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[Mod] Custom Categories for Custom Workstations


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Custom Categories for Custom Workstations



This small SDX mod allows us to give our custom workstations unique categories, allowing us to filter recipes based on categories and reduce lag.


Two new XML properties are available for Workstations, allowing up to 8 unique categories. The last category is a hard-coded "All", that will show all recipes for that workstation.


<property name="Categories" value="Basic,Iron Tools, Gifts" />
<property name="Categories_UI" value="ui_game_symbol_campfire,ui_game_symbol_tool,ui_game_symbol_science" />


This is a one-for-one match, and indicates which UI symbol to use for your Category.



For each of your items in the custom workstation, you'll need to populate the following property, to get them to filter:


<property name="Group" value="Basic"/>


<property name="Group" value="Iron Tools"/>


When implemented properly, it can drastically reduce the amount of lag for large-reciped mods.


This mod is available through the 7D2D SDX Project: https://github.com/7D2DSDX/Mods/tree/master/CustomCategories

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I'm betting Jax will be all over this mod....... Nicely done!


It is stunning the difference this makes, and also pretty cool to be able to assign custom categories like "Stews" and "Drinks" to your items and have it all show up properly in the stations.


Sphere never fails to impress for sure.

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