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  1. I tried creating a map in RWG. Things seemed fine but there was an issue of crazy roads again and trees and roads. One thing I noticed also is in PREGEN's 6k map specific is one of the HUghs have plants and stuff growing right in Travel paths as well namely right in front of the door. What is causing this to happen and is there a way to avoid it?
  2. I see there is a 4k option for maps again yet whenever I try I get red text anyone have any advice
  3. Tallman & King & Others I have map files for a 4k is it easy enough to just resize those to do the other sizes or do I need to redraw from scratch?
  4. I solved my issue to get a world to work atleast but now I have a question is there things in the POI list we can remove that isnt needed I have all ready gone thru and got the signs, bridges , NAV only stuff , but can u remove anything else like the STONES and stuff or will that lead to no big boulders?
  5. Ok , I need a bit of a hand. I updated KG and stopped using the required tag , and altered it like i was supposed to but otherwise my list is the old school list but Im getting the .PY list of errors any advice. Do I really have to go thru and regen the whole list ?
  6. I havent Generated new lists since KG updated and removed the required and unique tags. Is the list totally borked or just the lines using those tags?
  7. I have a question, Is it impossible to use the same map when you have a mod with special POI or when you add POIs ? For example I need to have a special map for WOTW it cant be the same as the mods that only have Vanilla POI?
  8. I was trying KG and wasnt really liking it as much as Nitro was hoping the In Game was better LOL. BFT -I thought SNOW north and Dessert South was a thing
  9. Im thinking about giving the in game RWG another go but I have a couple concerns first... 1 - Is SNOW - North and Dessert - South still a thing? 2 - If I wanna use special POIs do I just need to make sure there in the folder for the given MOD I want them for in order for them to be seen? 3 - is it possible to use the same map / layout for everything and have the only thing different be the possible POI's?
  10. so an EXample would be Trader_Name, Location/Rotation Stats, Biomes, Citys, Zones, Min=1?
  11. I have yet to fully read thru the update but is there still a tag or setting to use to make sure of atleast 1 in the case of Traders and Certain POI?
  12. If we update KG can we use it to Generate a Proper formatted List of POIS ? in the case of ones we add or for a mod?
  13. KingSlayer or anyone whose been making maps awhile Ive gotton used to map making but Im curious is there a trick to the Water and making sure nothing is spawning in it ? I currently do - Height Biomes Cities I sometimes get Trees in my water , Grass and Stones and stuff are also showing in the water too , I find all this odd am I missing something?
  14. IS there anyone who has issues with trees being in water and growing out of the water ? I thought I fixed it but I just went into a world and it has trees in the water
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