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  1. I think you guys would laugh at me if you knew how many days I typically go eating just snowberries and raw yucca. I normally won't put points into cooking or farming so unless I get real lucky with recipes, it's foraging berries, a little charred meat, and the occasional vending machine godsend. -Morloc
  2. Thank you. I could not really submit one because I was playing off of a save created one version earlier, and was also using Nitrogen/Compo. -Morloc
  3. Fair enough... ...so long as the brainless dead shall not have elite engineering skills and knowledge of dynamic structural integrity or omniscient knowledge of pathing. -Morloc
  4. You need to use terrain to remain out of their reach...particularly if you play on higher difficulty levels. Even then, it takes so long that there's a good chance they may warp through a gap you're using to hit them, in which case if you don't have another pinch-point to back up to, you're screwed. In my last playthrough I had a blue auto shotgun with mods, and maxed out shotgun skill and I'd still never just walk up to one to kill it. If you crit, all is well, but have a plan if you start getting hit. -Morloc
  5. The Compo Pack has an airport, and it's one of the more nasty (and time consuming) places to visit. It's valid as a T5 quest. A lot of work went into it by its author. There are some department stores, but I don't recall seeing an actual shopping mall (indoor) so we can play Dawn of the Dead. -Morloc
  6. I agree with that. I am using more heavy armor (steel) than light in this playthrough. I'd saved up perk points and purchased all four levels of Heavy Armor at once. I was pretty disappointed in the difference in mobility...barely noticeable. While Military armor would be the best (all-around) armor pre-apocalypse, the idea of crazy head-to-toe protection is very immersive to the zombie genre. You can't push Steel much higher in Armor rating, so that'd mean balancing AR and Effects Resistance relative to Military (i.e. mostly nerfing Military). The river of tears that'd erupt if anyone actually suggested or implemented that would be inspiring! 😈 Most here have posted how critical mobility is. There should be a trade off for that mobility with Steel having ~significantly~ better AR and Effects Resistance. Were this true, we'd be more inclined to mix heavy and light armor pieces and perks. Another solution would be to have military armor be as rare as radiation gear is now and no craft. It could be the "ultimate" armor set then with its rarity balancing its uber stats. -Morloc
  7. Has anyone been having SI issues lately? I know this crops up from time to time, but I was just curious if it was just me. I rode back to my workshop yesterday and heard that sound of stone breaking. The upper levels of my workshop tower were all crumbling. I hadn't added anything in game weeks, and there was no zombie damage to the still-standing lower half. While I understand why it was catastrophic based on my architecture, I just don't know what kicked it off. Many of the POIs I've been visiting (including vanilla) have been experiencing small collapses when I take out beds, curtains or sometimes just walking though. Thanks, -Morloc
  8. Fantastic loot.... like a +1 Musket!? 😋 It's a game balance/pacing thing. I overcome any immersion-breaking by imagining that these are not so much actual sticks-and-stones constructs I'm finding as much as really, really damaged/dull/broken gear. Equipment sitting in crates (even ones with the lids still nailed on) is going to see water/fire/critter damage in many/most cases. Why does it magically get better later on?...you've learned to ignore piles of crap that are too far gone. You've learned how to make lemonade out of the lemons you do find....a little TLC and that iron ax you found can be sharpened and functioning as an orange iron ax instead of (the equivalent of) a yellow stone ax. You're also more keen-eyed, and may find things you would have missed when you were a neophyte of the apocalypse (e.g. a salvageable hunting knife stuck in layers of desiccated packing foam that you would have discarded...). Don't take things too literally. The crate you see may be a representation of a pile of crates...scores of them. This is like when you find a town/city, there's only 23 buildings. Of course there are more buildings in a real town, but in the 7d2d world, the developers can't make 12,000 piles of rubble in various degrees of disrepair. What we see is ultimately the "interesting stuff". You end up using your best adventurer-judgement and poking through the what you believe (at the time) is most promising. I'm a pretty ancient veteran player and I don't despise the current loot system. I like it quite a bit! In my current game I'm over level 100, and all three of my primary tools are still blue. I only recently upgraded a blue bow (the regular one) I was using. I still have blue armor pieces. It's been a long long time since I dragged a playthrough this many days. I'm actually using electricity and building large structures etc. I didn't like being forced to deal with the horde; but now, I'm okay with it. As 7d2d sees more balance (it swings back and forth), we get scraped up out of our old stagnant comfort zones. -Morloc
  9. I prefer a punishing play-though and the "less is more" philosophy, so A19 loot seems great. -Morloc
  10. Rather than keys, perhaps a number of "triggers" could be tripped in the POI which would result in a significantly lower spawn in the "treasure room". If you go straight for the roof you encounter 25 vultures, if you pass over invisible triggers in the POI you could reduce that to just a few. I had to laugh at one solution for a POI in the Compo Pack. There's this innocent looking pillbox sitting in a swamp. You meet some fairly nasty trap spawns....and eventually come upon this cave that's super dark. Stumble around enough and you eventually find this room with a bunch of crates including at least one of those huge military containers. Woot! right?... -Morloc
  11. ...or what your loot is set at. At 25% I can assure you, there are many recipes I don't see that I'd like to in a 50 day playthrough. I tend to loot every container that comes into sight with the exception perhaps of roadside stuff once I'm in a vehicle. Even then, if there are 2 or 3 piles grouped, I tend to stop....just can't resist! -Morloc
  12. It's a bit like the old Forge Ahead book; you have it and wonder why anyone is making a fuss, or you go 60+ days without having it and wonder if your RNG is broken. I'm not suggesting that anything should be changed, just that ignoring the vehicle perk means you need to get lucky and find/purchase the recipes/parts/vehicles ~and~ the gasoline recipe for you to ignore that tree. -Morloc
  13. I wish I could, but without a couple picks in that tree I wouldn't be able to make gasoline. -Morloc
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