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  1. Always keep it in a safe space aslong as it doesnt fall out, never know when it could come in handy in a pinch
  2. Time to use honeycomb walls instead of just rows or blocks directly next to each other. I agree that incased blocks shouldnt take damage though. So if you have a 3 deep wall, the middle layer could be getting worn and you might not even know about it? And you wouldnt even be able to repair it without breaking the blocks infront/behind Ill be checking this out more when i get chance. =) If intended, an area repair would be nice, a return of the fixer perk but different hmm
  3. I miss seeing the morning after the night before huge pile of corpses but it did get a little old after while, i think the thing i miss most about it was easy access to clothing on the go, if i was in snow biome but forgot warm clothes you could kill a lumberjack or 2 and usually get somehting warm from them which was nice. Id like to see different tier loot bag drops likeeee green 10% chance amber 5% red 1% with red giving best loot. but they did it for performance as well i think so adding more bags kinda defeats the point
  4. Im glad you having trouble with them, if they didnt cause trouble there wouldnt be any point adding them to the game. By day 42 you should be pretty locked and loaded anyway. I dont use seperate gun with AP just change my normal ammo on the Mg42 to AP when i see one and focus it. If you hit the c4 its not great but if it didnt have it then itd just be another zombie skin. Failing that you can edit HP and DMG easily in the xml?
  5. just dig out the ground for them and put them down and boom, back to immersion. And an added plus if you put them between block the top edge meets up and they look alot neater than before. when you used to put soil down a block isle it looked bad because the edges never met up but now meet thx to plot. I did like the old system a little more but this is ok too. My biggest gripe was the nerf to living off the land and no longer going upto 5? and capping at 3 =/ Although its now nice to get those 3 from "wild crops" which is nice and reduces the need for you own farm to be mahoosive =)
  6. Hello all im having trouble getting stock of nitrate powder, is it only lootable now? or are their surface boulders i just havnt found. Only biome ive not explored much is snow so unless the surface boulders are in snow and just havnt found them then its only loot??
  7. I was getting this and wonderd what happened too, was using an old save from older build so chalked it up to that, glad to see that other people making new saves didnt rectify ot so i know i havnt wasted time doing it myself lol.
  8. Im running i7 6700, gtx960 4gb, 8gb of ram and am at pretty much limit of my ssd and still getting in the range of 40-60 on default medium settings. i have noting else running only 7D when i play and i keep system very clean. only time i tank is when i open character page but its always been like that for me (drops to 10-20) so i only go on that when im in a safe space lol
  9. i just fancied more z's in the wild regardless if its update time or not, didnt think it would be an easy edit but I read otherwise. Anyone know where it is to change in the xmls?
  10. can you point me to where? probably do this from the get go in a18
  11. @ Joe thanks for copying what ive already read, dont see how decorations and a better looking mountain is RWG specific. @ Falloutcloud Thats more what i was after, 70 new POIs sounds cool. Glad to say bye to the radio tower cities lol. I only ask because each update im torn between starting in rng or navez. and imo a17 rwg was abit of a mess thanks for your time
  12. I looked before posting but all i can see it "+improvements to RWG" just wondered what they are esp since release is close
  13. Hello is there any news on improvements to RWG for 18? Or changes to Navez? sorry if i missed it but this thread is huge.
  14. Return of the other custom lights please?! I used to the the old light called industiral or something light but now all there seems to be is the crappy light bulb light (minus the spotlight ofc but they just damn bright lol) And when you put the crappy light bulb light on something it looks like there;s a gap between it and the block its just meh i dont like them lol. Some level gate reductions would be nice Maybe more focus on the perk for synergies, i feel like the perks are too standalone. not sure how just an idea.
  15. Yep having a break too. Playing the new Ark map atm and loving it lol. I had a nice play through in exp, 17.2 and i had another long game in 17.4 where i tried out the farming mod which was fun. Been checking back every now and again. But yeah am done with 17
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