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  1. I personally think the vanilla settings of the game are off for both PvE and PvP. You can easily tweak them to make it feel a lot better for PvE. For PvE I do the following. - Reduce block damage on blood moons - Put blood moon zombies on anything but sprint These 2 settings already make it possible to bunker above ground without having to repair the entire base every horde night. For PvP it's a different story. Better forget about balance and fairness in that aspect.
  2. Hey there, Been away for quite some time now and starting a new server again. But seeing the in game map generation my map only generated 2 different biomes, one massive 6 x 6 km desert and only 2 cities in the entire map. Is this normal for the current A18 mapgen? Hows things on private server? Or is everyone adjusting files and modding stuff to change map gen. Cheers,
  3. Once you get the hang of it. You can calculate the swing and move in the exact point when it hits without getting hit at all. However, running zombies have crazy messed up hitboxes. I feel like 50% of the time when I swing at a runner it just doesn't detect the hitbox at all while I keep getting hit.
  4. Haven't played for over 1 year because of work. Saw friends playing on steam so I gave it a try... Here's my raw feedback after a year of absence. I have played way too many hours and way too many alphas so I'll be direct. First impression: 1.1 Spawned in during the night, couldn't see ♥♥♥♥ cause the automatic gamma setting was set so low. 1.2 Immediately had running zombies on me, clubbed the zombie but aftr getting 1 and only 1 hit got infected + bleeding 1.3 Zombie dies, but getting another hit + bleeding (1st death). 1.4 Melee feels a bit weird. But it has been a year, no worries yet. 1.5 Ok lets try again, grab some stones, some sticks. Spider zombie 5 yards away from me (2nd death) At this point I'm like, what the fuq. I had previously done games with over 3000 zombie kills and 0 deaths. (clubbing was real easy) I'm reflecting at my actions, like what is going wrong? Why is this game so bad suddenly at zombie spawning? Combat It feels strange, slow, unresponsive and laggy on both sides. Zombies attack speed bonus is still insane compared to their walking speed. But is it the combat change what's killing me? Perhaps, it feels new, maybe I have to get used to it. It seems zombies shrug of melee hits to the head way more easily then what they used to. While attacking more ferociously. The "enrage" thing feels really ♥♥♥♥ty, at least for now. It's totally random and the speed % which zombies are running at isgoing up and down. Like, every single fight could turn bad on a simple enrage if you're not playing serious for a second. movement Moving feels slow as well. There's a delay in when you run and it feels like I have less control over my character then what I used to have. Stamina At this point I survived a bit longer, killed some zombies, explored a bit. Now I'm looking at my stamina bar. Jesus man it's already down to 60. My mind starts calculating. I've basically collected ♥♥♥♥, only killed a few zombies and explored 2 town areas. I'm finding some food but not enough to constantly start munching on things. - quick math, I just start suiciding when stamina reaches too low. Stacking all the food I can find for that one time when I stop suiciding. At this point I'm basically laughing at the game mechanics. What kind of crazy mechanic would stimulate food hoarding and suiciding? Whatever, I'll move on. After finding my 3rd city I've ran into 3 random radiation zones already. The first one caught me by suprise and killed me. The other 2 I immediately ran back the other direction. It makes no sense for them to be there and it's purely annoying me if anything else. Loot I'm finding a lot of stuff, playing on 200% loot. But there is so much crap in the world now, compared to previous alphas. I feel like the devs stripped 90% of the buildings turning 2/3 of every loot container in the world into a mindless decorative piece of ... something. Hated this about fallout 4 and I hate it even more in this game. Why build such a huge game if you add so many non lootable // non- interactive stuff? Some new ones are added like water bottles or clothes sacks which add a nice touch but after a year I would have expected different. Skills As I continue I slowly start getting some skill points. I browse the skills in a SP map and decide where to spend them. I feel like the usual ones are neccesary for the game like, better loot, better tools, better weapon skills etc. But there's so many skills! I couldn't even cook the simplest thing without taking the chef perk. As I realise how little I can actually do without buying massive amounts of perks or finding books I'm actually getting more annoyed instead of more intrigued. Time to summarize after playing a few hours. - Combat got slightly better once you get the hang of it. But it feels massively gimped compared to A16/A17. I have to exploit the swing time in order to hit and to avoid getting hit. Zombies enraging / lag or running zombies counter this and make the melee physics real bad. At one point in my life time I hope to see Developers reducing the attack speed from 300% to 100% when zombies are in melee range. Zombies are dieing but don't ask how, it's real messy. - Stamina, still going down way way way too fast. I keep suiciding in order to reset after reaching ~30 stamina. Jumping and swinging feels like it uses a lot more now. Regeneration is not too bad actually but because of the max stamina reduction it's a tad useless. - Loot, getting a quite big variety of loot so far, but immensely saddened by all those useless decorative items in the world now. If I'd play at 100% this would even be worse because if not getting anything from the remaining loot containers. (playing at 200%, which is fine). Where are my log spikes at Devs? - Movement feels sluggish, gimped and unresponsive so far. Feels like I want to hit the PWR button on my character so it reacts better. - Skills, It feels like there's too many skills and the amount needed to function properly is a lot higher than what it used to be. You now need so many different skills in order to just cook, build, craft, run, attack properly. Without em it gets ♥♥♥♥ty real fast. I can't even make regular seeds. I hope it get's better over time, but for now it feels like an rehauled game adding a lot of different stuff, changing things. But in the end it's a more complicated but worse game than what it used to be. I feel many changes are a waste on the game. Adding forced artificial difficulties to the game. Still can't see hunger and thirst on the UI??? And what about the stealth eye??? Worked perfect. I feel like mods already added a lot of things 1 year ago that weren't in the vanilla game. And I feel like those mods' difficulty felt better and way more natural than the artificial difficulty I keep feeling from this A18. As I said, I haven't played for a year, didn't read up on the plans or directions the devs are heading. But this is my opinion for now. Greets, Batman
  5. To me it feels like the spawn mechanism isn't working 100%. Sometimes it activates, sometimes you can loot entire buildings and the last cabinet spawns a horde in your face. If you've never seen it, that baffles me. Ever since sleeper system // POI spawning was changed in Alpha 14 or something it happens quite a lot. But better some slow FPS when going near buildings then broken spawning right?
  6. Why is ninjaspawning still in game? It's been an entire year since A16, and zombies still spawn behind you inside POI's. multiple times on ocasion, Is this an server communication bug? Where it sometimes connects and spawns them on entering, and sometimes goes TADA zombie teleport! These critical bugs alongside with ghost hits, should be prio 1. But they come back every other alpha. Batman,
  7. Any improvements are welcome, but what about: - Current state of limb reduction against zombies? (Has it been improved?) - Faction improvements? (With reputation and what not?) - Sitrep on improved and complex farming? - Dev thoughts on brass renewal? - Further character customization in game + new dynamics e.g. I think breathing and looking up ? - Opinion of endgame hordes and insane regeneration rate? -Has combat been tweaked together with the new attribute system or has the XML remained the same with the addition of the attribute system being added? Bat,
  8. I've been out for like the last 6 weeks. What's the current boogalago on development? I'm seeing attribute vids from Joel. Are we still in the creation proces ?
  9. What's the latest news on release? If anything new has been said.
  10. Probably as Exp A17. Otherwise we'd be waiting even longer. They don't give estimations. But since streamers are getting 2 week notice. I'm guessing earliest release is octoberish.
  11. rain... 2 graves.... kissing... I smell life insurance cash.
  12. Smell has been put on hold for so far. All noses of the zombies have been cut off. Meat will no longer smell, black particle cannons will fire non stop to stop the spread of any scent.
  13. That. Is. Exactly. What. ok i'm done typing like a weird person. But THAT is exactly what is wrong with endgame. Is there still stuff to do? Yes plenty, but nothing that has great meaning or the same fulfilling feeling as when you work towards endgame. Not sure if the devs don't want us to do things at endgame? Or simply have no time for it? I hate games that once you FINALLY reach that endgoal with all the sweet skills, mega fireball, super duper invisibility etc. The game ends. Like dude wtf, I just got here. Let me reign some terror please. Let me repair the radar dome, and upon completion everyone gets a shared map. Spawn in zombie hives that I have to find and destroy or they will constantly keep spawning the worst of the worst to GPS track me. Something of value. I seriously don't understand why these things aren't in yet.
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