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  1. Valheim - team of 5 No Mans Sky - team of under 10 Get your facts right then "LMAO" Time for YOU to stop snorting the "Fanboi any crap will do" pill I think... Anyway I've said my piece and won't get into an argument - you've school tomorrow so don't want to keep you up too late
  2. Grow up - I'm doing very well in my own industry thank you. TFP couldn't afford to hire me and if they did there would be a serious refocus on delivering to agreed deadlines. Go back in line with the other flag waving fanbois and wait another 4 years for "gold", all the while excusing a complete lack of accountability. The problem is that there is no legally binding contract with SLA's and penalties for broken delivery dates. Believe me - there will come a day when even shoddy "gaming" companies are bound by regulation and legally binding clauses that stop criminal behaviour. This is one of the last remaining industries in which it is acceptable to shaft customers and still get away with it. If you don't know what that previous paragraph means then I'd suggest you focus more on your school studies.... Even on a basic child like level - if YOU think that 19 "Alphas" whilst charging money is acceptable over many years - then YOU need serious help. PLEASE show me any other game with this level of Alphas and Betas COMBINED and I'll donate £100 to your chosen charity right now.
  3. By that logic the fewer Alphas that are released on other games must mean more failure. O no wait....it means in some cases they're doing it right. GTA 5 - how many Alphas? Skyrim - same question? Diablo 1,2,3 - same question? Even No Mans Sky - same question? Valheim - same question? ...and many many more. No - I've been a Programme Manager in IT for 23 years - one Alpha release is acceptable - then a Beta, then Gold. This would be acceptable in a series of Agile sprints over one year. This smacks of lack of direction and ineptitude. I will put my house on the fact that if any Alpha on Steam could charge at most £5 we'd have seen a Gold release, fully tested and optimised years ago. Laziness, lack of direction and ineptitude - end of story. Only in the gaming industry could this practice be gotten away with....and so many paying customers excusing this behaviour. In MY industry - Fintech - miss a deadline and I can't pay my mortgage end of story.
  4. Seriously? We're waiting on ALPHA 20? Still? Is there any other developer on Steam or indeed the history of PC gaming that has 19 "Alphas" and yet has sold so many copies? Pray do tell - I'd love to know. I love this game - I have over 3000 hours on Steam but c'mon this is a total joke. At this point - "Beta" will be 2025 and "Gold" will be 2029. This was called "taking the @%$#" 5 years ago....what's it called now? In the time you guys are farting around Grounded is fully released, Conan Exiles is great, No Man's Sky is stellar and even Fallout 76 is a winner. And don't give me all this nonsense about a "small development team" - Valheim was made with FIVE people.
  5. Is this for random gen only? Tried it on Navezgane last night and it seemed to go into an endless loop when it was giving me the starting quests
  6. Installing now. This looks bloody amazing!
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