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  1. Why would Stealth get invalidated.. dont you remember the game"Metal Gear Solid" or any other game with sneak or stealth... MAYBE even the paint we get to put into gears like black paint will give you more stealth! or even add a status for stealth and for some bandits or zombies you will need more or less ..
  2. Oh Man i sure hope so!!!! Bandits !!! that will be great! a new challenge! way different, and if they have their own turf or city..
  3. Thx, I checked them all, it seems all the good stuffs or major changes are moving to A21 + so I would say another 2 years.. and none of them has any implementations on bosses, bandits, giant mutated zombies or anything to give you specific locations to go to and find something hard to kill at lvl 50+ let's say.. I just figured when you build your base, work hard to make it strong and get good wpns and vehicles , you can then prepare a journey to go loot and discover these hard, harsh environment areas where survivability becomes another challenge at higher levels.
  4. not trying to be annoying lol and usually ppl that are annoying is because they like something so much they want more haha i just want more challenges in this game cause i enjoy playing it. When you do martial arts, you don't just keep throwing the same punches and kicks over and over and say you been doing this for 10000 hours do you? you go up in belts, you learn different challenging technics, you become better and better and learn even how to use weapons and master them. that is what keeps sports interesting and challenging, trust me if any martial art cl
  5. I did stop and play other games and come back hoping there is something NEW! NEW as in new areas, new tough mobs, bosses, vehicles etc.. Last night i was playing this and my gf saw a zombie bear and she like OMG whats that?! i was so happy i thought its actually some nasty mutated mob that will kill both of us or we run away.. but was just the same old ass bear ... funny thing she's like oh its just a bear... thats what i am trying to say in this forum but they just dont get it.. they think im just @%$#ed or a hater lol the game needs some major tough special mobs. not just ra
  6. there are games with far more greater complexity out there and giant maps that doesn't run with same concept from start to end. or same mobs going N,S,E,O ..but what do i know.. i dont own a studio but i am a gamer.. i dont build cars either but i drive one.. funny thing i said cars.. even in car industry they do changes every year and change the car completely every 5 year..
  7. Yes free content because it is Alpha right? past 8 years and yes i watched walking dead and glad you mentioned it; if you realized they started with zombies being their main problem and further they got and reached other areas they faced much greater challenge! looters, humans worst than the zombies .. all sort of groups , all looking with different purpose, you were not making a base anymore against zombies but attacks from humans and others. it got tougher and tougher !! even with a nice base and guard watch towers it wasnt safe. my point! why after lvl 1
  8. it is 8 years the game is out and still alpha.. just different versions coming out.. so why even give our thoughts and ideas when the game isnt even complete or ready or expansion ? if they working on alpha still and cant implement new contents then why even bother ? 8 years alpha... >.>
  9. Is there a way to NOT see the electric wires all over the place? i tried placing the generator below ground, on the roof, pass the wires from one relay to another but no matter what when you connects to any item you see the entire wire hanging or passing through. why not put an option to hide or see the wire in the option? or when you pull out the wire tool then it reveals them.. i dont see all the electric cables in my house LOL
  10. Obviously, most of you took my topic and train of thought wrong. I meant no disrespect to the dev. None. If I were not happy with the game, I would not be playing still or over 1000hrs of it or even be on this forum and recently bought my friend a copy. My frustration is not against them or anyone, it is purely being impatient and fidgety antsy. eager for something new and exciting after first few hours of playing time. Some of you talking about how they are fixing this and that, making it better or what not, I guess you haven’t played any other games that the dev put
  11. What i am about to tell you guys is crazy!!! have you ever listened and paid attention to the AUGER sound when you drilling on steel or a block...! listen to the riddim and then listen to this.. it is John Carpenters Halloween Theme song !!!! tell me if im wrong !!! since 1978 until now any halloween movie that came out has the same beat.. all.. i placed 2 videos below, one me drilling and one is the theme from the movies
  12. i have 1000hrs ...i think you can call that a fan no ? i love the game and we here now cause we just want it to be better and new concept.. thats all
  13. would the motion sensor work and detect me in the car ? or i would have to come out of the car ? cause the idea is to open it and continue driving in and close back the door or bridge ...
  14. guys guys guys....before i tell you what i think this is the first and MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE!!! - AMAZING IDEA : ( A HOT AIR BALLOON !!!!!!) ( A HOT AIR BALLOON !!!!!!) ( A HOT AIR BALLOON !!!!!!) make sure to have coal or something so you don't crash lol that would be amazing install lights on it also and storage and let your buddy to get in to maybe in cold areas the fire burns faster.. you upgrade the energy intact to go faster higher.. etc and you can park it on top of your base or roof still same concept, same mobs, same type of
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