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  1. What about upgrading a block to something that would cause SI to fail? Is there a visual for that?
  2. The three inspirations for the game from the very beginning were Minecraft, Fallout, and The Walking Dead. From Minecraft we get crafting, unit block building, exploration From Fallout we get post-apocalyptic RPG elements like the traders, quests, and player progression From Walking Dead we get zombies, setting up and defending a base, and survival All of this was in the minds of the creators when they made their plans, did their preliminary prototype for kickstarter and then continued into early access on Steam. They NEVER said, lets build a survival game and then as they continued on added crafting, and building, and RPG elements as appendages to the main idea of survival. They NEVER said, lets make a tower defense game and then tried to mesh in elements of survival and roleplaying as supporting gameplay options. The idea itself was that it would be a hybrid game and they have pursued their goal without deviation from day one. Sure, they experimented with HOW those goals might be implemented and some people became enamored with some of those experiments to the point that they thought that those implementations were the point of the game. For example, Learn By Doing was a method to push player progression and after experimenting with it they chose a more traditional (and much more Fallout-esque) method of central experience pool for purchasing advancements in progression. So their goal of player progression as one of the elements of the RPG genre that they wanted for the game never wavered but the way they implemented it changed-- for better or worse depending on who you talk to Before Alpha 11 there was no RPG elements to speak of other than progressing from primitive tools and weapons to better tools and weapons. Those weapons and tools didn't even have tiers of quality. So for 10 alphas there were no RPG elements to the game to speak of because they had not reached the point at which they felt it was time. In Alpha 11 we got the first push which was that every time we crafted a tool we could craft a better one with a +/- 50 randomizer. For the first time ever in the history of the game "spam crafting" became a thing and it was a huge game changer and the only form of progression in the game. From Alpha 11 until Alpha 16 various forms of progression and experience cocktails were experimented with as well as the role of books and schematics and what advancements could be purchased with points and which would be learned by repeated action. Finally, in A17 the final decision about how players would progress was made and it has been built upon until now. My point in relating this history is that to the casual observer it might appear that RPG elements were not originally conceived to be part of the game but were tacked on later. But this is far from the truth. That this game would be a mix of survival, tower defense, and RPG was planned from the beginning. If past studios have always started with one pure genre and branched out from there then I can definitively state that the approach TFP took was ground breaking because they did not start out at all focused on a single primary genre. But I suspect, that this idea that a studio must start with one primary and all others are secondary to it is a misconception and not true at all. I doubt TFP were the first, although they have been quite successful.
  3. Much of the game used stock assets at one time and those placeholders are methodically being replaced with original assets in anticipation of gold release. Sound will get its turn at some point.
  4. I never claimed 100%. I believe it was 1000%.
  5. Joel plays plenty of A20 and shares his feedback and the changes he wants based upon his plays. He was a major proponent for the block upgrade changes. He hasn’t been an absentee developer for A20.
  6. I don't know that there was much of a change between A18 and A19 in that regard. I think if you follow the A18 procedure with A19 you will be fine but I could be wrong. I'm usually messaged by people who update their tutorials for A19 if it is necessary. But perhaps someone will correct me and say that there are changes. And when they do, I'll ask them why they haven't put up a new tutorial in the past year and a half...
  7. Lets all relax. We all agree that the game is mixed genre and if it helps someone enjoy playing because they believe that out of that mixture there is one dominant genre that the game follows with the rest being sub-genres, there is no harm in that. We don't have to analyze things down to the hundredth of a percent as to whether survival, RPG, and Tower Defense are all at 33.33% represented in the game or if they were all equally in the minds of Joel and Rick when they dreamed it up. I'm sorry for my part in quibbling about whether it is one or three or whatever. My main interest in this conversation is the notion of whether it truly is or is not impossible to develop a game from the start as a true hybrid or whether as the OP asserts you MUST start with one genre and then add in other genres as you go. I don't agree with the OP on this and from my vantage point, I really do feel that the developers have had this mixture of Minecraft (survival, crafting, exploration) Fallout (RPG in an apocalyptic world) and The Walking Dead (Base defense from unending zombies) firmly in their minds from the very beginning. Even though they put off adding the RPG elements for a bit, they were most definitely advertised in the kickstarter campaign at the start. If there have not been very many (if any?) games that have been a well executed mashup like this one in the past then I submit that this game is the ceiling breaker on development of hybrid genres that busts the myth that game developers must focus on one single platform for the game to be successful.
  8. I will say that from the beginning they wanted RPG elements but it wasn't until Alpha 11 that they started really implementing them so for the first 10 alphas the game was mostly survival and tower defense. Since Alpha 11 the RPG aspect has grown in its footprint on the game. So in implementation you could say that they have moved from one to the other.
  9. I do like it a lot better when people come here to ask questions hoping to learn something rather than asking questions that they already believe they know the answers to... Must be the teacher in me. There are two philosophies about experiencing something you previously thought was impossible: 1) "Wow, that's amazing! I need to reassess what I thought was possible." 2) "I know that's impossible therefore there must be an explanation within the realm of what I already believe to be possible." The first leads to growth and new knowledge. The second leads to stagnation and status quo. The first is risky because maybe you are being duped. The second is safe because you don't have to change your perspective. But if you believe the first and end up being wrong then you simply return to your previous state of "what is possible" and if you are right then your idea of what is possible expands. If you go with the second then you will always remain limited to your current pool of knowledge.
  10. And THIS foundation has three platforms. I'm 1000% positive they picked three. (being privy to their development meetings and all) Good to know you don't care since there are three and whichever one of those three YOU pick for your own focus makes you correct for you. In other words if "What is the core foundation of 7 Days to Die" was a multiple choice question and the answers were A) Survival B) RPG C)Tower Defense you could pick whichever the of the three you wanted and you would be correct unless there was a D) All of the above and then that would be the only correct answer. If in your experience no other game has been able to do this then your experience has now been broadened.
  11. That's really not your responsibility so don't stress over it. Your responsibility is to play what is released and find the fun you like to have with it. You could ask five different people what kind of game this is and they will give you five different answers and all feel like they are having fun. If you are having fun with this game as a survival game but then someone tells you it is actually a shooter so you try and play it that way and then don't feel like you are having as much fun then just stop playing it that way and go back to the way you like to play. Its true that as the devs have developed 7 Days to Die certain updates have emphasized one aspect of its hybrid nature. But no update has pulled it so far to one single way to play it that it has taken years to settle back into hybrid territory. In my experience, the game has maintained its emphasis on survival, RPG, and tower defense ever since they started adding RPG elements in about Alpha 11. Sounds like a misconception to me. Or maybe it is every game but one: this one. I think this game has three main cores: Survival, RPG, Tower Defense and I believe the devs have kept those three anchors in place pretty well throughout development-- or at least since Alpha 11. What is interesting is that beginning with Alpha 11 there began to be a huge dissatisfaction from the PvP segment of the community who noticed that things like character progression and tiers of weaponry that were not equally available to everyone from the start really created unfair situations and they wanted TFP to maintain a balanced PvP experience. But, TFP never invisioned this game first and foremost as a PVP shooter and as time went on the game diverged more and more from a game that worked well for PVP. Alpha 10 really was the pinnacle of PvP gameplay before the RPG elements became a stronger and stronger influence on the game. No. The devs from the very beginning stated they were making a game that was "Minecraft meets Fallout meets The Walking Dead". They dreamed of making that game and so it is a hybrid and not one single genre. The fact that you are confused about what the game is because you think it must be one and we all understand perfectly because we accept that it is plural should be proof enough for you. You have always believed that it is impossible for there to be a decent game that splits its focus between more than one genre but I say that something is only impossible until someone proves that it actually is possible. Witness history in the making.
  12. Removed. There is only concrete blocks now. The upgrade from that is straight to steel.
  13. Not quite since we HAVEN’T been living without mods at all for all this time.
  14. You will absolutely adore A20 There are so many new locations to experience--many of which are T4 which I think is the true POI sweet spot and even a few T5s which are also fun every once in awhile or co-op. If you keep to your philosophy, A20 POIs alone will probably secure you another couple thousand hours.
  15. Since you'll never run out of cars I'd say no regardless of your specific question about engines. EDIT: I see I am on the same level with a mastermind. Whew!
  16. As of today it is 816 xp from frame to steel. Upgrade to: Wood = 96 xp Cobblestone = 120 xp Concrete = 240 xp Steel = 360 xp
  17. So you admit your streak of uselessness was broken. Snowdog leads now.
  18. We’re the John’s, Maha. For sure, we’re the Fun Johns.
  19. Console forum is that way...
  20. This thread is for posting guides if you already know how to do something. If you are asking for guidance on how to mod something then you should post that either in the requests and discussion section of the Modding forum or on @Guppycur's discord where a lot of collaboration occurs.
  21. You can probably take that as universal agreement with what Meganoth answered. The question wasn't really a debatable issue question, it was a factual question and once the facts were delivered there wasn't a whole lot of need to belabor those facts by repetition. People like to talk and sometimes a question once answered will spark conversation in a new direction. If the question was never answered then it would be a bad thing but...asked and answered. I doubt this innocuous thread would scare anyone away. More like....attract junior moderators...
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