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  1. "Particle System is trying to spawn on a mesh with zero surface area" errors is norm they not fatal. Error with pickaxes, cant fixed. No know why is happend.(
  2. no World was create with NitroGen or other software?
  3. Mod updated to version 40.644 Added: Added improved fertilizer. Added the ability for choppers to improve normal soil. Added skill for getting improved fertilizer. added improvement of blocks of sand, snow, broken stone to the ground. added boxes for fruits and resources, for sale. added missing recipes for improving seeds. Added Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) to treat concussions. Added "Creature Pack Animals" mod by "Xyth". Fox, goat, 4 birds, 2 bats, 10 insects, wolf. added bone cudgel. Added fish cutting on the cutting table. added fish fillets and bones. Wild plant gathering has been added to the sickle and scythe. added mod "ZT-Paintings Posters" Changed: Fixed negative experience when improving blocks. removed poisoning from mushrooms on a stick. experience gain from hammers and nail guns has been changed. The farm plot has been renamed to a garden bed. Farming. improved seed improvement. Reworked the skills for unlocking seeds and spores. fixed the sheet with the starting quest. Merchant Tatarin. The assortment of goods has been changed to a unique one, and now he sells vehicles and spare parts for it. Updated "Snufkin CustomVehicles For ER". Removed transport added. Updated "Snufkin CustomVehicles For ER". Reworked skills. Updated "Snufkin CustomVehicles For ER". All vehicles have been added to the merchant. Updated "BdubsVehicles For ER". Files from the "War3zuk" mod. Updated "BdubsVehicles For ER". Removed transport added. Updated "BdubsVehicles For ER". Reworked skills. Updated "BdubsVehicles For ER". Blueprints changed. Updated "BdubsVehicles For ER". All vehicles have been added to the merchant. Updated "BdubsVehicles For ER". Transport added to the spawn of the game world. Updated "BdubsVehicles For ER". Added the ability to assemble vehicles in the world with a wrench and Spare Parts, just like in the "Ultimate Vehicles Mod". Updated "Ultimate Vehicles For ER". Removed transport added. Updated "Ultimate Vehicles For ER". All vehicles have been added to the merchant. All machines that can be assembled with a wrench have a (Repairable) attachment added. Changed the "Mechanic" skill Added skill "Mechanic spare parts" The description of the skill of opening iron blocks has been corrected. Zombie loot has been changed. Brutalam has the same loot as the Feral. Zombie policeman, unique loot exposed. Fixed collection of resources from vehicles "BdubsVehicles For ER" and "Ultimate Vehicles For ER". hunger and thirst changed. debuff start reduced from 50% to 40% The calf was added to the merchant's sale at stage 6. Piglet added to the plant vendor's sale at stage 5. The bunny was added to the sale of the plant merchant at the 4th stage. Brass was added to the sale of the resource merchant at the 1st stage. Zinc was added to the resource vendor's sale at stage 3. Zombie nurse, unique loot exposed. Increased damage to clubs. Removed unique HP from vanilla zombies. Radioactive zombies have increased health by 25% of the level. Increased the amount of material from trash items. Clubs have been corrected to spend stamina per hit. The sickle and scythe now break completely. Dried fish is unlocked through the skill. changed recipes with fish. Bookshelves no longer collapse. Increased the chance of falling out of books in shelves and piles. Piercing material changed to silver. Taken into account the waste of stamina when running and swimming when pumping Cardio. Additionally: There is a bug when creating a Stone Pickaxe. Clogs all inventory. Vanilla resources drop. Write where you got them. When crafting leather from animal fur, if you go out and back in, all recipes with skins are replaced with a recipe with rabbit skin. (Do not leave the crafting table) (vanilla error) The character washing system does not work correctly. Incendiary cartridges do not work.
  4. I need screen of this error. How to install the mod.
  5. Mod updated to version 40.491 Added: Added stage display for beehive, nest and chicken coop. Changed: changed recipe for Copper Scale. changed recipe for copper ointment. fixed repair finca. Fixed a bug when opening the quest window. 6th base quest was changed. Changed the text of the basic quests. The final quest to find the Merchant has been returned. Fixed generation of traders. World generation has been changed. Added generations of vanilla Hubs 4K and 8K, with perfubs from COMPOPACK. Fixed incorrect experience gain. Fixed the zeroing of the experience bar. nerfed fish tacos. changed fish taco recipe.
  6. Added patch to version 40.478 fixes the Snufkin_CustomZombiesForER module Added patch to version 40.478 fixes the Snufkin_CustomZombiesForER module
  7. Mod updated to version 40.477 Added: Added requirements for leveling up building skills. Changed: The collection of resources from mod machines has been fixed. Reworked the cardio perk. Reduced the resource multiplier on the Hunting and Cooking Knives. Dynamite pack recipes unlocked. Reduced chance of spawning zombie bosses. removed duplicate skill C-4. Changed the effect and sound on electric zombies. Changed the effect of spitting fire zombies. Fixed missing fire effect on Burning UMA zombies. Additionally: It is required to re-download the mod.
  8. Mod updated to version 40.457 Added: Exposed damage depending on the level: Vultures, zombie dogs, Cerberus. Returned UMA zombies. (+ 120 species) Added 3 types of UMA zombies: feral, brutal, spitting fire. Added zombie mod "Snufkin_CustomZombies" Experience bottles and skill reset have been added to the merchant. Zombops and Cerberus have been added to the horde. Added the ability to create a part of a drawing from books. Added the ability to disassemble drawings into the corresponding parts of the drawing. Changed: Reduced the damage of the pump cartridge. Reduced the damage multiplier of the spear throw. from 80% to 50%. The quest for the merchant has been removed. Fixed repair of titanium armor. Fixed incorrect spawn of level 10 zombies for 4th place. Changed the loot of the green trash can. Increased the chance of a radioactive vulture spawning. localization changes were made. Increased the difficulty of zombies from level 5. Removed the recipe for the body kit: water distiller, bags +2, bags +3. Changed recipe for Copper Ointment. Changed recipe for copper scale. The lenses are inserted into the helmet. changed recipe for Sleds with a wolf. Increased the amount of tin from spoons, forks and a box from a candy bar.
  9. Mod updated to version 40.242 Added: Added recipes for creating ammo blueprints when using blueprint parts. The ability to search corpses in packages has been added. Added new recipes to the sawing table. Changed: Increased the price of a large furnace Improved damage from DIY shot. Increased damage from chasing. Reduced the damage of the Mechanical Turret Increased the damage of Mechanical Hammer Turret The description of the requirements for the Robber skill has been corrected. fixed concrete repair. Fixed resource extraction: Vulture, radioactive vulture, zombie dog, cerberus. removed the sale of some items. Fixed parsing of vegetable fiber bag the resources dropped from the washing machine have been fixed. Increased the chance of useful items falling out of the cabinet with papers. Reduced durability of copies. fixed the levels of the wooden club. increased damage of clubs. Changed loot for piles of food. Nail gun increased damage Changed damage depending on the level: nail gun, drill, saw, jackhammer, all Uzi, machine guns, machine guns, rifles and sniper rifles. Changed bait recipes for fishing. Fixed old canned food. Reduced the time to create blocks and resources in a concrete mixer. the price of an average furnace has been increased. fixed the model of the first and second weapon tables. Increased the speed of electric zombies. Changed the recipe for the Stone Spear. Increased damage from using broken glass. Added bleeding from using broken glass. The boar is now aggressive. fixed attack on hare and rooster. Removed vanilla resource drops from blocks. Disabled UMA zombies, we are waiting for the developers to make them. Additionally: There is a bug when creating a Stone Pickaxe. Clogs all inventory. Vanilla resources drop. Write where you got them. When crafting leather from animal fur, if you go out and back in, the entire skin is replaced with a rabbit. The character skill system does not work correctly. Incendiary cartridges do not work.
  10. no compatible mod with my mod
  11. Mod available at Gitlab and ModLauncher.
  12. Mod updated to version 40.065 Added: added recipes for fixtures. Added "electricity" group to stone workbench. Added recipes for Electric Door and Hatch. A small stone has been added to the number of sales from 100 units. Mountain Lion has been added to the spawn. Added rooster, chicken model, angry chicken. Added difficulty levels to the zombie dog. The boss dog "Cerberus" is returned. Added icon for "shelf5". Added Radioactive Vulture. Changed: Rewritten the "Pathfinder" skill. Removed vanilla resources from white mattresses. The boss dog "Cerberus" has been fixed. The size is doubled, hp 500. Fixed ammo on the Compound Bow. The characteristics of the football uniform have been corrected. Fixed the position of the decorator table model. Fixed recipe for sawdust. Changed spawn for vulture, dogs, snow zombies. Changed the recipe for a wooden barrel. Removed vanilla lamps from merchants, replaced with mod ones. fixed recipe for hatch. Fixed the group at the Sawing Bench. fixed bronze sickle repair. Fixed container door. Fixed a bug when pressing the "Sniper: Damage" skill. Fixed Blunderbuss repair. The metabolism skill is nerfed. Removed the fire-spitting Dead Crawler. Removed the ability to add body kit modifications to points. Removed the ability to mount vehicle modifications to the bike. Fixed collision between vehicles and mushrooms. Changes have been made to the Russian localization. Mushroom cooking is available from the first level. Additionally: There is a bug when creating a Stone Pickaxe. Clogs all inventory. Vanilla resources drop. Write where you got them. When crafting leather from animal fur, if you go out and back in, the entire skin is replaced with a rabbit.
  13. Mod updated to version 40.001 Google link Added: Returned Nesevgrad with combined mods "Mavezgane" and "Navezhatten". Renamed to "Nesevgrad + ER" as a separate map. Added 94 buildings, of which 58 are unique. Changed: Fixed incorrect allocation of skill points. Fixed Mod for expanding the gas tank for transport. corrected description for bullets and ingots. Flamethrower damage increased. The description of the "Sexual Tyrannosaurus" skill has been corrected. Fixed quality skills. Fixed the name of the "Mushrooms" block when hovering over it. Changed the Metabolism perk. Fixed requirement for experience skills. fixed the growth of the hare. Added processing recipes, vegetables and fruits, to rot. Fixed perfabs in the "Nesevgrad + ER" map. The skill of creating a titanium spear has been fixed. The unlock of getting pumpkin seeds has been added to skills. Fixed mineral water bottle. Fixed display of animals when using the "Pathfinder" skill. The missing perfabs have been added to the mod archive. Fixed loot in safes. Fixed hitbox for traps. Additionally: There is a bug when creating a Stone Pickaxe. Clogs all inventory.
  14. Finally, the mod is available in the mod launcher.
  15. Due to problems on Gitlab, the mod will be uploaded to Google. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SvjySH4cD51xsAmBKeyghT5oiT6Gx2uy
  16. Mod updated to version 39.735 Due to problems on gitlab, the mod will be uploaded to Google. Added: XP for killing zombies increased by 50% Added. Every 10th level, the number of skill points received increases. Changed: Fixed "Composite Crossbow". fixed fire bolt model. Increased the life time of backpacks with loot. Flamethrower damage has been changed. Fixed display of dysentery on water cans. Changed the bandage icons. Changed icons for brass, steel and titanium pickaxes. Honey tincture restored the ability to treat infection. Additionally: For those who want to update an existing game. Make a backup backup. due to the update in generation, artifacts in chunks are possible.
  17. Hello everyone. This mod own by vitek_D im just some help him.
  18. a19.2 or try to download files manualy. mod launcher download not all files sometime.
  19. Mod updated to version 39.676 Added: Added description for Mechanical Turrets. Added a description of the parameters "grandfather's swill", "grandfather's moonshine" and "grandfather's elixir for study" Added mod tips to the loading screen, replacing vanilla ones. Added the skill of additional experience for killing with a revolver. Added faster cooking times to cooker plates. Added a new wood shelf. Herbal antibiotics added treatment for dysentery. Added replacement of shelves in the buildings of the "Prefabs-Compo-Pack" mod, now some of the shelves will be lootable again. Added Russian localization to the "Bdub's Vehicles" Mod. Added skills to learn vehicle recipes for the "Ultimate Vehicles" Mod. Added bullet and reinforced cartridges for mechanical turret. Modification slots have been added to vehicles. Changed: Fixed description of requirements for firearms perks. Increased the chance of pistons falling out. Reduced the chance of a crankshaft falling out. Changed the drop rate of modifications. Extra radiator removed. Corrected description of radiators. Wall and floor safes, permanent loss of weapons or spare parts for them is established. The number of dropped cartridges has been increased. Removed the drop rate for weapons in the "weapon with ammunition" group. (Higher chance of a firearm drop) Fixed falling out of vanilla resources from burnt trees. Added description for Calf. The raising of the Cow has been fixed. Moved Mechanical Turrets to the first armorer table. Fixed description of the "Agricultural tool" perk Changed the description of the skill for creating clubs. Made tweaks to golf clubs, speed perk should affect them. Fixed the name of the Machine Guns. Removed vanilla plastic falling out of the wheel. corrected the description of the skill "Improvised weapon" Fixed skill requirement description. Fixed requirements for skills with additional experience for killing. The description of the second level, the skill for learning blocks, has been corrected. Fixed the sound of BCC Vintorez. Fixed sound for Glock 18 Mod "Bdub's Vehicles" removed all non-working vehicles. Mod "Ultimate Vehicles" Removed wrench. Its functions have been moved to mod. Now some cars can be simply assembled by finding a broken skeleton. Removed blueprints from Mods recipes for items. Corrected the position of the car model relative to the object box and the size of the object box. Mod "Ultimate Vehicles". Mod "Ultimate Vehicles" cut out all non-working vehicles. Mod "Ultimate Vehicles" left by RUS and ENG localization. The Trash Turret has been renamed to Mechanical Shooting Turret. The Trash Slam Turret has been renamed to Mechanical Hammer Turret. Fixed Mechanical Shooting Turret. Fixed a bug with incorrect height for the onion. Fixed seed groups.
  20. Mod updated to version 39.563 Added: Added the ability to remelt the tool. Changed: Unlocked recipe for ICE Engine and moved to the metal workbench. Fixed damage of rocket / grenade launchers. Rewritten 40x46mm freeze and fire grenades. Disabled machines causing errors: Charger black, Charger black2, Increased the number of rounds in the shot egg. Increased the price of seeds from merchants. Fixed incorrect position of shelves. Changed Cardio perk. Changed perk Iron Giblets. Women traders, female voice exposed. Changes made to merchants. Changes made to buildings. Fixed Military vest. Fixed perk "Fruit". Fixed darts for 105 Injector fixed onion.
  21. Mod updated to version 39.546 Added: Added a cow. Added bronze sickle. Added a steel dart trap. Added "Berthier Rifle", "Martini Henry Rifle" and "SVD" rifles Desert Vulture, Automatic Shotgun, Old Rifle introduced. Added sticky Dynamite stick, Dynamite bag, sticky Dynamite bag. Added modifications "M-84 stun grenades", m2 and m3. Added heavy copper armor. Added buttons "sort" \ "take existing" \ "take all" into the backpack header. Introduced "Burning Spit Zombies" into the game. Changed: Fixed planting of plants. Fixed falling out of wrong doors. The range of drop-down doors has been expanded. Fixed Compound Crossbow. Increased strength loss during a power attack. the durability of knives, clubs, spears has been changed. Fixed Flyer. Replaced stone workbench model. fixed dart trap. The rifle loot group is divided into rifles and sniper rifles. Flintlock pistol and Colt NAVI, modifications removed. Modification Sight х8 has been removed for pistols. Fixed a bug with the impossibility of creating weapons using blueprint scraps. Increased the amount of experience given for a kill when pumping the corresponding skill. Reduced the amount of powder required to create dynamite. Rewritten grenades \ dynamic \ hammer devices. Changed the stun time of grenades to 3, 5 and 10. Fixed known bugs in the description of perks. Updated textures for tool shelves and bolts. Changed the display of the armor. Changed the "Metal Processing" perk. Rewrote Armor stats.
  22. I need the first red error. and wich size of map do you select.
  23. Im not sure about NPC, but quest yes I can. Which type or what a quest do you want?
  24. Mod updated for a19.2 to version 39.464 Added: Added baby rabbit and pig to the merchant's assortment. Added "Shelves" containers. Changed: Corrected the name of the Milk mushroom. (Rus) Skills "Cardio" and "Tyrannosaurus" are nerfed Increased chance of dysentery for dirty water. Fixed description (+ \ -) characteristics. Corrected characteristic (+ \ -) of water. The description of Skills has been corrected. (Rus) The level of Skills is affixed. (Rus) Corrected English localization and added new descriptions. Thanks "baconbot". Fixed description of har-k bandages. Fixed Blood Collection Kit. Removed stages of destruction at locked doors. Removed time from the main screen. Increased radiation gain from zombies. Fishing fixed. Reduced the number of blueprint parts required to create a complete blueprint. Fixed power attack damage. Fixed fruit picking from trees. Increased the chance of the lock pick breaking. Tnx it fixed
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