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  1. I don't know about exploiting or even cheesing but I do agree that it isn't really doing what the trader asked you to do so I would agree a punishment like a downgrade in rep if rep is implemented could be warranted. But how is it an exploit if there is effort put into bringing down the building and you'd be missing out on all the looting? I'd like to see a demolition quest since the game has explosives and buildings can be destroyed. Why not a quest to craft dynamite and place it and bring a whole building down? Maybe once dynamic imposters are solved and implemented so that ther
  2. Try placing your explosives and then run through the building to get everything to spawn. Then trigger the explosives, bring down the building, and see if that works. Could be fun. Might try it myself...
  3. Plus pushing bandits back to "the next alpha" has been a TFP tradition since around Alpha 9....
  4. Now they are working to finish the PC game which is probably about a year out still. Then they will have to negotiate a deal with a publishing company that does console. There isn't anything to prevent them from securing a deal before the PC version is complete so that once they go gold they can immediately turn things over to whatever studio will handle the port. But nobody should expect 7 Days to Die to be a launch title either. Start nagging in 2022.
  5. Everyone is playing! We broke all our records this past week with 39k concurrent players.
  6. And cheat yourself out of that 4:30am grin? Never!
  7. Continuing the joke or you just can't help yourself...?
  8. For decoration value I like the idea of crashed versions of the vehicles we can craft being findable out in the world. They can give as harvest more of the same types of mats that you already find so nothing that would make any difference balance-wise. Seeing a gyrocopter wrecked into the side of a building that wasn't a result of my flying would be cool for once...
  9. Thanks for the ideas! This forum is where such posts belong.
  10. The team just barely got back from vacation and today was their first meeting to discuss tasks going forward. The studio has been closed since just before Christmas. There is no use asking for dates of future streams as they don't want to give a date and then have to postpone. It will happen when it happens usually with a few day's notice.
  11. Difficulty has meant different things over the course of development. It used to control the pace at which player game stage would ramp up but now it no longer does. The reason it was decoupled from difficulty was that loot was tied to gamestage for the first time which meant that a multiplier to increase gamestage no longer made things purely more difficult. Currently, difficulty controls how much damage enemies can take and how often they go into rage mode. The rate of progression is fixed across all difficulties but can be effected for whatever difficulty you choose by a
  12. I just got word that there will be a 19.4.
  13. Rick is talking about a new product that will be created for new consoles. I was talking about the original product as was Madmole. If you read the full press release they say that the current version will get no further updates but that they hope to create a new version based upon the gold version. I highly doubt they will use any part of the one that was based off of Alpha 14 and somehow update that one into the PC Gold version on the new consoles. Any comments by Rick or Joel regarding future console versions are based on their press release and they are talking about ho
  14. See how you had to use the word “somehow” in your sentence? Even you don’t fully believe it. The truth is that the full Gold PC version would never have been able to have been ported because there really was never going to be any somehow about it. They couldn’t even port A15 in its entirety and A16 was only going to be certain elements of it. Madmole did say they would try to make them as equal as possible but that is not the same thing as a promised delivery. The promised delivery was a standalone version of 7 Days to Die based on the Alpha 14 architecture period. Anything more was
  15. How so when the product that was promised was a stand alone version of the game based on the Alpha 14 architecture and what was delivered was that PLUS elements of A15 as well. The truth is that console players got more than they were promised but just not as much as they erroneously expected (if they were expecting parity with the PC version for some reason) I guess that’s why you said many of them FELT shafted. They weren’t. But they felt that way. Unfortunately, there’s no helping what people are going to inexplicably feel.
  16. Sorry, I meant to move the entire conversation but missed some which made it confusing. It is all here now and you are welcome to carry it on. I am not going to dissallow messages that are not addressed to the developers but messages that are not addressed to the developers will be moved out.
  17. I think he took your answer to mean that you were saying they could also stop you from buying the book as well instead of what you really meant-- that stopping you from reading a read book would not help you to not mistakenly purchase an already read book. His answer then makes sense as he was pointing out that you might want to buy it for a friend and then you couldn't. But moot point because that isn't what you were saying anyhow.
  18. Everything will change with outfits. No use fixing the current implementation of any current armor or clothes. It’s a dead end street.
  19. A cool mod would be a tool that let you reorganize the weapons into different attributes before starting the game—like Nitrogen but for the skill tree map instead of the world map.
  20. I guess pick “really bad design” because bedrock to sky height protection is the intended design and assuredly not a bug or a glitch. I agree that for PVP strategies that wish to have a hidden underground base that this design works against you but there are more considerations than simply PvP at work—the main one being structural integrity. If the placement guide shows a boundary that is misleading I would say THAT is the oversight and should be adjusted to send the right message. It never occurred to me because I was around when the lcb was implemented and the fact that vertical p
  21. Back in High School, I believe that was the measure of whether the date was successful or not...
  22. Creamy with bacon bits and french-fried onions...
  23. If anything, this thread will be closed for cycling through the same arguments and repeating the same content already posted several times by people who obviously haven’t read through it all... They also have no intention of changing areas that they intend to be a surprise (even if it only works once) by placing telltale signs that it is coming. They also will not add cosmetic visible triggers for the ambush that might make players think that such areas can be de-activated—which would then result in overwhelming demands for such mechanics. I get that fo
  24. The gamestage number is listed on the allies page of the user interface.
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