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  1. I'm honestly surprised to see that I'm not the only one slightly irritated with the drone's wonkiness. Credit where credit is due though, I think the drone is still cool, a good idea, and 7dtd is one of my favorite games after about 30 years of being a gamer. I seriously can't stop playing this game and I don't know why.
  2. I was really excited about the drone before release, but once I spent some time with it I realized it was too much like a cop. When you need it, it is absolutely nowhere to be found and when you don't want it around it is standing between you and the person you are trying to shoot, yelling things at you and trying to get you killed. I feel like it would be a lot better if it followed you more closely, just not constantly getting in your face. Also, I feel like it's gain needs to be turned down like 4db. It is so much louder than everything else in game. As if the constant shot blocking wasn't bad enough, it also gets in my face when I try to get to my stash boxes... I love the idea, but this iteration could use these minor tweaks.
  3. Yes!!! I signed up for a forum account just to yell about this exact topic. Everything else is fine, but now every time I softly breathe on my left thumbstick, my bike does a 540. Making my vehicle useless made this game useless and now I have to go play Valheim until this is fixed. :(
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