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I was digging around in my game settings this morning and found a file named UserOptions.ini and thought "Cool, maybe I can set options here instead of in the Steam interface..."


However, when I opened the file I found this:

This file is no longer used for overriding settings. All 7 Days To Die settings can be
found and changed in the registry under the key:
You can directly open RegEdit on that key from the game launcher on the tools tab.


... interesting... but my Linux system does not have a registry, nor would anyone running on MacOS. This just seems like a misdirected attempt to "optimize" at the expense of usability on other platforms.

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It used to be the file where all of your game options for video, sound, and keybinds were stored.  I'm not sure where that is for Linux/Mac, but you wouldn't be able to change it much outside of the options that are already available in the client.  The only time I've ever needed to use these settings are when I'm testing a non-standard resolution.

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