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  1. Perhaps...but the man in the high castle will take care of him.
  2. I welcome you anyway. Your recent shift towards thinking about the gyrocopter correctly is more important than any thumbs down or unwelcoming you might give me.
  3. The answer to all of these questions is: alternate universe. There is no Navezgane County in our version of Arizona, hence this is not our universe. In this alternate universe, Navezgane exists, AK-47s are plentiful, Kukri's are called Machetes, and Grandpas can shoot AR-15s during WW2...
  4. Some of us always thought of it that way because we knew what a gyrocopter was and didn't expect a helicopter. If you are starting to come around to the correct way of thinking....Welcome!
  5. This is the key issue. The game is not a shooter where your skill with a mouse or game pad is the be all and end all of hitting the target. You might be 100% accurate with your motor skills and still miss when you pull the trigger because this game has those elements of RPGs where probability based on your stats is also a determining factor. The reticle shows your hit area and your bullet could land anywhere in there. The reticle shrinks based on how long you aim and the stats created by perks and weapon mods. Without that feedback you could just always wait before firing but brand new players would have no idea why they were missing their shots so often.
  6. Not sure tbh It could be that it limits the number of zombies on the map to 30 when the horde spawns and keeps it at a max of 30 for the duration listed. Or it could be the largest horde that can spawn is 30 zombies. Maybe someone wants to experiment.
  7. Okay...they have other priorities right now because the time isn't right for workshop support for the reasons I mentioned. The game can still be modded and those who truly want the mods can figure out how to get the mods they want and so the devs won't spend time on workshop support until after the game is done because they believe that it is good enough the way it is now. With almost eight years of people successfully creating mods and playing with mods, I'd say they are correct and that the game is doing just fine and having a good life with the current placeholder modding system until the developers are ready to do official workshop integration. <shrug> I said "up" so you felt obligated to forcefully say "down!"
  8. It’s more like some USERS badly need Steam workshop in order to be able to enjoy mods.
  9. Steam Workshop is a planned feature once the game is done. Mods break every single alpha update while the game is in development and having those mods on the Steam Workshop where customers expect easy one click integration of mods they want to play only to have every mod broken until the authors of those mods see fit to update them again would not go over well. You’re preaching to the choir but Sunday hasn’t yet arrived.
  10. I’m not sure. They do it to coincide with Prime’s regular streaming schedule. Also, I know what it is you’re trying to get me to help you calculate…
  11. Try playing 19.6... j/k...I guess the question I would ask is are you eating canned food all the time? If so then, yes, you will be managing food a lot more often. If you cook actual meals then you will eat less often and be able to enjoy other aspects of the game more. I would also ask if you are cold a lot and whether you are exerting yourself a lot. Cold makes you consume food faster. Running everywhere, using power attacks a lot, and mining all use up your food faster.
  12. Twitch integration is a twitch feature. Prime made 7 Days to Die work with that feature. He didn't create it and then choose to make it work with Twitch. If YouTube has some kind of audience participation feature like Twitch does then it might be possible to create a version that would work with that platform. Does YouTube have a similar feature to Twitch that the game could hook into? I have no idea.
  13. One lesson we can really learn from the Mayans: They really didn't know @%$# about making calendars...
  14. Just for the record and to help anyone else in the future, could you state the network you were using that did not work and the network you switched to that did work?
  15. As long as its you saying end of October/beginning of November instead of Madmole saying end of October/beginning of November I'm happy to confirm that you said end of October/beginning of November.
  16. He's been waiting all this time for his big batch of A18 Hobo Stew to finish cooking. That's why he wasn't around to find out about A19 Hobo Stew until now.
  17. It will be and I will post a link on the first page of the dev diary.
  18. We are kicking off the A20 Dev Stream Series this coming Wed night Sept. 8th. In the first event, Lathan will Host TFP Co-Founders Richard and Joel Huenink who will be giving a sneak peek of A20 features and some insider news. Tune in at 9 PM CST here: http://twitch.tv/fubar_prime
  19. I can help move your request over to the support forum...
  20. Honestly, it means this month or later. I suspect it could be this month but you just never know. It isn't scheduled on the internal calendar if that is what you'd like to know. They are talking about doing it and agreeing with each other that it is time to start showing stuff so that makes me think sooner rather than later. But there is no commitment to a date yet (not even secretly) so....anything is possible given their schedules and how time flies by when you're busy optimizing code, level designing POI's, fixing bugs, and remodeling zombies. I, personally, think there is plenty that could be shown today that is in good working order! And I'd show it myself if I was ready to be fired.
  21. Dynamic imposters are in for A20. Player alterations to the terrain and buildings as well as player forts are represented in distant terrain. It is awesome in the extreme.
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