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  1. I'd recommend getting the wood from almost anywhere else. Though the I-beams are tempting, iron mining makes a lot of noise and it's probably better to locate a deposit in any other biome and be so much safer. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  2. That be my thoughts on the matter. Arrrrrrr. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  3. Hi Zeal, I'm thinking that one's unlikely since deadly falling damage (to enemies) was in the game at one time. It was changed, and eventually scaled back to what it is now to prevent defenses from being too effective. It would be nice if a really long fall would cripple, but I don't think they'll move in that direction. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  4. I'm doing a research paper for my yoga class. Could you please give me an example of one of those classics? Thank you, -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  5. Well, gotta' hand it to Roland. He knows what he's talking about. 😉 -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  6. This really should be a thing. -Morloc
  7. Aye, clearly the introduction of cigars was a dead-giveaway. -Morloc
  8. 60 FPS on a 1080TI? Wow... -Morloc
  9. I dunno...I like punk girls as much as the next fellow, but Guitar Guy has a very honored/special place in the post-apocalypse universe. -Morloc
  10. True...and the virtual sticks and straps hurt a lot less than the real ones! 🤔 -Morloc
  11. My customers at work have dedicated sticks and straps they hit me with when I try to tell them that. -Morloc
  12. Well, it'd only be "less than .01% chance to see someone in a football uniform or cheerleading outfit" if you literally only saw one person. We know from past discussions that the math is a bit more complicated if we look at multiple instances of some percentage chance, but here we're drawing from a finite pool (your chances of rolling a cheerleader increase a bit each time you fail to roll one). To the point of my argument though...it's more shallow than that since I'm mostly only having fun with the math and the surprising revelation that there are a lot of friggan cheerleaders in the US! Having "weird" zombies is a tradition in zombie films as it drives home the horror of say...juxtaposing a woman in a wedding dress with her new zombie-status or the clergy zombie (cheerleaders outnumber them by 8:1, though they'd be much more likely to be seen wearing their work-clothing). There are way fewer MC-style bikers out there than cheerleaders too. Should we be worried? Surely having a Nurse, Cheerleader, Cowboy, Stripper and Biker, Construction Worker was too much specialization, but consider keeping one or two such odd zombie of the basic types. This suggestion is mostly for fun rather than hardcore immersion or maximizing the mileage from texture use. In the most general sense I like almost everything you're doing with the game (except for that reduction of slots thing, my only real "concern"). -Morloc (endorsed by 4 million cheerleaders)
  13. Gee Wally, I dunno... In 2016 there were 4 million cheerleaders in the U.S. There were also 1.1 million HS/college football players....so that'd be as many as one in 60 people presuming they wore their uniforms all the time. Let's be generous and say between playing and practice they wore them for an average of 6 hours per week (over the year)....so roughly 3.5 % of each week, or in general, 3.5% of the time....so at any given moment, 178,500 people would be prepped to make a football player/cheerleader zombie....that's better than 1 in 1250 people. I'm not even counting people who dress as cheerleaders for reasons other than cheerleading too. 🤪 Save the cheerleader dammit! Use the overlap between "Cheerleader" and "Schoolgirl in skirt/uniform" to further swell her ranks! -Morloc
  14. Are these drones going to function indoors? -Morloc
  15. OOoo!oOOOo!!! I know this one!!... -Morloc
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