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  1. Seems to make a lot of sense, thanks for your input!
  2. First image is texture quality 4/5 and the second image is texture quality 5/5 As you can see the difference is huge. I'm not sure if this is a bug or intended, I understand each setting has a different graphical output to deliver the performance but this seems excessive
  3. Bottled water is probably one I can easily name off of the top of my head. I understand that in real life you couldn't easily stack more than 10 bottles of water in a single pile, but with so many uses it's common to have at least 100 bottles of water at any given time, and that's half of a container right there (100 bottles of water being 10 stacks of water) Whatever the argument, I personally just see it as a HUGE quality of life change to change it to 50, or 100. Again, so that I don't get jumped on; I understand it isn't realistic but hey.
  4. @madmole Some of the items stack sizes in the game are quite insufferable (atleast in my opinion) but that aside, are there any plans to revisit this or increase the stack sizes of some items? Realism aside and bringing quality of life up front in mind
  5. That is a perfect explanation, thank you Sir. Also a great feature, you're spot on with what you said.
  6. Aye that says the same as the patch notes I pulled my quote from. So you get a Crit, take infection then it 'heals' on it's own, slowly, but when it gets to 5% it begins doing something else? I don't understand, does it begin at 50 and heal down to 5% then start damaging you?
  7. Can you clear this up please, as I am a little confused (straight from patch notes) "An infection is completely harmless and will even heal on it’s own… until 5%"
  8. Totally agree. I have learned how to use the new melee system quite well and have absolutely no issues using melee against any number of zombies, but it is kinda' broken
  9. In the Alpha 19 dev diary, they have noted that a lot of skills are a waste of time, and will be combining multiple skills with one another, removing and reducing a lot of skills, and reducing most of them to 3/3 instead of 5/5, but squashing all the 'bonuses' in to those levels still
  10. Food is quite hard to come by in Darkness Falls, so I started a 'secret garden' so to speak, right on the edge of the Desert Biome, where it meets the Forest Biome. Enjoy! Orange trees, apple trees, coconut trees. Carrots, tomatoes and potatoes!
  11. Thanks - great mod @KhaineGB
  12. Edit: So I have managed to get my world working and my character inventory/gear is all good, but is reset back to level 1 with no perks, etc (still have zombie kills) I thought this info was stored in the save folder? So, I have changed my D.S. from vanilla 7d2d to Darkness Falls and then exported both my save folder and my world folder, changed the config file paths and that's that.
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