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  1. Wow, Liesel...don’t hold back.
  2. Did you come by that boat legitimately or are you an actual pirate?
  3. I noticed the lack of DVD drive but honestly...I haven't used the DVD drive on my current computer in years. I stream all my music and movies and purchase games through Steam or Epic. I stopped using dvds that came packaged with printers and accessories years ago when I noticed that immediately after using the disc to load the drivers it did an online update anyway.... So I started going straight to the websites to download the latest drivers for accessories. For photos we've started scanning in old photos and pay for cloud storage to keep them all as we learned the hard way that photos trappe
  4. I'm also looking to upgrade but in my case I need the whole thing. I'm looking at this. Tell me why I'm a fool.
  5. Zombies usually only dig when they detect a player below them. I'd be interested to know your positions during the bloodmoon. If you were underground below your moat then with their feral sense they would dig down and then over to where you were. Now if you guys were all topside above the level of the moat then it does seem weird to me that they would dig.
  6. What is the comparative speed of cloud saving to HDD saving? The game saves every few seconds. If cloud saving is slower than HD saving it might cause more hitching. SSD are faster than HDD and there is a noticeable difference of less hitching. I'd be curious whether cloud saving is more or less speedy and disruptive.
  7. Ask this in the Darkness Falls thread and you may get the creator of the mod to answer you.
  8. The requirements are in flux right now and kind of a moving target. Everyone has their own standards of what constitutes "playable". One person will play with minimum specs and be content with the level of graphics and fps that they must endure while someone else will reject that as unplayable. If you have high expectations then the recommended specs are probably the minimum specs for you but that doesn't mean that someone can't run the game with the actual minimum specs and adjust their settings to make it playable. I'm certain that once the game goes gold the listed specs for min
  9. This is supposed to be a horror game. If zip ties were included much of the horror of this apocalypse would be gone...
  10. I use an existing POI for everyday living: storage, workstation crafting, vehicle parking, etc and I build from scratch a nearby but separate base for horde night.
  11. We only take optimization questions seriously if they include 7 question marks. You were so close.
  12. Madmole quickly noticed that if he posted screenshots here first he would also still have to post them on twitter but if he posted them on twitter first they would get posted here usually even before he had a chance to do so. It seems pretty natural that he would shift to the method that required less effort. He very much appreciates the fans who repost the images and does not favor twitter over the forums. It just emerged as a simpler method for him.
  13. Who can guess why they click on any particular thread in the forums? But they do read around and mostly lurk when they do other than posting in the dev diary. Why give three weeks ANY credit....?
  14. How? Developers have access to this thread too. They aren’t limited in reading the whole forum. Only that particular thread is limited in scope now. After they read all this here maybe they will direct me to just let the dev diary go back to being Super General Discussions Thread. If they do then I will.
  15. It's not a strawman argument. It is a perfect example of the types of conversations that fill the developer diary if lefted unchecked. What should stay and what should go is also completely subjective. I take it you agree with me that these latest posts would not be appropriate for the dev diary since you referred to them as a strawman, but someone else will feel the vibe is gone if anything is removed and others will say that the last page of this thread is not really indicative of the usual community spirit that pervaded the developer diary in times of yore and others will feel that it was 9
  16. Yeah...what a shame all of THIS isn’t part of the A20 developer diary.....
  17. There is no change to melee moves as far as I know but I do fully expect you to play 7 Days to Die nude more often in A20 so definitely yes on the second question.
  18. I think they would also have to nerf the snow water recipe as well. Would it be possible to have it disappear from your inventory if you leave the snow biome? I can see melting snow for water while in the snow biome but carrying snow around indefinitely, storing it in a crate, and then melting it into water at your leisure is too unbalanced. I won't mention realism since inventory mechanics are pretty fantasy anyway but from a water survival standpoint as you mentioned it would be better if snow could not be removed from the snow biome. At the very least, increasing the amount of snow needed f
  19. Change is hard. You like to talk a lot and the new focus stifles you so I get it. Snowdog isn't going to get to talk about MMA and porn as much so I get his disappointment. You are mistaken if you think that fewer side discussions have anything to do with Madmole posting there less. You are also mistaken that you are only supposed to post direct responses to a dev. You can ask questions about A20 AND respond directly to a dev. Asking relevent questions is how best to encourage interaction from a dev. It's perfectly fine for the dev diary thread to have nothing posted in
  20. Do you want to discuss, debate, and give your opinion about Alpha 20? Do you have a huge list of suggestions for Alpha 20? Do you want to post memes and poke fun at what other users post? Do you want to ask about A19 bugs? Are you wondering where all your posts got moved? This is your ticket to understanding.
  21. Correction....the last on topic post was last Tuesday. There have been plenty of posts since Tuesday but they have been re-routed.
  22. Once you see it you can't unsee it. Like the white arrow between the E and the x in Fed Ex...
  23. I highly recommend Guppy's discord if you have any desire at all learning how to mod 7 Days to Die. The denizens are super helpful-- and learning what they can teach will increase your enjoyment of the game beyond your current comprehension. However.... Guppy hangs out there a lot. Full disclosure.
  24. There is no aim assist natively in the game and there is not likely to be as the way shooting works is that your area of hit probability shrinks and grows depending on whether you are moving or stationary and shooting from the hip or aiming. Aim assist would pretty much defeat that feature. Also, 3rd party utilities that might add aim assist features to the game are likely to set off EAC and get you banned from those servers so I would caution you against using those even if they claim to be invisible to EAC. Of course, if you turn off EAC and play on non EAC servers (or solo) the
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