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  1. I plant all my crops at the same time and I have a few that dont seem to grow at the same rate as the others. First off I know Mushrooms are a different time all together. However the others should be all the same or at the very least the same crop should pop at the same time if planted at same time.
  2. That would be nice, i did give it a chance but it wasnt up to date as it needed to be plus I also altered the shards one so u dont lock and need both the perk and schematic
  3. Cant seem to get the shard one to even work in my game without throwing red text. Edit - got it to work and I notice that it brought an iron hoe back which I wonder if I could remove and this modlet seems a bit more then what I wanted I wanted to leave book/schematics/Unlocks alone but just add the ability to craft those hard to find books/schematics
  4. My First inquiry was a way to track the schematics the same way the books can be tracked in window. My Second Inquiry was a way to craft the missing Books & Schematics instead of hunting forevers (The Shard Option of the two you posted may cover this nicely)
  5. Is there a modlet that has all include Books and Schematics in the game , so they can be tracked like the normal series of books. Also would be nice if it would be possible to use un-needed /rereadable books/schematics to get ones you dont have . IF anyone would help me out that would be great
  6. Yah Khaine had it with his original stash button modlets but with the TFP release of the Stash Buttons Khaine had to do just a lockslot one which he did. The conflict you expierenced was because u may have been using Khaines Stash buttons when the Main game had them
  7. Hey Sphereii, I know the Modlet isnt listed here but Im using your Peace of Mind but Im noticing yellow text with 19 Stable , Havent Teleported to any POI in question to see if it still works despite. BUt the Yellow Text mentions something about DMT
  8. Hey Jax just a Q Does your Trash Piles one leave the white metal bins ?
  9. @Morggin I think a good rule of thumb for that is if there are custom / Non Vanilla Images involved then both should have . Someone can correct if Im wrong
  10. I love Nitrogen alot, is there an easy way to keep the POI list up to date especially right now with all the experimentals?
  11. Kyonshi, Khaine made one that is just the lock slot and doesnt have any overlap that i noticed
  12. Am I imagining it or did the bag used to remember spots when you picked up ur bag after a death ? IF it did , it doesnt seem to remember them anymore ? Bug ? Bad Memory ?
  13. I was talking the sorts and the lock I love the fact that u adjust pack mule and pocket mods accordingly
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