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  1. I believe to know the reason: They design the game for a first and single "playthrough". If it's your very first game, and possibly your last one, the steering of the player by the game mechanics should be quite alright. You won't be overpowered within days (thanks to the loot), you won't miss out on items and recipes you need (thanks to the perk system). The homogeneous world design forbids any surpises. Etc. etc. Digging zombies for example: Say you play for the first time and build a base underground. Without digging zombies, horde night would be boring. People who play the game
  2. While I kinda swore myself not to mod again before the game's going gold (too much work gone down the toilet), I actually did some modding yet again. Here's a neat concept I'm currently using in my arcade mod: One group of radiated zombies that have a long respawn delay, so you can clear them out and then they're gone (for a while). One group of feral zombies that have a short delay, so you can clear them out for a day. One group of easy zombies that have none and will spawn constantly (delay set to zero). Might be neat to make it so that you can clear out particularly dangerous zombie
  3. There was an issue with zombie sounds, not sure wether it still is: If you kill a zombie "here" and it makes it dying sound, but flies away because you punched it so damn hard, the sound will stay "here", while it should actually fly away with the zombie. Or when it rolls down a hill, sound should roll down with it, but doesn't/didn't.
  4. I did now, but it returns an error. Here is another problem: <buff name="buffReloadMovementPenalty" name_key="Reloading" icon="ui_game_symbol_pack_mule" icon_color="255,128,0" hidden="true">> <stack_type value="ignore"/> <damage_type value="stun"/> <duration value="7"/> <effect_group> <triggered_effect trigger="onReloadStop" action="RemoveBuff" buff="buffReloadMovementPenalty"/> </effect_group> <effect_group> <requirement name="ProgressionLevel" progression_name="perkRunAndGun" operation="Equals" value="0"/> <pass
  5. Here's a question: <recipe name="foodGrilledMeat" count="1" craft_area="campfire" craft_tool="toolCookingGrill" tags="learnable"> <ingredient name="foodRawMeat" count="5"/> </recipe>I only want to remove tags="learnable"Is it possible? If I set it to "0" it still unlocks the recipe, but... Maybe there are cases where I can't do that. And it's kinda ugly. Of course I looked for a solution already, but didn't find anything.
  6. Ah, yes, my mistake, you had explained that already. Thanks.
  7. If you know how exactly the command would have to look for that, might you provide an example..? I (briefly) looked into other tutorials and could not find what I'm looking for. If the game won't support such stuff, it should be a good idea to find something that does, I find an option like this fairly essential. How does it work anyway, what turns the commands into actual xml-code? I'm not much of a programmer, so I don't know what's it called, a compiler? Interpreter? If the game can't do, are there stand alone programs available or easy to make? Edit: I have, btw, understood that wha
  8. I don't want it to skip if the property is already there. If it's already there, the value should be changed. If the property is not already there, it should be added with the value. For example: <block id="150" name="woodFrameWedge"> <property name="Extends" value="woodFrameMaster"/> <property name="CreativeMode" value="Player"/> <property name="Shape" value="New"/> <property name="Model" value="wedge60"/> <property name="Place" value="TowardsPlacerInverted"/> <property name="CanPickup" value="true"/> <property class="UpgradeBlock"> <prope
  9. Good tut. I have a question. Here is a set of commands I've converted to xpath. Now, if the property "MaxDamage" is not in the xml for the block with the name @name='so-and-so', will it automatically be added or nah? If nah, is there a function that will only add the property if it's not there already? And if there is no way to automatically add it only if it's not there, what if I added the property to a block that already has it, would my addition overwrite the existing property or add it a 2nd time (which should be illegal)? Is there, in other words, a method that will either change a
  10. No, vanilla is this: <property name="AITarget-3" value="SetNearestEntityAsTarget" param1="EntityPlayer" param2="8"/> <property name="AITarget-4" value="SetNearestEntityAsTarget" param1="EntityAnimalStag"/> <property name="AITarget-5" value="SetNearestEntityAsTarget" param1="EntityZombie"/> Vanilla's animals hate people more than zombies.
  11. I like this: <property name="AITask-6" value="ApproachAndAttackTarget" param1="EntityZombie" param2="30"/> <property name="AITask-7" value="ApproachAndAttackTarget" param1="EntityPlayer" param2="25"/> Living predators will attack players when they come too close, but they hate zombies more. This can create some neat situations. For example might you have a large number of zombies to fight. Go trigger a bear, have it chase you, then run past a zombie, and the bear will let you go and fight the zombie instead.
  12. Nice. If you could add the block-id to the title bar, that would be perfect. I also did "find" the tabs in the edit window now. I also found the replace-function, obviously a must-have. Replacing blocks for all prefabs in a folder would be helpful too, for example in my situation, where I want to replace all loot-containers for a couple of prefabs. It also made me think about replacing all sleepers with the "idle"-version, which I assume is a standing sleeper, that should be the fastest to attack, as it does not have to get up first. I don't know how many "too many" are, but in most ca
  13. I've installed this now as well, here's some feedback: Tooltips. I have made copies of a couple of prefabs and use them as terrain decoration. Now I want to remove lootcontainers from these prefabs. To find them, I have to click every block and get the info what it is. It should show me what it is on a simple mouseover. Editing has already been mentioned: Having to click back and forth between the arrow-button and the pen-button is very tedious. It would be great to have a function that will highlight all blocks with a certain class. Or (potentially better) have certain colors for
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