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  1. Welcome to Pestily streaming from Australia in English
  2. No. You will have to play an older version like A10 to regain that feeling. 10km is the current max world size for A20. Maps are now pregenerated and since you can't pregenerate infinity, that method of world generation is no longer supported. I'm not sure if this is a translation error or whether you are playing with a mod. In any case, the game is about progressing from a state of vulnerability to a state of dominance. Once you've reached the state of dominance, if you wish to be vulnerable again, start over. At some point players are going to have the tools, weapons, and ammo production that make them virtually invincible. Consider the game won at that point. Much like the maps, the progression of enemies and threats isn't going to be infinitely advanced. They might add a few more "boss zombies" that are beyond the difficulty of what we have currently and bandits will surely add a new and more complex threat but then you'll eventually overcome them and then what? Start over. That's what. Very unlikely. The current volume of the world is pretty much set. I'm sure there are others that would like the depths to be deeper as much as you want the heights to be higher but the game is going to be set within the current limits. What?! For a guy like you who wants to push the current limits, A17 was fantastic for POI sleeper spawns and zombie pathing to get to the player.
  3. How is THE answer to why the developers support less zombies while modders easily put more in not really an answer. I'm sorry my answer wasn't to your liking but it IS the answer and I'm not going to just give you what you want to hear if it isn't true. You can believe that I'm trying to defend or excuse but I'm not. I mod more zombies into my own game so I definitely am not happy or satisfied with the status quo. But the literal answer to the question that was asked is the answer that I gave and there is no other answer that can be given. If you want my opinion then I believe they should increase the minimum specs and add more zombies in. But if you want the factual answer to the question that was asked then you're stuck with the one I gave. The game has huge hordes on Blood Moon night and the wandering hordes get large once your gamestage progresses far enough. So the fact that there are not more wilderness spawns everywhere does not disqualify the game from being called a horde game. It is still very much a horde game. But once again, I am all in favor of ramping up the wilderness spawns and starting the wandering hordes out at 20 spawns instead of 3 as it is currently. Of course they will. The current numbers were implemented in order to make room for bandits and NPCs. One other factor I failed to mention about the difference between developers and modders is that developers know what is coming and have before them the entire plan and they know what the memory requirements are going to be. Modders only know what the requirements currently are and have no idea what is going to be added and what new systems will need to integrate with current systems and what demands that will all make on the game. More in the downtown areas. faatal just recently posted in the dev diary that he made changes to the spawning so that the spawn numbers and respawn delay numbers can be tweaked using tags such as "downtown" so that in specific places you can have more zombies that respawn faster and feel very horde-like in that area. In addition, the new feral sense setting in A20 will cause zombies in a much greater radius around the player to notice the player and start moving in towards them. In A19 there are actually quite a few wilderness spawns in the surround chunks but often you never encounter them. With feral sense you encounter pretty much all of them. I'm sure as A20 progresses there will be adjustments to the new spawn coding to create pockets of infestation in specific areas that will bring the horde feeling back again. Today, if you edit the xml yourself while waiting to see what the devs ultimately do. The edits needed are simple and fast. It may seem stupid to you that a zombie horde game has such a small density of zombies roaming around. But what is even more stupid is to want more zombies but refuse to get more zombies immediately. There is zero reason why you can't have what you say you want while you wait to see where things go.
  4. Thanks to @Khalagar we have 4 new reaction emojis for the forum. Oh...I guess thanks to Prime as well....haha These emojis are also available in the emoji interface when posting. Simply click on the emoji icon in your tool bar then select categories and select Prime. The image above was added to my post as an emoji.
  5. All part of my plan to make even the critics of my normal pruning habits come around and appreciate why I usually strive to keep the dev diary clear of everything but direct interactions with TFP staff. Everyone will be ready again for a lean and focused A21 Dev Diary by time it opens.
  6. As much as we see things differently and play the game differently, it is clear we are both passionate about it so we do have that in common. Hopefully, the bad taste will be replaced with good once you can get your hands on A20 (and remove the traders from it)
  7. Watching you work on your player kills achievement was fun!
  8. Controller support was developed with the console version in mind which was Alpha 14. So you should be good to go for Alpha 15.
  9. That notification wasn't an invite. It was a warning. Just like the one that you are about to get as soon as I click submit reply....
  10. Because the developers have standards for performance that they follow and they need to provide a guarantee of game stability for the default version of the game at the minimum required posted specs. Modders don't need to worry about any of that. Capiche?
  11. That's a big zero! As in put a big zero in for the respawndelay and it will make it instant.
  12. 1) "Sense of injustice" is a feeling. Your emotions are your own and they spring from within you. They are something TFP has no control over. There is no universal and objective existence of injustice here as evidenced by the truth that not everyone sees it. You see it because of how you think and believe and feel. Others don't see it because they think, believe, and feel differently than you do. So there is no fact of injustice. There is only the feeling of injustice and feelings are ephemeral. Some people who felt injustice the first time this happened have changed how they feel. Matters of the heart are always subject to change and re-evaluation. 2) I hereby encourage you to not watch. I don't want to see you in any of the chats of any of the streams and I can even ban you from the forum during that weekend to protect you from all the stream related chatter that may get posted here if you want. Don't watch or interact with any watchers during that weekend. Got it? 3) "Unfair" is often mixed up with "Unequal" but they are different. It isn't equal that internal testers have been playing the A20 builds for months now while you have been playing A19. It isn't equal that streamers will be playing the A20 release candidate for a couple of days while you will still be playing A19. These are facts. But it isn't unfair for the following reasons: A) You are free to apply for a position as closed beta tester with TFP so the opportunity to be able to play future versions sooner is available to you. Fair. B) You are free to create a channel and build your audience to the required number so the opportunity to be able to play future versions a fraction sooner is available to you. Fair. C) Your access to play a development build during the Early Access process has not been nor will be suspended. You paid for early access to a development version of 7 Days to Die and you always are able to download and play a development version of 7 Days to Die until the game is done and you have the final version. Fair. 4) "Insulting" is a perception. I hope that it helps your perception by telling you that no insult is intended with the streamer event. A lot of times knowing that something we perceive as an insult actually wasn't meant that way really helps us to see that there is no reason to feel insulted......unless.....we primarily want to feel insulted and are searching for any excuse that will do the job. It may not change the fact that you don't like the event or want it to happen. But at least you don't have to feel insulted.
  13. Let me guess...TFP forced you to click on this thread just like TFP forces people to use traders and only play using Strength as the primary build.... Not only that but internal testers will barely play A20 after it is released before never using it again. Internal testers will be on to A21 within mere weeks of A20's stable drop.
  14. Doesn't sound like me either. I've argued in the past in favor of this game being designated as a sandbox-- especially if you choose to enable the creative menu and turn on Godmode. Then it is really really really a sandbox. In addition, I would even go so far as to say that the xml files are themselves a kind of sandbox in their own right and so I would never disqualify the game being a sandbox just because someone told me to go edit the xml files to get what I wanted out of the game. Rather, I would say that that would be playing in two sandboxes at the same time... I would agree that at this point Twitch integration is officially a feature that is taking company time and resources that could be spent on other features. I don't think the "Its a feature that was developed on Lathan's free time" argument holds water any longer. That was initially true but hasn't been true for several months now. Those who wish Twitch Integration was not a thing can legitimately opine that Lathan's time would be better served in other areas of the game. lol
  15. I think you may need to not play a voxel based game, honestly. Your expectations might be too high...at least too high for proper rendering...
  16. There is no difference that I'm aware of for zombie pathing. They see them as the same thing. Its mainly an aesthetics issue. Possibly an OSHA issue....
  17. Its only ridiculous if you think they are finished and the options that are currently being offered is all that will ever be offered. You are told to go to the xml files and use mods to get what you want by helpful people as an interim solution if you cannot wait for when the developers decide to shift from the work they are doing to filling out the options menu with additional switches. There is no guarantee that all the switches you want will every be included but the fact that they are missing right now isn't a statement that they are against including them in the game. It simply is that their priorities are pointed elsewhere which is perfectly reasonable and not ridiculous at all seeing as how they are the developers of the game. Its also perfectly reasonable for someone such as yourself to not necessarily be happy with the desync between YOUR priorities and THEIR priorities. But hopefully you understand now that the game is not finished and there is still a year or so of future development and the options page may yet change in ways that will be more to your liking. But first....Twitch Integration and Drones.
  18. Bach, anyone who has read you knows that what you call "basic" isn't even close... No. You must have misunderstood what I posted in another thread where I said that the streamer weekend itself is a testing ground for how we will do streamer events for future projects. We will take the things we learn and once everything is a fresh new start we will change the parameters to suit us without messing with the expectations of how the streamer weekend has been working for this game. 7 Days to Die is going to be a complete game in its own right and while the devs certainly will learn from the experience of developing this game, it cannot be said that 7 Days is being turned into a testing ground for a different project.
  19. https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/17986-how-to-win-getting-more-zombies-in-your-game/?tab=comments#comment-346916
  20. Simply because adding such buttons to the option page hasn't been prioritized highly enough by those who can do it. Its not because TFP is against adding such options.
  21. That is a good point about average views and a cool website but as far as I could tell it only monitors Twitch. One of our priorities is including multinational influencers many of whom use a different platform than Twitch. If we can't monitor everyone's average views then we aren't going to apply a new standard to only a portion. The only concession we have made so far is that Twitch Partnership supersedes the minimum follower count. Other than that, we are applying the same qualifications to all and that qualification change was a change towards more inclusivity rather than exclusivity. Once again, people keep mistakenly assuming that this is primarily for advertising and marketing and bug fix testing. None of those reasons are primary. The primary reason is to have a soft launch of the build that can be viewed by the developers so that they can see not only bugs or other coding issues but so they can see people's reactions to design elements and the changes that have been made. They like to talk to people in the chats and the streamer and the audience members LOVE it when they discover Madmole or faatal or kinyajuu or Gazz is present. They take notes and when they return to work on Monday morning they quickly assess what changes, if any, need to be made to get the update out later that day for everyone. Yes, marketing and advertising is definitely a secondary motivation and we are appreciative when we see 7 Days to Die suddenly begin to trend on Twitch. But it is not the sole reason we do it and so we are also okay at this point if we aren't min/maxing the advertising potential of the event. We started with four streamers to test the waters and then went to a larger team that has been growing in numbers and also in nations and languages. I'm sure we will firm up some of our standards in the future-- perhaps with the next game. But now we've kind of cast the dye and adding a new qualification that would cause members to be disqualified would definitely result in bad press...lol. Its always lamentable that there will be some who cheat whatever system is in place but in general we are very pleased with how it is progressing. This game is our test subject in this regard and once we finish with this one we will overhaul things for the next game. One thing is for sure. Streaming Weekend Soft Launches for large updates are here to stay for 7 Days to Die and beyond.
  22. Of course I can. I got significant hours playing ALL of the game before traders were even added and "quests" were just what I set as my own objectives. In this Bach must agree as well since he modded traders out of his game and then proceeded to play ALL of the game without them-- further proof that it can be done. So whether you mod them out or ignore them it comes down to the same thing that you don't have to use traders.
  23. I'm not certain what you are desiring. If you are seeing decorative blocks in the game that you cannot craft yourself you might be able to snag those by enabling the creative menu. If you mean that you see many additional decorative blocks on the PC version and you want those for console then the answer is that there are no more updates planned for your console version so you won't be able to get those. If you mean that there exists out there decorative blocks that you would like to import into the game then unfortunately the answer is that you cannot mod the files for the console version of 7 Days to Die. If you are playing PC and want these things then it is very possible but you are posting in the wrong forum.
  24. We are all Navezganians. Stop it. Everyone knows we are FORCED to use traders...
  25. are committed to keeping their promise not to require people to
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