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  1. I feel the same way about women, but nobody has seen fit to simplify them. -Morloc
  2. I recently ran into the Omni Tower for the first time. I assumed it was about 10 stories tall...LOL. Nice work! The conference room, the stores; all nice touches! -Morloc
  3. I forgot to whine about this! [whine] What's up with those new bookcases, end-cap book holders, and piles of books?....anyone ever check the numbers and how they stack-up against the old style bookshelves? I could maybe see tuning down the book drop rate, but I've cleaned out whole (large) bookstores with these things and didn't see a single book. Bah! [/whine] -Morloc
  4. Wicked old Metallica!! -Morloc
  5. So 100? timer checks against the like 750,000,000,000 instructions per second the CPU is churning out? I'd have never guessed that'd have an impact. I probably @%$#ed when forms were added, and then I was sad to see them go. Now I'll be sad to see wet concrete and rebar frames gone. I suppose I'm not unhappy to see concrete reduced to one version. I almost never used regular concrete. I am happy that block reduction will be going away. There's a precious few things it's cool for, and the rest is very, very annoying. -Morloc
  6. I've never seen that mentioned by anyone with authority, but I've posted suggestions along those lines on at least two occasions here. The idea seemed to be a solution to making horde night more fun and relevant while being only moderately difficult to implement. -Morloc
  7. Indeed. I believe the correct way to fool the developers is to begin your post with "I'm trying to dispel a rumor about _________" -Morloc
  8. Don't sweat it. In the interest of improving performance and simplifying the overly-complex and antiquated "ammo" systems the firearms use, (IT IS RUMORED) that the devs plan to move toward a system of fungible ammunition like we saw them do in Mass Effect. No more having to carry all these weapons and their required ammo types! You just bring your weapon...say...Light Pistol to a Weapon Locker (distributed throughout the map) and your total ammo is scaled with the weapon you take out of the locker. If you start using a .50 weapon, you might see your 300 rounds of Light Pistol ammo drop to 40
  9. Same old song Just a drop of water in an endless sea All we do Crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see Dust in the wind All we are is dust in the wind -Morloc
  10. Is there a term for vertical sliding? 🤔 -Morloc
  11. But there's no bar...no sliding. That's crazy talk. Next you'll be telling us that messing with a .cfg file is like adjusting a dial. Pfff. -Morloc
  12. I have no idea how the algorithms play out, but I always wondered when breaking down say...a car, if I was losing out on chances for a battery with a faster tool. I convinced myself it was just perception, but would love for a dev to weigh in on this. -Morloc
  13. I couldn't agree more. I think what's so rotten about them is that they (purportedly) don't always have the decency to kill-THEN-eat like most carnivorous mammals. -Morloc
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