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[UI] Zompact Overhaul [A15]


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Click for 1080p^


Zompact 2.0 UI Overhaul is a replacement UI for 7 days to die. All screens have been redesigned from the ground up (yes even from 1.x!).

This is a complete rewrite. Vanilla xml code was only used where required.


Feedback from the 1.x release window, and conversations had with others over time helped get 2.0 to where it is currently.

Everything is larger than 1.x (for those wondering)


You can always find the latest version(s) here: https://github.com/DUST2DEATH/Zompact-UI-Overhaul








Player Equipped Clothing

Stamina, Health, Water & Food Bars above toolbelt. ( Does not interfere with Text )

Bottom Anchored Compass

4 Quest Tracker Positions - BottomRight (Zompact Default). TopRight, BottomLeft, TopLeft.

Normal Buffs, or Buffs with Timers - Using Buffs with Timers will cause the client to crash exiting MP servers.

World Stats Bar: Day, Time, Ambient Temp, Elevation, Wind Speed.

PVP or PVE HUD Player Stats Bar.

PVP: Player Level, Core Temp, Zombie Kills, Player Deaths, PVP kills

PVE: Player Level, Core Temp, Zombie Kills, Players Deaths, Total Crafted Items.

3 HUD Map Co Ordinates (CenterTop, RightTop, LeftTop)



Tooltips available for items that appear small (item stats, ingredients, parts etc), just hover and it will enlarge.

Mod Support

Easy Configuration.

Single File UI Customization

Theme Framework - (read below!)

- Optional Diablo 3 Inspired UI Theme


+A number of fixes for bugs that were in 1.x.




Zompact Currently Supports the following mods with minimal user effort.


Stallionsden's Backpack Expansion


Support for up to 200 slot backpacks. 90 Slot native. For 100 or 200 slot backpacks, apply the large backpack patch.


Berticus001 Minibike Storage Expansion

Valmod Overhaul

True Survival (Zompact Lite)

Consider Valmod/TS support currently alpha/experimental.



Implemented the same functionality as SMX for window selection.

Quest tracker (1 - 4) , PVP/PVE stats bar (1/2) , HUD Buffs (1/2).

See comments in xui.xml for more information.




Everything in zompact that most users will need to change manually has been extracted and controlled via styles.xml.

This includes the most common mod settings for windows.xml: (You still need to edit loot.xml if required)


Backpack Grid rows/columns (Backpack window size changes are not required with zompact).

Loot Grid rows/columns

Minibike window sizing.

Minibike Grid rows/columns.


+Much much more, see below




Click for 1080p^


Zompact 2.0 was built from the ground up with customization in mind.

There is an entire Theme Framework built into the UI.

You can change as much, or as little of the UI as you like. Everything from something as simple as toolbelt background and border changes, to reskinning the entire UI. No dealing with positions, or window code. Simply make your image to the specified dimensions (all dimensions are specified next to the variables), enter the file reference to the variable and save. Load your game and your change will be active.


If you dont wish to use images, RGBA (limited) is still available to you.


Over 200 custom options available.

Over 30 new colour options added.


Want a hotpink border with a purple background on the toolbelt, green borders with yellow backgrounds for loot, while having orange borders with a black backgrounds in the backpack with tooltips that have blue backgrounds and green text... Yep, you can do that.. and more.


By Default, Zompact ships with a FLAT GREY MODERN THEME.

This is intended as a base starting point, a blank slate if you will for you to theme on.


Click for 1080p^


This is not the full extent of UI modding by any means. More can be done in that regard, however, it complicates things.


To start Customising open Styles.xml in notepad++ or any other editor of your choice.

Everything is commented to explain what each variable changes.


Styles.xml breaks down in the following order.


-Window variables


Theme variables

-Main Hud

-Main Screens

-Buttons & Grid Cells


Colour variables

-Main Hud

-Hover & Selected Colours

-Grid Cells

-Main Screens


Additional Colour Sets


You can create your own theme if you wanted and then share it easily with other zompact users.

Only the theme folder containing your images and the modified styles.xml is required to share a theme.

If you choose to style via RGBA (this is limited for obvious reasons), only the styles.xml file is required to share.


Additional screens can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/op1TV


Download the archive from the link above.


For Full, Extract Data folder from master archive into your 7 days directory (usually steamapps\common\7 Days To Die), yes to overwrite.


Patching Full:

After installing Zompact Full:

Browse to patch folder, find appropriate patch and drag data (& mod folder if its there) into your 7 days directory, yes to overwrite.


For Lite:

Open Zompact-Lite Folder inside parent archive, Extract Data folder into your 7 days directory (usually steamapps\common\7 Days To Die), yes to overwrite.


Patching Lite:

After installing Zompact Lite:

Browse to patch folder, find appropriate patch and drag data (& mod folder if its there) into your 7 days directory, yes to overwrite.


To make a theme, or customize the UI, follow the instructions in styles.xml.



For Stallionsden's Backpack Mod.

When the instructions refer to windows.xml, instead go to styles.xml and change the backpack grid rows and columns there.

Also adjust the Loot Window rows and columns (directly below the backpack options).

You do not need to adjust the window size, but options exist for you to do so.


For smaller resolution users, finer grained backpack cell size controls exist so you can modify as small (or as large) of a backpack cell you want.


For Berticus001's Minibike Storage

Follow instructions as directed for loot.xml. Refer to styles.xml for the minibike options (window width/height, grid rows/columns).


For Valmar's Valmod Overhaul

Install Valmod as instructed by Valmar.

Once Valmod is installed, Open archive, browse to Patches folder, Valmod Overhaul and drag the data folder into your installation directory.

For True Survival

Install TS as directed, Open archive, browse to Patches folder, drag the Data/Mods folder into your installation directory


As always, Feedback is appreciated. Any bugs or issues, please do advise.

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Hmm quite a impressive overall UI here..

May i know does the UI only work with 1.255 scale default or can be use on other scale setting as well?

(Kinda letting my extension bag mod for something lower scale value)


It will work at any other scale. I tested it at a scale of 1.0 and it works as expected.


I made the ui with expansion mods in mind. Next version after gathering some feedback, I want to have native support for them as well as make it easy to merge.

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It will work at any other scale. I tested it at a scale of 1.0 and it works as expected.


I made the ui with expansion mods in mind. Next version after gathering some feedback, I want to have native support for them as well as make it easy to merge.


Okay but i wonder is it possible to get a version just the bottom UI with other default like going in inventory/bike storage/char mode etc..

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Okay but i wonder is it possible to get a version just the bottom UI with other default like going in inventory/bike storage/char mode etc..


Hey, Good Morning.


It can be done. The only screen that wouldnt be default entirely would be the character screen. (you cant have the hud clothing and clothing in the character preview screen - it has to be one or the other).

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I have uploaded a Lite version of the UI.


This is just the main hud as seen.

Other screens have been left as default (apart from the Character screen which requires removal of the equipment grid)


You can get it from dropbox




The lite version Ive cleaned up all the xml for those windows as well as made it easier for you to merge manually.


Everything is at the top of each file.

Pay attention to styles and Xui as you need to disable a couple defaults.

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Native Support for Stallionsden's Backpack Expansion and berticus0001 minibike storage expansions.

@1.200 scale


200 Slot Backpack/63 Minibike.




I also shrunk the xp bar as suggested by n2n1.


A couple other things I need to clean up that I seemingly missed somehow.


These will come in the next update after I do the forementioned cleaning.



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awesome ui mod, I was wondering if u could made the inventories and the crafting queue bigger and made the forge smelt 4 items?




Do you mean:

A) bigger as in the support for the expansion mods as shown above, or

B) bigger as in the cells are too small?


If you mean A, that will be shortly.

If you mean B, you will want the Lite version of the mod as it leaves all the other screens (sans character) untouched.


As for the forge, its not something I have looked into.

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Is it by design of your mod crafting doesn't work while the crafting windows isn't active?


For example if I put blueberries in the crafting queue to produce blueberry seeds I can't plant while crafting because crafting stops.

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No, thats not by design, I have it also. its a bug I need to work out.

I apologize.


Things I didnt notice is now up to 2. That being the only major one.


Revert to the Lite UI for now until I fix it. I'll try to get it solved in the morning.


Thanks for your quick reply, already got back to the lite :)


I want to say good work and thanks at all :)

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Here is 1.1 of Zompact Full.





Crafting queue stopping when window wasnt active.

Recipe search positioning.

Burntime on Forge/Campfire/Chemstation windows


Quality of Life - aimed towards 4K users.


Increased inventory icon size

Increased receipe icon size.



Reduced player xp bar thickness.




If anyone encounters any bugs, please advise and I will resolve them.


I will have alternative versions uploaded hopefully by the end of the day for the storage and minibike expansion mods by stallionsden and berticus0001.

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Native support for Stallionsden's Backpack Expansion and Berticus0001's 2x/3x minibike storage mods.

You only need to download and install the correct dll for Stallionsden's mod. DOWNLOAD


Download Zompact with expansion support in the downloads (seperate).


You can have :

backpack only (minibike default)

minibike only (backpack default)

Combined (backpack + minibike)


Massive 120 slot minibike storage - I offer no guarantee's. (only in combined 200+6x)



Click for 1080p


Zompact Full v1.1 with expansion support:



Zompact with expansion support installation:


Browse folder structure for desired storage expansion combinations. Backpack only, Minibike only, or Both. (Combined folder).

If using the Backpack from Stallionsden, Follow the instructions provided with the mod to install the DLL.


Copy files from archive to:-

SteamApps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config, choose to overwrite.

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The UI is pretty good, however my first issue was that it's kind of annoying that the menu tabs are hidden in a tiny bar at the bottom middle.

I think this is literally the least convenient possible location for them since I haven't and don't plan to memorize the menu hotkeys. I'd prefer these be back on the top of the other windows like usual, I'm not sure what the motivation for this change was.


Regarding usability, it's mostly the menus with an ⌐ shape that are inconvenient or awkward.

For example the crafting screen has the list at the bottom and the description and craft button up on top.Even after getting used to it this was consistently a bit irritating.

This is similar for the other screens like say the loot screen, where you have the two inventories separated vertically and horizontally.


If anything, I'd mostly suggest moving the main inventory to the middle of the screen and shoving the description box above it or to the side further.

My experience in gaming makes me automatically center my view when I open up a menu, and in this UI all I get is a bunch of window borders and no useful information, so instead of getting a wealth of information subconsciously I get exactly no useful information and feel awkward for a second instead.


Basically I think the centerline of the screen needs to have something useful in it instead of just splitting windows into left/right sides.

Alternatively you need to split things ENTIRELY into left/right sides, and leave the middle completely clear, but I don't know if that would work out very well.


The other main issue is that I think the icons/slots are just a bit too small for proper details, making them a bit larger would be nice.


This UI does have promise, I especially like the equipment/stats part of it in the main HUD that makes a lot of information easily available.

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Thank you for this mod. I am really enjoying the light version. The full was a bit too much for me, especially with icons instead of lists for the items. :)


I am finding, however, that the active effects tend to overlap one another. Is that because I'm using 2560x1080 resolution?



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