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  1. Thanks guys Now another question if I decide to use POIs created by PEEPS that are the independent POIS how do I go about getting the # part for the lines in the list?
  2. So like so skyscraper_01,93,134,87,-1,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,city/town,downtown,required,, skyscraper_02,47,66,76,-1,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,city/town,downtown,required,, skyscraper_03,83,78,84,-2,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,city/town,downtown,required,, skyscraper_04,54,59,40,-1,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,city/town,downtown,required,, trader_bob,41,27,46,-1,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,wilderness/city/town/rural,any,required,, trader_hugh,45,28,49,-8,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,wilderness/city/town/rural,any,required,, trader_jen,43,24,41,-1,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,wilderness/city/town/rural,any,required,, trader_joel,35,32,35,-1,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,wilderness/city/town/rural,any,required,, trader_rekt,37,24,37,-1,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,wilderness/city/town/rural,any,required,,
  3. I solved the problem but what I wanna know with the Traders Both Vanilla and MOdded is there a way to be sure to get 1 of each at a minimum? other then keep on genning maps
  4. The error im getting seems just like the ones posted above and about WOTW but the fix didnt seem to work for me
  5. Can anyone here help me figure out what is going on with my WOTW list I am following in the discord too have renamed the prefab files for all traders and such like it says and updated it on my list im using as well but still no dice I could really use some help plz and ty
  6. I have my mod soup which works all nice and good But it seems all the full mods Im trying it keeps saying I havent DL the mod and asks me to do it. What is going on? Dont recall ever having this issue in the past and then when I do what I need to get in the mod then has a TEMP Mods folder
  7. That is what im saying Kyonshi, We have Wooden Club Bat Steel Club Which is all fun and good but the Bat taking forged Iron to craft but scrapping to wood makes no sense to me,
  8. Ive been wondering something since 19 i think. The Baseball Bat took the place of the iron club right? If thats the case as it does take forged iron to make why does scrap only to wood ? Intented ? Weirdness?
  9. Didnt seem to do anything , this is just plain weird...
  10. In my garden I have 2 or so spots I cant place anything anymore and Im not sure y , there doesnt seem to be a ghost block or anything but I wish I could solve this problem and not restart to fix it. Ideas to fix?
  11. No The mushrooms dont need to be a plot they can be inside ur base on the ceiling or anywhere I somehow solved the issue for now I wonder if the problem is there is an invisi block at 2 high and if that is the issue how do i get rid of it?
  12. I dont think its missing maybe all jumbled lets try to clear it up.. 1. I had an issue of wall of red text for Null reference while outside in my garden.. (Not sure what caused but seems to have resolved) 2. There are still 2 blocks at the very least in the garden area that allows me to place Farm Plots and Wood Frames but I cant place any plants on either ( Frame is for Mushrooms and another plant brought in by a mod that follows the same logic of Mushrooms). I have tried digging down either 2 or 3 blocks and replaced them to see if that would help no luck Logfile - the pastebin thing?
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