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  1. Hello, is there an exact date for the A20 Release Date?
  2. I feel there isnt much zombies, NEED MORE ZOMBIES!!! when you are in a building i want zombies coming at you from all directions!
  3. Yes exactly that! since we doing Quests tier 5 it could happen that one of us dies in the process and it is unfortunate that we cannot revive each other and 1 loses the quest.
  4. well she is sitting next to me i see on her monitor, when she dies i dont see her chr and she still on the screen where she can chose bedroll or near it.. but you certain when the zombies are on her eating her lol i can still kill them and revive her ?
  5. you telling me i can REVIVE A TEAMMATE ?! I dont think so, when she dies its like gone, the body dissapears.. Are you sure you can revive a teammate in coop ? when i see my friend die he just disappears so quickly ..
  6. im not sure A20 will be as different or such a big deal since all major changes seems to be in A21 .. so i'd say 1 more year lol
  7. its the little things that made everything else possible in life.. just like how you became you today from a little tiny organism
  8. I want bandits to pull over at my base with jeeps and attack!!!!!! OMG!!!!! NOW WE TALKING!!!!
  9. Since the game came out, i've been playing it with friends. One thing you always get in MOST games is to be able to help out a fellow friend with cures and reviving.. Who is for, making the last lvl for Physician able to revive a fellow teammate ? Let's say give at least a 10 sec chance to kill the zombies on the person and quickly reviving them? healing them.. ? Isn't a coop game like this important to have such option ? or having a perk just for that?
  10. you see! you said it all!.. everyone plays the way they like and on the difficulty they wish.. and when you go hunting you dont do it in your own backyard and hope some deer/chicken/rabbit comes through.. the point of this topic is not HOW You HUNT! it's AFTER you kill your pray/retrieving it ! I am sure they can mark it, just like having the perk for finding prays when they alive in green. Maybe make the last lvl of Animal Tracker in such way that you can also track the kill?
  11. Im not sure you ever did any hunting in the game or which version you playing.. but if you play a sitting duck and try to be stealth and take out zombies, that rabbit or wtv you hunting is looong gone my friend!! i have tried many times, and when you get close enough to see the green marking on top of your screen, if you sit there for 3-5sec it is gone! it walks away.. there is no pray that just sits there for you to go and take your time shooting zombies and clearing the way and then aim at it.. i think you should go ahead and try it out. and i am also playing the game on insane mode, and nonetheless most of the time there was always more than 1 zombie near by. AND also depends Where you hunting! forest area, wastelands, snow... The solution isnt sitting and playing stealth and cross your fingers the solution is to actually ADD an X or any other marking so you find your game..
  12. besides..imagine hunting at night or when it gets dark..without a marker there is no way to find it afterwards..
  13. well not the minimap, sorry i called it that, i mean the compass on top of the screen where you see the landmarks or sameway you see the pray in green. after the kill it should show in a red X or green X whichever is fine, just so you dont lose it. especially deers you have to shoot from a very far distance since they get afraid so easily and runs away very fast.
  14. Gyrocopter needs an update or some love..it is shaky, bad landing, cant take off or land let's say on your roof's helipad. needs to be IMO vertical take off and vertical landing rather than a runway. also it is very unstable , can be nicer, better, maybe faster? would be nice to be able to land on a buildings roof or park it on your rooftop or helipad. i really think it needs an adjustment OR just be able to build a helicopter. i mean there is a nice bike, a nice 4x4 jeep, why not a nice helicopter also where your friend can sit next to you with a M60 shooting from it?
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