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  1. Will dismemberment (arms) affect a zombie in any non-cosmetic way? -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  2. (Almost 1,100 are cast iron weight plates and dumbells. 🤔) -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  3. If it does....that's my signal to to open a second front and push to get back the wood forms that you'd nail up around the rebar. Immersion: Maximum Level! -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  4. Hmmm...I'd thought there was a cobblestone frame that worked more or less like concrete/rebar too. My memory is likely sour. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  5. I (think) there also used to be a ropey frame for building with stone (flagstone, cobblestone, other??) in like alpha 5-ish?. You'd lay out the frames, and when you "built" them they'd visibly fill with stone...in layers. Like 4-6 layers to complete the block if I remember right. So...if you were building a wall, and put 10 of these in a row, you'd slowly raise the height of the wall as you clicked each frame. Kinda' immersive. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  6. No worries. I was delivering a bit of double-entendre because your words were funny when taken with different meaning. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  7. Whatever floats your boat. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  8. My shoes are too tight, and I have forgotten how to dance. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  9. Why would anyone ever want to change Jen!?? I mean, maybe she should get that zombie bite on the side of her head patched up, but other than that, she's doing SWELL in the post-apocalypse. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  10. Not sure I'd trust having it drop off a zombie. Perhaps the key could be in something like the courier satchel. You wouldn't get tracking on it unless you had the quest. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  11. Monty Python - Mr. Hilter : BBC : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  12. Bah....just do this: Someone's gotta' tug on one of the devs' sleeves for this. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  13. The game's setting is thinly veiled magic too. Zombies cannot digest food (no heart pumping blood to distribute nutrients), and thus defy physics when they magically move around without any energy source (calories) or living muscle tissue. It's just easier to suspend your disbelief with zombies because you see less of the magic sausage-making. ...and who doesn't like magic sausage! Supernatural zombies rule, plague zombies drool. 🧟‍♀️ -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  14. Amazon....fulfillment....centers.... -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  15. So....that means.....that............ CAVES ARE COMING BACK!!!!! -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  16. Heh...you're not trying to distract the players so much as ~attract~ some new friends to their location. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  17. There was a time when the night was a lot more terrifying. Lots of zombies, if you did anything, you'd lose cover and likely get killed, or have to run which was tricky to do if you wanted to hide again. Rocks were a thing then. In recent alphas, the only time I can recall REALLY wanting to be able to distract was with a mountain lion which had me trapped up on a mountain with a super-narrow road leading up. There were more critters everywhere, and they were impossible to fight for me at that point in the game. Stupid critters are immune to distraction though. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  18. That would be sweet. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  19. Many alphas ago I was fleeing from too many zombies and entered a dilapidated house, knocked out the staircase, and climbed up on the roof. I planted a bunch of blueberries, and since the zombies could not seem to get to me, I was thinking I might be able to stay up here for the long-haul! When the blueberries finally ripened, their weight increased...just enough to crush the house's structural integrity. The zombies' patience paid off. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  20. I'd recommend getting the wood from almost anywhere else. Though the I-beams are tempting, iron mining makes a lot of noise and it's probably better to locate a deposit in any other biome and be so much safer. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  21. That be my thoughts on the matter. Arrrrrrr. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  22. Hi Zeal, I'm thinking that one's unlikely since deadly falling damage (to enemies) was in the game at one time. It was changed, and eventually scaled back to what it is now to prevent defenses from being too effective. It would be nice if a really long fall would cripple, but I don't think they'll move in that direction. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  23. I'm doing a research paper for my yoga class. Could you please give me an example of one of those classics? Thank you, -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  24. Well, gotta' hand it to Roland. He knows what he's talking about. 😉 -Arch Necromancer Morloc
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