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  1. Ah ok cool. Gotcha. I started another game just to test it and the same thing happened when I picked up a rock. I reverted back to A18 just to play the mod in stable condition but it's not game breaking or anything so it's no biggie. Keep up the good work man. Looking forward the A19 version. You need anyone to test for you and give feedback?
  2. Nice job on the mod Khaine, but I gotta ask.....is this supposed to happen lol (see pics below)? I saw a flat surface area on the map so I thought it would be a good place to build on since it was also near a couple of traders. I went there, killed a couple Z's, then as soon as I looted a garbage bag (probably my 3rd one) all hell broke loose. The ground block below the garbage bag was the first to go. The area to the left of my gun in the first pic is where it was at and where it started. This has been going for about 5 minutes before the pics and is still going. I tried to go into a different region of the map to see if it would stop but nope. This is DFalls-Medium map at about 1600N 40E btw. I'm just wondering if this was intentional or not?
  3. Nevermind, figured out what I was doing wrong. -Not installing cp 38 first like the instructions clearly stated (doh!) -Using 17.3 and downloading mods from the launcher was installing mixed versions not compatible with 17.3, including D2D's.
  4. Ok where am I messing up? Hey everyone, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me find out what dumb mistake(s) I'm making here before I {unnecessarily] break a poor innocent nearby object or two. I'm trying to setup a dedi server for the wife and kids using D2D HD mod(2k 17.3 Stable) + Epic City 17.3 (4k) but whenever I start the server I keep getting a bunch of these errors: ERR Loading prefab "xcostum_TheSphinx3(by_Andyjoki)" failed: Block name to ID mapping file missing. 2019-06-05T19:33:21 122.859 WRN Could not load prefab 'xcostum_TheSphinx3(by_Andyjoki)'. Skipping it What I have done up to this point: --Started from a clean install (I had 17.4, uninstalled it, disabled "experimental" in Steam, reinstalled Stable 17.3) --Placed EC folder in /Data/Worlds --Downloaded Unofficial CP 39 xml for EC from here --Replaced the rwgmixer.xml. Here are server settings for "worlds" - which I think is probably the issue here? GameWorld value="EpicCities4k"/> WorldGen value="EpicCities4k"/> WorldGenSize value="4096"/> Not sure if this is relevant but here is a list of mods I have also installed.
  5. Hey Guppy, first of all, thank you for everything that you do for this community. It's very much appreciated man. Anyhow, down to the meat. I'm in the process of (trying) setting up a dedi server for my wife and 2 kids with added mods and I'm having some compatibility issues with the SDX version of this one. The modlet version works fine, but to my understanding after reading the forums, it seems like you're more focused on the SDX version so I would like to use it instead. In the OP you said to use the launcher to install it, which I did, but then I get these errors whenever I start the server; Here's the log file: https://pastebin.com/qGzzV5Wq Note, the log file was long. So to keep it short I redacted some of the irrelevant info--the server settings and everything you see following the last line (436) just continues. I don't think it's the vehicles in general but the additional things that come with the mod when you download it (i.e worlds) and I'm hoping you can help with that. I THINK (me thinking?! Not possible lol) it has to do with the HDHQ mod I have installed by DUST2DEATH but I'm not a modder so I can't say for sure. For further reference, here is a list of all of the mods I currently have installed (I know this info is the log file but I thought this might make it easier to read). I only want the vehicles. So is this just a matter of deleting the additional mod(s)? And if so, which files can I safely delete? ----------------------------------------- Also, I noticed in the modlet version there is an extremely annoying dirt digging sound on some of the vehicles while your driving them. Is there any way to get rid of that, or no?
  6. Thank you @FastBurst for attempting to keep this alive. And @Claymore....you're a god send. I downloaded the files from the OP and freaked out when I got an error basically saying my saved game was corrupted. I just recently got back into this game and realized the devs removed alot of the lighting so I came here looking for answers. I came upon this thread and didn't realize how old it was. Yay for reading through 5 pages and comprehension lol. Thanks again to both of you.
  7. I agree jamanuel here. I personally wouldn't release the stand-alone UI. I understand that your doing this just to help the community but at some point you have to draw the line. Maybe after awhile down the road when alot of people are using your mod you could release it then.... but until then I wouldn't. You put in too much time and effort into both the UI and the mod
  8. Nice work as usual Subquake. I was hoping that you would add a more variety of beverages at some point. I have a few questions about a some things here, if you don't mind. More possible bugs as well. 1) An LCD screen under "material" displays "Iron" but when scrapped it only produces 1 scrap plastic and it takes 2 LCD screens to scrap. Video: https://streamable.com/qn9a9 2) Ammunitions table does not stop producing 9mm bullets after slots are filled but all material is lost when the limit is reached(5 slots + 500 each slot). However, If you are still at the table when the last slot is being filled, then the remaining bullets will be produced and placed into your backpack. If your not there.....their gone. I was trying to create about 12,000 9mm bullets for the AT guns around my house and so I set the ammunition table to create as many as it could and then went about my business while it finished(ridiculous amount of real-time). But when I came back I only had 2500 My suggestion, raise the slot limit to 1000. Video: https://streamable.com/i9bmc 3) Should it really take 11 steel ingots to create just 1 steel bar? Creating a steel bar on the workbench takes 50 rebars and 1 forged steel piece each and the recipes for this seems a bit much imo. Only 1 steel ingot produces 5 rebars, while just 1 ingot produces 2 forged steel and I think this is where the "problem" lies. Meanwhile, iron bars takes 50 iron rebars and just 1 piece of iron - not forged iron - but it takes only 40 iron to create 1 iron ingot. I'm just thinking out loud here but shouldn't 1 steel bar produce more than 5 rebars or not require forged steel at all? Or maybe not require so much material to create 1 steel ingot? Both rebars and forged steel require 1 steel ingot each using the smithing table that can be created in the forge. Which makes sense. But creating just 1 steel ingot in the forge requires 40 iron and 20 clay. So in order to produce only 1 steel bar it takes 11 ingots (440 iron + 220 clay) that create a total of 50 rebars and 2 forged iron. I was trying to create 100 steel bars for my perimeter within the last of couple weeks until I realized that I would need 1,100 steel ingots and would need to melt 44,000 iron + 22,000 clay in order to make them which seems like alot. However, I have managed to slowly get the materials(little by little) and I understand that the point of impressiveness is to not make things so easy. I just thought that I would bring it to your attention is all. Maybe it's just me but I think it's a bit much. Maybe see what others think about it and go there???
  9. Just found another bug/exploit Subquake. Crafting 1 lithium battery on the engineering table produces 5 instead of 1. As you'll see in the video below, after selecting "craft" the queue shows 5 but the output box will only display 1 when it's finished. Using the quick transfer shortcut (hold-shift + click) places 5 batteries in your inventory. However, the drag and drop method will only place 1. https://streamable.com/evq9g Hey, it got me alot of money. They sell for 733 a piece and I don't 15 haha. Mod Version: 1.2.2
  10. Yeah losing that game really sucked. My wife and I were in the middle of building a nice place. It was the same bug where the video driver crashed in game and then my SP save was changed into an MP. Not the first time. Usually I can use an editor and change it back but it was too corrupted this time as it only displayed zero's and wouldn't load. Oh well, crap happens. That video is pretty funny - unlimited loot lol. But yeah it does take away from the immersive aspect of the game don't it. Can't say I've ever had that happen to me yet. As far as the bottle thing, I don't really mind it as it is. Personally, I think it adds to the realism. Because let's face it, your not gonna get much scrap plastic from a 20oz mountain dew bottle in real life lol. Realistically it would take much more than that to get a considerable amount of plastic to do anything with. I just throw them away if I need the space in inventory. The same the dead mice and such. Congrats on finally getting this put on the launcher. Although I've never used it myself, your mod certainly deserves the recognition man.
  11. After my other saved game got corrupted again (for whatever reason) I did a fresh install with the newest version of the mod but now it seems that I can't scrap an empty water bottle that's been produced after drinking from it. I was using 1.2 before and I'm pretty sure that I was able to. Is this by design? EDIT: Nevermind. It still works but yo need 2 empty water bottles before you can scrap them. Carry on...
  12. Couple of minor bugs to report. 1) Wearing stacked cigars will consume the entire stack instead of only one. I believe it was the same with piercing as well but I don't remember for sure 100% so don't quote me on it. Here's a video: https://streamable.com/ssz35 2) With a standard house front door you have to use a lock pick kit and pick the lock before you can upgrade the door. This caused me a kind of "oh crap" moment when I was running behind time and trying to prepare for a horde night lol. Here's a video: https://streamable.com/lt2gn Keep in mind, I'm still on version 1.2 so disregard this if you already addressed this. I didn't know until now that you released an update but I didn't see either these listed on the patch notes either. Appreciate the work bud. Thanks.
  13. I registered an account here a week ago just to thank you for your time and effort put into this. Great job - keep up the good work. I only ever play SP and I've never used any mods for this game at all until now and I'm very impressed. I love the UI, the realistic items you find throughout the game, the more realistic crafting (i.e no more making an axe with just a couple stones and fiber) and just how much detail you put into all of this. I was just starting to get to know what I needed to make most of the stuff in the vanilla version and now I have to learn this all over again, so I hate you for that! I also have to come up with some new ideas on how organize everything as my previous layouts won't work anymore so I hate you for that as well . As others have said, there are a few minor things that need to ironed out but that's just part of the improvement process that will come with time just like everything else. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to seeing what else you add to this mod in the future. Keep up the great work. Just don't overwork yourself. As always, family first.
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