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  1. See, I was trying to end this all in a friendly manner and end it all to get back n track. But your entire response still screams nothing more than "I was wrong but I'm not willing to admit it". Believe what you want to believe. If that helps you sleep at night then by all means continue. Meanwhile, I'll continue to believe that you will always get aggressive whenever someone mentions even the slightest of negatively toward 7DTD.
  2. You're reaching with this, man. You are looking WAYYY too deep into this. Who decides which phrases are "meant to sting" or not? The writer or the reader? This is all based on interpretation. We're all on the frigging Internet for Christ sakes lol. Based on how YOU interpreted it. Just like I interpreted your response. Which was very condescending and offered nothing to the discussion amd could've been changed with a few choice words itself. Read above. Can we agree to get back on track here. I don't like the coaste
  3. I agree with some parts of your sentiment here. The game does become repetitive at later stages and adding in new things like bandits, etc would make the game harder. However, even if they added bandits and whatnot to the final product, eventually you would end up in the very spot that you are in now. A game that becomes very repetitive over time because at that point you would've already adapted to the changes and learned how to work around them. And then you will continue to ask for more which ultimately leads to a never ending scenario that YOU in particular are happy not wi
  4. Never mind a "toxic post". A better post from you would've been to not say anything at all. But hey, if you can create something that never receives ANY criticism at all then nobody is stopping you from doing so. 1) You knew what I meant and if you didn't then learn to internet. 2) I simply voiced my opinion on a product based on MY opinion. Nothing more or less, and I see nothing wrong with that. And you call THAT an "attention grab"? If so, it seems like anyone who says anything negative bad about 7DTD falls into this category with you by your own
  5. It's their job to come up with better ideas. Not mine. And this could've been done in a much better way starting with putting more thought into it instead of a terrible, lazy design.
  6. No offense to the designer but this looks terrible IMO. It looks like it was designed using windows paint. I'm confident they could do much better if they put a little more thought and time into it. But as it stands, this just looks like a lazy attempt at a money grab. I mean, cmon lol......two axes crossing each other? The weapon cross is such a played-out design. What is this the coat of arms? I would want this on my desk, but that's just my opinion.
  7. And this is a problem. All of them should spawn as soon as you start the quest. Otherwise, what's the point of having a yellow indicator in the first place if it's not going to tell you where the remaining Z's are at? Even if you do happen to miss 1 small room in a huge POI like the deshong tower for example, the indicator should tell you that. It's what it was designed for, correct? That sounds like a game problem....not a user problem. Users shouldn't have to resort to willingly cancel a quest just because a function of the game isn't working properly.
  8. Agreed. This is the main problem right here which is why steel tools become pretty much obsolete so fast. You start getting steel tools at about the same time as you can get an auger, and by the time you get an auger you've already saved up enough fuel to run your own depot. Why use a steel pickaxe when you can use an auger and get twice as much, twice as fast with no real repercussions. Hell, augers even make both the lock picks and the lock picking skill absolutely the most pointless item and skill in the game. It's easier and faster to break safes with an auger. Pl
  9. This is what horny T-Rex is for. I don't care what anyone says. Rule #1: You should ALWAYS put at least 1 skill point into horny T-Rex after completing the basic tutorial. FIGHT ME!
  10. Yeah. You and @ShoudenKalferas may be right about this. As I told shouden in the PM, I accidentally wrote I was running 19.3 when I meant 19.4 too. I already deleted that saved game and started a new with 19.3, but I'll keep this in mind for future reference. I did look at every XML config in the mod, entities included, and searched for the word "EAISwim" but I didn't find anything. Not sure what I was expecting to find. Likewise, I searched boar just to see if maybe there was something wrong with the code (maybe a missing character or something) and I d
  11. This looks interesting. Unfortunately I wasn't able to try it out for very long before I started getting errors. 😉 At first, it was only this one as walked towards a barn. (Filename: <a4ab1c34e63144c58a80244251bb4951> Line: 0) 2021-02-20T20:10:41 556.287 INF 530.9892 SleeperVolume 1433, 67, -2308. Spawning at 1443, 67, -2296, group 'BoarGroup', class animalBoar, count 0 Exception: Class 'EAISwim' not found! at EAIManager.CopyPropertiesFromEntityClass (EntityClass ec) [0x000e6] in <a4ab1c34e63144c58a80244251bb4951>:0 Then I figured I would quit the
  12. This is what I would like see happen. The game remembering where you left off. Which would not limit any other aspect, regardless of a person's play style or settings. But as it stands now, if someone is playing on 90 minute days then the hordes are over well before the default 4am time. This is what happened to me during my play through when everything got messed up. I was playing 90 minute days, horde every 3 days, and I was on day 25ish I believe and the horde had ended at around 2ish that night. That's 8 horde nights into my run that ended well before 4am. I was rushed and so I
  13. As the title says, if you exit the game during BM hours the horde night will restart when you load the game....and man, this is frustrating as hell! Please fix this? Why is this still a issue in Alpha 19.3? Look, I'm not one to usually complain about anything and I'd consider myself a patient person who can overlook most flaws and whatnot but this is ridiculous. Hell, this is the same issue with trader quests and I've learned to just to deal with that. But this is not just a small balance issue, or small graphic issue, etc....this is a major issue surrounding the g
  14. I'm sure this has already been reported but just in case it hasn't it. I searched for it but came up empty. Summary: Blood moon starts over if you exit the game during horde hours Game Version: A19 b5 Platform: PC OS/Version: Windows 20H2 (19042) CPU Model: Intel Core-I7 2700k System Memory: 16GB GPU Model and VRAM: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1600 Screen Resolution: 1080 Video Settings: See logs below Game mode: SP Did you wipe old saves? (Yes/No) Did you start a new game? (Yes/No) Did you validate your files? (Yes
  15. This is very true IMO. To be honest, I don't see any reason to use any anymore resources on light as soon as I find a helmet light mod, which is usually within the first week. In fact, I don't think I've ever once used a flashlight for light or use the resources to build light bulbs and hooking them up to a generator. It just seems like a waste of time. Helmet light mods and/or mining helmets(which usually come with a mod) are pretty easy to find.
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