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  1. i remember reading or maybe one of the videos.. that the traders will only have one category per trader.. like jen will just have the items to first aid.. joel will have weapons etc... is this still the plan?? me loving the game..
  2. that was the next thing i tried.. no joy thx for the reply
  3. we are having a problem where the ded server will appear one time then log off for something and try to get back on but the server is gone from the list 7days has been running the entire time.. and the server is online any ideas me
  4. does anyone here use bandicam to record there game play?? for some reason it wont record any more.. it works for other steam games and epic games.. just 7dtd will not record.. any ideas.. me
  5. is there a simple command to extract all the files and keep the file tree intact.. ie sound/models/ etc.. me
  6. does the game need to be installed.. to use the editor?? my main rig is off line.. working from a laptop me
  7. have you played with the in-game editor?? me
  8. k ill just wait here... thx me
  9. i downloaded it from the first page.. and tryed to update it... crashed... i knew it was going to do that after read the part about mediafire.. im using 0.3v before i put the other files in now it saids v0.3z© with is the current ver. right?? thx for your help me
  10. thanx for the reply tryed to to see if i can do just one block but after reading this but after downloading the new one im getting this error and it takes 4 clicks for it to go away.. me
  11. figured out some of the controls of your editor.. got the basics copy, paste, replace, removing/adding layers/rows... but a few times i need to replace one or two blocks... witch video shows that info... thanx for the editor me
  12. after reading this does not look promising ... im trying to add a custom wav file for a secret chest code i put in the block.xml file.. what can use/do to bring this into the game so when the secret chest is opened, the custom sound is played.. thanx for reading me
  13. how can add just one building to a location i want me
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