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  1. I personally think the vanilla settings of the game are off for both PvE and PvP. You can easily tweak them to make it feel a lot better for PvE. For PvE I do the following. - Reduce block damage on blood moons - Put blood moon zombies on anything but sprint These 2 settings already make it possible to bunker above ground without having to repair the entire base every horde night. For PvP it's a different story. Better forget about balance and fairness in that aspect.
  2. I thought smell was out, stealth was in, but not entirely as intended as the "Stealth alpha 17" Roland posted on that topic a few days ago. But I kinda lost interest in main page after the purge of posts.
  3. @ kingslayerGM, there should be a 4th picture showing a sad face with the caption: But with an 80% smaller map, later release date, no smell, and other cut features.
  4. Advanced crossbow schematic only via survivors / settlements ?
  5. cheers, could only place the moonshine on top of the gas tank, so something went wrong. But I'll figure it out tomorrow! ty,
  6. Hmmm, I had a few more survivors this time. Still not many though. New question. Is placement of moonshine bugged? tried placing near failure relay but didn't work.
  7. Ahhh there's stuff you can make. Thank you! will try it out immediately.
  8. How do you farm crops in this mod? I layed down an area of 20 x 20 with crops / water. Sprayed anti-plague stuff. But when I came back, only 3 plants survived, I could see the plague despite having used the spray. There were about 7 rats. This is on MP server so a day might have passed while I was away. But it can't possible mean I have to afk at the crops for their entire growth length right?
  9. How long can server initialization take the first startup ?
  10. The Batman

    True Survival

    After some tweaking with Mod launcher it suddenly worked. It didn't download the mod for some reason, only activate it. Had to reinstall again and then it would start download. Btw, loving the mod but not really into the high lvl caps. Any way to give yourself the high lvl required for some items? Or tweak the mods files somewhere? Batman
  11. The Batman

    True Survival

    When I disable EAC, I get further in the menu. But game crashes on loading menu :S
  12. The Batman

    True Survival

    Downloaded it on server + followed instructions on my own games installation. But why I start up 7days I only get a blackscreen? Batman, EDIT, it sometimes gives crash error --> Unknown file version Data\managed\assembly-csharp.dll
  13. The Batman

    True Survival

    I downloaded in on my server (pingperfect). But when I try to log on it just says. Server still initializing. Any ideas?
  14. "super moderator" ..... "Super modeTroller"
  15. hahahaha, hearing voices are we?
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