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  1. Hello, can you add Experimental Recipes to list at mod launcher. Here
    link: https://gitlab.com/Sergant1000/experimental-recipes 

    Description: "Experimental Recipes" mod for: improving gameplay, expanding the range of blocks, items, zombies, traps, additions and expansion
    variations of recipes, weapons, non-standard systems, etc. This mod brings the alpha game to a more playable form.

    1. sphereii


      I am sorry that I missed this. I added it! Thank you for reaching out.

  2. I see. you can use google translate it work properly but before put translated text into here. put it into notepad or some type of text editor copy text agan from it. And then put it here. This will remove the modification of your text like white background and caps. Everytime when i read your text i think you scream))) Ore push on "change translate" and copy text from first textbox.
  3. Only here. I'm not sitting on an eng chat or voice. Or if you luck to see me online here we can connect to "TeamSpeak" or "Discord" This mod is still for alpha 18. For alpha 19, I transfer mod. I will think about add Farmlife V3 after i finish transfer.
  4. What is a version of game you play?
  5. WoW, WOw, easy. You mean farming plants or resource? Or something else?
  6. Mod updated to version 37.430 Added: Added the ability to wash, plunging into the water. The system "Anomalous formations" proposed by "Ackaru" is added. The category "Artifacts" has been added to the stone workbench and Chemical table. Added recipes for improving artifacts. Added a long bow. Added mods for glasses "Experience Lens" and "Quality Lens" Added Explosive Arrow. Ammo Boxes and Quivers Added. Added mods to increase the main character. Added titanium spear. Added iron and steel mace. Changed: The price of a chuck has been increased. fixed the maximum level of the skill "Tyrannosaurus Rex" Fixed block recipes that could be built without studying perk. Difficulty curve changed. (Complicated) Aloe cream, no longer treats bleeding. Returned spanner disassembly animation. The artifact "Drop of Blood", "Blood Bath" and "Blood Rain" has been fixed Arrow replaced icon. Recycled knife drop. Fixed a bug where mods were not inserted into clubs. Radiation from the ground is increased.
  7. Mod updated to version 37.362 Added: Added garbage items from the NewLifeExperience fashion All radioactive zombies, regeneration added. Added 27 artifacts. 108 forms for glass blocks added. Various skills have been added to enhance the quality of certain group items. Added book "Cooking 2" Perk for food is divided into 2 perks, food and drink. Perks opening building blocks are displayed from 1 to 3 levels. simple blocks, complex blocks and a universal block. recipes for universal building blocks added. Added description to artifacts. The master key is divided into regular and automatic. Plain opens doors, automatic chests and safes. The ability to open the door with master keys. The door thinks the door should be open. A unique loot has been added to the wooden storage box. Size changed from 8x8 to 10x10 added recipes for various types of buffet. Open old stove added the ability to search. A unique loot has been added to a polymer barrel, a barrel for oil products and a barrel with acid. scenery added to merchant's assortment. Modified: Rebalanced the Cardio perk. Increased stamina when running. Fixed stamina drain on power strike. added drop of solar panel. Fixed loot errors. Added to the "solar panel" loot. Fixed ax quality from skill. changed needle recipe. Increased chance of falling chuck for lathe. Additionally: New doors appeared only in a chunk that had not yet been generated.
  8. Все в ваших руках. All in your hands. Просто не знаю что туда написать. I dont know what to write there.
  9. I do my best. О всех проблемах локализации пиши. Сразу буду править.
  10. Combopack is already in the mod.
  11. Finally im finished to converting the mod for a18.4 Have fun. And give me youre description about errors in it.
  12. whats up with the Mod?

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