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  1. i did fix the STORE SHELVES by deleting commonbooks and rarebooks and exe. and adding the now wons in perkBooks schematicsModsAndGeneralT0 schematicsModsAndGeneralT1 exe. just to give u a heads up on what in found and changed.
  2. So The LOOTABLE OBJECTS, STORE SHELVES, SUPPLY CRATES are not working with 19(b163) not sure of others though
  3. sorry to ear that hope you feel better and yes he's right we can wait intel you get better.
  4. hello was just wondering if these work for a19?
  5. so get rid of the animations and rerig and get new ones? witch one do i use humanoid and generic?
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9d0aje4hz0v41jt/AACoH9FEUe7D4zj9IbW6U-Z0a?dl=0 here's the link the first try is the first XML I made.
  7. will there be an a18 update?
  8. nice Vader mod, I've been trying to put Jason into the game to no avail.
  9. when I use the mod I get the error NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at XUiC_BuffPopoutList.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x002c0] in <e37ed47c6bbc4ff88bb27cec364cf24f>:0 at XUiController.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x0004f] in <e37ed47c6bbc4ff88bb27cec364cf24f>:0 at XUiController.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x0004f] in <e37ed47c6bbc4ff88bb27cec364cf24f>:0 at XUi.OnUpdateDeltaTime (System.Single updateDeltaTime) [0x0014d] in <e37ed47c6bbc4ff88bb27cec364cf24f>:0 at XUiUpdater.Update () [0x0003f] in <e37ed47c6bbc4ff88bb27cec364cf24f>:0 at GameManager.gmUpdate () [0x0002e] in <e37ed47c6bbc4ff88bb27cec364cf24f>:0 at GameManager.Update () [0x00000] in <e37ed47c6bbc4ff88bb27cec364cf24f>:0 just to let you know I get an error with the SMX-menu mod to
  10. so I thank I might have the wrong code because 0-SphereIICore and DMT didn't work he does the same thing. or I might have the wrong tag on him. is the tag e_enemy
  11. Does anyone know the code line for advanced rotations?
  12. So do I put it in the unity project or in the resources folder in the modlet
  13. what are the required dependencies with DMT, and would I have to make them or are they already made I don't know c#,
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