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  1. Greeting @Subquake! First I would just like to tell you how much I love your overhaul! I eagerly await its release with each new alpha. From the QoL improvements, to the detailed crafting system, this overhaul is in many ways what I feel 7DtD could have been. The features and improvements that are a huge draw for me are too many to list here, suffice it to say about the time I get tired of modding vanilla to suit my tastes, I always come running back to this tried and true favorite. That being said, I have two questions : 1. Do you have plans to change the tool/weapons section of the research process? As it currently stands I can see no reason why anyone would EVER research a tool or weapon. This is due to the research recipe. All of which require the complete tool/weapon in order to research. If I already have the tool/weapon, why would I destroy it for research just to have expend more materials to make a new one? Perhaps revising these to use the tool/weapon from the previous tier plus materials from the tier you are researching, on top of the existing resource costs would help. Just a suggestion/concern. I feel like the current recipes don't do justice to the rich and detailed system you have created. 2. Is the inability to gather water from natural water sources a by product of your water gathering system? Or am I just overlooking something? I will admit the second option is a possibility, there is so much to relearn with this overhaul sometimes I overlook things.
  2. In my somewhat limited experience (haven't played with feral sense on, yet) stealth is doable, and becomes easier the more you invest in it. As with the majority of changes made over the course of the development of this game, you just have to re-learn how it works and adapt.
  3. Um for option 2 . . . cant you just pick up the drone?
  4. I was having similar problems until I remembered/was reminded to clear out the old files. Remembering to do that seems to be more critical with this alpha than it has in the past, causing all sorts of issues that can be seen as "bugs". The real bugs stick around even after clearing all the old files - like robot modules falling through structures randomly.
  5. Personally, I think that this argument is basically the same as the people complaining about the "insane hunger", etc. etc. Instead of adapting to the game they want the game to adapt to them. I will admit, when I first read about the farming changes I was concerned, but after playing with them for a while, I learned to adapt.
  6. Not if it is the way they want to do things. . . it is their game after all, and thusly they have to make decisions that THEY are happy with, because there is no way they can please ALL of the 10's of thousands of people playing the game. That path would surely lead to madness.
  7. The sounds don't bother me nearly as much as the fact that often times, if it is raining outdoors it is also raining INDOORS.
  8. Yeah, lol! You could say that! Sometimes damn near the whole building would collapse just walking onto the second floor, other times nothing. It was great for getting books, but I wasn't sorry to see it go. I am at the point where I don't do T5 buildings at all unless I am bored or need a challenge between horde nights. I just feel that even if they are part of a quest, the rewards aren't worth the effort. Balancing maybe?
  9. Kinda feel like I maybe should have documented it. The same thing happened to my son-in-law with a different UI mod a couple of weeks ago. Put a UI mod on a thumb drive for him, one that I was currently using so I knew it was working (waiting for yours to update, honestly ) and it didn't work at all for him. Checked his file structure and all that jazz and everything was correct, the UI just wouldn't load. And then miraculously, he played a few days later and it started working. Edit - I have noticed that Steam has been performing unprompted validations on this game more often than it used to and almost always downloads something when it does so.
  10. So, after all my attempts at figuring this out . . . it just started working on its own. Sorry, but at this point I don't know what made the difference, but it must have been something on my end.
  11. I am running a few other mods, but nothing else that messes with the HUD. I will use my testworld to try loading them one at a time to see if that one of them is causing the problem. Edit - Unloaded ALL of my mods except this one, with the same result. No module in the upper left hand corner. No level, no day or time, etc.
  12. Everything else shows - EAC is off. That whole module just doesn't show up.
  13. Latest release - the level indicator in the upper left hand corner isn't showing. All the code is there (or at least appears to be, to my novice eye), it just doesn't show up. I tried uncommenting some stuff that looked like it might be part of that module, but it didn't help. Edit - Tried using the larger format section as well, still no go.
  14. So, now that I have played a bit (two or three games, restarted for various reasons) I feel justified in putting in my two cents worth. First the positives: 1. Overall? I truly feel that TFP hit it out of the park with this release. 2. City and world gen are better than they have ever been. Cities actually feel like cities and I feel like even outside the cities has improved. The advanced options are a fantastic step towards being able to customize your 7DTD experience. 3. Pipe weapons are awesome, even if they need a bit of balancing/tweaking. As much as I hate to admit it (for fear of them being nerfed into uselessness), I agree with a lot of the other posters on this forum that the pipe machine gun either needs to get nerfed or be more difficult to obtain. 4. Loving the new zombie models! Didn't think it would be possible for me to hate the spider z more than I already do, and the new mutated Z is truly hideous! 5. Tons of new POI's to explore! and the ones I have done have all been a new and exciting experience. Every time I walkup to one of the new POI's I get that familiar old 7DTD tingle of exploration and discovery. I barely feel the need to add the CompoPack at the moment . . . that might change later, LOL. 6. I have been wanting the ability to color vehicles for as long as they have been in the game, and the new vehicle mods are a good start. I would like to see those expanded a bit at some point, but it isn't a game breaker. I am not going to cover ALL of my negatives because it seems the forums have been buzzing with them and The Fun Pimps are aware of the issues, but here are a couple: 1. Feral zombies don't seem to know when to stop walking at the player and have pushed me INTO walls on more than one occasion. I mean LITERALLY into the wall, as in, I have to enable debug mode and then god mode to get unstuck. 2. Stealth is overall pretty good this alpha, with one significant exception. Zombies OUTSIDE a structure are still able to hear every little noise you make while inside said structure. I can be sneaking through the third floor of a CONCRETE building and search a small white trash bin with no lid (and btw, why does that make as much noise as a LARGE metal trashcan with a lid?) and zombies outside the building will start beating on the walls to get to me. The same goes for being a story or more underground . . . unless the magic or virus or whatever it is that has animated these human (are they human? they look like former humans) corpses has enhanced their hearing to the level of Superman, they should not be able to "detect" me through several feet of stone and/or dirt.
  15. Have any of you seen the building that is laying on its side? "Stand Tower" I think, silly TFP. Navigating that one for a quest is trippy.
  16. So, because YOU don't agree with the play style you think the developers should remove it from the game? How would you like it if someone looked at YOUR play style and decided they didn't like some key element of it and the devs removed it?
  17. Ok, I guess I was confused cause it seemed like a lot of A20 mod authors were saying their mod was available on the mod launcher.
  18. For some reason this made me laugh so hard my kids came in to find out what was up. +1
  19. I can't access A20 from the ModLauncher, the option simply isn't there in the drop down menu. I have tried both the legacy and Unity versions, even uninstalled and reinstalled the legacy version. Am I being dumbish or what?
  20. While I can see the arguments on both sides of this debate, and agree with some of them to one degree or another. I think the real problem is the frequency of both "trap" rooms and trap floors, they both need to be balanced a bit IMHO. And while we are on the subject . . . in what world does trash/glass/debris ALWAYS come to rest in front of a doorway or at the top of stairs? Does the world of 7DtD contain some kind of mysterious weather phenomenon that causes a low pressure zone in those locations or what? I realize that the trash piles also appear in other locations, but it seems like 95% of the time they are in those two locations in every single structure.
  21. Alpha 18, the wife and I had just come back from one of our "between-alpha" breaks. Horde night went exceptionally well. No base failures, just barely enough ammo. We cleaned up, did a little repair work, and headed home. Then for some god-forsaken reason we logged off . . . before 4 am . . . Logged back in an hour later and shortly heard the sound of our second horde of the night approaching, some pounding on the fence. We ran outside and did hand to hand with the horde for the hour that was left until 4. It was glorious! When it was all over and we found ourselves cleaning up for the second time that night, I turned to my wife and said "That was awesome! We should do it again sometime!" She threw her empty Mountain Dew bottle at my head
  22. Are you running Compopack? I have noticed that a lot of the POI's for that have no regard for gamestage.
  23. Yes, Yes, a thousand times YES! No other game in my library even comes close! More fun, more replay value, it's just damn good. Over 7,000 hours in this game and nothing keeps me coming back for more like this one. ARK is the only other game that even comes close and it is just a little over half,
  24. Archery (I almost always us them for as long as allowable), Cardio, Iron Gut, Motherlode without fail on SP. Varies wildly with MP, I can play anything so I tend to fill whatever roles need fillin.
  25. Funny story, but his wasn't the game trolling you . . . it was YOU trolling you Edit : Decided I would share since I was being nitpicky - Managed to flip my motorcycle end over end in one of the earlier alphas that they existed in. At first I thought I was going to be ok, but then after at least two revolutions the bike came down on top of me and shoved me into the landscape, that didn't kill me though . . . what killed me was the game seemingly taking offense to my current position wedged between the motorcycle and the ground and deciding that the solution was to catapult me into the air. I don't know precisely how high I went, didn't think to look at the elevation, but I did have enough time to look around and admire the lay of the land around me before impact.
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