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  1. @xyth Anyone else getting a corrupt file message from WinRAR when trying to unzip the zombie pack?
  2. If it was just a rifle I wouldn't "whine", but even with three levels of stealth (sorry I don't remember the specific perk name atm) opening a cabinet, locker, or door draws an unreasonable amount of attention. As if my character can not learn how to do these things more quietly.
  3. @ztensity I totally get it! I am not stressed either way and I hope you aren't either Having dabbled a tiny bit (like a molecule in comparison to what can be accomplished) in modding, I have an idea of what something like this would entail and have no expectations. Was just asking out of pure curiosity. While I must admit that it makes me a little sad that I wont be able to mash two of my favorite mods together, I will survive.
  4. Any chance that this is currently or ever will be compatible with SubQuake's Undead Legacy? I have used this with vanilla before, but now that UL is updated, I wont be playing anything else for a while No sweat if it isn't going to happen, mainly just curious because I love both mods.
  5. I said anything other than clearing those piles, sorry if I wasn't clear on that. And to be totally honest it isn't "Everything else", but it seems to be a lot of other actions. And the "5 block radius" was bit of an exaggeration. But the fact that Z's can hear you thru walls (or underground for that matter) at 100 ft. range has always been one of my pet peeves. I was just feeling a little snarky that day
  6. Or how about the the fact that no matter what your stealth ability, if you make more than the tiniest bit of noise (i.e, clearing the floor trash that seems to be in front of EVERY door and at the top of EVERY stair landing) every zombie in 5 block radius zeroes in on the building you are in?
  7. I had been away from the game, the forums and mods for a while, was just getting a little bit burnt out. When I decided the other day to play a little bit, I fired up the ModLauncher, and what did I see? My favorite mod of all time was finally updated to A19! To say the least I was tickled pink, and then I actually started playing . . . And I just have to say : "WOW!" That doesn't really do it justice, this mod is incredible! I am totally blown away! Sub, if you aren't already, you should be doing this for a living.
  8. Beautiful! That interior (well, all of it really) must have taken some serious forethought with all of the "slab" blocks.
  9. Thanks, @Laz Man. I knew these existed and I am such a scatterbrain I forgot about them . . . even watched a few of them before
  10. Is there no way to add the sleeper volumes in the in-game editor? Couldn't find anything in this thread about that, and I will be damned if I can figure it out myself.
  11. @rickyralph Probably just my typical bad luck with random gen then. Sorry for the false alarm.
  12. @rickyralph It seems like the rates on your guns might be a little out of line with the rest of the rates. At game stage 51 and have gotten multiple drops of vanilla (got a Q5 AK47 today) weapons of Q2 or better, but any of your guns I have never seen anything better than a Q1.
  13. The paint comes from scrapping the dyes that come with some of the clothing. Remove the dye from the clothing in the modify interface, then scrap it. As of A18 (I think) all clothing stats are randomized, within a certain range, just like everything else that goes in a slot.
  14. Shift-left click on any block in creative mode removes it. . . . or maybe it's shift-right click. Dammit, now i am going to have to open the prefab editor and confirm. Definitely shift-left click
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