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  1. 1. Ensure that the entire client is properly excluded from security software. 2. Perform a clean install of your GPU Driver. 3. Run File Verification twice. Also note that since Alpha 15 was released, there has not been a 32-bit version of the game. I would also advise removing the startup argument you added.
  2. Well aside from the weird naming, their boards are still some of the best in the industry. It's been common enough lately that I find myself just saying XML/DOCP most of the time. Just like UEFI/BIOS.
  3. I do not believe that they contain the same data, but I haven't tested that theory.
  4. The second in the list is a UI mod from a18 that would not be compatible. You also have Khaines backpack buttons from a18 which is not only incompatible, but obsolete as that code is enabled in the client by default now, and does not require the mode to un-hide it. Khaines 96-slot backpack with food and water is a UI mod. Both of the PhD forge mods are UI mods. Riles Fixes is almost a complete overhaul and is probably not compatible with some of the other things you've got loading. zzzdatasmodlets is most likely not even loading because it's installed incorrectly, but
  5. Please use Pastebin to post the full log. Instructions are in the Pinned thread on how to report an issue.
  6. It's possible that it doesn't if any were added during experimental. This is due to the fact that support for Nitrogen dropped well before a19.0 went stable. It shouldn't be too tough to add them in though if any were missing. And to be perfectly honest, if any are missing, it's probably not more than 3-5 total out of 500+
  7. That error is typically a sign of a corrupted hard disk, but could also be a result of corrupted system or game files. First completely remove the game and re-install it. If that fails to resolve the error, then back up your saves to an external drive and refresh the system. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/support/error-codes/ps4/ce-34878-0/ https://www.easeus.com/computer-instruction/fix-ps4-error-code-ce-34878-0.html
  8. The laptop wouldn't have the server-side map that you've un-fogged, and it will take time to update the data from the server. This particular sync is extremely slow, and as near as I can tell, only seems to really work at updating the local data when you are looking at the map.
  9. I will that that I have seen something similar before, but it was always due to a sync issue, or because I had mis-matched data in a local cache that was a carry-over from a previous map on the same server.
  10. A quick guess is that it's the POI quest marker. I'd have to load that specific POI into the editor to verify though.
  11. PC freezing is usually a PC issue. It only happens with this game, because only this game is taxing your hardware enough to trigger the problem. Not a single game you listed is an un-optimized Voxel game still in development. They're all AAA finished titles, and they aren't even 3D. Most likely culprit is the power supply, though it could be mis-matched RAM, poorly optimized hardware settings, incompatible software, or a number of other things. You need to troubleshoot your PC.
  12. Yeah, I tried to replicate the issue on my own PS4, and was unable to. I have none of the issues you describe. This usually indicates the error likes on your system/configuration, and is not a bug with the client.
  13. Yep. Without logs and detailed information, I can't help you. I don't know why you couldn't read the Pinned threads before starting your own.
  14. There is no dedicated server for the Console version. It is only Peer-to-peer. You will not be able to play his save without him having it online.
  15. You can do this now. And you can do it without fancy hardlink redirects. Putting saves on a different drive or path for the Client Note: This is very helpful if you are running two versions of the client. In your Steam games list, right-click the game in the left menu, and choose "Properties". Click the "Local Files" Tab Click the "Browse local files" button. Copy serverconfig.xml file, and rename the copy to serverconfig.SP.xml (or any other name you'll remember). Open serverconfigSP.xml in notepad and edit the
  16. I would recommend that you ask in the Nitrogen thread. You're more likely to get help on the issue there. It's possible that this has already been encountered and answered there as well.
  17. Yep. The Pinned FAQ thread has a guide to migrating saves.
  18. Heh. I'll have to edit that.
  19. A chunk is 16x16 blocks, and there are 32 chunks in a region, thus 512 blocks in a region.
  20. Check the region settings on your PS4 for the invalid character issue. As for the PS Server connection, this is something that's on Sony's side that has cropped up a bit recently. Make sure your NAT Type is correct, and that you aren't on Wifi. I'll go blow the dust off my PS4 in a min and see if I can replicate it.
  21. No, but if you're talking about quickly loading in large region files in a multiplayer game, SSD's are considerably more desirable than a slow platter. You need to get of your HDD high horse there. As the game has progressed, region files have gotten smaller, so it's less impact. Go back to a16, start a multiplayer game, build large buildings or make a dense map. Then get 3-4 people running around on vehicles and you'll see your performance tank because there is no way in hell the platter will keep up when it's trying to load multiple region files simultaneously and they're a gig or more eac
  22. Gameworld=RWG should be changed to GameWorld="TurtleSoup" for it to use the uploaded world.
  23. Unfortunately, you probably just need to start a new save at this point. Can probably copy your character files over at least though.
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