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  1. Hi I was wandering if there is a modlet to makes everything scrapable?
  2. Yes to both, It doesn’t matter where you put it.
  3. sry player stats like the water, food and so on or by the day and time.
  4. above the player stats or by the core temp that would be cool and thanks
  5. the buttons in deep pockets modlet are broke and the name is overlapping the fp's buttons.
  6. still not working, in the configprefablist.txt i have prefablist.txt; CompoPack 44 A19 and the prefablist in the resources file is prefablist_CompoPack_44_A19.txt and it comes up with this C:\Users\username\Desktop\Nitrogen\NitroGen_WorldGenerator\resources\prefablist_compoPack_44 (The system cannot find the file specified), so what do i have to change to get the nitroGen to find the file?
  7. Does the prefablist .txt renamed to prefablist.txt; CompoPack 44 A19
  8. I tried that and it comes up with cant fined file custom list but will try again when i get home.
  9. hello all can someone tell me how to get the nitrogen to read the compopack 44 prefab list?
  10. would u be able to put in the body timp or the outside timp? not sure witch one u are using.
  11. what folder do i put this in the prefab or the mods folder.
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