with its front side on the position you selected and are aligned with the ground level in that position" Was this shown off at all on a dev stream I haven't had the chance to watch, or is it possible to get a preview or explanation of what this means in a little more detail? Does it mean that when a POI is placed, it's placed not along a corner in front of the player, but on the front-facing center in front of the plater? (that's so cool if that's what it means, it's going to save a big headache placing POIs!!) Sorry, I'm terrible at wording questions but I can absolutely clarify if needed!
  10. Can I just say that your happiness and excitement over a newsstand makes me also very happy? I'm sure whoever made it will be very happy that you're excited about it 😁 And to those that answered me (faatal, @Blake_, @meganoth) thank you guys so much for answering my question. I kind of figured it worked that way (regular armor rating + individual pieces have small bonuses, full set has a big one/ a perk), but I wanted to make sure that it was at least partially true before I got my hopes up. If the new system is going to be like that, or something very similar, I'm absolutely fine with it! Mostly because (hopefully) one can mix and match pieces to suit their play styles / different aspects of their play styles. [not @ing faatal either since I'm sure he receives many of them daily and I don't want to clutter his notifications!] *Another question for mostly the POI builders to answer, if maybe they haven't (I can't watch the streams because my internet is garbage): how difficult of a learning curve is it, would you say, to build using the new shapes? Is it more or less the same that it is now in a19, just with more shapes, or does it take some getting used to? And have you had your moment of "hey, I know a piece that would fit perfectly here", and be able to find that piece easily?
  11. Not sure if this has been discussed before but* I recently caught up to (mostly) every reply in this thread and was wondering something that I don't think has been answered clearly (or, 100% it has, and I can't read—very much the reality here lol). I know that a later alpha, either 20 or beyond, will feature an overhaul to the outfit system; dropping from 10 slots to 4, and a "whole" suit giving one or multiple perks. When the question was asked previously—I may have read it wrong,—it was said there is no perk provided if you didn't have a full set of armor. I have also read, I am 60%ish certain, that you possibly won't find all four pieces of armor in one go, and instead find either a book to make said armor, or one or two pieces at a time depending on other perks and factors. Is it alright if someone can explain a little more plainly or in-depth of what that means? My questions boil down to this, basically, and again I'm sorry if I've explained this badly: If I were to wear pieces from multiple different sets of armor (think helmet from one set, legs from another, etc)—is each piece going to give a miniscule bonus, and the total of all four pieces gives you the full bonus, or is it no extra bonuses at all? Does the previous question also affect a set's armor rating; as in, if I were to wear only one or two pieces from the same set of armor, would I not get an armor rating, or will it work like it currently does where each piece gives a certain armor rating? In a similar vein, will there be an extra armor rating bonus for wearing all four pieces of the same set? And, if it is and or none of those, does it work more like the current system, or a system in which if you have anything less than a full set, you don't get anything at all? Again, sorry if this was roundabout, I'm terrible at explaining things and my thought processes are very jumbled a lot of the time! x
  12. It sounds weird but I'm desperate, lol. I decided to play a15 for nostalgia and because I kind of miss it (it's the first one I played, the one that was on console before I could build a PC to play a18), but I remembered just how terrible storage was, and how spoiled I'd been with a18 and 19's modlets. The only problem is that with the way the new forums are formatted, all of the old links on old forum posts don't work anymore, so I can't find any of the old mods—mostly the ones that add food and hunger to the HUD—and the ones that I have found have broken links or deleted files. I got close to one and I'm waiting on an answer from the mods' owner, but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone had any old files laying around for a15.2 that add bigger backpacks and bigger minibike storage and add in the food and hunger bars to the HUD. I don't need anything crazy or flashy, I'm a vanilla-UI kind of person, and as for the other storage mods, I don't need anything crazy. a 60 slot backpack is like perfect, but I'll settle for 90 if I need to, and the minibike can be whatever! I am also well aware that I won't be able to play with EAC enabled, but I play 7 Days to Die singleplayer, so that's not a big deal at all for me!
  13. Oh! I did not know it did that, my apologies. I'm perfectly happy with that, thank you for answering my questions!
  14. Thank you, I didn't see that! One last clarification: I saw someone ask about the custom cities map and how, in 0.8 it couldn't generate random cities if there weren't any on the custom map—is it the same way with the "zoning" map? I have a custom City spawning map, and using that, I made a zoning map for just said city. Will KingGen still randomly zone the non-city spawns, or do I have to do that myself as well (it isn't a big deal if I do, but it's a curiosity)?
  15. Hey @KingSlayerGM, I saw with KingGen 0.8 you can map cities, but I was wondering what you mean by "Added zoning map import: you can mask zones on a png file and KG will use that to generate pois". How does that work? And, does zoning for cities zone for towns as well? I find that most of my 6K maps only spawn with two towns (plenty of villages, however), and I would like more. And finally, are there any tutorials for said zoning maps? There's one for cities, which I can see, but I can't seem to find any for zoning maps.
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