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  1. I was digging around in my game settings this morning and found a file named UserOptions.ini and thought "Cool, maybe I can set options here instead of in the Steam interface..." However, when I opened the file I found this: This file is no longer used for overriding settings. All 7 Days To Die settings can be found and changed in the registry under the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\The Fun Pimps\7 Days To Die You can directly open RegEdit on that key from the game launcher on the tools tab. ... interesting... but my Linux system does not have a registry, nor would anyone running on MacOS. This just seems like a misdirected attempt to "optimize" at the expense of usability on other platforms.
  2. If words don't have intrinsic meaning then what would you do if I asked you to "Revoscuttle" the "Flumacher" ...could you achieve the requested task without asking what those words mean?
  3. Sigh..... maybe as a mod leveraging localization then... hmmm.
  4. Optionally, having the sleepers respawn gradually over X days... one at a time, in random places, would be cool too. Keep you on your toes.
  5. I'm reposting this from a thread that was more based on performance, but I may get a better response here: ...I'm running on Kubuntu 21.04 (Early Adopter)
  6. The Steam forum did mention that 7DTD is heavily dependent on single threaded performance, if I remember correctly. I am running a 12core Threadripper 1920X overclocked to 3.7Ghz (instead of the base 3.5Ghx) with a gob of RAM, but I'm not getting very respectable performance so far (perhaps due to an older video card). Just a thought: Would it be worth while trying to run a 7DTD server instance separate, as well as a client instance on the same system to offload the ...offloadable tasks to different threads on the CPU? ...thus making the game more multi-threaded at the expense of other resources?
  7. To address Nerd Poling TFP could introduce lateral slippage beyond the number of blocks that a block could normally support horizontally... this likely would break many if not all of the POIs in the game however.
  8. I've always thought 6 tiers of loot quality was an arbitrary number for a game that literally has the number 7 in the title. ...so maybe the Legendary items will add a 7th tier to the hierarchy.
  9. If you have watched Phantasm II you'd know that Reggie basically McDyver'd it together... so yeah.
  10. Ooo... this gave me a interesting idea for a "Special Infected" who, when is within a certain range makes the lighting fade out a bit more, so that Outside would fade to inside ambient, and inside ambient to maybe a darker set still. I would hope the effect could not stack however or late gamestage horde nights could be hard as hell. Additionally, does the transition away from Gamma mean that the issues with maps being blown out bright (likely due to the Gamma system) has been solved?
  11. Nah I just have an older sister that used to drag me around the house by my hair... until I got older and finally got the reach advantage on her, at which point it was no fun anymore I guess. or a Legendary Item.
  12. Wait... Have you SEEN @madmole's ARMS, @Jost Amman?
  13. Reminds me of the quad barrel shotgun from the Phantasm movie series:
  14. @Strask, I do like your method of RPG character building, and yes, it is very similar to my own approach when I am creating a character to play in a game. The approach that I outlined earlier is more of the approach that I take when designing NPCs to populate games that I am running for my players. As you say your method is longer but more rewarding to explore during gameplay, whereas the method I mentioned is quick to use for spontaneous "Is there anyone else on the elevator?" questions, and is good enough for what will likely only be a brief inclusion but detailed enough to be a starting point if the players take a liking to the NPC and want it to stick around.
  15. I've never cared for point buy (As a 40+ year vet of Pen and Paper RPGs) ...It may be politically incorrect, but people just aren't balanced in the real world. You get the guy that played the Mountain in GoT that can shot put a washing machine and Geena Davis who can remember exact details of every day of her life (and is in Mensa), and then you have people like myself. The Roleplay is in the HOW of the stats... C'mon. Be Creative! Low Charisma? Maybe you smell bad, Or Talk with in annoying pitch, OR are too gruff, OR Maybe have a habit of blurting out things that are better unsaid. Low Dexterity? maybe you are clumsy, OR you had suffered an injury that makes you move stiffly, OR maybe there is even the effect of a curse which tends to make you dodge INTO attacks instead of away.
  16. As long as it's from a mason jar... Amirite? :-D
  17. Or Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism ), which is the Longest non-contrived word in a major dictionary.
  18. ...aaaand THAT's why I call them Platitude cookies.
  19. And Steam does port some of those tweaks back into the WINE Development Branch.... Win,Win! This makes me sad because the Stripper Zombie's an iconic zombie, from my point of view at least, and a indisputable answer to the question "Is this a game for kids?" I hope we don't generic the hell out of everything just because "It's not realistic" to have Bikers and Cheerleaders in places they would not normally be found. I mean, sure, there will always be places that are more likely to be populated by one kind of person or another, that doesn't mean you can't have a Biker and a Doctor in the stands at a football game. I heard someone talking about possibly modding the Green full body "glow" out and just doing glowing green eyes.... I pictured something like this:
  20. Nah, I was referring to the ..."and why it's still around" part. (It made me chuckle tbh) ...also realize that some Linux users are playing the games via WINE (an interface layer that stands for Wine Is Not Emulation), and so to the reporting system it looks like it is running on Windows 10 or 8, but is actually being translated in real-time to native Linux instruction calls. Like I said it can be fun to learn what is possible, and even push those bounds some times.
  21. .... I can spot a troll a mile away, and that looks like a troll. :-D Oooo... I'm and Ultra Niche Turbo Nerd! (UNTuN for short.) and yes, breaking your computer and fixing it to learn more about how it "thinks" can be fun and rewarding. once you know that you can ensure that it does exactly what you want it to do, and absolutely nothing more. BIG reason here... (Also the cost is a big factor as well... I prefer to spend my cash on hardware instead of software.) Linux is easier to fix than windows usually because of just how accessible everything is! (Although, you can also completely screw things up that way, so it pays to know your limits, and when in doubt google it.) THIS is one of the reasons right here... there are So Many Linux Users that are willing to give time to help. Good on you Nfg!
  22. Glad to disappoint? I completely understand the rationale of offering to be a Linux Tester... however, I'm sure there are plenty of the existing testers that have at least a passable knowledge of Linux, and it's not like TFP would have a hard time locating Linux gamers (with specific system hardware if it made any difference) from the Steam analytics if they actually did need more.
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