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  1. I believe to know the reason: They design the game for a first and single "playthrough". If it's your very first game, and possibly your last one, the steering of the player by the game mechanics should be quite alright. You won't be overpowered within days (thanks to the loot), you won't miss out on items and recipes you need (thanks to the perk system). The homogeneous world design forbids any surpises. Etc. etc. Digging zombies for example: Say you play for the first time and build a base underground. Without digging zombies, horde night would be boring. People who play the game over and over and over again for years and have hundreds and thousands of hours are not their target. Myself, I used to play this game every single day up until A17. Since then, I can play maybe 5 ingame weeks, check out the new stuff, then I'm bored out of my mind and don't touch the game for months, aka until the next alpha is released. I don't even think about it. I wait for gold, then look what can be done with modding.
  2. I hardly ever mine, you can buy a lot of stuff from the trader. Once I have an auger, I go for these stone, cobblestone and cement piles in prefabs. And automated mining machine as a reward for level six quests (no, they do not yet exist) would be great, so you can think big in the very late game.
  3. While I kinda swore myself not to mod again before the game's going gold (too much work gone down the toilet), I actually did some modding yet again. Here's a neat concept I'm currently using in my arcade mod: One group of radiated zombies that have a long respawn delay, so you can clear them out and then they're gone (for a while). One group of feral zombies that have a short delay, so you can clear them out for a day. One group of easy zombies that have none and will spawn constantly (delay set to zero). Might be neat to make it so that you can clear out particularly dangerous zombies for good (delay set to 300) but keep easy zombies around (never-runners for example).
  4. I can confirm that this is an entertaining show of high production value. I've only seen season 1 so far, the only thing I don't like so much is that the scenes with the zombies are kinda rare. But when they're there, boi oh boi.
  5. You can with the spawnpoints.xml in the folder of each generated world, that is somewhere here: C:\Users\[YOUR PCs NAME]\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds\THE WORLDs NAME However, when you do that, people will spawn there after they die and have no sleeping bag to create their individual spawn point. Btw can you find your current position by entering debug mode (F1 - dm - Enter) and then ... I think F3. It shows all three coords and you can even decide the direction the player looks at, for example as a massive wall of server rules.
  6. Thanks for the effort and sorry if I wasn't clear enough. The issue is only with buildings that have a side (length or width; no idea about height) larger than ~ 25 blocks. My selfmade prefab with 30 x 30 base did not spawn, 25 x 25 did. The ones you posted images of are smaller, but what about these guys: waste_rubble_bldg_05 waste_rubble_bldg_06 https://imgur.com/a/bRPBpBV They are > 30 blocks, did you see any of them? Also, I did try it, with no change, but the "AllowedTownships" property-notation "wilderness" seems to be irrelevant here. Small enough prefabs appear in the wilderness without that. I think it is only necessary for prefabs that are placed during world generation, those that also are listed in the prefab.xml in the "AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds" folder.
  7. Curious. Can you copypaste the line that worked for you? Inside regular (non-sub-biome) wasteland? I will try it in a non NitroGen world then, but since I need a flat earth, I too need the tool to get it done. New vanilla RWG sucks and overall world design with measly 5 biomes certainly sucks. What were they thinking.
  8. Have you tried it and can confirm larger buildings spawn? I have created a map with the NitroGen tool using all options to make a flat world, that I then would like to turn in one mega-city, packed with all kinds of buildings. And it turned out very flat indeed. Noticing that only the smallest prefabs spawn (I made a list with literally every one), I had made a couple of simple prefabs to test my "theory", just squares of different sizes with three layers of some block. 25 x 25 spawns, 30 x 30 does not. I just tried again, setting the prob to one-bloody-hundred, , but same result. Visual evidence: https://imgur.com/a/8OGdC2x First is 30x30 (not spawning), second 25x25, then another with the vanilla wasteland buildings set to prob=100. The burnt buildings spawn because they too are smaller than 30x30. I'm not 100%, but afai-remember that was not like so in A16, at least I could spawn a lot more vanilla buildings. Though these might've all been removed or changed.
  9. You can place prefabs as decoration in biomes.xml, like so: <decoration type="prefab" name="waste_rubble_bldg_03" prob=".003"/> It seems that only prefabs under a certain size (roughly 25 blocks) can be placed, even when the terrain is practically flat. Is there a xml-workaround, a notation in the prefab's xml that I am missing, or is it what it is? I'm personally not interested in any advanced methods like .dll hacks and whatnot.
  10. Kubikus


    Yeah but Roland, I just don't know how to counter your arguments. What else remains but attacking you personally and discrediting you in front of the readers?!? lol I wanted an interesting discussion with someone interesting who has a different opinion. But we grew too far apart, it's not the same level anymore. What you're saying is kinda like 95% absurd in my perception. Besides the point, plain out wrong, and so on. *shrugs*
  11. Kubikus


    Your terribly overused "it's EA"-litany does not apply, Sylent. It's besides the point. I just don't see an argument here, Roland. *shrugs* Simple as that. You're once more in your "must... defend... the company..."-mode, looking for hairs to split and angles to counter valid criticism. It's boring. Progression is a core element. Is that true? Yes. It was redesigned in A17, from LBD to perks. Is that true? Yes. Now it has to be balanced and fine tuned. Is that true? Yes. You say no? lol You've become incapable to have an actual discussion. You see any criticism as an act of high treason and go straight into Terminator mode. Ask a psychologist about your avatar, they can explain everything. Your only objective is to refute all criticism. I guess you've done your job, as I'm tired of you. Edit: The problem with how you handle criticism is in your attitude. You think that any criticism is an attack on the game and the company. It isn't. What all this really is 99.9% of the time, is a bunch of video game nerds chatting. Then someone says "man, the constant redesigns are dragging development out to eternity, it's so effin annoying". And up you show with "oh, but it is not constant, oh but it is not eternity, so - ha ha! - I've just proven that everything you said is totally wrong and everything about the game is totally great!" And with your tireless dedication to do that, you're wearing every single individual who dares to criticise the game down. Next time I see you saying something I would normally respond to? I'll think twice. Dude, but they, as you obviously can't deny, did. And if they weren't redsigning core features all the time the game could'v already been finished. These redesigns - of very questionable relevance and quality, btw - are dragging out the development process. It's really not heresy to mention that.
  12. Kubikus


    I just said and marked that it's not about "I'm sad a feature I like was removed". And then I explained what the problem was. And now you pop up saying if I'm sad a feature I like was removed, I should go away. Absurd. *shrugs* So once more, buddy: We are back to square one of the progression system, because now the perk system has to be tweaked. It's not the end of the world and whatnot, but it's kinda a problem to go back to square one after the game is already longer in EA than 99% of all games in EA.
  13. Kubikus


    LBD itself is not a core element. Ob-, Roland, -viously, as it is gone. Noone ever said LBD was a core element. If you think someone did, you misunderstood them, I promise. For example did Bob very clearly say "Changing such a core element of the game". What was changed? Was LBD "changed"? No, Roland, LBD was not "changed". LBD was removed. What was changed, Roland, was progression. Which is a core element. Tweaking progression is the core of your mod, isn't it? 0XP? This discussion is not about "but I prefer LBD, I'm sad they removed it". The point is that the design of a core element was changed this deep into development and (possibly) this close to the final release, is problematic, particularly in case of progression, because such a mechanic needs to be fine tuned and can only be fine tuned with experience. When they replaced LBD with perks, they went back to square one of the core element "progression". And now they are in the process of tweaking it back and forth. Aren't they. Roland. Aren't they.
  14. Kubikus


    Progression is a core element of the game. There is no doubt about that. Progression is not of the same relevance like 1 type of enemy or "zip lines" or one of many locations. It is of essential relevance and highly important. It also is a "delicate" system, that needs to be properly "balanced", something you can only achieve over time, through testing it over and over and over again. And the devs designed it as LBD initially, and they designed it quite thoroughly, it was a complete system, just that it had flaws. And when they removed it, they changed, as Bob said, "such a core element of the game". So you can argue that they change all kinds of things all the time. Which is no ... "refutation" or "objection" to what Bob said, but actually supporting his point. Another core system is world generation, that was changed quite drastically in A17, and gradually before. But the removal of LBD, as Bob said very right once more, "was a huge change to the fundamental nature of the game, one that would have to be balanced, rebalanced, and re-rebalanced for a long time, and one that didn't ultimately make any progress towards getting the game any more finished." They did? Ok. And then? *shrugs* Well, then they created LBD, balanced that for, what?, years? And then they redesigned progression, which is a core element. Yes, the removal of LBD is, in my opinion as well, not because of technical limitations. And I don't know why you even bring that up. Why would you point out that I point that out in other cases? Where it is true. In this case, I assume they replaced LBD with perks for three reasons: - (at least) Joel is a Fallout fan and prefers perks - perks are easier to design and manage and balance on the devs side - perks are easier to understand and more obvious as a feature on the players side Actually, at least Joel said that technical problems would be the/a reason to remove lbd, he was talking about a few of it's flaws, like the ole "cacti". Which is not really a technical problem, as flaws like this could easily be fixed. But again. The concern here is that a core element is being change this deep into development, when we actually expect the final version to drop this year. At least I heard legends and rumours that it would. That's really not so good, don't you agree. Come on, it's at least potentially questionable.
  15. What I have the most use for is a pistol + ammo, but now that I can find that on day 1, I realized with perfect clarity that not finding what you really wanna have is a lot more fun.
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