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  1. Hmm no, my base never collapse while they just walking looping drop down the bridge with 2 diamond holes and repeat. As long you build 3 sides strong enough and leave the front side weaker, you will be fine on counter them..
  2. Ohh okay thanks alot, so we got 2 way to get it.
  3. Is there a way to charge the empty lead car battery?
  4. Yes at least "warrior" above are mean to play this game sort of fun and challenge, normally survivalist is my way to go. You will notice in day 14 onward theres is bombers and RAD Zed as well, even sometime my bridge tower base will failed when there is almost all kinds special Z is doing their job coming in. One last things, you playing solo or bunch of friends? Cause the more players inside horde day the more Zeds will ruin your base faster.
  5. Yes this is so much better in 7d2d as what you do, its raise that particular skill. A18 went into class base RPG style which i dont see anything about survival in the skill perk. In A19 or further update i wish TFP can re-ramp skill system into "No level" or "No skill points" system while only using action progress bar to increase the skills level bar instead of pumping skillpoints.
  6. Its neat and nice blade base but trust me a few bombers is enough to break in unless you are playing in easy mode on.. Now iron spikes and turrets in far distance placement is a must for making bombers die without nearing your base.
  7. Ohh okay, so its still operate in game but just random on those certain foods.. Noted
  8. I wonder is the "smell" emity system still in game while carrying those meats stuff around? Cause in older version there is pop up saying the "smell" buff beside but now not showing
  9. Its really depend what kind of foods source you are making, like if you not going hunt meats, those vegetables farming is really not bad to collect and plus looting for seeds.
  10. Omg if you playing on low loot setting, snowball is good source of water until you find water purify on helmet. Making murdy water into bottled water already need times while in trader.
  11. I laugh at "throw away loots" and killing, like above someone mention if you up your difficulty and harder setting you will be begging for loots than killing.
  12. Yes 1 extra mod is really making T6 really useful again then A17 where everyone easily get it.
  13. Nvm, i think the error come from another mods.
  14. No need for a frustrating idea, this A18 mining now is great.
  15. Building a tower bridge with center 3 blocks holes and front stair, letting the hordes busy doing exercises up and down without worry. You will laugh all day while cooking and forging on top
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