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  1. Sigh..... maybe as a mod leveraging localization then... hmmm.
  2. Optionally, having the sleepers respawn gradually over X days... one at a time, in random places, would be cool too. Keep you on your toes.
  3. I'm reposting this from a thread that was more based on performance, but I may get a better response here: ...I'm running on Kubuntu 21.04 (Early Adopter)
  4. The Steam forum did mention that 7DTD is heavily dependent on single threaded performance, if I remember correctly. I am running a 12core Threadripper 1920X overclocked to 3.7Ghz (instead of the base 3.5Ghx) with a gob of RAM, but I'm not getting very respectable performance so far (perhaps due to an older video card). Just a thought: Would it be worth while trying to run a 7DTD server instance separate, as well as a client instance on the same system to offload the ...offloadable tasks to different threads on the CPU? ...thus making the game more multi-threaded at the
  5. I think it would extend the run time, but wouldn't increase the Wattage, which is a function of how many engines you have.
  6. We have Rule One, Cardio... but what about Rule Two? You do remember Rule Two, right? A binary trigger sends one message on a squeeze, and a second on on release... Yes, it's a real thing. No, I didn't make it up. Check it out!
  7. To address Nerd Poling TFP could introduce lateral slippage beyond the number of blocks that a block could normally support horizontally... this likely would break many if not all of the POIs in the game however.
  8. I've always thought 6 tiers of loot quality was an arbitrary number for a game that literally has the number 7 in the title. ...so maybe the Legendary items will add a 7th tier to the hierarchy.
  9. Literally what I said 2 days ago when I was trying to outline the entire logic gate system. >sigh<
  10. I'm trying to follow this concept... So when I have [[ Generator ]] --> [[ Switch ]] --> [[ Lightbulb ]] is the current or the signal interrupted by the switch? My answer is both because they are intermingled. The power IS the signal. But you are saying that a wire passes both the power and the state information separately... [[ Generator ]] --> [[ Switch(on) ]] --> [[NOT]] --> [[ Lightbulb ]] would not allow the power to continue to flow but invert the "signal" to Off... Thus a bulb that consumes power but no light. however, NOT
  11. If you have watched Phantasm II you'd know that Reggie basically McDyver'd it together... so yeah.
  12. OK, I opted for just the "simple gates", excluding the NOR and NAND gates because they are basically just a NOT after an OR gate, and a NOT after an AND gate. ...you could also say I forgot XOR, but we can construct an XOR gate circuit directly using 2 AND gates, one OR and one NOT gates. ...there really isn't such a thing as a XAND gate since in theory it would have the same exact requirements and result as XOR. ...there also isn't an XNOT since NOT is a unary operator that negates its single operand (basically it just flips a boolean value to its opposite) and as such
  13. I agree that Signal and power currently use the same wire in game now, but if you use a single input wire for a NOT gate you can create an infinite power system by leaving a empty battery bank inline to a NOT switch and then to a 2nd battery bank, since the NOT gate is getting no power from bank A it puts out "NOT no power", or just Power to bank B. implementing a "signal wire" is needed to prevent that exploit.
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