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  1. You have to add them to the nitrogen prefab list for them to work. It isn't hard but it is very time consuming. You need the numbers from the editor and the nitrogen zones you want them in. The list of zones is near the top. You entry should look something like this. -A19-dwalls_Farm_Cocoa,Industrial;ResidentialOld,0,-1,11,3,13,farm The numbers will be in the editor and the nitrogen zone would be on the end.
  2. Thank's so much Xyth love the Guppy Zombies and was hoping they wouldn't be gone for too long. Your time, effort, and work is much appreciated!
  3. Well thank you for that but a fresh install seemed to work. I used my backup prefabs after install and everything seems fine. Lots of extra work but feel much better now!
  4. No No I updated the 7D2D to 18.4 and all the stuff I had converted in 18.3 with the editor was reverted back to question marks. It messed up all the prefabs I had already converted. I had both the prefabs and the blocks in a back up file but even when I pasted over the converted ones in didn't work. I think the pimps changed something with their blocks. I noticed that this line that I had in 18.3 <property name="Model" value="#@modfolder:Resources/PlantedCocoa.unity3d?plantCocoaGrowing1" /> had changed. Everything is put in a bundle folder now I am thinking it might have something to do with that. Been trying to figure it out all morning and am in the process of doing fresh installs. Thats why I stated I wasn't sure if it was your editor or something they did in 18.4 everything worked find til I updated.
  5. Pille, Could you help me to get this to work again I recently updated to 18.4 and now all the blocks that this converted from 18.3 got turned to missing again. I don't understand why I followed the steps exactly like before and they worked fine before. Now when i try to convert them it freezes on 25% and just closes I am extremely frustrated now. I don't know if it has something to do with the 18.4 update or if its the editor or what. I had everything saved in a backup and even when I put them in to copy over the prefabs with the missing blocks the blocks still end up missing when I look in editor. Not sure what to do. Thanks, Astralweaver
  6. @jdzane - You dont put the folder in the app data. The map generates in Nitrogen output folder and than you copy it to the 7D2D worlds folder, the worlds folder is in the 7d2d data directory, you just copy or paste the nitrogen folder with the name of your world in the worlds folder. When you load up the game pick the map you named. There shouldn't be anything you have to do with a generated worlds folder.
  7. @Jeraal There is a prefablist in the resource folder that comes with Nitrogen its a simple text file. You will need to look up values on all the WOTW prefabs in the prefab editor in 7D2D. --------------This is the Vanilla Location - It is where places spawn when using Vanilla map generator. ---------------------^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^----------------------------------------------------------------------- dwalls_Store_Class,Commercial;Downtown;Industrial, 0,0,32,14,27,industrial < The last place here is where the prefab will spawn in Nitrogen. There are a list ----^^^--------------------------------------------------^^^^^^^--------------of places in the Nitrogen prefab list That you can place them to spawn much ----^^^--------------------------------------------------^^^^^^^-------------like the vanilla list in the first part. Be sure the , and ; are placed correctly. ----^^^--------------------------------------------------^^^^^^^ This is the name of the prefab. -------------------------^^^^^^^<<-The first zero is the rotation to face north. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------The second zero is the Y offset, you will have to look up these ---------------------------------------------------------------------------numbers in the prefab xml file when filling out the prefab list. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------The next 3 numbers are the X,Y,Z numbers and can be found ---------------------------------------------------------------------------When the prefab is loaded in the game prefab editor. They are ----------------------------------------------------------------------------the 3 numbers in the upper right when esc key is active. You will have to go through all the prefabs in WOTW and put the information in Nitrogen prefablist. I just use the vanilla list for mine but it is customizable. Make sure all the WOTW prefabs are in the vanilla prefab directory. I am sure there are other ways to probably do this but this is how I did it and they spawn in Nitrogen no problem.
  8. @Jeraal It is a very time consuming project but not too difficult. First you have to use Pille Prefab editor here https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/...b-editor-alpha to convert the A17 WOTW blocks to A18. There are instructions on how to do that in his thread on page 75, 76, or 77 don't remember exactly which. Then you have to add them all to the prefab list you use to build your worlds. I can explain that better once you get the first part done.
  9. The X,Y,Z value should be seeable in the upper right hand corner of the prefab editor when you have the escape key active. Its the first row of numbers right next to the prefab load options.
  10. This works in A18 you just have to put the icons in the right folder. The new icon folder location is (modname)/UIAtlases/ItemIconAtlas. So instead of an icon folder put the icons in that directory and it should work fine.
  11. @Pille- Thanks for going through all that extra effort wasn't expecting that, really appreciate you attempting to upgrade your program to get it to work. I love the WOTW prefabs. If it doesnt I suppose I can copy the blocks from the block file at some point and /append all the lines if nothing else:)
  12. Oh I was going to mark the m ones so I knew which ones needed changing, however, I must of converted something wrong because the M did not get replaced with A18 blocks. Also, I had the WOTW mod up and non of my WOTW blocks were converted to A18, they all still have ?. I am pretty sure the mod was up when I did conversion, do you have any idea what I missed?
  13. Pille, This turned a ton of blocks to the letter M block is that what it is suppose to do or did I do it wrong? I think all the old blocks got turned to M. This was the first time I gave your tool a shot so wanted to be sure if that was what was suppose to happen. Currently making a list of all the M block prefabs. Will rename the ones without M's with an A18 addition to help keep them sorted. This happened during the process of trying to convert blocks to a18.
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