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  1. Dear RNG-sus.... that there is an INVESTMENT! How long did it take to paint all of those wood blocks? ( j/k... just thought it relevant to the paint discussion too. ) Candle and spoon.
  2. My question: Is it a WORKING clock that shows the actual time of day, or is it only right twice per day? If it is functional then we could possibly see these popping up all over the place, think about how often you see clocks in modern day, and then add to that that there is a specific measurable TIME of day that all zombies start to run, and once every week there is a specific measurable TIME of day that all zombies come to sniff out survivors. I feel the Traders at least would have them so that they can coordinate the opening chime at 6:05:00 AM every morning. ...that said, will we be getting different intercom notices so that you don't hear that "Trader Joel's is closing soon" when we shopping at Trader Jen's?
  3. Does this mean that if you paint everything around you you are shooting yourself in the foot as far as frame rate and game performance? Fair enough.
  4. Hey, this has been hiding in this thread on page 13... I still think it could be cool (and terrifying) to watch a Hellhound horde rushing your outpost by at night.
  5. Especially if you can map it to the numpad as a secondary. (Not sure if this already works.) ... hell, I'd like the 0 to be available as well!
  6. There are laws against that sort of thing in some states....
  7. Zombie CrossBoe, you mean... and I think I missed seeing the Pabst Blue Ribbon version.
  8. You could have Jen add a 10% upcharge over other traders costs and the flirting would still make it worth while for some.
  9. ... what, nobody? ....and with a title like "7 Days to the Wolves"?
  10. I had suggested some time back having do away with the "standard" crawler and implement a small (non-zero) chance for zombies to spawn with a dismembered limb (or 2). It would give some variety, and introduce some truely odd scenerios, like: * You are running through high grass and a Screamer goes off... you didn't see her because she spawned with 1 leg and blended in with the terrain. * You open a zombie closet and a Feral Biker charges out at you, but with NO ARMS!
  11. Nightwish - 7 Days To The Wolves (Live at Wembley Arena) Alternately, 7 Days to the Wolves (Instrumental Version) - - - Updated - - - *Definitely the Version with Floor Jansen.
  12. I see Zombie dogs have been added to the burnt forest in 18.2... How about "Hell Hounds" that are essentially a mix between Burn Victims and Zombie Dogs... Fast, and can set you on fire.
  13. I'm looking forward to the playing card mod that makes your bicycle sound like a minibike.
  14. If he agrees with you that he's wrong when you say he's wrong then you are both wrong, so LOGICALLY he cannot be wrong simply because you say he is... there must be another reason. (Did I change your mind?) ******************************* Oh, and it's you're, not your..... so You're wrong.
  15. I have a Threadripper 1920 if you need logs for it. #JustSayin'
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