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  1. Just wanna say thanks to the creators of all these POIs, having alot of fun playing again.. Always get burnt out on 7days faster and faster with each time i return and i think its because no matter whats updates the POIs are pretty much the same and it gets boring faster but not this time thanks to these making the game feel fresh again Personal favs so far are the Nuclear reactor (although the bears at the end man...) Fedual/Olden time town The huge amusement park was awesome A mine where it just kept going further down and was huge but really fun to explore Eden Shopping centre was awesome but those dog packs damn All in all, Cheers 😃
  2. Download nitrogen and you can customise most things there, i use a POI compo pack (its in the mods sector of forum to download) and am loving it. highly recommend.
  3. You say begging, but i dont see you on your knees
  4. night all the time increase difficulty every 7 days snow only map rwg (nitro) few ive done before
  5. no, ruins the moment and danger of a long distance trip if you know you can teleport back
  6. Nice but im a rebel and dont use coasters. yolo
  7. -Nos Kit -Hydraulics -Straight fire machine gun -Colour/Decal Options -Super Beam Lights -BiggerTank -Fuel Efficiency kit -Bomb dropper (mostly gyro) -Increased storage
  8. Make the zombies run a gauntlet of traps, i have a raised pillbox base where the z have to run up some stairs and along a split platform to reach the pillbox, its now littered with blade traps. Set up blade traps so they slice as they run past and put electric fences in the same place to maximise dmg. I have sledge turrets to knock them down so they have to re path back up and now i have blade trap pit at the bottom too. Make sure the path back to you is easy, my fall pit makes it so that they pretty much never go after foundations. I put iron spikes on the roof and dont even see vulturse during hordes now. Next step for me would be auto turrets and dart traps but they are more expensive to utilise than blade traps and electric fence. I also save stuff like recog for horde nights and once they build up zombies that make it to my pillbox opening i drink it and push them back by expending losts of ammo with my best weapon. Explosives work really well if you can force them to group, if i carried on with that game i would of build some sort of side corridor on that i could go along and shoot some explosive arrows. Motolovs great for grouped up z's but once its a horde of radiated you need to assist the burn dmg because its not enough. Also when it comes to placing spikes around make sure you dig one block down around the walls like a spike moat kinda, otherwise once one spike is broken the rest are redundant because they will just path into the space where the broken one was. Another tip is keeping a repair tool in your belt so that once a block looks fairly dmged just switch to it repair and youre safe again ^.^ Good Luck ! TDLR: Well placed traps and more of them, Utilise choke points, Reinforce hotspots or places you know they hit, Use consumables, Anti Rad mod is a good help too.
  9. Just watched new JaWoodle vid, wedges still work! just need half blocks on top to funnel them in.
  10. Same here man gave up having a combined base in a17. My main base now is just a POI revamped to look nice, only traps are dart traps above 2 doors on pressure plate so i can burn as much as i want and screamers all die. Taking over POI for horde also, fire station is great go roof take out 2x bulletproof window and watch as they fumble around inside, if im in trouble for ammo i remove ways up and go chill up a skyscraper. I kind of miss having combined base, it gave me more of a reason to fight otherwise theyd get to my stuff but this way no risk if POI falls its hop off and to a nearby prepared one(basic). I know people said this alot but a16 was kind of the sweetspot for me, nice perimeter zombies from all sides not queing up like wtf. So wish they had found a way to expand on THAT when the a16-17 transition (hell just adding demolishers, spitters and some more to that would have been nice) I mean i still enjoy the game and i think next play ill do a horde base but turn block dmg to 75% on horde. The last horde base i had in a17 they were ripping through forged steel walls fairly easily and it wasnt worth the time.
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