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  1. Dead is Dead - Horde Base building - Raiding - Nomad - 64 Max Always Sprint. Today in 7 Days To Die Alpha 19 on the experimental updates, day 4. We start to build our horde base where we shall take on the blood moon hordes and do a bit of raiding for building materials.
  2. Yeah they need to give the 4x4 a 3" suspension lift kit xD and a 3" body lift with 35" muddies. At least thats what iv done to mine IRL xD and yes im serious about the in game one too it needs lifting, more torque. It never ceases to amaze me that we cannot kill squat with that front heavy bladed thing, tbh swap that to a bull bar = less weight = less sticking on terrain. Still I think the 4x4 is best when i do loot runs t4-t5(double dipping), trader reset day if I have 4-5 scattered id use gyro, bike is nice early on and single loot runs biking back to base to store stuff.
  3. I voted 2, Reason is something I brought up a few days ago in terms of finding primitive loot in a branded sealed box. I mean who ever was living in this house before the zombie outbreak ordered some tools and I highly doubt that a company will even sell primitive tools and furthermore I doubt a person would order them. I also find it extremely annoying to find 2 stone shovels lvl2 and lvl3 in said box. Loot in these boxes should be what you expect to buy from a store stone axe= iron axe / chain saw (later on). Primitive tools imo should probably have a life span of maximum 2 days before they become obsolete for the player. They could be drops from other zombies as perhaps they were in the same situation as us starting out/in trash. Wall safes is another thing. Finding empty cans??? a bone knife??? Who the hell would store and lock them up in a safe and then burning 10 or more lock picks to open it xD Id expect to find in a wall safe, small items like a knife,pistol,gold,diamonds,silver,old money,tentacle porn mags,bullets,mods.. dunno if a double barrel would fit. A person hides a bag behind a vent/fake wall, to store an empty can??? I highly doubt a person would go through all that trouble for his/her empty can. I understand your point in loot progression however the chance to find something that you would find in a higher game stage needs to be increased. At the same time it feels too scripted in terms of what we get, scrap armour/cloth, once the levels of them are around 3-4 we see lvl1 iron and lvl1 leather.. Its far too predictable and too "strict" Steps 4,5,6 sound sweet. 3 however is going back to the whole stone axe thing above.
  4. Hey so ill leave the time stamp HERE which I show how I planed and carried out the buried treasure mission, so you can see how simple it is and why you should do this on high difficulty settings with zombies always sprint + 5 or more zombies early game = dead imo when you dont have decent equipment. However for those that prefer to read ill pop the "instructions" here xD and I pray im not wasting your time hoping this is something a little new for you... I hope. Dig straight down and dig 4-5 blocks into the stone layer, roughly in the middle of the treasure ring area, this is hole is for the zomberts. Pillar up 4 blocks (remove the frames after) and dig a small tunnel in 1 direction like 4 blocks straight (may be lucky and find the treasure too) at that 4th block start to dig around but try keep the hole you made with only 1 access way in case the zombies get up and out. Once you find the treasure make sure you have a few spikes ready. Put 1 spike at the bottom of the hole, take the treasure, move back to your little tunnel and place down some spikes from the entrance of the hole (dont cover the hole) up to your nose and pelt zombies with arrows. You will have zombies stacking on each other which is why we laid out spikes in front of your nose xD after some pelting and killing you may have 2-3 down in the hole which you can take care of or leave them and @%$*#! off to the trader xD
  5. Today in 7 Days To Die Alpha 19 on the experimental updates, day 3, 64 max spawns and the zombies are all set to sprint on nomad difficulty. We continue our epic adventure figure out the safest way to do buried supplies and do a ton of raiding!
  6. Iv totally ran into the opposite situation, having stacks of shamway food and stacks of the chowder too (lucky recipe drop), apart from loads of cans of stuff. It is a little slow to get plots laid down tho they are a little expensive in terms of materials (amounts). I always keep animal fat, bones, rotten flesh whenever I get the drops and in the first week you may have enough for a dozen plots without actively seeking out the materials, but they are not really something you focus on early game as you need the seeds, and you also need to know how to craft the seeds from schematics and to find them can be a PIA even from a trader. Also look at how long 1 type of veg takes to grow and you need 5 to make one seed. This is clearly not an early game thing to focus on and I really suggest hitting small POI, missions that are hopefully not >1km away and you will be fine for food.
  7. 😆 yea there are for sure some funny zombert moments. Btw congrats with your 666th post, its a nice number
  8. Yeah the rooms that are triggered like that are fun indeed and yes by then you would be decently kitted out, it just didnt feel right. I generally use a x2 max and prefer the reflex sight for nearly everything xD I get what you mean by needing to use stam for everything, it just felt a little too much for that. Anyway thanks
  9. Totally understand the part about too many ideas and few hours ! we have the same thing too xD Yeah it could have been a wondering horde that came to say holaaaa. Thanks for answering tho xD For 4, yeah that would be a bad idea but its just something I thought was happening with the way loot was popping up. There are other things like the pneumatic wrench thing using stamina xD Zombies spawning 4-5m away in a poi will that be addressed ? and some rooms feel like no matter how much stealth you have the zombies activate as soon as you pass through the door and its killing stealth builds. Whats the point of 4x + scopes if the zomberts are not even spawned at that distance in the world? Could the NV googles be a mod for head armour ? Looking forward for A20 and 21 for sure! Thanks for answering all that xD
  10. Hey, Started up a new lets play (nomad + zomberts always sprint and 64 max), all is well and having fun so please dont take the tone to be offensive or some crap like that However there are a number of things that make absolute 0 sense like a monkey trying to use a blunt pencil to write with. 1, Why in gods name do you find primitive tools in a sealed branded box? It makes absolute 0 sense that a person living in this house/POI at one point in their miserable lives bought tools from Working Stiff Tools and ordered primitive stone crap that a scavenger survivor would make on day 1. It also does not make sense that Working Stiff Tools would sell such items. I would have thought that yes you can buy them, yes you can find them in trash and yes perhaps from a zombie(as it could be a freshly killed survivor like me) but for sure not in a sealed branded box! 2, Who the hell would store primitive tools, bone shivs, empty cans, murky water, a bone, empty/full water jars and other trash loot that you would find in a kitchen / toilet / trash bags in a god damn safe, after busting 12 lock picks???? Was this bone the owners granddads "humorous bone" trying to show us the owners sense of humour xD 3, Why are traders such a pain to work with? xD They have a whole damn town right under their nose, but send us 1.x - 2km away for a T1 fetch/clear (the whole list over 1km away) and at such an early stage in the game by walk, that takes an age and is totally not worth the time as we could raid 3-5 T1 houses in that time + dropping stuff off at home. Surly the trader would have the majority of missions in his local and the odd one or two "far'ish" to make exploring/hunting for other towns a tad more appealing. 4, If I am wearing scrap armour, is the chance increased to get a +1 level scrap armour and not for example leather? So is it increased to find more of the type of armour we are wearing? I would suggest to increase the drop chance of that "rare" drop of something advanced that would drop in a higher game stage just to spice up that looting experience, as atm it seems a tad too linear and the first 2-3 days it really feels dull to bother looting anything as its scrap items. I can see the improvements at the trader allowing us to buy such items and appreciate that a lot, but please no more primitive crap in branded boxes or empty useless stuff in these branded boxes that are sealed and never been open, I do expect trash items just not in branded boxes. Also how is it that I can destroy things in a room and not wake the zombert in the closet in that very same room, yet a numpty of a zombert down the road and his/her bumchums come charging at me as they were attracted to the noise/my smelly feet? I may have skipped this info, but what of other survivors/bandits? I saw pics of drones before, what is happening there any idea if we will see them/when? I would really love to have some people(or the drones xD) chillaxing at my base doing the odd repair, taking out any zomberts at a given radius, replacing any mines that were triggered, farming up the crops I lay/animals in a radius. Edit: Thanks for these update tho, the game is getting better for sure!!
  11. Day 2 of our very bruised adventure on nomad, zombies always sprint with 64 max alive. We raid the snot out of a load of places, cry and rant xD
  12. Looking forward to any suggestions on this run. Last horde every night run I had stopped as the world messed up with an update and did not feel like starting over at that time as it was quite upsetting as we really got far with the feet bait base xD. So this time we are doing a nomad + 64 max + zombies always sprint run and will increase the difficulty at some point for sure
  13. Really hoping to hear some good tips and any ideas. I already have a plan for our horde base
  14. Horde Every Night - Looting - Horde Base Upgrades - 7 Days to Die - Day 16 EP 14 [video=youtube_share;eKORBJ8IoBg] Today in 7 Days To Die Alpha 18, Horde every night - day 16 ep14, 64 max spawns and pure agility skills only. We continue to upgrade our "epic" base with some dart traps, do a raid and get some loot, then take on the horde night at the feet bait base
  15. Horde Every Night - Looting - Horde Base Upgrades - 7 Days to Die - Day 16 EP 14 [video=youtube_share;eKORBJ8IoBg] Today in 7 Days To Die Alpha 18, Horde every night - day 16 ep14, 64 max spawns and pure agility skills only. We continue to upgrade our "epic" base with some dart traps, do a raid and get some loot, then take on the horde night at the feet bait base
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