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  1. night all the time increase difficulty every 7 days snow only map rwg (nitro) few ive done before
  2. no, ruins the moment and danger of a long distance trip if you know you can teleport back
  3. Nice but im a rebel and dont use coasters. yolo
  4. -Nos Kit -Hydraulics -Straight fire machine gun -Colour/Decal Options -Super Beam Lights -BiggerTank -Fuel Efficiency kit -Bomb dropper (mostly gyro) -Increased storage
  5. One step forward and two steps back, nobody gets too far like that
  6. I usually only got into the perk upto 2 block jump instead of fully for pretty much that reason lol its a wacky perk ha
  7. You have a big backpack sir! Nice idea tho. As for the 4x4 its my fav but i go non vanilla and edit the speeds so the 4x4 is the fastest so i have a good reason to get it. Also gave it more torque (forgot how, but it feels that way) so its actually the all terrain vehicle advertised and funny enough i tend to get caught on terrain more on the bike than the 4x4. Unless youre sitting on recommended requirements or below cant see any reason not to edit the vehicles to make em faster as i think the reason they are so slow imo is performance
  8. Make the zombies run a gauntlet of traps, i have a raised pillbox base where the z have to run up some stairs and along a split platform to reach the pillbox, its now littered with blade traps. Set up blade traps so they slice as they run past and put electric fences in the same place to maximise dmg. I have sledge turrets to knock them down so they have to re path back up and now i have blade trap pit at the bottom too. Make sure the path back to you is easy, my fall pit makes it so that they pretty much never go after foundations. I put iron spikes on the roof and dont even see vulturse dur
  9. Tough one, as pure fast travel id say no. If you had to pay for travel say 6hrs per travel or pay a resource toll maybeee. Still lean towards no though but am overall undecided so didnt vote
  10. I liked gun parts and it made it special to get that last part you needed to finally make your smg/sniper. Liked the combining to improve parts and the degrade system that was in place when gun parts were a thing. What i didnt like was raiding a full on military base and only leaving with 1 or 2 crappy parts. Gameplay vs Realism?
  11. I do miss parts of LBD, it was part of the magic of the version i fell in love with 💔
  12. I think he is a good candidate for a zombie to be hiding in bed =D Hes got them come to bed eyes imo
  13. Liking your designs coming in past few days and this one too. I wouldnt wanna see him as part of the horde but maybe a "special trader quest" for a zombie that's terrorising trader Joels trade route or his casino. Or even maybe he could be something the future bandits have on a leash. Just a thought.
  14. Never really had a problem with them to be fair, on horde nights ill have 2-4 turrets(the only thing i use turrets for) aimed into the air they usually just drop down from the sky dead before attacking me. Rarely have to reload them aslong as you stop them from targeting zombies. I do agree its abit @%$*#!ed that you cant outrun them on a motorbike but i get why its like that way, before the realism vs game-play dialogue fires up again
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