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  1. Acer, Dell, and HP.... Avoid at all costs. Even if you're just trying to score an "ok" GPU, they usually ship with a custom model that has that manufacturers specific ROM dragging it down. (Also may or may not have adequate cooling) I've had good luck with CyberPower and CUK (Computer Upgrade King). You are usually going to get a good value there, and they build quality systems. iBuyPower used to be good, but their quality control has been dropping lately. Still a good choice if you're mostly looking for components though. You can also take the route of build-to-order systems like NZXT, Build Redux, Digital Storm, or Origin. (There are probably others. This is just want I could think of off the top of my head.) Jayz did a vid on things to check/avoid recently as well.
  2. OK, there's your issue. Your GPU doesn't even come close to min spec. You can try using GLCore or Vulkan, but there is not a lot of hope for you. That 9600GT only has a quarter of the VRAM required to play, and barely supports DX10, much less DX11. Even with using one of the alternatives for older hardware, you don't have enough VRAM. I doubt that the rest of your system is up to par, but it doesn't even get far enough into checking because the GPU just falls over. So even if you can get the game to load on GLCore, it probably still won't be playable if the rest of your setup is as old as that GPU.
  3. It used to be the file where all of your game options for video, sound, and keybinds were stored. I'm not sure where that is for Linux/Mac, but you wouldn't be able to change it much outside of the options that are already available in the client. The only time I've ever needed to use these settings are when I'm testing a non-standard resolution.
  4. Nitrogen is so far out of date now, it's not even funny. Since the author has left, it's not getting any more updates. As of 19.5 making maps with it is just a recipe for disaster, so we'll shut this thread down now. @Damocles feel free to PM me if you want this re-opened. For now, I recommend using KingGen as it is being actively developed.
  5. The random wandering horde can get you any time. I recall being chased by a band of vultures about 30 minutes into a game a while back.
  6. For starters the "Daves Vehicle Speed" mod. It's going to put a lot of strain on your CPU and hard drive for loading and accessing world data. Your systems inability to keep up is going to cause corruption in chunk and region data. No offense, but the 6th gen Intel CPU's are some of the worst. A 3rd gen clocks about 10% faster in the type of work the game client is doing. If your save data is not on an SSD, that's going to kick your ass even more. Unless the mod actually reduces vehicle speeds. I wasn't able to locate it, but most mods like that are targeted towards making the vehicles faster. The second is a trio. "No Heat Map From Sounds", "Clear Skies", and "Reasonably Large Stacks". Again, I was unable to locate these mods from any of the reputable sources. All could easily corrupt chunk data if improperly implemented though. Since I am unable to locate the mods, I am unable to verify what they are doing, and to what extent. Add to this the fact that some of the mods you are using may not be updated for a19.5, and you've got another layer of possible issues.
  7. Need the whole log. Instructions are Pinned.
  8. Try it without all the mods. Like any. See if you have the issue in Vanilla. I see at least two mods in your list that could cause corruption. Remove the Mods folder completely, then verify your files.
  9. Vulkan is directed at spreading some of the rendering load across multiple CPU cores, and can improve rendering performance on lower-end hardware. Direct-X in comparison is single-threaded. On a older or lower performance GPU that has a decent CPU to support it, you can see some impressive boosts. On average a GTX1060 will see about a 30% improvement in performance with Vulkan over DX12. However just stepping up to a GTX1080 on the same system will reduce the gains to about 4%. So if you have a newer GPU, there's no reason to have any concern about Vulkan at all. On older hardware though, it can be a great boon. I haven't personally tested Vulcan performance with this title, but I do see noticeable differences in other games like Division or Ghost Recon. On a similar note though, in Valheim the difference between Vulcan and DirectX is negligible. This is likely a result of poor optimizations, or lack thereof. (And just for reference, I am running a GTX1060 6GB on a R9 3900X)
  10. Most likely it was a wandering horde. They can spawn from a number of the spawn groups. If not, then we'll need a lot more data. Logs in particular. Seed and location would be useful as well. Instructions are in the Pinned thread you should have read before starting a new thread.
  11. Back before Christmas we had some fun testing this. There was a bug where if you got over 12 people in a party, experience went negative. Only 8 show on the party currently that I'm aware of, but party can me more. It is what the game is designed for. 8 players. Not 12+
  12. This is the closest I could find. Not certain if it will exceed the cap though, or even work how you want. https://7daystodiemods.com/weapon-hands-fov-camera-distance-changer/ Darkness Falls allows a wider FoV up to 150, but it looks like ass. Which explains exactly why the developer would lock your options down here while trying to get valid bug reports. I mean, all I did was swing my fist, and the view changed from the above to this.... That's a pretty significant change without actually moving the character. So I thought to myself, "Who in the world would want this?" So, I spanned my display to cover two monitors. (Would have done three, but working from home is using the left one now.) So, I can see the use case for it, but that's a one-off. And again.... All three shots are taken standing in the same spot with the FOV fixed at 150. EDIT: Further testing.. Normal Resolution at game max FoV of 85 Normal resolution at FoV set to 100. (subject of this thread)
  13. Right, but with SteamCMD you don't have a Steam client wasting disk space. 😛 208MB vs 1.59GB
  14. This is usually an issue when you have old generated worlds from before a19. Wipe all the things and start a new save. https://community.7daystodie.com/announcement/8-please-be-aware-that-a-wipe-of-previous-save-data-and-generated-worlds-is-recommended-for-a19-b180stable/ Be aware that this will remove all saves and all previously generated maps.
  15. No need to have Steam installed and running. Allows download without having a Steam account. Works on headless servers.
  16. So you aren't even telling it where to install the client? Using -beta would require an added value for the tag. Normally your command should look similar to this... D:\steamcmd\steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir "D:\7dtdServer" +app_update 294420 -validate +quit Cache should be in \SteamCMD\depotcache Remove the files there, and it will force it to re-pull the data from the depot on the client.
  17. What platform are you on? What is the full command you are running? Have you cleared the SteamCMD download cache?
  18. Most likely this is going to depend on your hardware.
  19. There is also a limited number of spawns in the area. Just like POI's. Once you have cleared it, you will have to wait for the reset before they spawn again. If you're always in the same area, and don't explore, then you are going to experience periods where you have simply cleared the biome area and nothing is going to spawn.
  20. This command is not part of the client.
  21. I'm sorry, is it really that hard to look at the list of forum sections and figure out where the Support forum is? It's clearly labeled General Support. That I have to spend the time to give you a link to something that is so easy to find that a child could do it is a little telling. Here is a screenshot. See if you can find the words General Support, and figure out how to click on it.
  22. Steam probably charges them for each version that is available for the tool. Just like they charge extra for various levels of cloud storage.
  23. 1. This is incorrect. It's a standard for all SSD's NVMe included. Filling more than 60-70% of the drive space will significantly impact the lifespan of the drive in a negative fashion, and will additionally decrease drive performance. 2. Speaking of Inland, they have some of the worst performance and lifespan I have seen in any drive. We've been running servers with SSD's for years. I have a stack of Inland drives here that I recently had to replace because after only one year of use with 40-50% of storage capacity filled for it's entire life they are now at less than 80% health, and data rates have tanked. I have Evo 850's approaching 10 years of use with harsher data capacity that are still above 90% health and run twice as fast. Inland Professional is what you get when you can't afford a mainstream drive. It's the bargain product of Micro Center, and is directly marketed towards budget builds, not performance. If you did the slightest bit of research you would have seen this. If you wanted help, you would have posted in the support forum, and followed the Pinned threads there to help you troubleshoot, and to properly report an issue. Instead what you actually did was start a complaint thread in General Discussion. If you want to do the needful in the proper place, I'm happy to help. You've made this thread a steaming pile all on your own, and aren't going to get help here as a result of your attitude, and technical ignorance.
  24. It's on 2019.2.17f1, so Unity hasn't been updated for a19 yet. It means that they were able to reverse port optimizations from Alpha 20 into the a19 client.
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