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  1. Got any links? Can't find any up to date videos
  2. As someone who has spent over 600 hours in Darkness Falls alone, as a potential downloader of this mod I'd love to see some images and videos in the OP
  3. I've never in my 1000+ hours done a T5 Skyscraper quest, total waste of time - unless you were planning on clearing the tower anyway. Now, I mostly do T5 quests if they're Fetch 😛
  4. The client's ping to the server is too high. (In testing, higher than 70ms ping to a large map can cause this.) - Possible, as my ping on the server was around 170ms The client doesn't have enough RAM and CPU power to process the map data. (either because the map is too large, or because the client's hardware really sucks.) - Plenty of RAM and CPU The EAC ban occurs after 15 minutes downloading - From what I found, it was kicking after only 6 minutes of downloading and this was done many, many times
  5. Mr Reach was kind enough to turn off EAC for 10 minutes for me to download the world and log in, the only way I could find a fix for the issue. Thanks for trying to help though, I really appreciate it!
  6. After a bit of fault-finding we gave that a try, but I am still only getting to the mid 70's in download percentage. I will ask the admin if they can turn off EAC for me to get in initially, from then on should be fine.
  7. Hey all, When yoi join a new server your client downloads the world from the server. If you cannot download this within 6 minutes, EAC sees you are *sus* and kicks you, and bans you for 10, 13 or 15 minutes. How can I get around this? I am trying to join Reach Gaming's Patreon server so disabling EAC isn't really an option. I have a Desktop PC at home, with the best connection available in my *very rural* area. Never had this issue before with over 1,000 hours played - but this 6 minute thingy is causing my issue now. Any
  8. Downloading this now, gunna' give it a go.
  9. What a great idea! I'm not currently playing Dfalls because of the new changes in vanilla, I want to fully experience them first. This mod however, adds/changes the things I like! Perhaps make zombies walk-only too? For that *true* Romero experience, to go with the headshot-only thingy
  10. Thanks, got it now. Because it said "hotfix" I thought it was just a small patch to add to the main files =]
  11. Where's the actual download link for CP45? There's only a link for the hotfix, which is 200mb. The main file isn't listed, unless I'm being a derp?
  12. Not sure what else to say. It's for my private/personal single player game so editing files isn't an issue. Thanks in advance.
  13. You're very welcome. I literally spent 10 hours or so trying to figure it out and by the end, I knew, that others would have the same issues.
  14. mert ya birds a kin 'lag kid. doon be gassin' lyk. :L wats ur msn lad al fkin mangle ye
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