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  1. Hi, I've clicked on the Discord "link" on page 1 but all it does is increase the size of the image. There doesn't seem to be a link to Discord there. Also, can anyone please advise on a small issue I have? I'm trying to craft a cutting board so I can make the food station but I don't know where to craft it. I have the right ingredients and the recipe is unlocked but I don't recognise the station symbol that tells me where it should be crafted and there's no description to tell me either. I'm hoping someone has already cracked this puzzle and can help me 🙂 Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help or give some advice on issues I'm having with the mod launcher. Quite simply, it doesn't run the mods I've downloaded. I've downloaded War of the Walkers and Darkness Falls and the downloads and installs seemed to go ok. I launch the mod, allowing it to auto update, and all that seems to go ok too, no errors shown. However, when the game launches, it's the vanilla version and not the mod. The game is updated to A19.2 and I'm running the stable version. I've no idea what the problem could be or what I'm doing wrong, can someone please help? Thanks in advance.
  3. Still suffering the same issue here too :-(
  4. Lol, I know what you mean, you always think it's just you when something goes wrong and there's always relief when you find others having the same issue :-) I have a GTX1050 installed but, again like you, it has no problems with other games or other mods via the mod launcher. In answer to Dwal's question, I always pre-sync as that's what the mod launcher says to do.
  5. Same Issue I'm having exactly the same issue using the mod launcher. The game launches and it starts generating the world but crashes to desktop every time. No idea what the problem is or how to fix it. My PC happily plays 5.2 (bigger back pack), and Settler's mod but it doesn't seem to like 5.3 at all. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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