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  1. In every tower defense game I've ever played, the best long term strategy was to learn how each and every bad guy worked and build your defense strategy accordingly. With that in mind, exploiting the AI is a matter guilt not guile.
  2. The number of deaths "expected" in the first week varies greatly depending on what kind of map and settings I'm playing. I've been playing this game on survivalist for so long that anything less seems easy mode, but I'll still do it on occasion to play a more casual game. Some deaths just cannot be avoided easily (getting jumped while out of stamina at low levels, for instance). I don't have an infinite amount of time to play so I rarely do perma death or drop/delete stuff on death anymore. Spending all that extra time starting over for stupid/unexpected things (in game or out) or running back to get my stuff just doesn't make sense for my lifestyle.
  3. Harvesting can be very frustrating as it stands right now, whether that be plants in farm plots or out in the wild. It is very easy to damage the soil block, hit a plant next to or behind the plant you are clearly targeting, or miss repeatedly even though the interface tells you you have the thing targeted. That doesn't mean farming is not worth doing but it does make it VERY frustrating at times. I usually plant long rows on top of the ground with two spaces between each row. Zero chance of damaging things behind that way and harvesting goes as easily as it can for me, but it is still very frustrating. My vote is to have TFP make a harvesting tool that one would use to harvest plants (doing no damage to anything else, ever) and make the farm plots invulnerable to damage (or self healing, either way) so long as something is planted in them.
  4. I once made love to this game... but I don't kiss and tell.
  5. Only if I can ride one and feed it decayed flesh as fuel.
  6. This just seems like an apocalypse thing to do.
  7. Maybe allow us to place buckets or some other container on the ground to catch rain water? Just a thought. Or maybe a "crafting station" of sorts that you put empty containers in and as it rains it fills them with water.
  8. Would reapplying casts/bandages reduce them again after death? Or would they be in an already reduced state? I'd prefer the former as a way of using up extra resources.
  9. While I'd be fine with debuffs surviving death, I would recommend that this be an option because some people might scream bloody murder over that change. At least have it so that the newbie buff prevents you from respawning with debuffs on.
  10. I wish it was a little less random. So zombies crawling on the floor won't break your arms and birds won't break legs. I'd also like to see the penalty times reduced slightly, especially in the beginning. A broken leg is almost reason enough to commit suicide in the early game.
  11. It would be best if you could throw the bear or cougar... just sayin'.
  12. This would be a relatively easy thing to add as a mod.
  13. On a side note, now that I've been playing with this thing more, generating a 12k map with "many very large cities" and "many large towns" does take a while. A bit over 22 minutes on this last run. That would probably take 3 days with the built-in generator.
  14. So... why is NitroGen so much faster than the built-in generator? I can generate a 16k x 16k map in NitroGen in 5.5 minutes on my not-the-fastest computer. It takes that long to do a 4k x 4k in the built-in generator. /boggle
  15. Shift-clicking moves things a stack at a time but yeah, a transfer all button would be nicer.
  16. Fill your nights with the death throws of zombies and you won't notice so much.
  17. Practical Vulture Punching That should totally be the name of a perk or book when vultures go live.
  18. Propagating Viral Pathogens In 7DTD at least.
  19. Pushing Vitriol on People Sometimes, at least.
  20. Add that one to the Pimp Dreams section.
  21. This all hinges on what triggers someone's base as raidable. You can get lucky and find a powerful weapon or tool even at a low level. Besides, I didn't say newbie, I just said younger, as-in they haven't hit the raidable trigger yet. Turn about is supposed to be fair play and all that. If the settings were all configurable by the server manager then great, I'd say let it ride no matter what and let them figure out what works on their server and what doesn't. I think it is going to be impossible to make even most people happy with a single set of rules for PvP. This game is too awesome for one set of rules anyway. This is a crafting game and some people will want to focus on that and include base building in PvP part of that. This is a survival game so some will want to focus on that and consider base destruction in PvP as part of the equation. But I'm not saying anything you don't already know, so, yeah. Just put some of the ideas into play, make everything optional/configurable, let us test them out, and then adapt from there. As a community I'm sure we can provide adequate feedback. If not, raid our bases and boot us off your server.
  22. I was thinking that too... but then how to you stop the "younger" players from griefing the older players? Maybe have them only raidable by players that are also raidable themselves?
  23. So which of you is Pinky and which is the Brain?
  24. I have Rust, just haven't gotten into it enough yet. I think I'm waiting for them add a single player option so I can at least get a feel for the mechanics of the game before throwing myself to the wolves.
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