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  1. no World was create with NitroGen or other software?
  2. Mod updated to version 40.644 Added: Added improved fertilizer. Added the ability for choppers to improve normal soil. Added skill for getting improved fertilizer. added improvement of blocks of sand, snow, broken stone to the ground. added boxes for fruits and resources, for sale. added missing recipes for improving seeds. Added Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) to treat concussions. Added "Creature Pack Animals" mod by "Xyth". Fox, goat, 4 birds, 2 bats, 10 insects, wolf. added bone cudgel. Added fish cutting on the cutting table. added fish fillets and bones. Wild plant
  3. I need screen of this error. How to install the mod.
  4. Mod updated to version 40.491 Added: Added stage display for beehive, nest and chicken coop. Changed: changed recipe for Copper Scale. changed recipe for copper ointment. fixed repair finca. Fixed a bug when opening the quest window. 6th base quest was changed. Changed the text of the basic quests. The final quest to find the Merchant has been returned. Fixed generation of traders. World generation has been changed. Added generations of vanilla Hubs 4K and 8K, with perfubs from COMPOPACK. Fixed incorrect experience gain. Fixed the zeroing of the experience bar.
  5. Added patch to version 40.478 fixes the Snufkin_CustomZombiesForER module Added patch to version 40.478 fixes the Snufkin_CustomZombiesForER module
  6. Mod updated to version 40.477 Added: Added requirements for leveling up building skills. Changed: The collection of resources from mod machines has been fixed. Reworked the cardio perk. Reduced the resource multiplier on the Hunting and Cooking Knives. Dynamite pack recipes unlocked. Reduced chance of spawning zombie bosses. removed duplicate skill C-4. Changed the effect and sound on electric zombies. Changed the effect of spitting fire zombies. Fixed missing fire effect on Burning UMA zombies. Additionally: It is required to re-download the mod.
  7. Mod updated to version 40.457 Added: Exposed damage depending on the level: Vultures, zombie dogs, Cerberus. Returned UMA zombies. (+ 120 species) Added 3 types of UMA zombies: feral, brutal, spitting fire. Added zombie mod "Snufkin_CustomZombies" Experience bottles and skill reset have been added to the merchant. Zombops and Cerberus have been added to the horde. Added the ability to create a part of a drawing from books. Added the ability to disassemble drawings into the corresponding parts of the drawing. Changed: Reduced the damage of the pump cartridge. Reduced
  8. Mod updated to version 40.242 Added: Added recipes for creating ammo blueprints when using blueprint parts. The ability to search corpses in packages has been added. Added new recipes to the sawing table. Changed: Increased the price of a large furnace Improved damage from DIY shot. Increased damage from chasing. Reduced the damage of the Mechanical Turret Increased the damage of Mechanical Hammer Turret The description of the requirements for the Robber skill has been corrected. fixed concrete repair. Fixed resource extraction: Vulture, radioactive vulture, zombie
  9. no compatible mod with my mod
  10. Mod available at Gitlab and ModLauncher.
  11. Mod updated to version 40.065 Added: added recipes for fixtures. Added "electricity" group to stone workbench. Added recipes for Electric Door and Hatch. A small stone has been added to the number of sales from 100 units. Mountain Lion has been added to the spawn. Added rooster, chicken model, angry chicken. Added difficulty levels to the zombie dog. The boss dog "Cerberus" is returned. Added icon for "shelf5". Added Radioactive Vulture. Changed: Rewritten the "Pathfinder" skill. Removed vanilla resources from white mattresses. The boss dog "Cerberus" has b
  12. Mod updated to version 40.001 Google link Added: Returned Nesevgrad with combined mods "Mavezgane" and "Navezhatten". Renamed to "Nesevgrad + ER" as a separate map. Added 94 buildings, of which 58 are unique. Changed: Fixed incorrect allocation of skill points. Fixed Mod for expanding the gas tank for transport. corrected description for bullets and ingots. Flamethrower damage increased. The description of the "Sexual Tyrannosaurus" skill has been corrected. Fixed quality skills. Fixed the name of the "Mushrooms" block when hovering over it. Changed the Metabolism perk
  13. Finally, the mod is available in the mod launcher.
  14. Due to problems on Gitlab, the mod will be uploaded to Google. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SvjySH4cD51xsAmBKeyghT5oiT6Gx2uy
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