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  1. Mod updated to version 39.546 Added: Added a cow. Added bronze sickle. Added a steel dart trap. Added "Berthier Rifle", "Martini Henry Rifle" and "SVD" rifles Desert Vulture, Automatic Shotgun, Old Rifle introduced. Added sticky Dynamite stick, Dynamite bag, sticky Dynamite bag. Added modifications "M-84 stun grenades", m2 and m3. Added heavy copper armor. Added buttons "sort" \ "take existing" \ "take all" into the backpack header. Introduced "Burning Spit Zombies" into the game. Changed: Fixed planting of plants. Fixed falling out of wrong doors. The range of drop-down doors has been expanded. Fixed Compound Crossbow. Increased strength loss during a power attack. the durability of knives, clubs, spears has been changed. Fixed Flyer. Replaced stone workbench model. fixed dart trap. The rifle loot group is divided into rifles and sniper rifles. Flintlock pistol and Colt NAVI, modifications removed. Modification Sight х8 has been removed for pistols. Fixed a bug with the impossibility of creating weapons using blueprint scraps. Increased the amount of experience given for a kill when pumping the corresponding skill. Reduced the amount of powder required to create dynamite. Rewritten grenades \ dynamic \ hammer devices. Changed the stun time of grenades to 3, 5 and 10. Fixed known bugs in the description of perks. Updated textures for tool shelves and bolts. Changed the display of the armor. Changed the "Metal Processing" perk. Rewrote Armor stats.
  2. I need the first red error. and wich size of map do you select.
  3. Im not sure about NPC, but quest yes I can. Which type or what a quest do you want?
  4. Mod updated for a19.2 to version 39.464 Added: Added baby rabbit and pig to the merchant's assortment. Added "Shelves" containers. Changed: Corrected the name of the Milk mushroom. (Rus) Skills "Cardio" and "Tyrannosaurus" are nerfed Increased chance of dysentery for dirty water. Fixed description (+ \ -) characteristics. Corrected characteristic (+ \ -) of water. The description of Skills has been corrected. (Rus) The level of Skills is affixed. (Rus) Corrected English localization and added new descriptions. Thanks "baconbot". Fixed description of har-k bandages. Fixed Blood Collection Kit. Removed stages of destruction at locked doors. Removed time from the main screen. Increased radiation gain from zombies. Fishing fixed. Reduced the number of blueprint parts required to create a complete blueprint. Fixed power attack damage. Fixed fruit picking from trees. Increased the chance of the lock pick breaking. Tnx it fixed
  5. Mod updated to version 39.177 Added: added recipe for signed box. Added growth stage to plant names. Added seeds to the loot. Added 43 plants from "FarmLifeV3" mod version 1.3.8b from "stasis". Adapted for mod. Changed: changed the recipe for a wooden box. Changed the size of the wooden box. The number of active mines in the Wasteland biome has been increased. Fixed mod characteristics Added missing descriptions for mods. Fixed plant names. Fixed picking up universal frames. the quality of the armor has been fixed. Changed the skill "Dark Buyer". Increased stack of "Duke Chips". The improvement of the Gate from scrap metal to the box has been fixed. Plants: Pear, Peach, Orange, Dates, Coconut, Cherry, Bananas, Avocado, changed to a tree like an apple. Changed light bulb recipe. Increased health loss from thirst and hunger. fixed bug when selecting a turret.
  6. Mod updated to version 39.088 Added: Added Level 1-10 Radioactive Zombies. regen hp. hang up radiation. Added Level 1-10 Burning Spit Zombies. have a chance to ignite on attack. They shoot with fire. Added skills for armor quality. Added player transport to the vehicle spawn as a block. Added trader Tatarin Added 44 pieces of transport, "Snufkin_CustomVehicles" mod from "Snufkin". Adapted for mod. Added transport of the "Snufkin_CustomVehicles" mod to the vehicle spawn as a block. Added weapon of "Snufkin_CustomWeapons" mod by "Snufkin". Added vehicle mod "Bdub's Vehicles" version 3.0 from "bdubyah". Adapted for mod. Added transport mod "Ultimate Vehicles" version 1.0 from "DUST2DEATH". Adapted for mod. Added rock salt and rock salt ore. Be in a desert biome. Changed: Increased attack range for burning, electric and radioactive zombies. disinfection removed from salads. fixed icon for mods. The assault rifles have been moved to the 48th and 71st grip. rewritten machine guns for their class. Mod machine guns moved under 60th grip. fixed acceleration of reloading when pumping a perk. Fixed incendiary arrows and bolts. Increased attack range for electric, radioactive and burning zombies. from 1.65 block to 2 blocks. Fixed a bug with missing airport perfub. The characteristics of stage 4 zombies have been fixed.
  7. Попробуй обновить мод, если устанавливал через модлаунчер. Либо перескачай если устанавливаешь без лаунчера.
  8. Mod updated to version 38.609 Added: Added to the description of negative parameters. Added recipe for automatic lockpick. Opens at level 11 "Robber". Rewritten and expanded item mods. Changed: Fixed starting quest line. (The old save will work) Fixed the name of the perk.
  9. The mod is available. Added: Added vanilla zombies from 2nd to 10th level. Added vanilla zombies: Ferala. Have HP and damage increased by 2 times; Brutals. Have HP increased 3 times and more relatives by 10%; Burning. set on fire by attack. Electrical. Electrify with attack. Added mods for the "Metallic" club Added washcloth. Added dropout of broken and whole bulbs from wall / ceiling lamps. Poisoning and washing returned. Changed: Fixed dysentery. removed the button for cleaning inventory. The localization file was cleaned. Fixed the durability of armored glass. fixed bug related to snake. fixed sawing table. alternative chain of starting quests. increased damage of homemade weapons. Quest rewards have been changed. The curve of increasing complexity has been changed. Added description of har-k rockets and grenades. Changed quality skills. fixed treatment. The description of the first-aid kits and the bandage has been corrected. Changed grip for automatic rifles. (For this wrong position of the model, temporarily) Fixed parsing with a wrench, ratchet and wrench. corrected fruit description. corrected treatment with ointments, bactericidal bandage and first aid kits. fixed icon "Set for blood transfusion" Removed the falling out of a baby hare from a female deer corrected descriptions. reduced spawn of brutals. Rebalanced strength. Rebalanced block damage for ax and shovel. reworked washing with a rag. fixed witch model. Cleared clubs with spikes, iron and sap wire. Mods will play their role. Changed the difficulty of the "Game stages" in accordance with the new zombies. Disabled UMA Zombies. Reduced the chance of appearing in clothes, paints. Parts of drawings have been simplified. From a "piece of rag", Washing moved to a "washcloth" Disabled uzi sight. Fixed a bug with leveling the quality of items. Removed "MIB crossbow" Fixed blocked recipes
  10. I have had some issues with your mod on the mod launcher. It's giving me a bunch of errors and also acting like the combopack didn't even download. I can post the logs if you are wanting.

    1. Sergant1000


      there is many bugs in launch version. It my first time to add to launcher. after update will better.

    2. dragohoof90


      Alright. Didn't know if you were wanting bug reports or anything. thanks for responding though.

    3. Sergant1000


      Write every bug do you see. Now launch version of mod is more playble.

  11. Hello, can you add Experimental Recipes to list at mod launcher. Here
    link: https://gitlab.com/Sergant1000/experimental-recipes 

    Description: "Experimental Recipes" mod for: improving gameplay, expanding the range of blocks, items, zombies, traps, additions and expansion
    variations of recipes, weapons, non-standard systems, etc. This mod brings the alpha game to a more playable form.

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. Sergant1000


      but still nothing

    3. sphereii


      Excellent! It's live now! Sorry for the trouble!

    4. Sergant1000


      Tnx, it there.

  12. I see. you can use google translate it work properly but before put translated text into here. put it into notepad or some type of text editor copy text agan from it. And then put it here. This will remove the modification of your text like white background and caps. Everytime when i read your text i think you scream))) Ore push on "change translate" and copy text from first textbox.
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