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  1. Zakończony! It's a nice spot right at the gate. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  2. I'm pretty sure girls don't play computer games. 🤔 -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  3. Well I'm stumped. Continuing this is proving to be a real beech. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  4. I'd bough to the skills of my colleagues, but I'm afraid I'd come off as a sap from the sticks. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  5. Aye, it was more of a rhetorical question, but I'd presume people are wondering. AND....they "think we'll love it", so what could go wrong? -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  6. Vitamin E and almonds can help. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  7. What ~would~ be pretty cool would be a 24 hr trader who's prices were quite stiff at night. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  8. Will dismemberment (arms) affect a zombie in any non-cosmetic way? -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  9. (Almost 1,100 are cast iron weight plates and dumbells. 🤔) -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  10. If it does....that's my signal to to open a second front and push to get back the wood forms that you'd nail up around the rebar. Immersion: Maximum Level! -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  11. Hmmm...I'd thought there was a cobblestone frame that worked more or less like concrete/rebar too. My memory is likely sour. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  12. I (think) there also used to be a ropey frame for building with stone (flagstone, cobblestone, other??) in like alpha 5-ish?. You'd lay out the frames, and when you "built" them they'd visibly fill with stone...in layers. Like 4-6 layers to complete the block if I remember right. So...if you were building a wall, and put 10 of these in a row, you'd slowly raise the height of the wall as you clicked each frame. Kinda' immersive. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  13. No worries. I was delivering a bit of double-entendre because your words were funny when taken with different meaning. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
  14. Whatever floats your boat. -Arch Necromancer Morloc
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