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  1. Well... less lava and oceans to worry about when you're digging up -Morloc
  2. I'm coming up on 5K hrs in and haven't used any mods* yet because of the alpha factor. I've only submitted a handful of bug reports over the years, but I wouldn't be able to do so if I were using mods. The vanilla experience is still very compelling, and I get to see the true impact of changes as the various versions are released. I also prefer Coke over Pepsi (Moxie over either). ST ToS over any of the others (Enterprise as a runner-up). Conservative over Liberal. McDonalds over Burger King. yet... I like ~both~ ST and SW. I like ~both~ DC and Marvel (cripes, Marvel fanboys suck btw). I like Black Sabbath and JS Bach. I like Eva Green and Amber Heard. I do prefer Roger Moore over Connery...but only by a tiny bit. This should prove that I generally prefer the "old fart" option when applicable (i.e. vanilla). I anticipate that when the game is released, perhaps even during beta (but probably not) that I'll go mod-happy as with any Bethesda game. *I have utilized a POI pack at one point. -Morloc
  3. Herve Villechaize's corpse begs to differ! ...and he's knot wrong! -Morloc
  4. Hmm...real life pandemic and giant hornets attacking. If the devs removed the hornets from 7D2D because they were too immersion-breaking.....then......what does that say about real-life!?? 😧😲 -Morloc
  5. Ramblings of the Mad Farmer: Bah. Reduce the amount of stuff that grows in the wild, but make it grow back (a la Elder Scrolls). Those plants you find out there survived reason...perfect soil, etc. Keep farming in general, but make it subject to all kinds of lousy things...seedlings die as often as they thrive. Plants produce random yield from 0-2 (mitigated by perks, but 0 still always a possibility). Make crops subject to trampling like in earlier 7D2D versions. Plants also just randomly die. Realistic farming that helps the "too much food" problem, but with perks and a lot of effort becomes a meager means to live off of. If nothing else, bring back trampling!....nothing more ominous than the sound of a pack of zombies you can't see directly cutting their way through a cornfield. You're like "I ain't goin' in there!...but...the corn!!" -Morloc
  6. Ultima Underworld & Eye of the Beholder come to mind. If you don't need the 1st-person, Escape from Hell was a fun romp. -Morloc
  7. Sure, but can a gyro-copter do the Kessel Run in less than 12 Degrees Fahrenheit? -Morloc
  8. You don't really need the cooking pot to boil water, and by the time you have food recipes, you'll probably have come across several pots, or be able to make them. -Morloc
  9. If I could pick only one thing, the nerd glasses (based on their rarity) would probably be my pick. For overall utility on day 1 though, I'll take a mining helmet. If I planned to play in a snow biome, that hat is much less important, so maybe a duster or puffer instead. -Morloc
  10. Zombie engineers are fervently studying this thread. -Morloc
  11. Won? Hmmm. Only when I get to this . -Morloc
  12. Well...it's not all that efficient, but it's easy to code, and heck, on today's PCs, who'll notice the difference! -Morloc
  13. That boggles my mind given that recipes are essentially a tiny bit of text, and even on PCs hosting DOS, using processors from the days of PCs hosting DOS, vast amounts of text could be sorted in the blink of an eye. -Morloc
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