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  1. Very interesting (thanks for doing that groundwork). Pockets and headlamps clearly do function with the broken armor. Now I wondering about the water filter and bandoleer. -Morloc
  2. Aye, I recall. I had presumed this was still happening and have been wasting repair kits for some time now under that assumption Thanks, -Morloc
  3. They might be better if they were a turret we could build and have many of (presuming you meet the electrical requirements). -Morloc
  4. I guess another way of phrasing this is....is there any reason to repair armor (unless you're about to sell it) given that there doesn't appear to be any downside to armor with 0 durability (i.e. damaged until the durability bar is all black)? I suppose it's possible that the AC isn't being added once the armor is worn out, but that's not what the stats tab is showing. I have pocket mods in the armor and my encumbrance doesn't change when the armor is broken either. Can anyone confirm that their armor stops working once it's at 0 durability? (Thanks) -Morloc
  5. Aye, at zero durability, under the Extended Character Stats tab, the armor is still adding it's armor rating and bonuses from mods. Take the armor off, the armor rating goes down, put the armor back on, it goes right back up. -Morloc
  6. When armor durability falls to zero, this seems to do nothing....am I missing something? -Morloc
  7. Yes, but I think I ate the honey too late. I now have this strange craving for brains...covered in honey. -Morloc
  8. 😫...for injecting that friggan music in my brain Trader Bob!! 😦😮😯😲😵😬😖 -Morloc
  9. I found a blunderbuss and decided I'd try it. I really liked what it did for something I found on day 1. I do like the suggestion that it should do a bit more damage AND have a fair chance of damaging the player. 😉 -Morloc
  10. If, hypothetically, such a desert existed, where might one fine it? (I'm asking for a fiend). -Morloc
  11. Zombie Joe kinda' reminds me of the "I Love Norway" zombie from Dead Snow 2. -Morloc
  12. Reminds me of these guys.... -Morloc
  13. I watched the launch live and my inner-evil-nerd just couldn't help saying aloud: "Not bad, but pretty crappy special-effects". -Morloc
  14. Great taste! Less Filling? -Morloc
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