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  1. Optionally, having the sleepers respawn gradually over X days... one at a time, in random places, would be cool too. Keep you on your toes.
  2. I'm reposting this from a thread that was more based on performance, but I may get a better response here: ...I'm running on Kubuntu 21.04 (Early Adopter)
  3. The Steam forum did mention that 7DTD is heavily dependent on single threaded performance, if I remember correctly. I am running a 12core Threadripper 1920X overclocked to 3.7Ghz (instead of the base 3.5Ghx) with a gob of RAM, but I'm not getting very respectable performance so far (perhaps due to an older video card). Just a thought: Would it be worth while trying to run a 7DTD server instance separate, as well as a client instance on the same system to offload the ...offloadable tasks to different threads on the CPU? ...thus making the game more multi-threaded at the
  4. I think it would extend the run time, but wouldn't increase the Wattage, which is a function of how many engines you have.
  5. We have Rule One, Cardio... but what about Rule Two? You do remember Rule Two, right? A binary trigger sends one message on a squeeze, and a second on on release... Yes, it's a real thing. No, I didn't make it up. Check it out!
  6. To address Nerd Poling TFP could introduce lateral slippage beyond the number of blocks that a block could normally support horizontally... this likely would break many if not all of the POIs in the game however.
  7. I've always thought 6 tiers of loot quality was an arbitrary number for a game that literally has the number 7 in the title. ...so maybe the Legendary items will add a 7th tier to the hierarchy.
  8. Literally what I said 2 days ago when I was trying to outline the entire logic gate system. >sigh<
  9. I'm trying to follow this concept... So when I have [[ Generator ]] --> [[ Switch ]] --> [[ Lightbulb ]] is the current or the signal interrupted by the switch? My answer is both because they are intermingled. The power IS the signal. But you are saying that a wire passes both the power and the state information separately... [[ Generator ]] --> [[ Switch(on) ]] --> [[NOT]] --> [[ Lightbulb ]] would not allow the power to continue to flow but invert the "signal" to Off... Thus a bulb that consumes power but no light. however, NOT
  10. If you have watched Phantasm II you'd know that Reggie basically McDyver'd it together... so yeah.
  11. OK, I opted for just the "simple gates", excluding the NOR and NAND gates because they are basically just a NOT after an OR gate, and a NOT after an AND gate. ...you could also say I forgot XOR, but we can construct an XOR gate circuit directly using 2 AND gates, one OR and one NOT gates. ...there really isn't such a thing as a XAND gate since in theory it would have the same exact requirements and result as XOR. ...there also isn't an XNOT since NOT is a unary operator that negates its single operand (basically it just flips a boolean value to its opposite) and as such
  12. I agree that Signal and power currently use the same wire in game now, but if you use a single input wire for a NOT gate you can create an infinite power system by leaving a empty battery bank inline to a NOT switch and then to a 2nd battery bank, since the NOT gate is getting no power from bank A it puts out "NOT no power", or just Power to bank B. implementing a "signal wire" is needed to prevent that exploit.
  13. Interesting information I just found on Wikipedia, not strictly related to 7DTD, except possibly as a tangent:
  14. I also am aware of locking systems that do not require power to stay engaged, but functionally how is this different from a regular non-powered door? I was never arguing that such doors should not exist, just that powered doors that stay locked, and powered drawbridges that stay raised with power would be (marginally) simpler to create.
  15. You mean do I feel hot, squishy, and buttery? not usually. I would direct you to the concept of Maglocks for security.
  16. That would be cool, but logically power should be only required to hold doors closed (or Locked) and bridges up... Open (Unlocked) and Down are both are stable states of being that require no resistance to change. (...and yes, I know that's not how the doors and bridges work currently.)
  17. Possibly, but unlike switches that have an input and an output, AND OR and even NOT would require a secondary input. AND and OR would work like this: Input A Input B \ / Y | Result ...but NOT would need to work like this: Signal Power \ / Y | Result otherwise you could have a NOT immediately after the power supply which you just leave off for infinite electricity.
  18. Ooo... this gave me a interesting idea for a "Special Infected" who, when is within a certain range makes the lighting fade out a bit more, so that Outside would fade to inside ambient, and inside ambient to maybe a darker set still. I would hope the effect could not stack however or late gamestage horde nights could be hard as hell. Additionally, does the transition away from Gamma mean that the issues with maps being blown out bright (likely due to the Gamma system) has been solved?
  19. Nah I just have an older sister that used to drag me around the house by my hair... until I got older and finally got the reach advantage on her, at which point it was no fun anymore I guess. or a Legendary Item.
  20. Wait... Have you SEEN @madmole's ARMS, @Jost Amman?
  21. Reminds me of the quad barrel shotgun from the Phantasm movie series:
  22. @Strask, I do like your method of RPG character building, and yes, it is very similar to my own approach when I am creating a character to play in a game. The approach that I outlined earlier is more of the approach that I take when designing NPCs to populate games that I am running for my players. As you say your method is longer but more rewarding to explore during gameplay, whereas the method I mentioned is quick to use for spontaneous "Is there anyone else on the elevator?" questions, and is good enough for what will likely only be a brief inclusion but detailed enough to be a starting poi
  23. I've never cared for point buy (As a 40+ year vet of Pen and Paper RPGs) ...It may be politically incorrect, but people just aren't balanced in the real world. You get the guy that played the Mountain in GoT that can shot put a washing machine and Geena Davis who can remember exact details of every day of her life (and is in Mensa), and then you have people like myself. The Roleplay is in the HOW of the stats... C'mon. Be Creative! Low Charisma? Maybe you smell bad, Or Talk with in annoying pitch, OR are too gruff, OR Maybe have a habit of blurting out things that are bett
  24. As long as it's from a mason jar... Amirite? :-D
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