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    MI 17

    This mod is based around the idea of traveling faster. Whether you need to travel to far away places or just to get away from those pesky zombies, this helicopter will get the job done while riding in style. I put together this design from the MI 17 model, re-textured to fit the theme and added particle effects. I hope you all like what I put together. Enjoy! Vehicle Name: Mi-17 3D Model Artist Name: msart@cgtrader.com All Models in this modlet are subject to creative commons License. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ No Models have been altered from th
  2. whats up with the Mod?

  3. Does your forge have a T_Mesh_B tag on all layers in Unity?
  4. I added the BigForge to my game loads up and all but now I can’t enter it in game it has an error message that comes up that it’s not set to an instances ? Would anybody know what I would have to do to open it as a forge ?
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