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  1. There is no aim assist natively in the game and there is not likely to be as the way shooting works is that your area of hit probability shrinks and grows depending on whether you are moving or stationary and shooting from the hip or aiming. Aim assist would pretty much defeat that feature. Also, 3rd party utilities that might add aim assist features to the game are likely to set off EAC and get you banned from those servers so I would caution you against using those even if they claim to be invisible to EAC. Of course, if you turn off EAC and play on non EAC servers (or solo) the
  2. This would explain why I can't reproduce it since I do a full clean with each update including old maps. As I said earlier, diminishing returns for crafting was a feature that got removed and this glitch is probably a remnant of that which will remain if you are playing on an older map. I tried it in A19.4 and then in A20 and could not make it happen at all even with uncle.heavy's perk combination that he mentioned. The reason for this glitch could simply be that those who can do it haven't cleaned out their old data completely. Has anyone who has done a full clean using the tool in the launc
  3. Are you often hungry AND suffer from short-term memory loss?
  4. It is 66% off today on Humble Bundle. Go gather your brother into the fold!
  5. How so? If you can go to a more difficult biome where you can get better loot then as long as you can survive the risk you are taking upon yourself you won't have to slowly build up your character for 50 hours. I mean even with the current progression 50 hours is a gross exaggeration as you start getting better stuff after the first week in game. In the planned one you will be able to get better stuff a lot sooner if you are willing to take the risk. What is the skill that you are saying will be useless? The clear benefit of the planned progression is that risk and rewa
  6. No. They are completely different versions. But not even PS4 and Xbox can be played together even though they are the same version. In fact, not even two PC players can play together if one has 19.3 and the other 19.4.
  7. Art of Mining #5 I just tried it and got no xp from crafting the packs. In A17 there were diminishing returns of xp earned for crafting anything but that was later removed. So I'm sure that this was a thing as of A17 and perhaps into A18.
  8. Most likely a glitch involving the timer that tracks their lifespan in the game. Just watch to see if it keeps happening and if so report it with your output log attached.
  9. Such things don't even occur to those of us with a pure heart... Which is why Snowdog most likely has the right of it...
  10. I dunno...since our first year of marriage my wife has asked that I please just lay out my clothes on the bed before we go on a trip and let her pack the suitcases because she believes she can pack stuff so much better than me and that I do it just plain wrong. There might be something to it... or maybe I figured out how to play dumb to get out of packing for trips....
  11. Not so much that they changed their minds as that they have short release cycles as an ideal they aspire to. We all know that in large studios there are executives that set deadlines and expect the game to be released on time no matter what: finished or not. The allure of being part of an independent studio is that you don't have that atmosphere of being under the gun to meet a release date or lose your job. Instead of being forced to release unfinished work, TFP can just delay the release date and keep working until it is finished to their satisfaction. Literally, "It's done when it's done".
  12. This is why developers are loathe to share roadmaps. No matter how much people assure them they understand that it is simply a plan that can change and shift as time goes on, when something doesn't turn out to follow the plan, people get bothered. You'll notice the heading for that first post clearly says Alpha 20/21 roadmap-- meaning any of the listed features could slip to Alpha 21 if there isn't time to get them done for Alpha 20. So...yes, the feature is listed on the first page and yes, no work has been done on it yet. Just so everyone is also clear: Fe
  13. I can confirm! I added some structure to the Shotgun Messiah factory and then flew away and no matter how far away I got my additions were still visible. Then I razed half of it to the ground and flew away again and the new status showed true no matter how far away I got. There were a few glitches as I got closer again with the previous state popping in and out but for sure it is very cool to see actual distant models that accurately represent changes in the world! Now...will PVP players appreciate bases being visible from kilometers away....?
  14. Thicken up the the walls on the three sides you don't want them to attack and they will be more likely to attack the one you want them to. There will be some random numbers who won't go to the weakest spot but most should.
  15. Here are some tips if you're interested in changing what you are doing: Keep 3 blunderbusses on your belt. Kill every chicken and rabbit you see. Don't ignore them. The meat will add up. Venture out first thing in the morning to hunt as larger animals like deer are more likely to spawn at night and live into the morning. Sell all armor except for padded armor. Make your own padded armor to fill in the gaps. Until you level up and take some perks and gain some armor mods to help, wearing "better" armor is just going to slow you down, suck away your stamina, and bu
  16. Yes, but if the devs are eventually able to increase the speed of the vehicles to keep up with world updates the zombie vultures will be sped up as well to match. In other words, the comparative speeds of vehicles vs vultures is intended regardless of how actually fast or slow they are. Depends on how many hopes and expectations you have injected into the word "support".....
  17. Yes they do have much higher speed than living normal vultures. They also have a much greater hatred for vehicles than living normal vultures. You should think of them as zombie vultures rather than vulture vultures. The Blood moon does lend strength and super powers to the zombies during its influence. The zombie vultures are much faster on bloodmoon nights than they are at other times. They have extended the range of the Field of View from where it used to be locked. The range they picked is limited by the occlusion of the world and not wanting players to see things pop
  18. Thanks everyone. Especially the first posts. I was able to make a few adjustments.
  19. Remember that I want to see if the forum is filtering properly. We already know people can misspell cuss words in order to circumvent the filter. That's why there is a rule against doing that. There was a post in which some words were spelled properly and were not filtered and it was from a first-time poster.
  20. Amusingly enough there is no rule agains swearing. The rule is simply that if you are going to do it then please watch your spelling so the @%$#ing filter can change your @%$# into @%$#.
  21. Our swear filter is being weird so it’s time for some science. Come in here and swear at me. Hopefully we will figure out the issue and you can receive some much needed catharsis. If anyone has been lurking for a long time and all you’ve been waiting for is permission to unload on me, then this is your chance. We want to see if there is a glitch with first time posters for sure so don’t be shy. Correct spelling only, wise guys!!
  22. I have 3 pipe shotguns on my tool belt that say “Blunderbuss Who?” Loudly.
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