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  1. Thanks for all the hard work on this mod and the constant updates to keep it moving upwards. I bought spit out my drink at this lol. #Beardstroke
  2. Where is who? In all honesty things are extremely quiet I feel because everyone has their head buried into experimental playing it. I still see a lot of mixing of the community and growth. It's definitely there. Matt and I have been busy streaming and testing things on A16 experimental that we haven't been replying on the forums a whole lot except for a little here and there. The general discussion section of the forum currently seems to be filled with a lot of the exact same topics worded differently. We're reading, just refraining from responding until stable comes out.
  3. Du na du na du na du na du na du na du na du na du na du na du na Roland! (Hummed to the tune of Batman)
  4. Started uploading our twitch replays today and we broke them up so they're watchable lol.
  5. Awesome. We aren't the greatest YouTubers, we leave that to the professionals, but we're starting to do more on it or that is the plan.
  6. Liked what we saw. Dropped a sub. Keep up the great work!
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