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  1. Pretty annoying that the OP never mentioned installed mods from the outset-- not to mention having A18 version mods installed into an A19 version game. "65-year old gamer" is not really an excuse to not know that you can't stick a CD into a VHS player hoping that the two versions can somehow work.... or maybe I should say that you can't put an cassette tape on a record turntable and hope to make any music.... 😜 Before you went through all the trouble of trying to paste your output log and a screenshot did you even try Beelzybub's suggestion of deleting your Mods folder? Turns out h
  2. Turns out it was good that you did. The official word is that 7 Days to Die does support the Family Sharing feature and that it is working properly. Alloc checked on it when I brought it to his attention. Sorry for my earlier dismissal. You were correct. TFP didn't pull that at all. Now you just need to figure out why you can't get it to work.
  3. But....what if someone steals them before then....?
  4. A support ticket on this doesn’t exist currently. I handle those tickets and am up to date. Something must have gone wrong—possibly when we switched forum platforms. I can ask but I’m pretty sure the answer you got from an official Steam rep is more reliable than random reports from people claiming it works for them.
  5. But how do we ADD BACK IN the whispering we used to hear in the plains....? Oh...and the distant trumpeting roar sound as well...
  6. lol...I'm going to trust the word of the Steam customer service rep who gave you the facts about the Steam Family Sharing feature of the Steam website. Why ask further from random community members who are only going to speculate when you got the official answer from the official source? Because you didn't like the answer? Steam CSPs are rubbish apparently...
  7. I can't see any place to search for published docs on that site. Do you have a direct link to your doc? Also, that tool belt looks modded or just completely glitched out.... Are you using a mod for your interface?
  8. Wouldn't matter. Madmole already clarified his position on this "once and for all" but people always go dig up whatever quote they want to use to stir things up. He could answer you right now and in six months some other guys will bring it all up again and go back to the original quote ignoring what Madmole answers you here and now. On the internet, with trolls at their keyboards, there is no such thing as "once and for all".
  9. Try cleaning your savegame folder. Start the game from your library like normal but when you are given the two options to either play or show the game launcher, choose show the game launcher. In the game launcher there is a small tab that says tools. Select that. In the tools window choose to clean your data and check every box. Then select to clean. Now try starting a new game using Navezgane as your map but make sure to name it something different than you have used in the past. Do not use the default "New Game". If that works then try startin
  10. Gazz is saying that some random number of zombies have been intentionally coded by TFP to be "dumb" and not path to the player following the most efficient way. It isn't a glitch in their behavior that we can excuse by coming up with an imaginative justification. Not that it is a bad practice to do that to help one's immersion at times-- but in this case there are going to be some that can path straight to you unerringly through a complex maze--even taking into account pathways you didn't anticipate and others that can't even walk through an open door to get you and will instead just start des
  11. I don’t see a problem either. It is just a different feel. I’m fine with making different choices in order to create a different play experience. Just not taking certain perks is exactly what I do and I have fun that way. But before we had perks of any kind we had the books which were a placeholder system. And in that system the way your play experience was changed was not by refraining from taking this perk or that but simply what luck would have it. I don’t see the current system as a problem— just a different feel and I wouldn’t want the old way to come back as the default system
  12. Agreed. I would like both of those as well. Also a Kevin Bacon/Michone mashup playable character.
  13. Sounds like it could be an interesting mod. Switching from perks to recipes would be a nostalgic change back pre-A14.
  14. Yes....but my goal isn't to eradicate all negative feedback and criticism so we are at odds and barking up different trees.
  15. Later this week I have a new computer arriving. I'm going from a 960 4gb Ram card, 12 gb system RAM, and regular HDD to a 1660 6gb card, 32 gb system RAM, and a SSD. But I'm going to give you sole credit for any performance gains I see when I boot up the game again on my new rig... 😉 Awesome! I still think the basic version could be on par with the soldier zombies as far as toughness goes instead of like the other basic zombies. Then the ferals would be that much more badass.
  16. How will I learn if you do it for me? I’ll continue to use my own feeble powers.
  17. I have not deleted a single comment from the dev diary. As I look at your history, @Khalagar I see that most of your comments are still in the dev diary and haven't been moved here at all. I disagree with you about this thread being some backwater never visited dumping ground. I think this thread is well read and conversations worth having do carry on here. Both faatal and Madmole have commented to me that they have read this thread. It isn't that I am trying to create a multi-thread approach. It is simply that the dev diary is meant to be a 95% Q&A thread with 5% conversation
  18. I've been playing for years with a 960 4gb card and rarely if ever experienced a crash due to memory limit. But I also feel like I have configured my game settings at levels appropriate to my card and not to my desires of how I wish the game would look. I even hosted some person to person games and didn't crash (that was pre A17 though).
  19. Sorry but I’m all burned out on LBD convos. I’ll just say that the design you mention would not solve the problem of wanting more unpredictability. It would simply change how the perks were achieved. It would still be deterministic.
  20. The burnt zombie is in and super creepy. Scary enough looking and behaving to be a higher tier zombie like maybe the soldier but it is just as weak as the old model. I wouldn’t be opposed to them beefing it up a bit. Almost reminds me of the skinless terminator so you kind of expect it to be a beast but then it turns out to be wimpy. The dogs are still the same so the new model hasn’t been implemented yet.
  21. You can try sending an email to biz@7daystodie.com
  22. If you don't come and check this thread then for you it will be just like they got terminated. For those who would not like their posts to be terminated and would like to see how others in the community might have responded to them, they can come here to see and possibly comment back again. It's just like if you don't like doing quests in the game. If you don't like doing them... then don't do them. For me, it is neither easier nor harder. There is a button to delete and a button to move and the distance I have to move the mouse and the number of clicks I have to make i
  23. Nope. Biome expansion is not in the cards. In fact, continued biome reduction is in the future when they eventually merge the burnt forest and wasteland biomes into one. They are also going simple and basic as far as water is concerned in order to get the game out the door. Creating submerged POIs and water play such as boating and currents and such are all things they would consider for the sequel. I was hoping that they would add some item degradation else perks and mods (diamond tip) that increase durability don't seem to be that logical either...
  24. I think that the perk system is what mainly ruined the experience of survival by making do with what’ve got. Before the perk system, everything was dependent upon random books. These days, the critical things are governed by perks that are always the same and can always be purchased simply by playing the game and earning points. Books are still random but they govern only extra nice-to-have abilities and items. Forge Ahead is the great example given by both those who loved survival by adapting and making do and those who hated it. You can still do without but it i
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