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  1. Alpha 18, the wife and I had just come back from one of our "between-alpha" breaks. Horde night went exceptionally well. No base failures, just barely enough ammo. We cleaned up, did a little repair work, and headed home. Then for some god-forsaken reason we logged off . . . before 4 am . . . Logged back in an hour later and shortly heard the sound of our second horde of the night approaching, some pounding on the fence. We ran outside and did hand to hand with the horde for the hour that was left until 4. It was glorious! When it was all over and we found ourselves cleaning up for the second time that night, I turned to my wife and said "That was awesome! We should do it again sometime!" She threw her empty Mountain Dew bottle at my head
  2. Are you running Compopack? I have noticed that a lot of the POI's for that have no regard for gamestage.
  3. Yes, Yes, a thousand times YES! No other game in my library even comes close! More fun, more replay value, it's just damn good. Over 7,000 hours in this game and nothing keeps me coming back for more like this one. ARK is the only other game that even comes close and it is just a little over half,
  4. Archery (I almost always us them for as long as allowable), Cardio, Iron Gut, Motherlode without fail on SP. Varies wildly with MP, I can play anything so I tend to fill whatever roles need fillin.
  5. Funny story, but his wasn't the game trolling you . . . it was YOU trolling you Edit : Decided I would share since I was being nitpicky - Managed to flip my motorcycle end over end in one of the earlier alphas that they existed in. At first I thought I was going to be ok, but then after at least two revolutions the bike came down on top of me and shoved me into the landscape, that didn't kill me though . . . what killed me was the game seemingly taking offense to my current position wedged between the motorcycle and the ground and deciding that the solution was to catapult me into the air. I don't know precisely how high I went, didn't think to look at the elevation, but I did have enough time to look around and admire the lay of the land around me before impact.
  6. On the other hand, in a recent playthrough of mine it rained for 3 days straight.
  7. I see what you did there I was thinking more like a dunce cap
  8. This is awesome, but only people who play would get it. And probably veteran players for half of the references.
  9. Probably not the right place for this, but I thought it would be amusing. None of current reactions seem to fully encompass my absolute disdain for some of the absolute horse**** that is posted in these forums. From users who post contradictory statements from one thread to another, to others that try to cover their desire for an FPS with "balancing" concerns, I periodically take breaks from the forums just so that I don't make a valiant attempt to get myself banned. The solution for this would be to have a subtly scathing, moderator approved, reaction button! Something for those of us that can see through the epeen stroking and outright confabulation to use as an outlet for the vitriol that we hold back in the interest of common decency. I was really sad to see the "Poop" reaction go the way of the dodo. OR a way to add forum user avatars/profile names to zombies in the game
  10. I have never once used those . . . because of the assumption that they would draw/wake up every Z in a 10 block radius. This is of of course based on the evidence in the game that Z's have superhuman hearing and can hear you open a cabinet from a block away.
  11. @xyth Anyone else getting a corrupt file message from WinRAR when trying to unzip the zombie pack?
  12. If it was just a rifle I wouldn't "whine", but even with three levels of stealth (sorry I don't remember the specific perk name atm) opening a cabinet, locker, or door draws an unreasonable amount of attention. As if my character can not learn how to do these things more quietly.
  13. @ztensity I totally get it! I am not stressed either way and I hope you aren't either Having dabbled a tiny bit (like a molecule in comparison to what can be accomplished) in modding, I have an idea of what something like this would entail and have no expectations. Was just asking out of pure curiosity. While I must admit that it makes me a little sad that I wont be able to mash two of my favorite mods together, I will survive.
  14. Any chance that this is currently or ever will be compatible with SubQuake's Undead Legacy? I have used this with vanilla before, but now that UL is updated, I wont be playing anything else for a while No sweat if it isn't going to happen, mainly just curious because I love both mods.
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