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  1. You may be hung up on semantics here. My actual claim: "Zombies that understand structural integrity and complex pathing were never introduced as a deliberate feature. They're here because something was needed to provide a challenge to player bases/safehouses/etc. given other limitations of the game engine." Yep, though I think going for the doors was something from way-pre-A17(?) when pathing had changed a lot? -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  2. Clearly a distinguished woman of high standards and good taste. -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  3. TFP tout their progress on the game with release and patch notes. They highlight and summarize new features, changes and fixes. -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  4. Perhaps, because that is what people do. ALL of us. If I were to play a game called Deathrace2525 some of my notions about the game would involve vehicles, or at least a race. It would likely be in the future. If it turned out to be a sim involving pastel anthropomorphic Volkswagens (with cute German accents) I think I'd be putting my lack of immersion on the developer. There's a certain amount of artistic license we should all accept, but the word genre implies grounding. 7D2D has a flavor that's evolved little over last decade or so. That's not surprising given that we're still beta, and don't have much backstory. Over those years I've seen few people who were "good" with the idea of "Zombie Engineers". I suspect zombie sorcerers or laser rifles would probably break 7D2D's immersion too, even though they might be perfectly fine outside of this subgenre. Zombies that understand structural integrity and complex pathing were never introduced as a deliberate feature. They're here because something was needed to provide a challenge to player bases/safehouses/etc. given other limitations of the game engine. -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀 To play devil's advocate, imagine that the virus lives in the nervous system and only sustains enough of the brain's functionality (as part of its own lifecycle) for the more feral, base, animal instincts and motor skills to function. With a more exotic version, higher brain functions ("fire bad", "food always in houses", "redheads taste good") might still work even if there wasn't a functioning consciousness anymore. -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  5. I like that definition, but if I build a shack suspended up on some really tall supports and the zombies smell, hear or otherwise sense me, I think they're breaking their own immersion and realism if these creatures decide to tear down the supports. I mean, they ~might~ circle around under the shack in frustration and ~maybe~ bump into a support, but they want me, not the wooden column. The zombies have to attack the supports because there's just no way to have a game without this sort of AI. It's not immersive or logical, but necessary. If TFP wants to truly take on the issue, then... 1) Bring back and expand upon the spider zombie. A zombie that climbs or jumps and then tries to chomp through a wall or window when it gets close. 2) Beef up vultures' ranged attack a bit and have them (periodically) agro on zombies too. Their AoE ranged attack would be landing all over the place creating chaos and breaching defenses in places you may not expect. Don't make them carpet-bombing death machines....just agro 5-10% of the time on some poor zombie that they thought looked too fresh 3) We've got exploding cops, putrid puss spewing zombies and suicide vest zombies; I don't think it'd be a great leap to put a Crawling Pustule zombie in the game. Imagine a crawler/torso which was infected like a cop, but can haul itself up walls. Slow, weak, but will explode like a cop if you let it. You'd need to watch for these everywhere and/or create defenses against them. They wouldn't be zombie engineers, but they would path in three dimensions to you. -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  6. They're cute for 15 minutes or so and then sort of ruin the emersion. I'd like to see a third mode implemented.... 1) Default (speech) 2) Silent 3) Chirp Mode - The drone would make brief, low volume chirps or other warning sounds. You'd probably want to set it up this way IRL given that Codsworth's Sister would likely call a lot of unwanted attention. Hotkey for Stay/Follow toggle would also be swell! -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  7. Will we be able to use the Vanilla RWG with the A20 pack? -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  8. If we can't craft purple items because....they were made with pre-apocalypse manufacturing and knowhow, and can only find them in pre-apocalypse loot, then it doesn't make sense that we could craft an improved version of military armor that we CANNOT find in pre-apocalypse loot. Three Orange Whips and one Vanilla Fix please! -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  9. I've been experiencing a bug with a message about an "unexpected stack overflow" or something like that. Game crashes, and when I get back in, my vehicle (motorcycle) is missing. It doesn't show on the map. Now...what's slightly weird is that after playing for a good long while, the missing motorcycle sometimes reappears. Tonight however something extra weird happened.... I was driving through a boring stretch of tundra and all of a sudden my motorcycle accelerated to maybe 20x its normal speed...just for about 2 seconds. I was trying to see on the map just how far I'd moved, and I saw something zip past me. It was my missing motorcycle from a day or two ago! I thought it was tossed ahead of me, or maybe somehow glitch-locked to parallel my movement, but NO....it was driving autonomously. I play SP so...this was really bizarre. When I realized what was happening....I followed it. I could only match its speed on flat, clear ground, but occasionally it'd clip a rock or tree slowing it up some. I gained on it and after a few minutes it got hung up on a bigger rock. I jumped off my own motorcycle, and hoped to be able to catch the phantom one. Well...it didn't go as planned. The motorcycle more or less grabbed me. I wasn't exactly riding it; more like standing on it....but I could not get off. I was taking me for a ride. I could steer....sort of....(hard to explain), but couldn't stop or dismount. I kept trying to circle back to the rock it'd been hung up on, and kept getting ragdoll cuts of me rolling on the ground when I hit stuff real good. Eventually...I died, and the evil motorcycle drove off. The game wouldn't spawn me at my bed it was essentially locked up there. I restarted and was at the death scene again, but this time I was allowed to respawn....without the damn gear on my toolbelt. I have equipment dropping disabled because I've lost a couple backpacks with A20 still sorting itself out, so no clue why just my belt gear was gone. I did located two motorcycles on the map...but I'm a bit afraid to touch them 😨 *Note: No alcohol was involved with this event. -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  10. Aye, if we're presumed to have butchering skills across the board, then most of the recipes are about cooking means/time, spices, etc. which is fine. Bacon & Eggs however just needs to be cooked without burning....and presto! It's going to be more like disgusting pork and gross eggs, but tastes great when your other option is a lump of fat from a zombie dog. -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  11. Of course! I'm using both the Fuel Saver and Reserve Fuel Tank mods. -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  12. Sure, but that'd be special loot from a rare POI. We play in a world where we have to work at finding jars to hold water, or the uncommon intact cooking pot. The recipes are mostly just gates for game balance. I'm having fun with the idea that we need instructions on how to make something as simple as bacon & eggs. If we wanted to be more logical, but less convenient, we could have a book or perk in the cooking tree which allowed for Butchering with everything involving meat (perhaps the exception of Charred Meat) gated behind it. Butchering Book or Perk needed to make those recipes even if you know them. B&E could be a "freebee" when you gain the skill/read the book. When we get to the point where we need to slaughter pigs ourselves to survive, nobody's going to need to write down the process. Everyone involved will learn first-hand, and remember it vividly. -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  13. We can see the edit logs, so I'd think there'd be little reason not to be able to. -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  14. Still...nope. -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  15. Nope. Not buying it. That doesn't explain how to go from dead pig to 3 lbs. of pork belly, which is what's really in question. Exceptions also don't make the rule. There'd be no reasonable expectation of a written/printed "recipe" explaining butchering, carving, smoking, cooking bacon in a home. When I say nobody would have this...sure, there's that one guy; Statistical Anomaly. I do however completely understand "game balance is balance". ...but it's fun to poke fun at it nonetheless. -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  16. While traveling though the wasteland, I saw what looked like a horizontal gout of flame. I shook my head, said "naaaa" and kept driving. I did imagine that....right? -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  17. Why would there be a "frontier bacon" recipe in a pre-apocalypse kitchen cupboard? -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  18. It's not so bad...bags drop more often now. I'd think in "real life" you'd quickly determine if the lump of infected goo you just offed had anything useful, and wouldn't be rifling very much through its sticky pockets and crusty crevices. ROFL /salute Agree 100%...though game balance is balance. This is called Glennification. -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  19. I'll speculate that it's a realism/immersion thing. Without complex re-rod railings made with concrete aren't going to have very much SI. They'd be fine for decoration if placed on sound surfaces. The difficult-to-make iron bars made more (realistic) sense despite being less convenient. It's the usual thing....all about what you'd prefer to trade off for your particular playstyle. -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  20. That looks like the hard sandstone you encounter when you dig in the desert (just below the top layer of sand). -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  21. A thing of beauty... -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  22. I'm going to admit that I didn't know that. <waits a while....> Nope. I don't feel any better. 😒 -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  23. For me it would depend on how many years have passed since Z-Day. -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
  24. I'd like "Things Dr. Who might say for $200 Alex". -Arch Necromancer Morloc 💀
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