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  1. Yes I have the latest version of hotfixes installed.
  2. Help please. This is not the first time such an error occurs. There is only one solution - a new game. This is bad. There were no unexpected power offs, and the game exits are normal. Version A 19 and 19.1 are the same. Installed mod Compopack
  3. you need a rare book One Man Army
  4. 431Slick in the center of 2 big cities and in each trader
  5. it's random. I have 8 traders, 1 of them in the radioactive zone.
  6. last found in chibbs treasure map
  7. I found it on the construction site. now a new problem-there is no sword of dragons anywhere
  8. just like me and hacksaw. I have to open a shop for carpenters, but I still don't know how to sew clothes.
  9. sometimes they stay in place of the box-then they need to be collected using the wrench or crowbar
  10. In cardboard boxes exactly where I do not remember. There is a good new building of a small warehouse - there is something useful found every time. 1 time, airdrop found in, but not sure. I found it on day 3 or 4. That is somewhere in a simple and accessible place for new survivors
  11. 103... That's sad. I'm looking for only sewing kit. I have 5 socket wrench... random such random
  12. crowbar can be made to happiness... on my day 40 is 10 hacksaw of the first I found from the 1st day now I'm missing the sewing kit and tenderizing. The rest I found
  13. if the ability should give an improvement in the quality of things, but I continue to find gray things with full skill - this is not correct. It's not about survival or fast leveling...
  14. me too. That's sad. In vanilla, it works right.
  15. found several times in different versions including 4.3
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