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  1. Some excellent mods here, keep up the great work
  2. Try adjusting UI Scale. Failing that, mess with your resolution.
  3. Please note, in this case I believe an output log is not required. Summary: (A short description of the bug) Game Version: (V1.0 b3xx) -v1.0v309 OS/Version: (Windows / Linux / Mac) - windows Game mode: (MP host / MP client / SP / Client on Dedi, RWG or NAV) - MP dedi EAC on or off? -on Status: NEW Bug Description: -iron node spawned at the base of a telegraph pole causing it to partly spawn and only spawn part 1x block away, causing it to float Detailed steps to reproduce the bug: 1) totally random Actual result: (description of what is occurring) -see bug description Expected result: (what you expect to occur) Link to Pastebin Output Log N/A
  4. Ensure that your sensitivity isn't set to zero, I've seen that one a few times
  5. I had a little bit of feedback that I meant to post a couple of days/weeks back, however you seem to have fixed them in the comments on previous pages. I have to give credit excellence on your feedback and improvements, great job.
  6. Worrun

    I Am Legend

    Looks like a really exciting and challenging mod, right up my street! ..however, the removal of HL mod and NVG puts me off a bit. The weapon flashlight is garbage and I hate it. Is the hand held flashlight still in?
  7. Not that I have difficulty, I'm a seasoned modder - but the README should have basic installation instructions. Testing the mod now, if it's any good I'll run it on our server, feedback to come.
  8. Amazing work, and the details are excellent. Well done
  9. If you're using any zombies mods, some are prone to doing that because of their /coding
  10. I've seen this mod, am yet to test it but it looks really interesting. The environment is really lacking out there in the wilderness
  11. I can do this myself, thanks for the advice. However, please consider the feedback for everyone else in your future updates/mod packs. Keep up the amazing work
  12. Excellent mod well done, it's a new staple on our server - HOWEVER - can you please make a version where the guns are a little quieter? They are extremely loud
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