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  1. Beautiful! That interior (well, all of it really) must have taken some serious forethought with all of the "slab" blocks.
  2. Thanks, @Laz Man. I knew these existed and I am such a scatterbrain I forgot about them . . . even watched a few of them before
  3. Is there no way to add the sleeper volumes in the in-game editor? Couldn't find anything in this thread about that, and I will be damned if I can figure it out myself.
  4. @rickyralph Probably just my typical bad luck with random gen then. Sorry for the false alarm.
  5. @rickyralph It seems like the rates on your guns might be a little out of line with the rest of the rates. At game stage 51 and have gotten multiple drops of vanilla (got a Q5 AK47 today) weapons of Q2 or better, but any of your guns I have never seen anything better than a Q1.
  6. The paint comes from scrapping the dyes that come with some of the clothing. Remove the dye from the clothing in the modify interface, then scrap it. As of A18 (I think) all clothing stats are randomized, within a certain range, just like everything else that goes in a slot.
  7. Shift-left click on any block in creative mode removes it. . . . or maybe it's shift-right click. Dammit, now i am going to have to open the prefab editor and confirm. Definitely shift-left click
  8. Yes, there is. But in all of my playthroughs in A19, I can count the number of times I have found it early enough to make a difference on one hand.
  9. @bobrpggamer Thanks for the laugh! Can't help but think that this thread is tongue-in-cheek response to all of the "woke" nonsense we have been seeing on the forums lately. Are we allowed to say "tongue-in-cheek" these days?
  10. @faatal Has anyone else been having an issue with the z's seeming like they don't know when to stop moving when attacking you anymore? Like literally, sometimes (maybe most of the time) they try to walk into me and push me around instead of stopping and attacking like they used to. Seems to happen the most with the ones with more average sizes (cheerleader, business man, etc.), but that might be due to the fact that I rarely let the larger ones get close. Also just remembered that I have seen it at least once with with a biker. Is this an intended change?
  11. I think this is a problem with the vanilla game, been seeing this behavior from the vanilla z's as well, with or without this mod.
  12. Definitely going to try out both of these. I will let you know how it goes.
  13. @Ericbeaudoin I am not normally one to do this, because I do not believe in asking modder's to do more work just to suit my needs . . . But, how hard would it be to add a version of the 1/2 block container that is like the writable vanilla container? Absolutely love this mod, btw. It goes a long way to satisfying an ocd itch.
  14. This is on the backside of the hospital, and I realize that this is probably part of that POI, but still . . . is this warning the forest critters to maintain a safe speed?
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