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  1. Mod updated to version 40.242 Added: Added recipes for creating ammo blueprints when using blueprint parts. The ability to search corpses in packages has been added. Added new recipes to the sawing table. Changed: Increased the price of a large furnace Improved damage from DIY shot. Increased damage from chasing. Reduced the damage of the Mechanical Turret Increased the damage of Mechanical Hammer Turret The description of the requirements for the Robber skill has been corrected. fixed concrete repair. Fixed resource extraction: Vulture, radioactive vulture, zombie
  2. no compatible mod with my mod
  3. Mod available at Gitlab and ModLauncher.
  4. Mod updated to version 40.065 Added: added recipes for fixtures. Added "electricity" group to stone workbench. Added recipes for Electric Door and Hatch. A small stone has been added to the number of sales from 100 units. Mountain Lion has been added to the spawn. Added rooster, chicken model, angry chicken. Added difficulty levels to the zombie dog. The boss dog "Cerberus" is returned. Added icon for "shelf5". Added Radioactive Vulture. Changed: Rewritten the "Pathfinder" skill. Removed vanilla resources from white mattresses. The boss dog "Cerberus" has b
  5. Mod updated to version 40.001 Google link Added: Returned Nesevgrad with combined mods "Mavezgane" and "Navezhatten". Renamed to "Nesevgrad + ER" as a separate map. Added 94 buildings, of which 58 are unique. Changed: Fixed incorrect allocation of skill points. Fixed Mod for expanding the gas tank for transport. corrected description for bullets and ingots. Flamethrower damage increased. The description of the "Sexual Tyrannosaurus" skill has been corrected. Fixed quality skills. Fixed the name of the "Mushrooms" block when hovering over it. Changed the Metabolism perk
  6. Finally, the mod is available in the mod launcher.
  7. Due to problems on Gitlab, the mod will be uploaded to Google. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SvjySH4cD51xsAmBKeyghT5oiT6Gx2uy
  8. Mod updated to version 39.735 Due to problems on gitlab, the mod will be uploaded to Google. Added: XP for killing zombies increased by 50% Added. Every 10th level, the number of skill points received increases. Changed: Fixed "Composite Crossbow". fixed fire bolt model. Increased the life time of backpacks with loot. Flamethrower damage has been changed. Fixed display of dysentery on water cans. Changed the bandage icons. Changed icons for brass, steel and titanium pickaxes. Honey tincture restored the ability to treat infection. Additionally:
  9. Hello everyone. This mod own by vitek_D im just some help him.
  10. a19.2 or try to download files manualy. mod launcher download not all files sometime.
  11. Mod updated to version 39.676 Added: Added description for Mechanical Turrets. Added a description of the parameters "grandfather's swill", "grandfather's moonshine" and "grandfather's elixir for study" Added mod tips to the loading screen, replacing vanilla ones. Added the skill of additional experience for killing with a revolver. Added faster cooking times to cooker plates. Added a new wood shelf. Herbal antibiotics added treatment for dysentery. Added replacement of shelves in the buildings of the "Prefabs-Compo-Pack" mod, now some of the shelves will be lootable again.
  12. Mod updated to version 39.563 Added: Added the ability to remelt the tool. Changed: Unlocked recipe for ICE Engine and moved to the metal workbench. Fixed damage of rocket / grenade launchers. Rewritten 40x46mm freeze and fire grenades. Disabled machines causing errors: Charger black, Charger black2, Increased the number of rounds in the shot egg. Increased the price of seeds from merchants. Fixed incorrect position of shelves. Changed Cardio perk. Changed perk Iron Giblets. Women traders, female voice exposed. Changes made to merchants. Changes ma
  13. Mod updated to version 39.546 Added: Added a cow. Added bronze sickle. Added a steel dart trap. Added "Berthier Rifle", "Martini Henry Rifle" and "SVD" rifles Desert Vulture, Automatic Shotgun, Old Rifle introduced. Added sticky Dynamite stick, Dynamite bag, sticky Dynamite bag. Added modifications "M-84 stun grenades", m2 and m3. Added heavy copper armor. Added buttons "sort" \ "take existing" \ "take all" into the backpack header. Introduced "Burning Spit Zombies" into the game. Changed: Fixed planting of plants. Fixed falling out of wrong doors. The range
  14. I need the first red error. and wich size of map do you select.
  15. Im not sure about NPC, but quest yes I can. Which type or what a quest do you want?
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