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7 Days to Meme


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Hello everyone,

welcome to 7 days to meme! A place where we share 7 days to die related memes :) Please feel free to post new ones!


If you need help creating one, I suggest you check out one of these websites:





When you post a meme, it is preferable if you first upload it to an image hosting service, like this one:



Then you take the url that you have just generated and post it here.

The image should appear in high resolution and as wide as the page allows it.




Original post:


Hello guys,

this is a very boring afternoon for me. So I have some time to waste..

Enjoy and please add more if you wish :loyal:


Disclaimer: no intention to disrespect devs or anyone. Memes are just for laughs.








memes are life

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I like that one, because no buddy, you ain't the only one. Can't believe the number of peeps who were complaning about MM's mechanical keyboard in the YT comments. I can understand people might be getting motion sickness from motion blur though, but damn man, get over it and take a Gravol or something.

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